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Hot Dog - A funny commercial of WWE

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http://wrestlerspeaks.com/ - The advertisement is known as Hot Dog, promoting the events of World Wrestling Entertainment.
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Arjun Banerjea (4 years ago)
Why Kane why did you pop Eugenes balloon what did he do do you what did he do to anybody like really guys what did he do to anybody has he ever done anything wrong?
THE GIANT (4 years ago)
r.i.p viscera
Joseph wheeler (5 years ago)
Funniest video I've ever seen
SpiderStar345 (5 years ago)
*Spear* No hot dog for... *Turns around to see Big Show devouring hot dog*
Jalu Nurogo (5 years ago)
The Ballon XD
Randy Orton (5 years ago)
The last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog the last hot dog
xteme (5 years ago)
ahahahaha chris masters <3
alivictory (5 years ago)
hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahhaahhahahaah this must be my lucky day ha a ha whats up fellas
I like how triple h says the last hotdog
bigredmonster KANE (5 years ago)
i remember this (KANE)
marques scates (5 years ago)
big daddy v idoit
Aj Smith (6 years ago)
Thats Viscera, or Big Daddy V
svetlintri1 (6 years ago)
Who is the fat guy? I havent seen him before
svetlintri1 (6 years ago)
IS that rakishi
teamMaxis4ever1 (6 years ago)
and another thing why does kane have a bun and no hot dog to begin with.
sjcsiba (6 years ago)
Summerslam 2006
April Alejos (6 years ago)
That was crazy funny!
teamMaxis4ever1 (6 years ago)
what summerslam was this for

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