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WebLogic 12cR2 Configuration Management with Chef and Puppet

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Now you - as a WebLogic expert - need to keep up with software stack versioning and configuration management whether it is on premise, public or hybrid cloud! Edwin Biemond from Oracle shares with you how to make best use of Chef and Puppet to improve your organization’s DevOps functionality and efficiency while making your WebLogic life easy! Watch how you can: • Seamlessly integrate DevOps and avoid the hassle of automation associated with it • Automate WebLogic tasks easily with tools you are already familiar with • Simplify the automation process with free custom scripts
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Could you share your yaml files?
Balaji S (2 years ago)
Mr. Edwin Biemond - what you did there is just mind blowing. Thanks for all the stuff. however, volume level seems too low. It's very hard to follow what you are saying. Please ensure that your future recordings have a good volume level.

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