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What Your Handwriting Says About You

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Text Comments (37969)
Bruna Hrstić (5 hours ago)
Wow I have so much good qualities
Cookie Rookie (6 hours ago)
I can do all those handwriting So it means I'm introvert And extrovert I'm messy and organized
Evhemary (17 hours ago)
During primary school i used to have small handwriting but my teacher said she couldnt read it. Even though it isnt that small. Now my classmates have small handwriting.
Natalka żòłw (1 day ago)
I am creative and artistic, studious, shy, confident (sometimes, but not a lot tbh) and imaginative. My friends say I'm creative but not THAT much. 3 words for it just from my handwriting is just...
Fluffy Puppy (1 day ago)
Im a combination of allot of them...
NADYA OFIRA (2 days ago)
I write in my notes very messy but if I have to do a group project or something that requires good handwriting I will fake my handwriting
alexholly (3 days ago)
My handwriting says I'm doing a master's degree please...help...me...
CandyPop Diante (3 days ago)
That letter i is so me, I’m the one that dots on the left, not to lie, it sometimes irritates me but I’m like “meh the teacher won’t mind”
Sarthak Tandon (3 days ago)
It's true for me...
Oh Yeah Yeah (3 days ago)
This is a load of barnacles
Sophia Sherzai (4 days ago)
well i do all of these from time to time so...
MichellePai ‘ (4 days ago)
I love to Connect My letters
Jay Lonz (4 days ago)
My handwriting is microscopic...
Donna Howell (4 days ago)
Nah fam im not logical im just lazy😂
Miss Gleam (4 days ago)
In poland, kids only use connected handwriting. :P
Susan Young (4 days ago)
All of the above
Creeper Dude (4 days ago)
Well, my handwriting depends on my mood.Or if I’m in a rush, ya know?
DivideMe (5 days ago)
I can deduce from my my handwriting that I a human being
InstantNoodles Snow (5 days ago)
рагк мiуоuиg (5 days ago)
Well i have many personalities irl and also i have many ways of writing. So idk if i agree with this video.
S H Ë P (5 days ago)
I'm not going to lie, I have pretty neat handwriting, I've always had the best handwriting out of anyone in my class. But, my handwriting "style" Was not once mentioned, so that means that I'm...
Sun Is A Goat (5 days ago)
Kalymixx (5 days ago)
0:15 me. Big handwriting is the one who gets more attention then others that teachers always notice 1:40 private introvert true
I have small letters but some letters are big like "T, R, P, F, D, B, and Q" and I cross the middle of the T.
I put a dot on i and color it.
But when I get triggered because the letters are not perfect or just shows pen blurr, I color the inside of them.
But when I get triggered because the letters are not perfect or just shows pen blurr, I color the inside of them.
Ketut Tara (6 days ago)
I don't put a dot when I'm writing the letter i
troubled bear (6 days ago)
Im rounded, pointed, connected and at the same time— nvm mY HANDWRITING ISNT EVEN CONSISTENT AAAAA * screeches *
Galaxy Laugh (6 days ago)
None of these match my anything 😂
Galactic Wolf (6 days ago)
I'm all It changes Every Single Day
Closhy (6 days ago)
I have really neat handwriting. Problem is, it’s microscopic. My language arts teacher likes to complain about it to her classes 😒
Smile big And strong (6 days ago)
I put hearts over my i's so what does that say about me?
Sneaky San (6 days ago)
What it says about me... The complete opposite, I’m a mess while this video just told me I’m organized like OK sure
Yubi animates (6 days ago)
I write weird and fast so my handwriting is messy but readable but when I'm taking notes for tests I write slow and it looks nice so my handwriting changes based on what is writing
weird jxzzy (6 days ago)
for some reason I put a heart instead of the dot above the i..
Oh You NaNa? Ha Ha (6 days ago)
i just think that its pretty....
Carolin Braun (6 days ago)
Sometimes I change little things about my handwriting like now I put a circle over my i’s
person human (6 days ago)
This wasn't right for me. I'm not super social and I wouldn't say I'm super optimistic.
Private, introvert and overly self-critical. And it's all true
Najiya Neeha (6 days ago)
*video:* "crossing the middle of the t - confident, comfortable in your own skin" *me:* well, um, not really, i just, uh *huddles back into a corner again*
DisneyFanGirl ;D (6 days ago)
I don't dot my i's What does that say about me
DisneyFanGirl ;D (4 days ago)
Alexandra Mitnik thx
Alexandra Mitnik (4 days ago)
It usually signifies a preference for efficiency and speed in tasks, although can sometimes be interpreted as lazy
Mohammed Ghaïth (7 days ago)
Well, I should rather ask a real graphologist!!
David Kloock (7 days ago)
Hey buzzfeed.....aren't you fake news??!!
sher freddie (7 days ago)
my handwriting says- I don't know cause I don't even understand my own handwriting..
Paula Urbančika (7 days ago)
You can't slash the i, it's a different letter then
Sketchy Tiger (7 days ago)
According to this, I'm a mess. *_which is true_*
Self-critical, i tend to notice this to myself..
Little Girl 30 (7 days ago)
I have small handwriting, big handwriting (when the ink runs out), connected letters,closed O and dot is perfectly over the i
Devin Sorensen (7 days ago)
Got 3/4 wrong. Apparently I’m shy/introverted, yet also people-oriented and love crowds. As well as artistic and love my freedom. Got the freedom part right 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
a n n x i e (7 days ago)
If what im writing is worth it I get my favourite pen and start writing the best i can but when it doesnt matter much i grab any pen and just start rushing to get it over with.
The Dominus (7 days ago)
my hand writing changes. depends if im using a mechanical pencil or a normal pencil
Julia The Spicy Leo (7 days ago)
i have small and rounded so yIkEs owo
Jokes on you, I don’t dot my I’s
Leah Alsar (7 days ago)
This isn't true (regarding me)
Wishi Witch (7 days ago)
I’ve had like 10 different handwritings depending on how fast I’m going or how rough the paper is
Purple Wolf (8 days ago)
Sometimes my handwriting is soo narrow that it looks like I wrote ONE big word.
Christal (8 days ago)
l didn't see mine there🤣
Mary Joy Tandoc (8 days ago)
Private introvert stabbed me ard
OBLIVION TM (8 days ago)
Lmao this is so fake i dont finish my o all the way yet i dont like being too social
Baby Show (8 days ago)
It said I'm visionary or child-like,but I'm rly just a shy introvert with no friends
Lithuaniaball (9 days ago)
It said nothing
Hinata Shoyou (9 days ago)
Well-adjusted ✅ Adaptable ❌ Can't stand to be alone ❓ Tend to crowd people ❌ Artistic ✅ Creative ✅ Confident ❌ Comfortable in your own skin ❓ Private introvert ❓ Procrastinator/detail oriented ❓ Organized ✅ Empathetic ✅ Overly self-critical ✅✅ Lemme check with ones are actually true for me though... ▫❌=nope ▫✅ =yep ▫❓=not sure
Mouchi purple BTS (9 days ago)
Love this channel ❤️💜
Nono (1 day ago)
Suga from da distance:ARMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
Mouchi purple BTS (9 days ago)
My handwriting when the exam begins is like I someone printed my paper in Italics. After one hour it's like I'm just dragging my letters from one corner of the sheet to another or it's like they are cursed
GoodMusicManiac999 Z (9 days ago)
Quite true, my handwriting says about my creativity, optimism and introversion. But there's something that really doesn't belong to me: being childish. My "i" letters come with a circle replacing the dot simply because I actually "borrowed" it from a school friend long ago: I liked it, so it became part of my writing. As you can see, handwriting could also include external elements which don't necessarily express the writer's character!
Hunter Pryor (9 days ago)
0:53 I write like this. People kept calling my handwriting girly so I looked up different styles of "masculine" handwriting and liked this one the most. Now all I get is "you're OCD."
Miss Mess (9 days ago)
Y do you have to rag on me like this lmao
bhavna sanghvi (9 days ago)
Change your background music
Drawing girl :3 (9 days ago)
It said a mouthful cause I write beater somethings and sloppier sometimes
Eva Pecar (9 days ago)
I don't know how to write😜👌
LOLAISYOU Plays (9 days ago)
The ī is actually a latvian letter so i have to use it. I guess latvians are aggresive
Sem (9 days ago)
Round letters and pointed sometimes
AZ Alpaca (10 days ago)
What if you cross the bottom of the t
Madison E Moody (10 days ago)
My handwriting is so small that one time my teacher gave me an *F* on my assignment because she could not read it😂
Alex Sparks-Bakota (10 days ago)
I feel like these predictions are so inaccurate, there might be a correlation but these are literally just simply using the shape of the letter and whether it’s structured or less structured
ѕυи fℓσωєя (10 days ago)
ıt's m3 (11 days ago)
I have all of them
Taiyeba Ahmed (11 days ago)
My handwriting changes with my mood😩
Ethan Nguyen (11 days ago)
Somehow I’m all of these
My handwriting says that I am: Well-adjusted Adaptable Artistic Creative Confident Introvert Detail-oriented Organized Emphatic (I challenge you to figure out how my handwriting looks like)
Tbh the way I write changes depending on my mood or how sharp my pencil is...
lemxntxast (11 days ago)
My handwriting looks nice, but is actually really hard to read
QUEEN BEE (12 days ago)
My handwriting says that I am Doctor
Keith (12 days ago)
My handwriting is small... Oof
Talkative Tree (12 days ago)
My teacher has Pointed letters...
Dragon Cat (12 days ago)
I would say this is truly inaccurate. Just because you write small or big doesn’t affect your personality. Seriously?
TheArachnerd (12 days ago)
1:06 I normally cross my t at the top of it's capitalized Also I can't even read my own writing
Jerry Edward (12 days ago)
Is any different if left handed
Lauren Anderson (12 days ago)
What if you don’t dot your i’s 🤭
Ellie Gordon (12 days ago)
But what if your handwriting is large, wide spaced, and connected?
Hailey Forseth (12 days ago)
I write in cursive
NATALIATH 24 (12 days ago)
I dont slash the *i* but where i live there is another letter that is *í* but then i have to slash
Xeno Blade (13 days ago)
Apparently I'm all of them
PITAAA OLIVA SING (13 days ago)
Not all of this is tru but good try😂😂 btw I usually try to improve my handwriting so is kind of always changing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Manju rani Swansi (13 days ago)
Narrow spacing- can't stand alone Or I just need to complete the whole paragraph in just one page
Enny (13 days ago)
My handwriting is all of the above And frankly I actually have the personality of all the above I notice since I was little that a particular type of handwriting I use today means____ ( it varies) And the thing is my handwriting drastically changes uncontrollably idk why or how it just does Do I need help?
Raghad Alsubai (13 days ago)
I have small handwriting and it's all true 😊
epic music (13 days ago)
My handwriting is always joining with average space, long and thin writing. Some of my teachers and others says that I write doctor writing(unable to understand) only I can understand my writing I always write in fast speed,cannot write in slow speed
DEBJANI DAS (13 days ago)
My handwriting is totally different...what 'bout me😂
Araine05 (13 days ago)
My handwriting said I’m imaginative and childlike introverted and critical also a procrastinator,, True
Bee Phenix (13 days ago)
“Splashing the dot” yea that ain’t gonna work in foreign language
Bee Phenix (13 days ago)
My hand writing is a mix of basically everything

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