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Key & Peele - Pizza Order

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A pizza delivery order snowballs into a drama of destiny, romance and lots of cheesy crust.
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Text Comments (13457)
Jamster J (1 hour ago)
This will be me on my hangover soon
Tilyn Boykins (2 hours ago)
oh my G
Anjith Hari (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who cried instead of laughing? Gotta feel for that pizza guy..
The Shadow (1 day ago)
His hopes and dreams got shot 😂😂😂😂
Troy Lewis (1 day ago)
Would've been more hilarious if it was an eclair.
michael preller (1 day ago)
Never trust a man who eats pizza with pineapples on it....unless they're Hawaiian. That shit is nasty AF.
Charlie Mayne (1 day ago)
Zodaloo (2 days ago)
So has anyone noticed the 'Boy's Club' poster on the right?
J.R. 100 (3 days ago)
Drake Pryce (3 days ago)
Okay to poor..... I'll let her down easily
JOγfUL KILLJOγ (3 days ago)
Why can I relate to that xD
Joshua Moreno (4 days ago)
the unspoken connection about the chesseycrust
goodguynow (6 days ago)
“I’m sorry I uh...f***ed her” OMG!!
Attila the killa (6 days ago)
Alex Johnson (6 days ago)
Clair she down she dead she dead ... Chinese it is lmao
Claudia W (7 days ago)
Goodycolt4000 (7 days ago)
If this delivery guy don’t get his Dutch van der Linde lookin ass tf outta here lol
John Dxstreza (7 days ago)
Dinko Gaming (8 days ago)
Hi Read More
Dinko Gaming (8 days ago)
Makay Miller (8 days ago)
I am confusion.
Dark Knight (9 days ago)
That's what I do 😂
Silver Something960 (9 days ago)
Nuu Claire died
Donna Lopez (9 days ago)
Who is we... lol
511 Films (9 days ago)
This is my favorite Key & Peele by far. Peele's character hits the nail on the head... I just started out a Youtube channel and am making skits inspired by Key & Peele. Would love to get someone's opinion on them :)
Courtney White (9 days ago)
aaaaaaaand cheesy crust
827jordan (10 days ago)
I got a crush on a girl named Claire right now...I resonate with the delivery man on a spiritual level
Athena Ƥantheon (11 days ago)
alternate title: Pizza Order Gone Wrong (TURNED SEXUAL)
Tenesha Smith (11 days ago)
javan logan (12 days ago)
I almost died sexually.
Supremefort2021 Fort (12 days ago)
Used goods funny
Joe W (13 days ago)
I’m so confused
Q's Corner (13 days ago)
Hello Plutonians
Natilie E. S. (14 days ago)
Just some Guy (14 days ago)
I have to ask, what was the guys plan when he went to pick up the pizzas.
Brandon Quintero (14 days ago)
Hell even Bubba hit that😂
Kael Zildjian (14 days ago)
More pinnaple!
Learning Fly (15 days ago)
-MOCHII- (15 days ago)
The plot should've been where the Chinese restaurant worker fell in love with Liv
Bethany Hunter (15 days ago)
I can't believe I only discovered these guys today through the Sub-Teacher videos. It's amazing.
Alexa Gold (15 days ago)
Hahahhaha wadasanababich haha😂
Isaac Hester (16 days ago)
This guy's talking to his self
Samael (16 days ago)
This one is kind of uncomfortable
Unicorn gacha girl (17 days ago)
Arctic96 (17 days ago)
come on guys keep those hands up
AestheticallyAli (18 days ago)
I thought he was gonna refuse the pineapple. I'm disappointed.
Slaiman Alharbi (18 days ago)
My boy dutch made it
Phoenix North (18 days ago)
Obviously a virgin
Claire.Popovich (18 days ago)
Shit my name is Claire
Its Ebqs (18 days ago)
Why TF can I relate to this one so much?
Sijan Grg (19 days ago)
You should’ve called your ass to chinese
Kloe Lopez (19 days ago)
Summer Pratt (19 days ago)
This started off as me after dance rehearsal
Isabella Ghigo (19 days ago)
Why is him ordering soo meee
Bk73 (19 days ago)
Fortnite My Life Bruh (19 days ago)
;—; tears of sadness and joy
I would of just told him Clair is dating a quarter back 😂
snake guy (20 days ago)
I know someone who would do that I think that is just sad
Nicholas Gonzalez (20 days ago)
My type of party
Vinny Prada (20 days ago)
"My boy andy over here" *pans over to smegul* Lmaoo
Isaiah Dorvil (20 days ago)
I hit that sexually
Krickety Krill (20 days ago)
Strong hope (21 days ago)
3:55 No. *ding*
Carl Daiz (21 days ago)
2018 likes could be good lel
SMZ (21 days ago)
When an 18 year old turns 19 and is no longer the hot commodity she once was 2:39
EZYmoney Mike (21 days ago)
Even Hugo and boba hit that......
Jennifer Delagarza (21 days ago)
I died! 😂🤣
Thats all *s u p e r f i c a l* mane,
JonVieSays (22 days ago)
Where your bullshit have thrown you down a rabbit hole which there is no return lmaooooooo fucking hilarous
Hahahahaha ROFLLLLL OOhhh💩🤣💩💩💩😂😂😭😭
Declan Peters (23 days ago)
Claire a thot
toasty boi (23 days ago)
A middle-aged couch potato who's friends are toys? Sounds like a guy I know
Miranda W. (24 days ago)
This will always be my favorite video😭
John Derrick (24 days ago)
shouldve told that she was 14 years old
Praaf Rams (24 days ago)
I can never order a pizza normally now.
Imaad S (25 days ago)
This is my ass rn unfortunately
GamersAlmanac (25 days ago)
Those slippers with the foot rest lmao
yolanda8604 (25 days ago)
Keegan's wigs...omg
Mário Nogueira (25 days ago)
Is this what my employees do? Augh...
Primepro (26 days ago)
Lol how he talks to figures
Paradise Chabanga (27 days ago)
Le Gregou (27 days ago)
RIP Claire
Drew Sipasakpe (28 days ago)
“Hell even baba got some of that” 😂😂
Lucas Bubb (28 days ago)
I just died in Side
Garbage Boi 9,000 (28 days ago)
Anyone see Pepe in the background at 0:52?
Tmb Josh (28 days ago)
Billionaire Mike (29 days ago)
You don't need to speak to Claire 🤣🤣🤣
Billionaire Mike (29 days ago)
😒 You don’t even know Claire
L Rob (29 days ago)
Carlos was thirsty asf 😂😅🤣
depressed vibe06 (1 month ago)
Say Clair just left to the bathroom
Madan Singh (1 month ago)
I thought I was the crazy one
NIMBUS 01 (1 month ago)
3:43 bro that murdered me
xd RylanH5 (1 month ago)
Put it on 2x speed
Lo La (1 month ago)
It was beautiful at first, until Claire died ( I also died too).
Chayan Imran (1 month ago)
'The pizza guy' & 'the guy who ordered' ..... Both of them got problems .....
cristina solano (1 month ago)
RK724 (1 month ago)
When the pizza guy is better at role-playing than you
Nelson Idr (1 month ago)
Most accurate video, almost like this made of 2018
Teresa King (1 month ago)
I saw this video years ago and then saw it in recommended

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