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What Your Handwriting Says About You

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Text Comments (37670)
Deepa Martin (58 minutes ago)
This video is false for me.. not tryna be rude.. but this is not true for my handwriting and personality
A Person (22 hours ago)
My handwriting is extremely neat cursive
Blue Riders (1 day ago)
My handwriting changes every month
magix tricks (1 day ago)
It's hard to say but whatever it said about me it's actually true
Pavitra Reddy (1 day ago)
Round, points for of I on top or sometimes left, o sometimes closed and open
iMeda (1 day ago)
This is some kind of nonsense
Jayshree Salvi (1 day ago)
I like the editing
Dayana Tejera (1 day ago)
Mine is rounded letter: I am indeed an artist. I used to write in cursive,then did print,so it mixed up.
My handwriting says i cant write
Gabby S (2 days ago)
Dwarf Potato (2 days ago)
I'm childish ;-;
Park Chaemin07 (2 days ago)
My handwriting says i need to give up and drop the pen
Lil Turtle (2 days ago)
Is the C.I.A watching me cus they got this right
vegan4lyfe (2 days ago)
this is bs 😂
The Kiddos Playground (2 days ago)
Yay I have the connected letters, The T one the dot on the left of the I, the well all of them that involved creativity
Vivian Simon (3 days ago)
All these types matches my writing 😆😆😆😆lol
Tasneem Ghouse Ghouse (3 days ago)
My handwriting changes everyday
Purple Galaxy (3 days ago)
One more: Spongebob handwriting,AKA mine
Laishram Meetei (3 days ago)
I have a rounded handwriting and I do like to be creative. L o L.
CrypticZack . (3 days ago)
my handwriting changes everytime I lift the pen up
Anjali singh (3 days ago)
I didn't understand anything from this video 😕
ThatWeirdGamingNerd (3 days ago)
See whenever I’m sending something fancy or something for like some test or doing arts and crafts my handwriting is neat, but if I’m rushing down some notes in class my handwriting looks like a stray chicken running across the page 🐔
Mine is average and closed o, it is correct
Lias Rehl (3 days ago)
I Wish there was Something Like Close words because i Always have Minimum space between words.
Absolutely an introvert haha....
ChatNoir3000 (4 days ago)
I don't know what my handwriting looks like tbh
Flowrina Kashyap (4 days ago)
I have many kinds of handwriting and can make the new ones every minute 😁
Dumbass , (4 days ago)
What does messy yet still neat handwriting point to?
Alva Enblad (4 days ago)
Is it just me or does my handwriting change depending on what sort of pencil im using or how sharp the tip is...
RegularGamer 0306 (5 days ago)
My hand writing looks like a two year olds scribble art
DeathBecomesHer (5 days ago)
This is such unsubstantiated bs
Afromania JT (5 days ago)
What about... I could do that hand writings if I feel like using it?
EoFlakes YT (5 days ago)
It says im an aritstic, shy introvert with childlike imagination. This is 100% correct in my book! 😂
Trending Now (5 days ago)
Sweet Slimez (5 days ago)
My is connectable hand writing
Minty Pigeon (5 days ago)
My handwriting depends on how long the essay writing has to be. Usually I put narrow spaces between words but if I need a long essay, I make the spaces between the words so long that they can reach to Jesus
Luna Lovegood (6 days ago)
This is stupid XD
Le진dary (6 days ago)
My handwriting changes over time
Ledif Cruz (6 days ago)
Artistic,creative and visionary/child-like😌😊😍💞
Rohini Kashyap (6 days ago)
What about doctors font....😁
Rohini Kashyap (6 days ago)
While I write... First page: Beautiful cursive and joint writing Next page: All joints broken 😵 Next of the next: Average Next......:- Me.😴😴😪😪
jason Muench (6 days ago)
Everything about this was true.
Pizza (6 days ago)
I have concluded I got my handwriting from some hobo in a dumpster than sold it to me for $80. Good day.
Sarah DePaola (6 days ago)
What about people who don’t do their “i’s”
Kitty Cat Toys Lps (6 days ago)
My handwriting depends on everything
Wow, kinda really definitely sounds made up "If you have neat hand writing you are smart and logical. If you have messy handwriting you are sweet and fun loving. If you have curly hand writing you are creative and imaginative" like lol ok
Alissa Saar (6 days ago)
My handwriting said that I’m shy,studious,concentrated and meticulous.
Asleep Acorn (6 days ago)
This was completely true for me
Prixlex (7 days ago)
Jep...i'm totally shy...
Creative, imaginative, and child-like
I got creative, confident, artistic, imaginative and im exactly like that:)
Kitty Kupcake (7 days ago)
This isn’t correct for me
Coffee Jaytee (7 days ago)
I dont put a dot on top of my i anymore
Coffee Jaytee (7 days ago)
From a wide, round handwriting to a condensed one
CutieBOO Marina (7 days ago)
I write very large but round: I love attention, i'm a outgoing person and people-oriented soo true!
anita XOXO (7 days ago)
Its true i am a really shy person so i usually whisper when i talk to my friends :)
Shama Ansari (8 days ago)
I writes in different style's depending upon da tym situation nd mood....🤐🤐
V Cuber (8 days ago)
I don't put dot on the i
Ainin Sofiya (8 days ago)
So true tho!
Flower on Discord (8 days ago)
Somewhat accurate like I change my handwriting every time cause I usually write long essays even tho it’s only 3 paragraphs but my teachers *DOES NOT UNDERSTAND* my handwriting
Drayden Holmes (8 days ago)
Absolutely none of this was accurate to me so.....
Ronin /Daito\ (8 days ago)
Why handwriting is so bad I wrote hello and someone thought it said bello
It varies depending on wat I'm writing and my motovation
iiDonutGamezz 35 (8 days ago)
Wow...Lies every period my handwriting gets its own diawrects sorta thing, like my handwriting in 7th period is a little worse than my handwriting in 2nd
Shizulia Kiruzu (8 days ago)
Wow I do all the “i”s lmao
animu hell (8 days ago)
Rounded handwriting Artistic and creative This is very accurate
Wadrian Alefe (8 days ago)
0:19 or you just have visual problems (like me)
Melody Music (8 days ago)
My handwriting: Normal: it’s okay? Angry: neater than normal Sad: I don’t even write Bored: scribble Sleepy: massive Dead: I hate writing
you know who (8 days ago)
1:43 sometimes i forget the dot what does that say about me now?
Carlo Escobar (9 days ago)
My handwriting says im hiv positive
Alex Frost (9 days ago)
I put circle over i
Moonlight Miracle (9 days ago)
My handwriting is tilted.
jungkookshook mini (9 days ago)
Rounded letters
Pot8oes Mazhar (9 days ago)
It says that I’m artistic talkative optimistic and child like (well I mean.. I am a child soo..)
Sushmita Biswas (9 days ago)
Anything it changes
H A (9 days ago)
I usually use pointed letters, but my handwriting mostly depends on my laziness and tiredness 😌
bigshaqgaming (9 days ago)
My handwriting says BuzzFeed is full of sexist women
Paul Rogers (9 days ago)
Introverted Creative Visionary Confident Comfortable in my skin Just submit your resumes in the comments below.
Satya Samhita (9 days ago)
My writing depends on my mood and pen that I use😁
Ilana Ali (9 days ago)
I do all these😶😏😁😂
Angela Gamino (9 days ago)
My handwriting says that I don't know how to write because when I write it looks like a 3 year old did it😂😂😂
Renna0804 (9 days ago)
My handwriting is so messy😂 like almost unreadable messy
Hanna Perri (9 days ago)
Wow. This is crazy.
None of these were my hand writing
Candy Cakes (9 days ago)
My handwriting changes every sentence.
TheRiseofFire (9 days ago)
These were all wrong about me
Yes, i have small handwriting, im studious.
Le Magicien (10 days ago)
But i do all of these...
Hermione Granger (10 days ago)
My handwriting is small and eat when I use gel pens But any pen would do for me, but my handwriting would still be small😂
someone you don't know (10 days ago)
ha ha i do that
TriggeredDiamond AJ (10 days ago)
My handwriting isnt even on here my handwriting is really good
Ruth Olivia Mcleod (10 days ago)
My hand writing says I love attention I can’t stand to be alone I tend to crowd people and I have good self astern and am optimistic!
HappyToBe Haileyy (10 days ago)
I have really tall and skinny handwriting
savage wolf873 (10 days ago)
My hand writing is a mix of almost all of those
George Rabus (10 days ago)
my handwriting is very... well Ulgy
cat style (11 days ago)
Amazing video😮😃
Ayase-chan (11 days ago)
Tbh i only clicked on this because it said joana ceddia viewers watch this
Josh (11 days ago)
Sometimes I'll write my "I"s with a slash on top, sometimes to the left or right, sometimes high, and sometimes in a circle. Dunno why lol
ItzJustMeh • (11 days ago)
Bruhh these facts are so not true for me🤷‍♀️
Shadow Matrix (11 days ago)
That I'm black

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