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Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

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Everyone knows what charming places strip clubs can be, but perhaps there is no club so charming as one in Moriarty, New Mexico—a truck stop with taxidermy and the bras of former employees on the walls, a few poles, a shitload of black light, and plenty of titties. Never mind that The Ultimate Strip Club List website describes it as the place "where strippers go to die." Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo go Gonzo as they pose as strippers and experience something that can be best described as a Marina Abramovic performance crossed with a bizarro episode of Wife Swap directed by David Lynch's daughters, set in the type of place where a one eyed guy who shot himself in the head dispenses meditation advice to two naked women. Read an interview with Natalia and Alexandra from the December issue of VICE, here: http://www.vice.com/read/showgirls-0000170-v20n12 Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (12436)
misaki (13 hours ago)
they didnt do a line of blow before there shift rookie mistake
LateNite (1 day ago)
If your life is pathetic it's a man's fault. Fuck yourself.
Mail4Success (1 day ago)
I guess I'm the only one who likes this documentary...🤷🏾‍♀️
Whatever AJ (2 days ago)
was gonna watch but the comment section doesn’t approve. sorry Vice, better luck next time!
Jake Leatherwood (2 days ago)
Plot twist: they still work there!
Naughty Erotic Secret (2 days ago)
Yas Daisy 💁🏼‍♀️
still worthless fucking slutwhores.
still wouldnt TOUCH those girls. i dont do whores.
still a fucking whore.
Donna M (3 days ago)
It is a weird world.
Michael Kaba (3 days ago)
Yeah this video blows more than their fake ass "target killer" video in Pakistan. Vice is truly a sludge factory. Now they just glorify drugs. These two chics are just horrible. Scared little girls wanting to play in the deep end of the pool, then realized they are fake af.
iMahe (4 days ago)
15:12 that sound track??
Bryanne Benard (6 days ago)
They in the green light district😂😂😂💚
sonder meza (7 days ago)
Hell No it’s not ‘every woman’
Jerry Mcfaddin (7 days ago)
I am not at all joking with you guys when I say this, my wife has a fetish about being a truck stop hooker. And 1 night out of every year she actually works a parking lot to act it out.
Ronny Swans (7 days ago)
This is why you should make sure you tip your sex workers well.
Reza JP (7 days ago)
trump people lol
Lara Lexus (8 days ago)
good concept and good cinematography, poor execution
Mike Ockitch (8 days ago)
man if it wasnt for those weird ass truckers that would look like a bomb ass club
john moyers (9 days ago)
shameless "parody" of real people in sad and dangerous lifestyles-this is shameful
VZNYC (10 days ago)
Well there are other options... you know the good old fashioned MOTHER *job*... Dont be retarded and dont believe this liberal BS about women independence and the rest of the crap... Or if you want you always have options of selling your body at a trucker stop...
colmeka glass (10 days ago)
The mixed one with the tattoos is ugly as hell and those tattoos look disgusting
Niqua Bell (10 days ago)
I know this isn’t the type of documentary ppl were expecting but I like it because it shows what the first time looks like for people with jobs similar to this
Ev G (11 days ago)
I'd be pissed if I saw these girls at Wal-Mart. Put your damn pants back on nasty ass
Will B (12 days ago)
Do some blow and get back out there you whiney New York assholes!
Carlos Bolivar (14 days ago)
Do I enjoy their dead bodies in my backyard .....YESSS
Povilas Lozovskis (14 days ago)
what's next? Whole foods shopper goes to walmart toilet?
enter a name here (15 days ago)
Only on vice. What a joke.
Jordan Mcgregor (15 days ago)
I bet their fathers are so proud of them
Jordan Mcgregor (15 days ago)
I bet their father is this so proud of them
Izzy Pfeifer (15 days ago)
"rich girls play poor for a week"
Nancy Pelosi (15 days ago)
LeO (16 days ago)
Who you fooling there's no Natalia that's Rami Malek under cover
amy b (16 days ago)
why does the whole thing seem...scripted and rehearsed????
Corey Pattison (17 days ago)
This is so scripted.
Dingir (18 days ago)
O h ?
Billie Mahoney (19 days ago)
getting chased was fake
Alexcia Wood (19 days ago)
That 40 something year old stripper has such beautiful eyes.
Doggie Dan (21 days ago)
Honestly I feel like some of this is scripted
At 24:45 ANNIE get your gun !
Luke Daly (22 days ago)
Thank God Dwight D. Eisenhower built the interstate system.
Brittany Queen (22 days ago)
I poured 3 fingers and I drunk 3 fingers
yabbadabba1975 (23 days ago)
Y'all found the last business in the United States where you can smoke inside!
Coconut Kelly (23 days ago)
And this is why Walmart doesn't allow filming in their stores 🙄
ur2sqrley L (24 days ago)
I thought strippers were supposed to have boobies
Dingir (18 days ago)
lizzie Castaneda (25 days ago)
Well that was a bad executed documentary.
Gimmie Neckk (26 days ago)
i wonder where there at noww
ControlledChoas. 1 (26 days ago)
As a American trucker I can say this is pretty accurate.
Bubba Otting (26 days ago)
This is so.... gross and disappointing
Laura Farrow (27 days ago)
KELLY VLOGS (27 days ago)
Great job at being able to show the REAL dangers of this kind of life style. I am so glad you ladies are okay. Very brave
mohammad albaghdadi (28 days ago)
well i have a boner from a documentary video this is a first
avayamms R us (29 days ago)
21:53 wtfff
Jessica Valenzuela (29 days ago)
What is the point of this? lmao ... This reminds me of Lana Del Rey's Ride music video.
Eric Nelson (1 month ago)
anybody else hearing at 24:34...that dude's voice sounds like it was added in, not real? then a bunch of shaky cam and with no real clear vision of the guy lol soo fake right??
Dave Park (1 month ago)
what a shit hole, those truckers are some dirty bastards. 20 $ each a night, truckers are cheap too.
Britta Olson (1 month ago)
I loved the part about how you don’t want to go home alone after this. I hope it helps people understand why girls/women have pimps. You have to be impenetrable to be able to go through this alone, and nobody is.
Britta Olson (1 month ago)
I’m so glad somebody documented what this really feels like, being new in the business & all the wear & tear. -A sex worker (lifer)
Lee Keyser (1 month ago)
There were some good parts to this. These girls, at the end, clearly understood the reality of this world far more than when they started. And did not pass judgement. (they need to spend a good month or more, to really understand how dark and desperate this world is...for the Women, and the Men...
Lee Keyser (1 month ago)
She got upset because I guy licked her breast during a 'Lap Dance'....??? Really...??? I dont know about 'shithole' bikini bars in New Mexico...But in most places, the only thing off limits during a lap dance is your 'kitty' honey... Tampa has a couple of the most famous and infamous Strip Clubs in the Country. Mons Venus and 2001 Odyssey. They are very upscale clubs, no alcohol served. Excellent, well trained security, Clean, well maintained...If you don't touch a dancer's breasts during a Dance, she might ask you if your gay or a police officer....lol...
Jessica Vincent (1 month ago)
I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.
oscar nelson (1 month ago)
that end bit where the guy is chasing them and asked to make a porno is so fake vice you need to do better to fool me
Benson Trocky (1 month ago)
Y'all hating on the one-star review guy when somebody thought this was a good thing to air...jfc
Rebecca Michaels (1 month ago)
I tried to be a dancer...looked more like a spaz up there...lol...so I was able to work the area outside the clubs...taking care of the guys who either didn't have enough money for the dancers or wanted something different. Some of the dancers were really cool, others, not so much. Money was ok, just when it rained, it was a little difficult.
Honest Conscience Dave (1 month ago)
How much?
Lauren K (1 month ago)
This was disappointing not gonna lie
brittney brandt (1 month ago)
one eye man is crazy bro
James Richardson (1 month ago)
Well that was terrible to watch.
Za Ra (1 month ago)
How can they dance like a stripper if they never stripped?
Zoe Hansen (1 month ago)
I’m out at the creepy dude who shot himself. Ew! Kinda wish they’d interviewed more ladies. Less arty horizon jumping footage.
Jessica Vincent (1 month ago)
You are so pretty if that's you in your picture!
Dawn Marie D (1 month ago)
Looks like some of the scenes you’d see while watching a Rob Zombie movie😳🤭🤯😵
Nuha Omar (1 month ago)
What a demoralizing profession
Quickcall (1 month ago)
7:29 Squirrely Dan what are you doing there?! Sort yourself out!
Becky (1 month ago)
This is so rediculous. Awww how brave u are to strip for a week and get drunk while doing it. Theirs alot of girls that do that shit sober. I think if u were gonna actually try it drinking shouldn't have been in excess. Plus hate all the fake aspects of it so how much can u really believe? I dunno....just didnt seem like a real documentary..
Oliver Chant (1 month ago)
What the hell is the point of this documentary?
Maryjane4201998 (1 month ago)
Theres always that guy who doesnt wanna be on camera at a strip club or some s**t bc they have a family/Spouse or a good job
Akari Kni (1 month ago)
I'm confused by everything and don't understand what's going on in this video
Tom Wilson (1 month ago)
Dad must be happy. Not only did he see his daughter dancing on a stage. They didn’t even produce a good documentary doing it.
Brittany Brown (1 month ago)
i feel terrified for these women
Jonathan Minter (1 month ago)
I would like to see you guys on my birthday
Sir Grumples (1 month ago)
What in the ever lovin fuck
Kam Cheesy (1 month ago)
this is really what society has come to?
TheTacticalBanana (1 month ago)
The best way to empathize is to actually put yourself in another person's shoes.... You can't know how hard that would be, just by hearing someone else's story... These girls did the dirty work! Good job!
Keto mom (1 month ago)
I had no idea that there were truck stop strip joints. Learn something new every day.
Jane lane (1 month ago)
If vice really wanted to expose this you would go undercover with a camera and interview women working in these places . In a subtle way it glorifies it and it is not at all genuine
Mrs. Dolan (1 month ago)
This is actually scary
Morgan T. (1 month ago)
I kinda think the comments are a little harsh... Honestly if they did fake the ending maybe they deserve the harshness.
Elliot Gray (1 month ago)
The ginger one looks like Becky Lynch form WWE
holly Burchfield (1 month ago)
Daisy has this amazing spirit. It's a gift to be able to instead of judge but try to have compassion
holly Burchfield (1 month ago)
AnY oF yOu guRls give gOod Massage's
GG Girl (1 month ago)
Was the guy with the one eye for real? If not , he would be a talented actor
GG Girl (1 month ago)
I liked Daisy and Mocha.Sweet women with dignity.
Jimothy (1 month ago)
this is the reason why women should not be journalists. Interesting premise but I stopped after they started stripping and dancing in Walmart
Jimothy (17 days ago)
@Dingir dude weed man
Dingir (18 days ago)
@Jimothy bruh Timothy with a J you've gotta try to calm down man
Jimothy (1 month ago)
@Darinka Lejarazu I know a lot of refugees don't speak English well but you should look up the definition of journalist you can be both a journalist and a filmmaker
Darinka Lejarazu (1 month ago)
They are filmmakers...not journalists...
EУOUЯA FUKIИKЦИT (1 month ago)
The funny part of this doc is that people may watch this, feel bad for these girls and stop going to these establishments actually costing the girls money
Skylar Staudenmayer (1 month ago)
I feel bad, but I'm honestly kinda disappointed...
kavmanproductions (1 month ago)
It’s sad knowing that there’s people living like this. What’s ensuring is seeing them laugh and live, knowing there life isn’t too great, but there appreciative and do what they gotta do. Much respect
hafiz The rurouni (1 month ago)
poor girl. they dont deserve that.
Tristan Patterson (1 month ago)
It's called volunteering for a shit situation then crying about how shit it is. Some people have to live this life you stupid gits.
zenclaw13 (1 month ago)
girl fixing herself up on the bed with the breakfast at tiffany's picture in frame? Yeah totally not staged to be metaphoric. They suffer from the there's a problem in the world! But how can i make it about me! Syndrome.
ccressy7 (1 month ago)
Im a truck driver and can relate with the humble father of three married for 33 years and also the cool trucker with the handgun. I love it and its a job for a dedicated, safe, and majority of introverted type persons. It can get lonely sometimes but doesnt equate to desperation with women. Ive been with many and had great relationships. I choose to not be Married now and im waiting longer to have kids at age 34. I disagree with the last comment of seeing oppressed women. The cost of living is dirt cheap and borderline free. Making $400 a week in rural New Mexico is like making $1200 a week in Manhattan or less. These two woman could easily be financially opressed in this documentary. They may have made $10k for this which is 5 months of rent. I have to give this video a thumbs up. It was interesting. Many truck drivers may find this offensive and a slap on the industries face. When you have no balance in your life and lose your manners you be shown as a freak in the spotlight.

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