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Hot Girls On Unfaithfulness

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Text Comments (4404)
Jack ManleyTV (4 months ago)
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Fade Jumps (24 days ago)
Post more 😂🔥
Ariyen Dipu (1 month ago)
Hey ( Jack manleyTV ) bro where are your from .
official barki (1 month ago)
+Jack ManleyTV hi how are you i was like to tell you I want to be friends with you 😊 if you like
official barki (1 month ago)
hi how are you i was like to tell you I want to be friends with you 😊 if you like
TheLumpyLump (2 months ago)
+Jeremy Aguilar it only works if you have a genuine sidewinder x4 vintage keyboard like Jack Manley. I'll save you a click right now, that's the entire secret to his success right there. Woman just can't resist the 6 programmable macro keys and the red backlighting. Good luck finding one on ebay. Don't forget to be careful with your new powers.
Dopha (18 hours ago)
CvTW Blackie (1 day ago)
This world is like disgusting😬 just stay single that fucking simple
Marcin Grobelkiewicz (2 days ago)
Where is it? Is it festival? Or is it street where r clubs?
alextheman (2 days ago)
95% of American girls = sluts
Adijohn _ (3 days ago)
Hummm ok 2:00
6string ninja (3 days ago)
Trust no bitch
Professor Zoidberg (3 days ago)
Fuck this I'm going gay
Sumit Rabhadiya (3 days ago)
Bro u r Awesome but i want to tell you, you look like Ronda Rousey!!
Mikie E (3 days ago)
Fuck that mudsharking hoe.
Mikie E (3 days ago)
Damn all these hoes have cheated. Its insane. Smh
og smackz2 (4 days ago)
Men...Man Up, appreciate thier honesty. Don't call them names.
gogo dodo (1 day ago)
og smackz2 lets see what you have to say when your own wife or your sister or your mother act this way you fucking hypocritical devil-supporting piece of shit
Tru North (4 days ago)
all deez hoes
Bacteria (4 days ago)
Smart Geek (4 days ago)
Where do u visit every time (place or venue)?
Dino velvet (4 days ago)
Girl @ 2:35needs to cover that gut
Dino velvet (4 days ago)
@ 1:07 bitch is a narcissist
jose sandov (5 days ago)
i get 31Iviness dress aliem pepsimercury thirxty? y/n 4
Harry ABB (5 days ago)
They are wasted and talking BS, most look like they can't get one boyfriend let alone cheat on him
rishav (5 days ago)
I see why future has [email protected]* robots in the store.
Emox CM (6 days ago)
Some Girls dont even deserve a bit of Love. They should die alone
Epowerus (6 days ago)
Female nature explained in 10 minutes
Mohammad Benkirane (6 days ago)
in conclusion american girls are whores
Jake Banack (7 days ago)
Who’s dating these beat chicks to begin with.
If I ever see this dude on the streets of Austin imma have to say somethin , u cool n all but sometimes u just trynna go in on these girls
BANANA JOE XD (7 days ago)
Fucking bitches...
OpTimuS-EE (7 days ago)
there is no join button
Matt M (7 days ago)
He's talking to night club thots tho so of course they cheated
oh yeah yeah (8 days ago)
2:44 looking like a caterpillar out here
Tigers rule (8 days ago)
They are never going to have peaceful family or they aren't having a family at all😑...
يلفاسد القذر الله يلعن دينك يلمروح انقلع يلفاسد انا مسلم شجاع
Affe Banane (9 days ago)
If you cheat you might just end the relationship right away.
David Lee (9 days ago)
These girls do not represent even 90% of their gender. They are the exception, not the norm.
Zenmo (9 days ago)
Why do these people even date. Just don't date and go around all you want. Don't kid yourself into thinking you're an adult who can manage a long term relationship, or that you're just unlucky and it's always the other person.
ronaldo65ful (11 days ago)
Guess feminist can’t say shit when we call them Slut and white after seeing this 😂
Nemo Herrera (11 days ago)
Oh shot what's the manly method😵😵😂😂
Stumbly Bear (11 days ago)
Just a bunch of sluts
Osama Issa (11 days ago)
Americain pitchas High mileage 😂😂😂
Evan Harvey (12 days ago)
Wait you're 15?
LMP3 (12 days ago)
Let's see how these expired lottery tickets are doing in 20 years .
mario super (12 days ago)
Great that you are back, I hope everything is OK ✊
Tobirama Senju (13 days ago)
7:52 when the govt asks what you’ve made of your financial aid paying that UT tuition💀
malixxxxd (14 days ago)
Your face is so unlikable
Zeph Orac (14 days ago)
Wow what a sad generation. So many of them cheat. Does no one have any respect for themselves or one another?
Prateek Sharma (14 days ago)
Fucking whores
24 (14 days ago)
Why i dont go out
24 (9 days ago)
+Stumbly Bear i know the feels
Stumbly Bear (11 days ago)
Same bro
brandon faris (15 days ago)
Fàbio Flexer (15 days ago)
Também quero come las todas!!!!! Como é q fazes essa merda puto Olha lá q eu sou da Amadora 🙄🔥⚡🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🗡️⚔️
Peter Wright (16 days ago)
Holy fuck. Welcome to society i guess :/
Raphael Mei (16 days ago)
tbh 80% of the girls cheating look like kermit the frog
Black Dynamite (17 days ago)
2:54 look at the guy in the background
BootzDaMan11 (17 days ago)
This is really sick that girls think and act this way. Men in this generation are prob better off alone than dealing with this smh.
R (17 days ago)
And this is why murder and violence in the world won’t come to an end , because people lost their souls centuries ago, we’ve never been able to reclaim them. When theirs a revolution of compassion and intellectual prowess in the world, we will unite, until then...please recognize these women will one day be mothers, god bless those children, they’re gonna need it
Nahzir Russell (18 days ago)
i wanna be like you when i grew up.
Gabriel Santiago (18 days ago)
Fuckin’ hoes
Matthew Is Thinking (18 days ago)
All girls cheat. Facts
GooogleImages (18 days ago)
Love the X beat in the background
Ghostem871 2K (18 days ago)
The truth comes put when alchohol is involved
dprtMusic (18 days ago)
The absolute state of degeneracy.
j t (18 days ago)
This is why i won't date anyone from the U.S.
marcus moretti (14 days ago)
j t hell yeaaaa brother
j t (14 days ago)
+marcus moretti Brazilians are so hot
marcus moretti (14 days ago)
You ain’t see latinas boiiii 😂🤪 Brazilians especially
Ontayy Ri'Cardo (16 days ago)
Nahzir Russell (18 days ago)
j t 🤣🤣
HowToTube (19 days ago)
0:22 Prostitute
Filiberto ma Zirte (19 days ago)
ozgur1318 (19 days ago)
dude i wonder where did u recorded this one - can u tell me please.. great video btw??
tubercat (19 days ago)
do we even live in a society
Bubbas Ernie (19 days ago)
Girls suck ass tbh. Just awful.
Alex Dashkoff (20 days ago)
And this is why I don’t date American girls. Vive la France 🇫🇷
Keichi _666 (8 days ago)
+paul lumwagi Nah nah nah hell is way to cool for them
paul lumwagi (14 days ago)
Lots of women will go to hell
Alex Dashkoff (16 days ago)
feastonmyload you just proved my point. You said French girls have more class. And how are they bad? They all act like mature women by the time they’re 15 or 16
feastonmyload (16 days ago)
Alex Dashkoff Ha! The French girls are just as bad maybe even worse. They just have more class and discretion than these skanks.
Mario Mario (20 days ago)
Stay away from Austin chicks
Enrique Juarez (20 days ago)
Man acting in the comments as if they wouldn’t cheat with a hot girl. Obviously when you really like someone you don’t even pay attention to others girls because your gf/bf is perfect to you on looks and personality.
x n (17 days ago)
Not everyone has as little self control as you, don’t drag us down to your level
TalhaTheOptimist (20 days ago)
Is this like a motivation video for, 'how to remain celibate for the rest of your life' ? Also the title says Hot girls..couldn't find one in the video
Currito Martinez (21 days ago)
Tell me you make up with that girl with the white and blue lines
Lejone11 (21 days ago)
2:22 the german dude: Schlampe= hoe
Yusuf Demiröz (21 days ago)
MGTOW is the way guys.
Fernando TheTank (21 days ago)
Thotties where the hoes at
Frank Fogue (21 days ago)
I love America
xFunky Mango (22 days ago)
1:12 she’s a terrible fucking person 💀😂
John Rodriguez (22 days ago)
So many future single mothers in 1 video
Cade Glaser (23 days ago)
Trick: an arm, camera, and a microphone
Crow 18 (23 days ago)
I banged ma head on the wall
Greek gamerk (23 days ago)
I will put my pinis in the girls ass
Shawn Antunes (23 days ago)
Damn these girls are ruthless lmao
Touch Media (24 days ago)
Kiss more with nothing wearing
Lexie Mae (24 days ago)
You need a mouth condom
I TRIGGER PEOPLE (24 days ago)
A good girl is just a bad girl that hasn't been caught yet..
Beautiful Earth (26 days ago)
What city is this?
Ben K (27 days ago)
Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. Proverbs:30:20
Lamarcus Rogers (27 days ago)
Do girls like guys that are 7'1 that's how tall I am
Lamarcus Rogers (27 days ago)
Being have been down their in New Orleans I was partying a lot
My question is where is this place and why is it always a party
Dbeaver0420 (27 days ago)
Wow this is horrible
Julian P (27 days ago)
Nearly 11 minutes of red pill justification.
Julian Soto (27 days ago)
1920s women= sex until marriage and stay faithful. 2020s women= sex until morning, and continue f[......].
Mathew Leonard (27 days ago)
Damn I can’t believe how unfaithful these people are
remedy light (27 days ago)
Seek Jesus
Çyphër (27 days ago)
prron (28 days ago)
These girls really out here popping pussy like a xan 🤮 yall thots cant even make a dinner plate but can twerk like a pro ._. ?
AlienRider (28 days ago)
This is why mgtow exists
Chris JFarrow (27 days ago)
What does mgtow mean
sam goal (28 days ago)
Where is this place ......?????
A P (29 days ago)
where the hell is this?
big boi dan (29 days ago)
Where was this recorded im going there
Rishi Prince (30 days ago)
Comparing this hoes with 1930s war veterans sniper who were ladies is huge difference; they fought for dead husband and this hoes sleep with bf’s friends

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