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Ship in Port : Zhoushan, China | Seaman Vlog

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Our ship finally reached our discharging port: Zhoushan, China.
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Chief MAKOi (7 months ago)
Sorry for the late upload guys. Our ship just crossed the Pacific Ocean for the past 2 weeks so we didn't have any internet. But finally, here it is!!! I promise one more episode will be on time this coming Friday. And hopefully, I'd be able to finish a few more videos so I can upload them before we lose internet again. Thanks for watching!!!
Jhay Lee (3 months ago)
nice sir 🛳️⚓
suzette deocampo (4 months ago)
I really love to watch ur videos
Hund Sam (4 months ago)
Nice one while at work you’re traveling the world at the same time...gusto ko rin ng ganito
boogie choco (7 months ago)
Sir sa next wave din po ako pakikamusta po ako kay sir chiefmate manzo mabuhay kayo sir napakaganda ng mga video nyo lagi po akong nagaabang.. 😁
Jordan Dignos (7 months ago)
Godbless you always sir
Jaguarzzz 18 (10 days ago)
after watching these Vids I reminisce the days while I'm in a cargo ship. even how tired you are as long as you can breathe some fresh air everything is solved. fishing is next while sitting at the bollard. ^_^
Marlon Legaspi (12 days ago)
I hope that someday I will be like YOU CHIEF!
GreenPedal (16 days ago)
I live full time on a small sailing yacht and thought I had a good grasp of life on a boat, but life on ship is an "order of magnitude" more interesting. What a fantastic series you have created.
Vital Ral (19 days ago)
So after all we are all not created equal as I don't see women along men on ships
mike john (20 days ago)
Chief. Another great video and love the new aerial views from your new drone. Awesome!
Vay Babayin (20 days ago)
You go a port and unload.what if there is no load on this port.you turn back empty.isnt that a lose money?
BASSiK (18 days ago)
hahahahaahahahahahah u think people hope that there is cargo at discharge ports and just go for it? Thats not how shipping works
Gary Satosky (21 days ago)
Great video very interesting
Ed Ca (26 days ago)
how long does it take to load up the ship and to unload it ? by chance I came across your channel and I like ships , I invest in shipping companies , and I think they are very interesting to know and have in your portfolio ... SALUD AMIGOS greetings from Nevada
Chief MAKOi (25 days ago)
Depends on the port facility.
larsdeb1 (26 days ago)
How come that your sludge outlet is so inconvenient? Normally it's near the bunker station right...
TheHandleSticks66 (28 days ago)
beautiful editing
Vietkong Fire (1 month ago)
Looks like you were carrying soy beans .. China buys them a lot to feed their cattle industry.
Vietkong Fire (1 month ago)
malaking maintenance talaga... pang malakihan ito... Just like a car, the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant and power steering has to be changed regularly to keep it in tip top shape...
Bill Craig (1 month ago)
I am very happy to have discovered this channel. I love the sea! Thank you.
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
Thanks Bill!
I guess after your retirement of sea service , Your next profession with your God gifted skill could fetch you to become a great director and producer in the movie industry ? I truly respect , admire and appreciate your video production ! Thank you very much ! Great job indeed !
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
I could only wish hahhaa
Awesome ! Fantastic orator ! Very well presented and explained along with clear video photography !
scot Ex scarrier (1 month ago)
The drone you bought from the china man was it ok,?,considering it was made in china how was the quality
scot Ex scarrier (1 month ago)
@Chief MAKOi ahh ok now i understand the filipino crews im with do pretty much the same with amazon they order stuff and just use 2 offices we have in uk for delivery so when we visit these ports someone from our offices will bring on board..but there are still occasionally we get some dodgey dealers come on board selling fake stuff,,lol..ok thanks for the info
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
I actually knew which model I wanted to buy so when a businessman came aboard, we ordered it online (in their version of Amazon). We then agreed on how much he would add on the price for his profit. So I was sure it was legit.
scot Ex scarrier (1 month ago)
@Chief MAKOi lol...i should have known better to ask that silly question considering all the electrical stuff in my house is made in china , the point i was trying to make was i also work on ships and often get some dodgey guys off the street selling fake stuff mobile phones and so on,im sure you have come across those guys on your travels
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
All drones are made in China 😊
brazillo19 (1 month ago)
That entire bay is nasty. I'm not sure if that's an accute brown tide algae bloom, or pollution, or both. I know that certain ports in the United States don't allow for ship ballast water to be dumped into our ports, for the very reason of spreading this type, or even toxic red tide algae blooms. Your vlogs are unusual and professionally made well. Good investment to have purchased a camera drone because it gives another perspective of the ship and its surroundings.
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
It's a river so mud flows downstream. Ballast regulations require ballast exchange in the open sea prior to arrival, plus there's the new ballast water treatment plant specifically designed to prevent invasive organisms from being spread to foreign waters.
Dennis David (1 month ago)
Chief Makoi....Hats off to you once again, Sir
Rolling Coal (1 month ago)
Hey I live in the U.S. How, if you know, do I become what you guys are? Forgive me I don’t know the exact job title. And are you guys a union?
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
Seafarers. In the US, unions are quite strong so I guess that would be your best bet to gather info.
Shari M (1 month ago)
Can you connect me with businessman in China and around the world. I'm making a trade company
lncdlt (1 month ago)
Hi Chief, I am from Turkey. Ever passed by the bosphorus?
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
Yes. I have a timelapse video during our crossing.
TheRetiredtrucker (1 month ago)
"Dispose of sludge"....poo pipe? Thought that was just dumped in ocean
TheRetiredtrucker (1 month ago)
@Chief MAKOi Ty for clarifying that
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
It's different. You're thinking about the Sewage. It still passes through the sewage plant for treatment before being disposed to the sea. "Sludge" is the term for oil residue which is illegal to dispose into the sea.
Kandela Brown (1 month ago)
The Belgrano only has 1 engine?
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
Luke Mx (1 month ago)
Discovered your channel yesterday, watched I think about 15 videos already. And I love them. Keep doing fantastic job - both as a Chief and vlogger ;)
Robert Lee (1 month ago)
oh man! my third video of yours and I'm just ❤ loving every bit of it 😢 ... not good because man ... I think I would love to be on board! 😢 WRT Duty: I agree, absolutely. Duty comes first. Everything else is secondary. That is true on your ship. It is also true in life. (and for me, doing whatever "maintenance" is required on the ship would not be a chore 😢 ... not good ... oh man ... sigh😢 )
Mike Lowe (1 month ago)
I'm curious about your pay structure. Are you paid by the day, week, month or do you get paid a certain amount for the trip? If you don't get any shore leave, does that entitle you to any overtime pay? Is this negotiated ahead of time by your union, if you're a member of one?
Pottema (1 month ago)
I really love your time-lapse video's
lilyeve2 (1 month ago)
Hello Chief, thank you so much for your video. Have a safe and fulfilling career.
hans2406 (1 month ago)
Hello Chief. Found your channel only yesterday, and I like it. Friend of mine, a Dutchman, like you is also a Chief Engineer, and got a lot of stories out of him. Last year his ship spent nearly a month in the Atlantic, doing nothing, just waiting for business. Were you ever in a situation like that. I come to this question because of your statement of being in harbours for a short time but also for a long time? Thank you.
hans2406 (1 month ago)
@Chief MAKOi Thank you for your answer.
Chief MAKOi (1 month ago)
Yes. That sort of thing happens.
Daniel Montuam (1 month ago)
Love all tour videos. I found this channel 4 days ago, have been watch 10/11 videos
zztop3000 (2 months ago)
Wtf did I just watch
Kevin N (2 months ago)
Enjoy your videos Chief. I flew cargo 747's into Shenzhen in the late '90's thru 2007. Was a culture shock for me and the local citizens since I'm an old white guy that's very tall. Got a lot of stares on the sidewalk when out and about. Once in a while we would ride the turbine passenger boat to Hong Kong airport for a crew swap. Safe travels for you my friend.
Chief MAKOi (2 months ago)
Thanks Kevin! They were usually like that in China back then. But nowadays not so much.
Di Wang (2 months ago)
Zhou Shan is my hometown, welcome!
Ethan xxx (25 days ago)
Di Wang 想不到还有中国老哥来关注这个
Turd Ferguson (2 months ago)
Any women around?
Chief MAKOi (2 months ago)
Not in this port. I have a few shore leave episodes, though.
Jonathan Bloom (2 months ago)
Excellent video
Paul Dormont (2 months ago)
Another great video! Thanks, Chief.
Tony Baines (2 months ago)
its gonna take him ages with two buckets and a scoop.
Chief MAKOi (2 months ago)
Those are just for samples. 🤣
JB HORIZON (2 months ago)
Tony Baines around 1 light year.
bnelson313 (2 months ago)
My dad was a merchant marine during WWII. He never talked about it. I wished he would have.
Ridzal Saini (2 months ago)
I love your videos, can make everyone know what's the actual the duty of the Ship member onboard, and what's lucky & un-lucky things can happen... be safe and please continue to make another episode
David Quaye (2 months ago)
You make life at sea beautiful I appreciate...
Tina Lapastora (2 months ago)
Simula ng manuod ko ung isang video nyo po naku lahat yata gusto q ng panuorin.. keep it up.. god bless 😊
Edmond Mohamadian (2 months ago)
Hay chief how are you doing sir One of workmates say he bought very gigantic scale of your camera helicopter from us but during their voyage coastguard security drone boats and next action his drone hijacked with kind a laser source Have you any experience about laws of using big drone on their territory Because i wanna buy drone with ability to rise 3 kilogram DSLR camera
Nanang Soleman (2 months ago)
My fav ship vlog best channel ever!
Neal Hyde (2 months ago)
This is a great insight into a life that I have no experience with. Thanks.
Zac Dee (2 months ago)
This channel is such a blessing! You give great insight into the life of seafarers. Instant sub!!!
True Machine Automation (2 months ago)
Your videos and your narrative are some of the best I have ever seen! Better than even TV... Thanks!
Estepona 007 (2 months ago)
Your videos are excellent Chief!! I am gradually working my way through them. Thanks
Fresh Republic (3 months ago)
Amazing channel
Carlos Gonzalez Pestonit (3 months ago)
Good informative video about maintenance repair or inspection on board
Roger Doran (3 months ago)
Thank you for a wonderful video , beautifully presented with a touch of humour
Hey, tell us more about demurrage and despatch
eraldorh (3 months ago)
No such thing as 10 in the evening. Its either 10 in the morning or 10 at night.
Victor Yau (3 months ago)
Amazing vlog there sir. Your channel is really growing fast and, no need to apologize on late uploads. Work comes first. I am hitting the subscribed button
hijkl hijkl (3 months ago)
Ten in the evening ? Never heard that one.
eovdubs VW (3 months ago)
What does China Port State do when they inspect your ship?
Chief MAKOi (3 months ago)
They check if our certificates are up to date, all safety, fire-fighting and life-saving equipment are working and other stuff that is required for the ship to be seaworthy.
Jesse H (3 months ago)
I gotta make you guys my famous bacon wrapped stuffed pork loins. That's the least I can do. I do the same with meatloaf. Only one condition, Time in the engine room brother 😎 👍🇺🇸⚔️🗽
Gerry Maloney (3 months ago)
They should show your videos to all children in every school on job career day i think to see other peoples way of life would really help kids see a bigger part of life!!
Cuong Nguyen (3 months ago)
Many jobs that is not 9-5 and often most people not aware of. I love this video, it shows something you don't get to see everyday, but it is an important jobs to keep the products flow from one side of the world to another.
JAK3Y (3 months ago)
Which Merchant were you discharging to or can you not disclose?
Pablo Cruise (3 months ago)
At those particular ports where work is in demand and you can’t leave ... do you at least walk the plank to step foot on the ground? Especially if you have never been to that country... love your channel.
Hubert Harned (3 months ago)
Sir,I would like to say how pleasant it is to watch your videos and your narrative of the video. Please continue your videos and God Bless You.
great video Chief ,,i am very appreciate if you make video about responsibility ENGINEER OFFICER ON BOARDSHIP, beginning from Chief Engineer, First Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, and fourth Engineer
Mark Simpson (3 months ago)
Can you show video of your captain Also while at what about Satilite phone
Zeek Freak (3 months ago)
Torgeir Brandsnes (4 months ago)
Great vlog as always. What are all these different inspections? Flagstate, superintendant, Veritas, Lloyds and so on?
What, me worry? (4 months ago)
Soybean sale delayed because of tariff spat between US & China?
Bernd Untermsofa (4 months ago)
8:40 haha one time our vessel was in Qindao (China) and there was a women who sold simcards,cellphones etc... and there was a macbook for 130$; we took a closer look on it and you could see, that the apple logo was sticked on ;):)
mutsa ushewokunze (4 months ago)
Like the vids but it would be nice if you explained the purpose of some of the equip you mention. Not boring but informativr
Hund Sam (4 months ago)
Sir makoi level up on vlogging by using DJI drone
Hund Sam (4 months ago)
Sir Makoi saan kayo nag aral???
Chief MAKOi (4 months ago)
James Arnold (4 months ago)
My father was born in St. Augustine Florida in 1898. He loved the sea. He joined the AEF in 1917 and after WW1, I found in his military records after he passed away in 1987, he had joined the merchant marines in 1919 to 1922. On Ancestory website, we found a ships crew list, where he had finished a contract, and was sailing back from Norway to Mayport Florida. He rejoined the Army in 1922 until 1949. I have always been curious about what he did on the various ships. I am sure that things were a lot different in 1919, contracts, jobs, ships, etc. Thank you so much for these videos. I wish I could find merchant marine records going that far back. My father was a Menorcan and his ancestors were part of the original landing in New Smyrna in 1777, with our history going back on the Isle of Menorca to 1650. Our coat of arms features a sailing ship. My last name is not "Arnold", although it does start with an "A". This name was a typo when creating my yahoo account. Anyway thanks again, for these great videos. I have grandchildren who might be interested in this profession.
Chief MAKOi (4 months ago)
Wow! Thanks for sharing that James.
Elton Sulima (4 months ago)
Idol... More videos! Af documentary pala
MANSOON MANGOOS (5 months ago)
New drown wish you all the very best
Delia Navos (5 months ago)
Good luck po! Ingat po kayo
JimCTSCLO (5 months ago)
I would hope that some allowances are made to the crew to go ashore anyway. As CHENG, you of course are obligated to stay behind and ensure the work is done. Hoping for the best in your journeys.
JimCTSCLO (5 months ago)
@Chief MAKOi If you are ever in Oakland/SF area, let me know. Would love to talk about workforce training onboard. No sales pitch, just great talk. Perhaps my wife can cook up some food. She is from Pampanga.
Chief MAKOi (5 months ago)
That would be great if the terminals took the crew's welfare into account. Unfortunately their focus nowadays is to move cargo as fast as possible for more profit. Just this last voyage our ship crossed the Pacific for 16 days, most of it in rough sea and then we arrived at Kalama, Washington just to stay for 34 hours and then cross the rough Pacific again for 20 days. 🚢🤣
0956y (5 months ago)
Two weeks at anchorage catching fish and bbq, not bad!
KG Huelar (5 months ago)
Ano naman po yung ginagawa ng mga nasa deck? Nakapag shore leave ba sila?
karunakara Raja (5 months ago)
Chief I'm out of the field due to some reason,but still I have a passion towards Marine your videos is like boost to me.. I feel like I'm in the ship and thanks for the video,waiting for next episode
Ivan Martinez (5 months ago)
Good afternoon Chief much greetings from Venezuela writting to you ETO Ivan Martinez i have a question for you What kind of load was it ??? It looks like corn.
Chief MAKOi (5 months ago)
soya beans
John Jico Uy (5 months ago)
Kuya Makoi, What kind of ship is that?
Bong Bong (5 months ago)
Pag ganitong klaseng trabaho, babae kailangan ko para di ako masiraan ng ulo!
Adrian Castillo (5 months ago)
Gracias chief mako por compartir los videos,soy Adrian Castillo, desde tucson az
Wandering Soul (6 months ago)
"dji made in China!" nice one..LOL
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
It actually is made in China. I checked hahaha
Deadhorse1 (6 months ago)
I really love your videos , always very interesting My grandfather was a Harbor pilot in NYC, do you ever use them? My dad and uncle were on Ocean going tugs Watching your videos make me think about if I had decided to become a Seaman too
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Yes it is required to get harbor pilots. Sadly I've never been to New York.
Nica Tsein (6 months ago)
Informative and pleasant voice.
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Duy Hà (6 months ago)
bon voy to chief!!
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Manokar Mariner (6 months ago)
Hello sorry.. Have a nice day. My name manokar velayudam fourth engineer holding class IV COC issued by DG Shipping govt of India. I sailed as a fourth engineer in bulk carrier and heavy lift general cargo vessel.I have 18 months sailings experience.If possible please help me to get job as a fourth engineer with your reference. Thank you
Denz Frolley Soriano (6 months ago)
Hey Chief, I've learned a lot from your vlogs and definitely an aid for my cadetship. Chief, what software do you use in video editing?
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Adobe Premiere Pro
Manokar Mariner (6 months ago)
Hello sir.. Happy to see your video..
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Ports Of Fredrikstad - (6 months ago)
Nice video again, as always Sir. I bought a Spark to, to take photos and video og ships coming in and out og my town Fredrikstad Norway. Have a great Christmas👍
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Thanks! It looks like we'll be spending our Christmas busy in port.
Pat1ence (6 months ago)
nice vlog sir
Michael Barredo (6 months ago)
Anu poh company nyo chief makoi?
Emelyn Eder (6 months ago)
Great content, Sir.
Chief MAKOi (6 months ago)
Nice one
Two weeks of waiting !!! That's a pile of money. Who ate that expense ? Cargo was soy beans from Brazil? Is there any faster means of unloading? Pneumatic/vacuum system? Great video !!!
Chief MAKOi (7 months ago)
+Pace Metal Fab and Waterjet it's charged to the cargo owners.
berto pogi (7 months ago)
chief sa mismong school poba mag entrance exam po?
Chase S. (7 months ago)
Chief - May I ask, are there ladies onboard ? Where do you meet the ladies at im assuming in port ?
Rivet Gardener (7 months ago)
Love all your shows. Looking forward to binge watching them all :) I subscribed.
Chief MAKOi (7 months ago)
SOLID TV (7 months ago)
Chief makoi ano pong type yung ship nyo?
Chief MAKOi (7 months ago)
Bulk carrier.
Marlon Garcia (7 months ago)
Nice vlog sir..pakikomusta nalang po ako kay sir anthony dalman mata..pakisabi po si marlon garcia vroon-brahman express 🚢 safe voyage po and merry Christmas 👌

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