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Teen Records Fatal Drunk Driving Crash As It Happens Video

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Desaleen James shares the story and video of the drunk driving crash that killed her friends.
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Derek Luttrell (13 hours ago)
They knew where they was going if they died tonight huh...well...no time to repent or ask for God to save them so yeah we know where they went
Drcreeper 8 (4 days ago)
We had to watch this video today in school. In 9th grade
Byguven (4 days ago)
rstlr73 (8 days ago)
Ahhh sheit. Ya know how we do! We dindu nuffin. Thats some very expensive cotton my friends. And the media are complicit anti white whores to boot
God Jesus (10 days ago)
That 👃 nose goes really well with her smile..
Richard Smith (13 days ago)
serves them right.......helluva terrible lesson to learn
Lisa rufus (14 days ago)
Their own stupidity.
Aron Greer (14 days ago)
Did she say "maybe shes here to save someone else"? Yea cause she did such good job saving her friend by letting her drive.
Highlighted reply (15 days ago)
Life is cheap in America.
Mary Dehaan (15 days ago)
What a dumb girl to say that maybe she us here to gdll someone---after thry knew that they all the liquor illegally
Carpet Shark (15 days ago)
I'm just glad they didn't kill anyone else
FireFire SwishDragons (15 days ago)
Majic Man (15 days ago)
Stupid Youth we were all there but some of us got lucky some not, bless her and those she was with .
Ant bucks (15 days ago)
Crazy I just recently got a bunch of tickets and have to go to court because my lil brother on his birthday was drunk ass hell. I don’t have license yet but was not drunk so I drove and was pulled of because my brothers car had one headlight out, so on top of the headlight I got a driving without a license ticket. Cops say they understood and that I did the right thing. Yet I still got tickets 🙄
No ma’am .. you all said if we die we knw where we going smh I’m glad I have no “friends” like this .. showing the video makes her look stupid
This is very stupid
For her to knowingly get in the car and the driver was drunk I decide to record who life would this save ?
Lyndon Hamilton1 (15 days ago)
she doesn't even look sorry, laughing about.
Lyndon Hamilton1 (15 days ago)
drinking and driving you got what you deserve!! They knew what they were doing.
Allen Brown (15 days ago)
Here is what the cunt had to say on the Dr. Phil show in 2013. She learned nothing, and now an innocent child who wasn't wanted and still isn't wanted is being raised by this toxic hood rat. She should be in prison. Two years ago, 20-year-old Desaleen was the only survivor of a solo-vehicle drunk-driving accident that killed two of her friends. She confides that since the accident, she’s been angry and oftentimes reckless with her behavior, including going out partying for days and even getting into cars with people who have been drinking — leaving others to care for her 6-month-old son. The crash was caught on video by Desaleen, who was recording her two friends from the passenger seat. The tape reveals a night of partying with loud female voices throughout, including one person — who Desaleen admits was her — that says, “We’re driving drunk,” and then, “If we die tonight, we know where we’re going.”  Desaleen suffered a broken hip and was in the hospital for five days. She says that even though her physical injuries have healed, her emotional scars are still very raw. Desaleen confides that at times she feels that her best friend deserved to live, rather than her. After the accident, Desaleen says she reached out to the local news to share her story, hoping she could help other teens avoid a similar tragedy. However, she says that she was criticized for making the video of the crash public, which some people thought was insensitive to the victims’ families. Desaleen admits that she went back to drinking and partying to cope with the backlash — and her continued guilt. “I was in my ‘I didn’t care’ phase,'” she says. “I didn’t care about my life.” Desaleen reveals that she has even gotten into cars with drivers who were drinking.  Desaleen also confides that she has struggled with anger and often gets into verbal and physical fights with friends, family and even co-workers. “When I get angry, I’m going to hit you. I’m going to fight you,” she insists. Desaleen explains that she has fits of rage where she blacks out. “You see the devil in me,” she says.  Help from Strangers Desaleen says her life took another difficult turn in the months following the accident, when she got pregnant and her mother kicked her out of the house. But then, soon after, Brenda and Michael, who had followed Desaleen’s story on the news, offered to take her in.  Brenda and Michael explain that they’re worried about Desaleen’s drinking and partying and say she goes out for days at a time with her twin sister, Desarine, leaving her 6-month-old son with them.  The couple also confides that they’re concerned about Desaleen’s anger issues. “Desaleen will say things like, ‘I will have you and your whole family killed. I will walk over someone’s grave,'” Michael claims. He adds, “If Desaleen does not change her path, she could lose custody of her son. She could lose her life.” Desaleen confesses that she never planned to have children and admits that being a new mom has been challenging. She says that she gets frustrated when her son cries. “It annoys me. I lose all hope. I don’t know what to do,” she explains. Still, Desaleen insists that she loves her son and says she fears that if she doesn’t change her anger and drinking, she might lose him.
Lubatiko Seme (16 days ago)
Why smiling while your friends are dead!?
Country Frau (16 days ago)
It's NOT ONE IN A MILLION as she says!! I am really upset by this. I'm so sorry for the families and friends of the victims. And they could have hit other people and wrecked their lives also.
smcal1able (16 days ago)
Good and Bye....DRUNKS
Kirk F4Crewdawg (16 days ago)
Got drunk and chimped out.
Jick Niblet (16 days ago)
Drunk driving can be fun if done right.
Rudy Lloyd (16 days ago)
This Generation is almost without feeling or emotion. Call it drugs, call it over saturation of death by media and video games, smh. Sad they seem empty and lost from God. Hug your kids and raise them to FEEL and to spread LOVE!
Nicola Holgate (16 days ago)
Sorry,but it’s NOT a one in a million stat when you choose to get in a car when your all drunk and choose to drive drunk.Damn lucky they didn’t kill an innocent person!
Grady Boynton (16 days ago)
hate to say but these bitches are retired I don't feel sorry for any of them
Biggz Smith (16 days ago)
Desaleen James, You dumb fucking nose for butt fucking hoe...you need to slapped repeatedly for a whole day
Andrea T. (17 days ago)
TheFallsCapone (17 days ago)
Why is she talking this "" One in a million"" bullshit ???.... this girl is pure ignorant, driving a car 95 mph in a 40 while drunk , the odds of an accident are more like 2 to 1 or maybe evens ......smh....stupidly kills...
* * (17 days ago)
To get your sister’s life back? Bitch, she wasn’t the victim of a drunk driver; she was a willing passenger. This girl’s attitude is weird and way off base. Don’t talk down to people like you’re not guilty of doing the exact same thing, then throwing fucking gang signs in your hospital bed. Yeah, you really learned nothing.
michael peberdy (17 days ago)
Honour the memory of her friend ? Honour a drunk driver ?
michael peberdy (17 days ago)
She is just as guilty as the dead because she got into a car knowing the driver was drunk . She should have been prosecuted as innocents could have been killed She is a complete MORON
David Schwartz (17 days ago)
my twin is dead. let me grab my phone real quick. how fucking stupid are these millenials lmao answer: all the stupid
David Schwartz (17 days ago)
and cunt throws up Westside in her hospital pic. this bitch is taking more stupid than the planet has to give.
Glenn Rishton (17 days ago)
I cant condemn here, I did equally as stupid shit as that when I was 18 and that was 50 years ago. As for here smiling, I think we all conceal pain in different ways. I'll give here the benefit of the doubt.
Angie S (17 days ago)
Die in drunkeness and rebellion, and get an eternity in hell. God gives us free will but it’s not wise to take advantage because this is a dangerous thing to do. Run to Jesus repent and be saved. A second of worldly pleasure is NOT WORTH AN ETERNITY IN HELL.
XxShadowvalkyriexX (17 days ago)
"If we die tonight, we kno where we goin!" Hopefully it wasn't anywhere else but Heaven............. hopefully.
RachelG1979 (18 days ago)
Don't think it's one in a million.
Alex Wesker (18 days ago)
Glad no one else was hurt because of these idiots..
ReineMarie (18 days ago)
Thank god they didn’t hit bystanders. This is just not teens but adults too. One or two drinks, it doesn’t take much.
Biggils (18 days ago)
If you can’t drive sober you definitely shouldn’t drive drunk
Luis Rivera (19 days ago)
Let’s be honest....where is the emotions of this girl!? Supposedly she was her “closest best friend”...yet when she explains the scenario she’s all smiles and happy. Now she’s looking for new friends to get drunk with 👍
Kaitlin Ski (19 days ago)
My family has been touched by drunk drivers too many times... I have lost multiple loved ones to drunk drivers, or drunk driving. PLEASE! PLEASE! DON'T DRIVE DRUNK!!!! If you dont kill yourself, you will kill someone else.....
Tarry Birdshark (19 days ago)
Stupid shit happens to stupid people
Steve-o 316 (19 days ago)
Driving drunk is not a smart move.
Brittany Patterson (19 days ago)
If my “sister” died, I’d be in shambles. Damn sure wouldn’t be smirking ..
killafocker (20 days ago)
Didn't see shit nigga
lily blu (20 days ago)
Umm no it's not 1 in a million when you decided to drink and drive. Everyone's fate was sealed when they got in that car.
Beetle Juice (20 days ago)
Kiya E (20 days ago)
The smile on her face is really disgusting me.. I can't even watch anymore...
Phoenix Blue (20 days ago)
So horrible, a pointless loss of life. The only thing I can say is that I'm just grateful no other cars or pedestrians were struck by the car during the accident. RIP GOD BLESS
Ronald Charles (20 days ago)
Wow I can see everything
ThomasG10mtn (20 days ago)
*They should have ALL died.* Disgusting and vile thugs could have killed some innocent person. #SendThemAllBack
Michael Kelligan (20 days ago)
"If we die tonight! We know where we goin!"......yeah the fucking morgue!
Kongo Kongo (21 days ago)
Damn smh thats Not to far from blair high shcool i live in pg county . my condolences
john sgro (21 days ago)
94 mph??? Wtf is wrong with people? Thank god no innocent drivers weren't involved with that car.....such a waste
Quat Chusayin (21 days ago)
3:53 - Don't worry, we also wish you had more bodily pain.
Paul Suprono (21 days ago)
Lesson . . . don't drink, and drive !
jessica knofla (21 days ago)
Ashely Jones (21 days ago)
Why not call the cops I’m so tired of this generation pulling out there damn phone call the fucking cops stupid
Trex Cliffe (21 days ago)
Uneducated monkeys
johan cespedes (22 days ago)
You don’t get to play twice in the game of life
Daria (22 days ago)
Bitch, wipe that smirk of your dam face or perhaps I can do it for you. Wtf?
Robert W (22 days ago)
James Alvarez (22 days ago)
Trade their life for your friends life? Really??? This wouldn't be a an issue if these dummies didn't drink. And you know that wasn't the first time they snuck drank at a party/club...
James Alvarez (22 days ago)
I don't have one ounce of sympathy for this dumb ass bitch !!! Throwing a gang sign while in the hospital, wtf ??? She doesn't seem too upset about what happened. She made a CHOICE to drink underage , knowing the consequences. And she says if we die tonight we know where we're going. No, you don't . And it's DEFINITELY not heaven. That girl has a reserved seat somewhere else...
Vaughnie NuNu (22 days ago)
I hate dumb shit like this..This girl needs to go to jail for one and for two before this shit happened they all knew that drinking and driving was RISKY!! They could have killed an innocent bystander.. so I don’t buy her hurt.. I have empathy on the lives that were lost but I have regrets that it was at their own hand that killed them.
Mr. KkeepItMovn (22 days ago)
What gave her the rite to drink and as far as her sister they made the same choice so they got what they wanted they said in the video " If they die tonight they no where there going" This bitch and her friends got what they deserve cause it could of been Innocent people that for hurt..
Tyrone Lewis (22 days ago)
You fuck up now you wanna tell
Nick Guiles (22 days ago)
Ya you can’t cry because your to busy smiling about being on tv your so fake!!!!!!!🤬
bald eagle (22 days ago)
Stupid is stupid dead
Chris Jones (22 days ago)
This is our untrained youth at it's best. Say what you want but there's no discipline because the middle aged people are trying to fit in the youths world instead of being leaders.
They’re not moving cause they’re dead! Retards. The video you shot ain’t worth sh&t.
Annette Betancourt (23 days ago)
I don't see what many others are....she is not smiling and I believe she's being genuine and remorseful. She also was not the driver.
BRONXGIRL BLAZIN' (23 days ago)
Desaleen does not look like she has learned her lesson.
joe wymn (23 days ago)
why do all niggas record themselves breaking the law so dumb
Jon micheal (23 days ago)
blackbe5 (23 days ago)
She acts as if it was the guy that didn't put an X on her hand was the problem! Smh
R-Wun718 (23 days ago)
These bitches dumb asf bruh
Kinney Kolah (23 days ago)
“Maybe I’m here to save somebody else” girl no, you got lucky
Urban Classics (23 days ago)
I swear these black bitches think they invincible
Matthew J (23 days ago)
I always wonder whenever I drive by a bar and look at all those cars parked there, "how in the hell are they all getting home?"
Suave House (23 days ago)
She sounds hella DUMB!
No One (23 days ago)
Shit happens, let kids be kids
Bradley Goo (23 days ago)
Please don't drunk drive
martinz1540 (23 days ago)
Oh well. We have way too many humans on this planet anyways.
1wmnofpraze (23 days ago)
This made me cry. They were stupid young people that had no clue of consequences. Now, life is lost no more. Imagine what great things they could have accomplished no one will ever see. Wow.
Craig D Jones (24 days ago)
She act like it was funny. Also, I can't believe they showed this footage of this on the news. I have my suspicions of why there's showing these black girl's dead on television. Shame on this news station.
vivianna hinks (24 days ago)
There is so many words one can say for dis kinda shit but yet there r no words u can say for dis shit cuz it will never bring them back. God help us all.
Grant Lee (24 days ago)
The real crime here was that white dress Desaleen was wearing.
MrZwapp (24 days ago)
They got what was coming to them.
Don El Viejo Arlan (24 days ago)
Still gets in car's with drunk drivers 2 yrs later ! https://youtu.be/Z2zSkv_zLsU
Don El Viejo Arlan (24 days ago)
Still not of age to drink, but now she's a mother, and leaves her child with her parents for up to two days, to go party with her sister ! And who commented about having sympathy for this girl ?
Don El Viejo Arlan (24 days ago)
https://youtu.be/fISBo0djNQU Dr Phil: Do you feel like you drink too much ? Idiot: I drink, but I drink, I don't think I drink too much, I might I might drink too much at the time I'm drinking but not every day. 😳😳😳😳 You'd think she'd better herself since she has a second chance at life, but this girl is lost ! Smh
Don El Viejo Arlan (24 days ago)
Well, after Dr Phil asked her , she admitted that sometimes she don't care about anything or herself, now this idiot will be drunk driving one day, and that demon that knows she don't care about herself, will tempt her to push on that gas pedal to end that pain and go be with her dead friends, hopefully she's alone when it happens..Like I imagined, she still drinks ( to ease the pain ) 😂😆😂😆😂😆😂
Hog Wash (24 days ago)
Idiots. Summary justice is a bitch. Hope no innocents were hurt
Don El Viejo Arlan (24 days ago)
4:50 Bitch don't act like you're a counselor now, trying to help someone avoid drinking and driving, when you sat there video taping, and all of you were acting a fool till you guys crashed, now you think someone's going to listen to you, when your ass shouldn't have been drinking with them fools anyways..Dumbass
Patricia Weathers (24 days ago)
She's an idiot She smiled throughout the video
stevenriddle22 (24 days ago)
You never think something like that won't happen to you??? Fuckkng kidding me?? So she's saying them getting drunk driving 90mph in a 40, you wouldn't think? Yeah, well BOOM, it happened. Sad to say, should of thought about it.

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