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Magic the Gathering is an EVIL corrupting TERRIBLE Card Game...All Hallow's Eve

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Once upon a Time MTG existed mostly "underground" ....mainstream media did not accept Early Magic... https://www.patreon.com/AlphaInvestments
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CraZEEElife (1 month ago)
My Italian mom used to say “those cards are wu du” she meant “voo-doo”
MysticVideos (3 months ago)
Its because of the tarot deck that many churche people who didnt bother to look at more than the pictures assumed it wasnt a game but an archetype system that dealt in the spirit world
Alex V (4 months ago)
I used to play card games like pokemon and yugioh. The only reason i played was to escape life. I started getting rid of my stuff and i feel so much happier. Card games can be bad to be honest. Takes away time you could learning something better or spending time with your family. It depends on how you play it and to be honest most people i see in card shops don't seem happy.
2Redner (7 months ago)
I was a player and I remember getting very frustrated with the whole thing. Basically my mom didn’t think cards were a good toy for me. It’s looked at as something stupid for the money she had. I would never have enough money for them myself. The few cards I got ahold of were from 94 95 time era. Usually cheap ones that I got from the only other kid in the whole school who had magic. I want to say that kids in the 90’s were different. A lot of bullying and labeling and violence. I was apart of that on both ends but specifically being a nerd and getting into nerdy things. I got made fun of and lost all my cards the first time I tried to bring them to school. I learned my lesson. So that was such a bad taste for the game.
Jeff Goodman (8 months ago)
LOL...I played D&D and ended up eating shit and worshiping satin and became a muslim commie.....lol
Ben Dover (8 months ago)
Magic is satanic
Jeff Goodman (8 months ago)
Hail Satin!!
rusty shackleford (9 months ago)
wolfenstein was dope, duke nukem 3d also, and DOOM
Social Justice Goblin (11 months ago)
Magic back in the day was something you played in the back of a smokey room of a very seedy game store. The smell alone was horrid. The only thing worse then that was a PTQ I played in Maryland where it was 80 degrees and no A/C. Oh god the smell. Now everything is clean and smell is so gone.
Andrew Highnet (1 year ago)
mtg fish stock hhahah
Jason Carto (1 year ago)
_satanic demonic shit_ Nigga i lived through Urza Block AND Mirrodin (the first one). *COME AT ME*
LasstUnsSpielen (1 year ago)
You should have become a set designer. This is so hilarious.
New Message (1 year ago)
Someday when I'm 90 years old, I'll try to explain this whole Christianity culture to my grandkids. They'll probably think I made the whole thing up.
Tom Fisher (9 months ago)
Its not Christ that is the problem. Its religiosity... People make up their own rules and rituals over things they do not understand. They are guilty of the things they accuse others of. Jesus said "love your neighbor, do good to those who persecute you". He did not say force people to bend to your limited understanding and superstitions.... there is a big reason the Bible says "lean not on your own understanding" Its just sad when people who claim to have faith act like a card game has more power than God. There is an entire community of these religious zealots that fear over faith.
xGUTS (1 year ago)
rudy your a fucking g. papa bless
GodspeedHero (1 year ago)
It took years for my slap marks to fade from my face. Ahhhh, the good old days. lmao Fucking Jester's Cap.
Lang Galea (1 year ago)
Rudy, I remember when I gave my friend a deck, and his Dad took it away because it was 'of the occult' lol.
James Arnets (1 year ago)
WHAT THE HELL guy haha i stayed watching this just because it was entertaining watching you cry about some lame shit only nerds and gothic kids enjoyed playing lol and yeah the 90s were way better but not because of magic cards and certainly not because of d.a.d gay shit haha.They were better because of shit like celebrity death match, tupac, mike Tyson & drugs not being so cut up with crap. THAT'S WHAT BACK IN THE DAY WAS ABOUT.now burn ur cards kid no more gay time
CounterProp FreeA (1 year ago)
James Arnets Get the hell out of here.
David Savage (1 year ago)
I clicked on this video expecting to laugh at some idiots and possibly convince more people I worship Satan just for shock value Then I stayed cuz you talk sense And what causes people to freak out about that shit is the fact that Religion is bullshit See a skull or a pentagram, maybe a demon or monster and refuse to see past it because religion corrupts See a card called "Dark Master of the Abyss" and refuse to see past the name because theyre so narrow minded
lefthandtheory (1 year ago)
When Pokemon came out I remember everyone said it was diabolic and would look you down if you actually watched Pokemon.
Brayden Weirmeir (1 year ago)
it was all the people that are now old and addicted to fox news that were the ones saying youd become evil. moral of the story is fox news fucks everything up
NovaBeast92 (1 year ago)
Brayden Weirmeir same goes for CNN
SerpentCharmer (1 year ago)
i would sacrifice what is left from my soul for a game with the art of the early days of mtg. no digital waste, only gnarly and classic painted pictures.
Jace Beleren (1 year ago)
people got that way because they didn't understand the true concept and anything people don't understand will scare the hell out of them especially back then
Mr D (1 year ago)
1994 in high school, my friend's mormon parents thought i was the devil trying to corrupt their kid with a card game.. he tried to tell them it was innocent but once they saw Demonic Tutor was a Sorcery card I was banned from their house for life.. .LMAO Just remembered we had some jocks throwing shit at us one day after school when we were playing in the cafeteria. What they (and I) didn't know was my friend Bo was a black belt in Aikido and Kempo.. so when he threw it back at them and they got in his face.. let's just say it didn't end well for them.. and no one picked on the magic dorks any more :)
chris B (1 year ago)
Well religious america that's why... same thing happened to Pokemon...
Rickard Rakkoon (1 year ago)
he's crybabying so hard because he's a TCG "investor" and he wants more money off his 10000 box sets he bought years ago.
Kidpool 98 (1 year ago)
Hey Rudy I remember what you mean my step mom told that is was going to hell for playing mtg
Swags Mccool (1 year ago)
I see that nine down there Rudy ;)
luis herre (1 year ago)
rusty shackleford (9 months ago)
actually its better at 2x speed
rusty shackleford (9 months ago)
haha the anticipation was funnier than hearing it, sounds like a slow cat meow ;/
Russell Colosi (2 years ago)
This video is like MTG rap, only instead of rhyming, you have to tell a story using a random assortment of old magic cards. You don't know what's coming until you flip a card and then have half a second to fit the card into the story.....freaking awesome.
V Dubs (2 years ago)
Great video Rudy
a2pabmb2 (2 years ago)
I used to think Rudy was just some jerkoff buying up cards so no one else could play with them. Seeing him get all emotional about the old days changed my mind.
Xyaleon Runebreak (2 years ago)
I went to a baptist church in kansas when I was like 8 years old for a while, this was around 1999. My mom figured if she sent me to a Christian church on Thursday and then baptist on Sunday I would get the evil out of me. Fuck that, I knew she just wanted an excuse to get rid of us. Anyways, the baptist church, some of the preachers talked about how POKEMON are evil, that it made children want to hurt animals and capture them, this was a 13 yr old preaching to a bunch of younger kids. Good lord... I ended up becoming agnostic now, I'd rather have my native american religion than that shit.
nicholas lee (2 years ago)
I lost my shit when rudy did the back in my day bit
Yoshi (2 years ago)
The kaladesh invention box is like a decor or a meme of this channel now, i love it :P
Eric B (2 years ago)
Am i the only one who laughed when he said he would go to art school for 4 years to replicate the art of Hell's Caretaker?...
Trener Morskih Pasa (2 years ago)
I found out that I've had 3x Mox Diamonds from Stronghold. Should I sell them on eBay or what? Help appreciated! :)
Allie Fettig (2 years ago)
I want slap marks on my face.
Cuckerino Kripperino (2 years ago)
+Allie Fettig But on a serious note i could prolly cut back on the American spirits cigs and try to drop 10 pds to 180 and jog in the morning before ppl start leaving for work but i never do just end up drinking coffee and reading for couple of hours.
Cuckerino Kripperino (2 years ago)
No i'm like a 26 year old with trust funds and a wife 3 bedroom 2 bath house and a Lexus for her and toyota truck for me. I even pay a mexican woman to clean my house every Saturday afternoon while I take my wife to one of the surrounding cities.
Allie Fettig (2 years ago)
+Cuckerino Kripperino More like a 50 year old fat loser living in my parents basement. Oh wait, that's you.
Cuckerino Kripperino (2 years ago)
We all know you're a 30 some year old fat guy with cheese fingers and a widowed mother.......
The Finger Of Scorn (2 years ago)
I don't even play Magic, but I'm always watching your videos.
B. V. (2 years ago)
I remember my Dad freaking out when he caught me with an old school Shadowrun players handbook.
Rossome (2 years ago)
Have you ever played commander Rudy? even if no, who would your commander be?
Adam Eus (2 years ago)
ashylarrymp (2 years ago)
I graduated HS in 1996.  I don't think anyone knew I played magic except for my best friends.  It would have been social suicide.  It really was something you wanted to keep a secret.  I don't remember teachers or the religious making a big deal about it in southern California.  I think people were aware of supposedly satanic music like megadeth and ozzy around then.  Bands like Napalm death were on Head banger's ball and freaking people out.
leonardo barboza (2 years ago)
love your videos.......
johnpyp (2 years ago)
Neil Corry (2 years ago)
Ah, back in the day .... pumpin' my guys with unholy pentagrams and tyin' bitches to the floor with Earthbind. What's wrong with a little satanic bondage between friends? Keep 'em coming Rudy, you're a breath of fresh air.
Douglas Nelson (2 years ago)
Bunch of upside down 9's! cept one actual 9. Good stuff man. I remember having to almost hide my interest in magic back in the 90's. Now it's accepted even by the ol folks.
arenkai (2 years ago)
7:35 This shit cracked me up xD
Intelligent Discussion (2 years ago)
Hey Rudy, You should make a facebook page, like a fanpage or something for your channel, that way you can just post and say, "oh hey new video up".  You should also review the different series that have come from magic the gathering and talk about what the market was like when it came out, what it became, and eventually what it is now.  That would be a great series.
mportillo78 (2 years ago)
My school came down hard when Jihad came out! Had to rename that shit!
Troy Cruikshank (2 years ago)
I remember my school banning magic from the lunchroom. back in 1994.
Gage Putman (2 years ago)
Anybody have a link to his shop's website?
Vojtěch Ulman (2 years ago)
Infyra (2 years ago)
You remember Wizards actually gave in to all the Bible humpers and removed Demons and Devils from magic? We had Horrors for yeaaaaars until finally a demon made it back .... and no one cared.
omgddd (2 years ago)
so I take it you will vote for Trump?
3blindwhales (2 years ago)
My religious babysitter seen my death's touch, she banned me bringing the cards to her house. Same thing, she thought we were worshiping the devil. XD
Mr. W Kobialka (2 years ago)
I have to throw this out there. Speaking on MtG and evil. I'm an adult with a child, wife, and mortgage. I didn't start playing until after I got married. My mother learned that I play and Googled the game. She is freaked out by it and says it looks scary and evil. This is a person I watched Oz and Sopranos with as a teenager, as well as see Jon Leguezamo preform live. No prude by any means. Some things don't change...
KAMLU (2 years ago)
Maynard Madsen (2 years ago)
Didn't realize the price spike on All Hallows' eve.
Maynard Madsen (2 years ago)
I remember the old days. Haha I started in 95. My parents still thought it was evil until recently
Adam Nickel (2 years ago)
Demon's Grasp has pretty evil artwork.
Kevv Wang (2 years ago)
I'm definitely not bothered by the constant stream of content. The format you do and what you talk about and HOW you talk about things are so different from other people that it makes it extremely interesting.
English2Elvish (2 years ago)
Might not make you evil, BUT it does make some people cunts...
MTG Apprentice (2 years ago)
I remember back in 2002 in school when we were the only three that played it in a corner of the canteen, beeing nerds and proud of it! Indeed it's a different place now.
MTG Apprentice (2 years ago)
CastelDawn do you need to be rude? just be nice or should I call you an old fart ;)
CastelDawn (2 years ago)
2002 lol...kid please, go to your room.
LagSwitchGaming (2 years ago)
What is your take on the upcoming final fantasy TCG?
Christopher Moreno (2 years ago)
Ur awesome rudy, Ur a magic personality now, I also look forward to each topic u talk about and look forward to each videos u post each day. u also show that even though Ur not very active in playing the game u can still be passionate in the game in others ways. even if its buying the old cards u used to play with,collecting booster box and the other different products,doing booster box runs to sale cards and hopefully make a profit.U show that magic is a life consuming hobby that effect people in different ways besides playing the game
Bricks and Boosters (2 years ago)
Odd MTGFinance Question for you. Crucible of Worlds 10th edition costs $10 more than the Fifth Dawn even though it's a newer printing with identical art. Any idea why this would be the case for this card? Is there just a lot less supply of 10th edition vs Fifth Dawn?
MrFunky (2 years ago)
Graded Lost Soul? :O we were using them to check how those cards burn...
James Finch (2 years ago)
I've spoken down to you before Rudy... And for that I am sorry. I've been tuning in to your channel more and more and with each video you make I like you more and more. At first I thought you were just a financial opportunistic predator, preying on the game I love for monetary gain... It was stupid for me to think that. You've shown time and time again that you love Magic and the financial aspect of your content has really grown on me, in fact, you've sort of cornered a viewing market all to yourself by talking about the financial aspect of the game. I wish you well and I'll continue watching and liking your videos.
jose cuevas (2 years ago)
Keep making daily videos Rudy, I enjoy watching your videos, nobody talk mtg finance like you. Also you should sell shirts with your Alpha Investment logo on it I'm sure people would totally buy them I would!
Derk Cast (2 years ago)
what's with the lens flair J.J?
King Leo (2 years ago)
Spooky lol
Alex Johnson (2 years ago)
Even back in '99 I remember some of the parents of my friends trying to get me to convince my friends not to play magic cause it was too grotesque. lol
We had the cops called on us and were escorted out of a coffee shop back in the day.  Something about playing a black deck with Unholy Strength and Demonic Tutor was scaring the other customers.
Mario Joia (2 years ago)
"Back in the day" the black color in MTG would REALLY be depicted with scary and horrid stuff... Nowadays? It's almost like a unicorn shitted on the cards and called it ART.
KPS_Polis (2 years ago)
"Back in my day... nyaaaaaaah. Yea, that sorta thing." - Roody
ThePaagshim (2 years ago)
i love the everyday videos , I look forward to them . Always an entertaining and educational video
Meow meow (2 years ago)
vangard has dual commanders so I thoght magic would try there spin on it so I saw it comming!
Dragne Horatiu (2 years ago)
Yeah, just wait for another poneyset to come back with the crazy fairy tails world. Now the horror stuff is some crazy eldrazi and not a fallen angel. I do not understand what happened to them.
Josue Martinez (2 years ago)
Rudy I'm really enjoying the daily content! We support you because we want to see more of you!!!
michael c (2 years ago)
Oh well thanks Rudy. Now my Bible pushing babies mama will never watch this video since there are 60 6's all over the place. Lol I wish they didn't make a deal about a game that has both equally good and bad, as does their Bible.
lokone303 (2 years ago)
at spain we still  at this time. no cool thing on playing magic, in fact some Young people dont think this game exist anymore.
Alpha Scorpii (2 years ago)
I remember:)
BishouNoTeresa (2 years ago)
Loved the Video, love the Content, love you, love the ramblings! Keep it up!
Tony Davila (2 years ago)
i member... member tatoween memba chewbaca i memmba. memmba berries talk
Kai Tore Braathen (2 years ago)
I was gonna click like but it was on 666 so I couldn't
Mill Master (2 years ago)
1000% keep doing what your doing.
Brian Edwards (2 years ago)
I've played since 95 on and off. I'm very devoutly Christian, but I STILL miss the old revised Unholy Strength.
J B (2 years ago)
How much do you think it is Hasbro forcing WOTC to push a ton of product?
ken james (2 years ago)
LOL "slap"
Tom Ryder (2 years ago)
The whole satan scare deal came from a lot of sources all at once culminating into what became the 'bible belt' atc that you hear about I'm pretty sure one of the big reasons was a couple of bullshit scientific journals and media pushing it
Zach cash (2 years ago)
One of the big pushes of the static scare shit was Al gore's wife tipper. She had people eating out of the palm of her hands falling all over themselves worrying about the most stupid shit. Guess they make a perfect couple huh.
kevin brancheau (2 years ago)
back in the day, kids in my area could play magic at school, but could not use black cards, it's so stupid it was funny, some things do change for the better, yea it's better now,maybe
Juan Morales (2 years ago)
But those attitudes are not around any more. What do you have against Christianity? World is going to shit because morality is gone. Hope you enjoy the moralless world you asked for.
Jason Binkley (2 years ago)
omg. you just brought back so many memories. back in the 90s if you played mtg and listened to metalica. you were the spawn of satan. then timmy and i would have to sit in the principals for wearing an awesome rock n roll tee shirt. -best video yet Thanks Rudy
lichonski128 (2 years ago)
how much do you spend on tape?
Tim Nash (2 years ago)
Remember vampire the card game. I heard some kids like actually acted out cards and murdered people or something like that
Gabor147 (2 years ago)
same goes to pokemon tcg. They called you a child for collecting and playing it, and now those hypocrites walk around and play pokemon go
openboosters (2 years ago)
I love your vids, they go great with coffee!
Swamplord (2 years ago)
What does you scotch tape budget look like...?!
Strato Incendus (2 years ago)
We been trying to make two commanders work for quite some time, but it was a little too complicated - like, you had to cast a specific one of them first before you were allowed to cast the other one. I wouldn't have expected something as straightforward as Partner where you can just have two Commanders without a drawback - it's similar to the planeswalkers from 2014 that just read "this PW can be your commander". The important part is that the individual card has to be weaker than a regular legendary creature or planeswalker.
Paul JayDee (2 years ago)
Love you Rudy! Your videos are the best! More and more videos are fine by me :)
Moreesse Montane (2 years ago)
13:51 it does. i agree.

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