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Contact for business inquires: [email protected] Need Advice?: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET CONNECTED WITH MILEY WATCH ME LIVE ON YOUNOW! @MileyCarterr Twitter: @MileyCarterr Instagram: @MileyCarterr SNAPCHAT: @MILEYCARTERR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUY MY BOOK- http://amzn.to/2kaoVTT HAVE OVER 1K? WANT COMPANIES TO SEND YOU THEIR PRODUCTS? CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN UP- https://www.octoly.com/creators?cref=hbgm4 Frequently Asked Questions: Age? 19 Gender: TransWOMAN Camera? Iphone 6S Editing Software? iMovie
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Text Comments (21)
Miley Carterr (1 year ago)
👀 where's the miley Mafia?
daysha carr - fey (1 year ago)
Miley Carterr right here mami 💜
Diamond Nichole (1 year ago)
Miley Carterr you always have footage
Kailani Lòren (1 year ago)
Miley Carterr rightttt here 😛😛😛
Ms.Dimples 1969 (2 months ago)
OK diva I see you giving them life with that face an hair
Smiley Lightfoot (5 months ago)
Yes da butch queen days sumthimes u do have 2 let a bitch kno and these va hoes luv 2 pop shit and then when u call em on it lie i hate dat shit!!!
THAT IS ALL (1 year ago)
bambii #2 (but still miley) comin up!!!
ur so right girl a drunk speaks with a sober mind. he/she says she chit that is the truth bout how they feel that they wouldnot say had they not been intoxicated...not to condone violence (bull chit) I would have commenced to leap frog and gave him all kinds of reasons to feel froggy. u came them clothes...damn! it was over then and let me say this it would not ended pretty. hell no...big ups!!!
PreciousxLolaa (1 year ago)
Lol go ahead & delete the videos. Can't believe I actually supported you... you ain't shit
OfficialKellz Montana (1 year ago)
You give me life looking like real FISSSSH❕what mones you taking bitch you need to tell these other queens 💅🏾🥀..
Pencil dick squirt squirt I'm so over you 😂😂😂😂😂
Muslim styles (1 year ago)
I love that hair 😍😍😘😘
keta Douglas (1 year ago)
miley u a foooool girl lol
leasia & fat man (1 year ago)
miley I really love you😍❤ honestly you are my first favorite trans girl & bambii would have to be next, I love youuu😘
CurlyNella1011 (1 year ago)
Why the hell was you stripping? I like how you bring receipts though
Heather Dolan (1 year ago)
Silent Miley is deadly Miley 😂💯 You look gorgeous queen 😍🔥😍
Beautiful Queen (1 year ago)
hey Miley
Fine Ass Cinco (1 year ago)
Not Butch queen days😂😂😂
SLAYTER (1 year ago)
lmfaooo right!!!
Rafael Reyes (1 year ago)
i live for your videos! 😂😎
ParadiseCokee (1 year ago)
Hey Mileeyyyy❤️❤️

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