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The Third Mate : Life at Sea | Seaman Vlog

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In this episode, we will get a glimpse at the life and story of the 3rd Mate or the 3rd Officer, the junior-most navigator onboard merchant ships. The Third Mate : Life at sea Chief MAKOi seaman vlog
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Chief MAKOi (18 days ago)
Hey guys! I hope you like this episode. Don't forget to leave a comment and LIKE!!!
windmill1965 (4 days ago)
Chief MAKOi I am thoroughly enjoying your vlog and am binge watching all episodes right now. What I like are the episodes where you introduce some of the crew positions. Could you please make an episode in which you explain how the full organisation is structured? What departments do you have? How many crew members, how many officers? How is the position hierarchy on board?
#byaheNiCris (12 days ago)
One the biggest difficult work a seaferer... but all worker dedicate of his job.. in behalf of family.😏😏👍
Ricky BBC (13 days ago)
+Jay enteng thanks Jay
Jay enteng (13 days ago)
+Ricky BBC PMMA.. no tuition fees..
Rogier Verkaik (14 days ago)
Great videos! Keep going on with these interesting videos.
Jonard Deniega (13 hours ago)
Galing ng narrator..
Jonard Deniega (13 hours ago)
Tina Lapastora (17 hours ago)
Bakit ba ang ganda ng boses ni sir... keep it up
anonymous mc (22 hours ago)
How much does the 3rd mate earn a year
Thanks so much for so useful videos👍We enjoy them so much) Can you tell the name of the song in this video?
Dti rn aq seaman sir tga engine dept
Ganda ng pgka pronouce nu
Chief bilib tlga aq sau pti pananalita mo aus n aaus ganda ng paliwanag
Johnry Felicia (1 day ago)
My dad is an electrical engineer on a ship for almost 20 years already. Sadly, he cannot take exams and promotions like those who studied nautical/marine eng’ng. But, I’m so proud of him. Supporting and supplying all my needs. And now, I’m a 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering student☺️
Ronaldo Ilas (1 day ago)
is there any error on the ships navigation when a cargo ship passes a fishing banca below 100 meter distance especially at night? because we usually go fishing at night and experienced like that many times...
adrian visperas (1 day ago)
Ang ganda po ng vlog nyo sir nkaka inspire po at nkakakuha ng mga idea slamat po sa gnitong vlog nyo sir
Abu Abdulaziz (1 day ago)
I very enjoyed.. 👏 Thanks a lot chief for your amazing episodes 👍🌷
Pete Skeet (2 days ago)
These are so cool! Thanks
Aleksei Karasev (3 days ago)
Ebaniye risoedy, iz-za vas net mest
tizzdale santidor (3 days ago)
Motivational video ❤️ What is the title of the song chief?
Rivet Gardener (5 days ago)
Another great video, Chief!
Kennedy Axibal (5 days ago)
Third mate is the hardiest position the ship, i'm a retired chief mate
Dave Schuetrum (5 days ago)
Chief...These videos get better and better. I have bumped along looking at the earlier ones. These videos are good for your company and the industry. Why would anyone go into the Navy when the Merchant Marines offers a better life?
Rey G (5 days ago)
I'm crying while watching this. Thank you Sir. Learned a lot...
Chief, I totally like your video quality and production! And I like what you share, it is "Spot On!"
Buhay ni Echat (6 days ago)
A very nice content Chief MAKOi..
rakgwadi moriti (6 days ago)
I'm a technician I work a lot with gmdss equipment. Sometimes I don't know what goes through the minds of sea farerers as they sail across our oceans. With your vlog it helps me to better understand like today I got to understand what a third officer has to go through thank you
milenio poblete (6 days ago)
Title ng music?
M12Howitzer (6 days ago)
The ending statements sound too-much unrealistic - the key condition is 'if all goes well' (as the guys says) - and that does not depend on human or his 'plans' - there is a force much more confident and knowing about whether or not 'all goes well' - and human simply accepts the events the unfold before his eye ) as the old proverb says, "if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans" =)
Chief MAKOi (6 days ago)
If all goes well simply means if he doesn't get an accident and he's still fit to work. Life can put barriers and screw up your plans but it would still be your choice if you just quit or find another way. Free will. 😊
James Nathaniel Perez (7 days ago)
title of song chief?
James Nathaniel Perez (7 days ago)
swertehan lang talga sa promotion.
ArstoneTV (7 days ago)
Love this.😊😂
Rogelio Riego (8 days ago)
Inspiring words. Salute sir MAK.
Robert Stern (8 days ago)
Thanks for this video . My Uncle William was a third mate on a US merchant marine ship during World war 2. Unfortunately his oil tanker was sunk by a German submarine in the north Atlantic with all hands lost. I wondered what he did on his ship.
David Robinson (8 days ago)
Good stuff, Chief!
Afrizal Rumiki (8 days ago)
a Very nice chief officer
jong osang (8 days ago)
Chief sana ma tackle niyo din Ibat ibang ugali ng seaman sa barko.. Yung kase pinaka mahirap sa lahat pakikisama
Joyous Soul (8 days ago)
Thank you for this very informative vlog, Chief Makoi! Thirdy na si boyfriend ko, nakakagulat ganyan pala workload nya sa barko wala syang binabanggit masydo haha. Good to know na naglabas kayo ng ganitong vlog. God bless you more po!
orlando aviles (9 days ago)
Love your videos, can’t get enough. Keep them coming and God bless 🙏
ivan maksym (9 days ago)
all your videos are high quality both in content and shots. learned a lot about maritime industry. I was wondering if big companies enforce maximum age limits for cadet positions? planing to change careers but wondering if what age would be considered as too late. I'd like your insights on that. thanks.
Chief MAKOi (9 days ago)
It depends on the country.
Carl Manvers (9 days ago)
Another great episode. And a few lessons for life in general, not just at sea.
Chris (10 days ago)
Hey Chief, do we ever get to meet the Capitan?
Chief MAKOi (10 days ago)
In a future episode. Possibly on my next assignment.
Chrioh (10 days ago)
How much is the salary of a third mate?
Chrioh (10 days ago)
How much is the salary of a third mate?
Bisayang Dako (10 days ago)
Lovely sir Chief Macoi. God bless po. 🙂
Craig See (11 days ago)
Greetings from Scotland - another excellent video!
Electro-Henk {RUSH} (11 days ago)
Nice video as always chief! When do you come to the port of Rotterdam?
Hye Chief...really inspiring...are you in which company?
Jam PonyExpress (12 days ago)
No offense chief, but just wanted to say that you express yourself in English very well. You express yourself lucidly and are insightful. Love the tone (as in - style or manner of expression in speaking or writing) of your presentations. Your videos help me relax. Thanks.
Ed Salva (12 days ago)
Another great one Chief. There is a cruise line in trouble for pumping oil into the sea, could you go over the OWS and it's importance.
Cherwin Elarcosa (12 days ago)
sir chief mate and second mate namam next
The Foolish Hiker (12 days ago)
Just found your channel. Very cool seeing the day to day activity of an industry I knew nothing about.
gerard villarta (12 days ago)
bakit english?
Franiah Anne Vlogs (12 days ago)
this is very informative Chief thank you for this video,i will surely share this to my husband because he is also dreaming to become a 3rd officer someday,i know in God's time this will come but for the moment he must continue his hardwork and studies on board what he should learn more..hopefully this video will inspire his eagerness to continue his dream..Godbless your family and your vlog!🙏
Kayla Marie (12 days ago)
very inspiring.. chief can i ask something? my husband will join his ship maybe june or july as a messman but it should be deck cadete. we just accept it for financial reason also. after his contract being a messman is he allowed as OS? for his next contrqct
Kayla Marie (12 days ago)
Ok Chief. thank you
Chief MAKOi (12 days ago)
Depends on his performance.
SportsRGreat (12 days ago)
The 3rd mate gets sloppy seconds from the captain. They are called "mates" because they are expected to mate with the captain daily.
Media Don (12 days ago)
You're the "Tech Lead" of sea If you don't know what I mean, youtube search "Tech Lead"
Thank you for your videos Chief MAKOi ... God bless you more :)
MadQmike (12 days ago)
Lets not bullshit they hire you guys bc they pay you peanuts comepared to Euro or Us employees.
Chief MAKOi (11 days ago)
+MadQmike well it depends on the company. You can't expect Asian companies to hire europeans or americans. I worked for an Australian company a few years ago and my rate was the same with the Aussies. In another company the Ukranian 2/E who relieved me had a salary difference of only a few hundred bucks. Well I guess for the senior officers that would be the case. For the lower ranks the rate is quite low. So it's a case to case basis.
MadQmike (11 days ago)
+Chief MAKOi No i wouldn't bc i have tons of friends that work on containerships ect ect and all say the same thing the tariffs for you guys is a joke. Probably some one offs no doubt but majority geting peanut salary.
Chief MAKOi (12 days ago)
You'd be surprised.
ACJ 0 (12 days ago)
Chief Makoi pwede ba maging seafarers pag colorblind ka pero may Salamin na para sa colorblind? Thank you in advance sa pag sagot. Mag gragrade 11 palang ako po.😊
Randy Eldridge (12 days ago)
Jeff hk has some good info videos too
Chloe Hennessy (13 days ago)
Is there a minimum height requirement? I have my private pilots license. So I know how to navigate with a map, chart and dead reckoning. I’m patient. But I’m just small. 😐
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
It's usually 5ft.
Dana Booth (13 days ago)
I was a US navy sailor in the 70's and 80's, I used to look at the guys following us (Midway, Forrestal) and think, you guys are Russian or Australian, or other, we're the same, we're at sea. I loved being at sea.
oteph L (12 days ago)
Ronnie 61 b (13 days ago)
Who the captain
Kevin Andrews (9 days ago)
He's probably filipino, are you sure you'd know him?
Tonys ToolBox (13 days ago)
MAKOi, I could watch your videos all day long.
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
Thanks Tony!
baroman jetro (13 days ago)
Sir pwd po ba nalaman Kung ano Yun BSMT ay sir Diba sir dalawa yun hindi Lang BSMT meron pa Yun Isa sir. Tama po ba ako sir🤔
Chief MAKOi (13 days ago)
Graig Balagtas (13 days ago)
Sir! I am worried. Malabo mata ko. Is there a chance na makapasok pa ako sa PMMA? Kahit na ipasa ko ang lahat ng qualifications? Pero malabo na ang mata ko. Your answer would be appreciated. Thank you!
Jay enteng (12 days ago)
Sorry pero hnd pwd malabo ang mata sa PMMA
Cone Dela Cruz (13 days ago)
Hey Chief! I really like your videos because it features the reality of what seafaring is. It is very informative specially for me since I was just new in the field. By the way can you make a film featuring the life of an Electrician/ETO on board?
Da’FatboyBilly xxx (13 days ago)
God Bless You Sir🙌🏻 Nakaka inspire❤️
Hunter Xie (14 days ago)
Mga trying hard blogger wlang ka class2 at crab pinoy mentallity ang nag ddislike'... hnde man ako mareno i salute u sir sa mga documentary mo sa hirap ng pag gawa nito...
cocoy01 (14 days ago)
Paps i am not a seafarer pero your videos are therapeutic hehehe
Patrick Mooney (14 days ago)
Wow. This is an amazing channel. Looks like I am going to have to go and start from the beginning videos and thoroughly enjoy myself with the fascination of the Merchant Marine as I catch up. Thanks!
Dmitry Gelow (14 days ago)
Dam monkey fleet. “Rails” navigation, sir yes sir, permanently hiding in T-shirt’s all over the head to look fancy in your islands, year per year with 1 month ashore, wired asshanded philipinno working for 1,5 less money dumping the market.
meda saketh (14 days ago)
Sir I have doubts can I ask sir
Laurentiu Daniel (14 days ago)
Does the ships that you’re on board have electrical cadet?
Chief MAKOi (14 days ago)
No. I haven't even sailed with an ETO for a few years now.
VladJoachim (14 days ago)
Im very curious too.
fathan fatahillah (14 days ago)
Dear Chief, please help me how take main engine performance..
Potpot ako (14 days ago)
REQUEST PERMISSION TO COME ABOARD SIR!. I'm a marine transpo student po first year pa lang pero pag napapanood ko po videos nyo mas naiinspire po ako maging officer and hoping to be a captain someday, i know it is hard to get promoted but with God and love nothing is impossible kaya mag pupursigi ako magaral. Thank you Chief, hope I can meet you soon! GOOD DAY!
POGZ POGZ (15 days ago)
Thank you for your Great advice sir, im really inspired na maging officer in the near future. 🙏
TONY STARK (15 days ago)
World's worst job is seamans job
BainabaiTv BainabaiTv (15 days ago)
Mismo ka talaga Sir!
Ronald Sarmiento (15 days ago)
As an aspiring deck officer, this video gives me a lot motivation for me to cope up to the situation and duties aboard the vessel. Thankyou for uploading sir! Salute!
Eliseo Bayquin (15 days ago)
Wait for it
Jacqueline Calixtro (15 days ago)
Chief, AB life at sea naman po☺️thank you
Boi N (15 days ago)
Sana matupad pangarap ko na maging seaman ako ;{
Eetu Hanski (16 days ago)
I suggest you wont use such a sad music bro!
rohan vaz (16 days ago)
Pls make a video on steering gear arrangement
Drebo1971 (16 days ago)
Career advancement through positive attitude, planning and work ethic is the way it should be. Good to see this is in action in the company.
Blueline Boy (16 days ago)
Love the video it was pretty interesting N also I like the sound track 👍
Jesse H (16 days ago)
Mindset, attitude and patience are the 3 ingredients. That alone is key. All the rest comes with a real education. Awesome
Genesis Masbang (16 days ago)
Nakaka inspire subra mga videos mu chief
Howard Barton (16 days ago)
hard work and a plan is the way to reach your goals
Vic Malz (16 days ago)
My big brother is currently 3rd mate officer.
Phoenix C (16 days ago)
Do you have to check for stow-aways at every port before you set sail?
Chief MAKOi (16 days ago)
Lee Gamaya (16 days ago)
very inspiring clip sir.. Thank you and Godbless it cheers me up.
EmbraceTheShadow (16 days ago)
Your videos are so good every time you upload i watch the video twice. Keep up the great work chief!!!
Chief MAKOi (16 days ago)
Rexmon Quitalig (16 days ago)
Idol ganda talaga ng mga blog mo isa ako sa umaantabay sa mga blog mo god bless sir chief makoi
Francis Archie Ariola (16 days ago)
Hopefully, One day i will become a chief engineer
Southwick Specials (16 days ago)
How many hours/days a week do you have to work?
Rodrigo Martins (16 days ago)
Do you think age is important ? Younger people have more chances ?
Chief MAKOi (16 days ago)
It depends on the company. Some companies impose an age limit (60 yrs old) while some companies really don't mind.
Donde Fernando (16 days ago)
Chief makoy kahit ba marine engeering yung kinuha kong kurso pwede ba ako maging deck cadet?
Chief MAKOi (16 days ago)
Bokimon (16 days ago)
I thought you are a cook
bryan archie teves (16 days ago)
Nice vlog sir. Very inspiring. Those words are very inspiring.
Jm Ed Namzug (17 days ago)
episode about those who officers under engineering department sir..🙏🙏🙏
Seamanginginom Vlogs (17 days ago)
hi chief😊 please make a video about engine officer or engine cadete 💕 your videos keeps me inspiring to study hard😇
Chief MAKOi (16 days ago)
There's already an episode about engine cadet.

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