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Man in crash arrested for DUI in Victorville

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A 60-year-old man was arrested for DUI after a crash in Victorville on Friday
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MJCC fun&games (1 day ago)
I don't think he is guilty of DUI, I think his gut just has gravity pull and yanks him what ever direction it is aiming, you see, he crossed the road and his gut yanked him into a car, then he tried to get up but his gut just pulled him into another car, the cops heard about it and showed up, then policeman nicely walked along side him to help, so he doesn't walk into a 3rd car, due to "gut gravity pull" (aka GGP) They cuffed him to put more weight in the back so it evens out the GGP, they also bandage his head so he won't get head injuries with his GGP diagnoses, What nice cops 😁😂🤣 jk
Ray Volpe (11 days ago)
why the black nigga stomach stick out so far, he out here lookin’ like one of the roaches from men in Black
Frederick Wood (3 months ago)
Oh I know some don't learn at all I got story's just not enough room to type them all.
Willow Phoenix (3 months ago)
I am a victim of a DUI accident, laws as stated by another commenter is correct the laws are useless and stricter penalties should be in place.
Willow Phoenix (3 months ago)
Frederick Wood. Some don't even learn then hence multiple DUI charges. We had a story of a fella who just got out of prison after serving time for manslaughter and I kid you not back in jail again for killing someone else!
Frederick Wood (3 months ago)
Learn nothing until he kills someone
Willow Phoenix (3 months ago)
Victor Valley News Inc. He is just going to do it again and surely has learned nothing!
Willow Phoenix (3 months ago)
Victor Valley News Inc. Oh that's awful news..😒
Willow Phoenix The man driving was cited and released.
Jeff250lbc (3 months ago)
Charge him with one count attempted murder for every person in the vehicle himself including end dui laws that do nothing
Jeff250lbc (3 months ago)
Mr. Randall the definition of attempted murder could be changed t included getting into a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Mr. Randall (3 months ago)
Jeff250lbc the problem a literal attempt would have to be proven.

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