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FUNNY JAPANESE COMMERCIALS | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos #7

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This time on Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos! we head east to the magical world of Japanese Commercials Become a Sponsor: https://youtube.com/jacksepticeye/join Try Not To Laugh At This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqfLcdpBasY&list=PLMBYlcH3smRxOk7Cp_V2ar3QDfvljWvSy ►Twitter : https://twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacksepticeye ►Merch: https://jacksepticeye.com/ Edited by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA Outro animation created by Pixlpit: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixlpit Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPtNBwMIQ9Q
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Text Comments (18253)
Cheap Ship (2 hours ago)
“Back off, Jack off, Regroup!” That’s something you’d say if your name was jack and in a military branch that is for people named jack.
Gacha Studio Zenkai (3 hours ago)
Gacha Studio Zenkai (3 hours ago)
She was saying sorry
Pug Tatie (7 hours ago)
Jack it is glue
GamingKitty 7475 (9 hours ago)
Jack I have the weirdest boner right now
Squirrel's Tea (13 hours ago)
"I need to get away from my computer for at least 72 hours."- Me after watching Hentai and my mom home comes home early from work.
Blair Does Stuff Here (15 hours ago)
Sooooooooo you have a nest head??????? COOOOOOOOL
Marley Erixksom (18 hours ago)
Japan and Ireland combined....MY TWO FAVORITE PLACES! America is terrible!
[Channel Deleted] (21 hours ago)
Use english captions
rod wey (23 hours ago)
JACK watch try not to laugh impossible god level
Xikai Wu (1 day ago)
1:46 suspects magikarp, pause sees its actually magikarp clap clap meme review
Ayden Homan (1 day ago)
There mints jack
RegularFolk (1 day ago)
Have you seen Thai commercials though?
Golden Gamer (1 day ago)
I got an ad for Japan Airlines while watching
Amanda Bruno (1 day ago)
If I ever meet Jack at a convention I better bring my mechanical pencils
bluhmer1990 (1 day ago)
See's someone in green with polka dots and asks if it's majin buu. Oh Jack.
jacob Balthrop (2 days ago)
The skeleton looking dude yelling are shoker troopers their villains in a show called kamen rider
Ghost squirrel (2 days ago)
What do the symbols say at the start of the video
two happy beans (2 days ago)
10:02 when the clique comes together and performs the traditional dance of our people
Stephanie Herrera (2 days ago)
Stephanie Herrera (2 days ago)
Moon commercial explanation: Guy: I'm going to the moon! hmm.. I'll bring this choc. with me too it's delicious *GOES TO THE MOON* Guy: oh! there's something here.. Mushroom Baby: *TRIES TO WALK AWAY* Guy: *PULLS OUT THE CHOC.* *MUSHROOM BABY SEES THE CHOC.* Guy: here! Take it! *MUSHROOM BABY TAKES THE CHOC. AND EATS IT* Mushroom baby: THAT'S GOOD! Do you have more? Guy: of course! Here! *MUSHROOM BABY TAKES THE CHOC. AND EATS IT* *HE WANTS MORE SO HE PAT HIS POCKETS FOR MORE CHOC.* Guy: sorry! I don't have any more! But there's more over there! *POINTS TO EARTH* Mushroom Baby: ok! *FLIES TO EARTH* Guy: haha! this choc. is good!
Huskie Eyes (2 days ago)
Sean quote "I'm gonna back off, Jack off and regroup"
IndigoGollum Love (2 days ago)
Most of these seem about as weird as commercials here in America. They just seem weirder because I don't speak Japanese.
rubysparklepaws gacha (2 days ago)
I laughed so hard when you said "back off Jack off" That I woke up my roommates at 3am
get you a man who will let you watch et on his bicep
CerealKiller (3 days ago)
If i went to another planet i would definitely take some chocolate with me
Rowan Miller (3 days ago)
10:05 "i have the weirdest boner right now
the survivelest (3 days ago)
Graphite acupuncture
Sukie Haley (3 days ago)
Ela Andersen (3 days ago)
15:02 got me, I’m so weak
Anna Novak (3 days ago)
15:38 christ they predicted the future!
HyperPengu (4 days ago)
(select a jacksepticeye's funniest home videos try not to laugh challenge difficulty) easy: watch half of the first video, medium: watch the entire first video, hard: watch 3 and a half videos, hardest (survivable): watch up to this video, insane/impossible: every single video 3 times without taking breaks and no smiling!
Inilsue238 (4 days ago)
no dont bring him graphite bring him Bruce Willis speaking Japanese XD
Ben Strunsky (4 days ago)
Kame = turtle.
Ben Strunsky (4 days ago)
11:10 goranger candy commercial.
Ben Strunsky (4 days ago)
10:05 shocker noodle commercial
Professor Bright (4 days ago)
Magikarp in, Gyarados out
Dodgeroll Media (5 days ago)
The space dog commercial was a ad for Softbank.
Lydia Miller (5 days ago)
15:01 “Why did the alien baby pat you on the hmm hmm?” I think I about died at this
Kaitlyn Mcmillian (5 days ago)
it ,s charcol
Uni Frog (5 days ago)
Japanese people screaming is the best thing ever
Adin Roach (5 days ago)
1:39 - Ok 1:41 - TOO FAR MY DUDE!!! OH MY GOD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! When I first heard it I bursted into laughter on my bed.
Midnight Doodles (5 days ago)
I would move to Japan just for the commercials. No joke
You said thank you also that is what canichiwa means in Japanese
Smokejumper (5 days ago)
In the galbo twist commercial I heard the lady say jack saku Like if you heard it
AuratheIce (5 days ago)
noah geeks out (5 days ago)
Thhe baby patted him down checking for chocolate and then the guy told him there was more chocolate on earth then the mushroom baby used his ass rockets to go to earth
lps jewls (6 days ago)
Stubborn Clump (6 days ago)
Wanted to know more about the stuck in the wall ad, so I googled Japanese people stuck in wall...results varied
emeeboo_star PLAYS!! (6 days ago)
Omg hungry jacks( burger king ) put on a ppap add I hate it!
Morgan X (6 days ago)
The Galbo Twists girl's syllables are like ASMR to me... UGH. Not that Japanese is ASMR, it's a really beautiful language, but... just... her speech... ASMR. And just the fact that she STARES AT THE CAMERA... it's like Poppy... ugh... and Calbee bunny girl too.
Michaella (6 days ago)
Heyyyy I was expecting the intro...
The Pink Leader (6 days ago)
the first commercial- I LOVE THOSE CHIPS NANI :OOOOOO (different flavor tho)
Darion Holifield (6 days ago)
Do you have merh
CeCe Cervantez (6 days ago)
Jack looks like a 7th grader emo with that hair
Tom Oliver (6 days ago)
Oh man, I love Japanese commercials so much.
7:37 "Graphite confession Graphite escaping/ rejection Graphite sad rain Graphite medical attention(?) Graphite glasses Graphite falling in love Graphite confession 2 Graphite falling in love(?) Graphite duet Graphite engagement proposal Graphite "Trying to convince the father to accept their relationship" Graphite "This isn't much but..." gift Graphite "Ok :D" Graphite cutting the marriage cake By the way, Graphite isn't sharp so..." I think this is what it says? I don't speak much japanese so I tried making a most accurate translation... Not sure about the last one tho.
it's “※Graphite is lead for a mechanical pencil ” Because graphite is English, not many Japanese know what graphite means lol
American French Fries (6 days ago)
The first one with the dog looks like chica (marks dog)
Aiden Melton (7 days ago)
The Dragon Rebellion (7 days ago)
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
Froggy (7 days ago)
He was telling her he liked her and she apologised.
Psycho Phantom (7 days ago)
16:00 I’m fricking dying
mgunter (7 days ago)
The black guy in the second comm. is in videos with Akkasan a bunch.
Jeanett Hansen (7 days ago)
13:35 its the new Gucci Gang 😂😂
Lena (7 days ago)
wow the person in the subtitels knows japanese or smth
Monroe Robbins (7 days ago)
This is how you connect people: laughter. It’s hard to be mad and hateful when you’re laughing at a talking dog in a space ship.
Ruby The Furry (8 days ago)
3:22 *Dies*
Dana Willwerth (8 days ago)
I craking up
Tuna HIZIR (9 days ago)
Dog in space commercial is for a bank
Lochlan O'Donovan (9 days ago)
Jack off?!?!
Infinite Marvel (10 days ago)
Canyare Panyare (11 days ago)
10:40 hey you wanna see my rainbow six siege compilation?
Canyare Panyare (11 days ago)
Can someone make a video of them violently head banging to that Gallo twist song?
Classroom Meme (11 days ago)
back off gooood but dont jack off plz
billy boarman powell (11 days ago)
Connor Mcclure (12 days ago)
He thought it was toothpaste but it was super glue the ad said so. i put subtitles
Enrico Lagria (13 days ago)
MrInfamous (13 days ago)
12:51 how it feels to chew five gum
Snowman Frank (13 days ago)
I paused the video at 12:54. I couldn't stop laughing!
Ashleeesz SophieM (13 days ago)
BTW deihatsumira ISH means its an eco powered car Jack...
Galin Atanasov (14 days ago)
without you look cool
KiwiiChu (14 days ago)
Gomenasai (can't spell it) means I'm sorry
Edel Salcedo (14 days ago)
15:19 wow how he breath
Nexoro Shane (14 days ago)
Its Japanese power rangers amd tmnt
domuku rekushi (14 days ago)
the kame kame one was the best
SunsetBurst (14 days ago)
1:45 Magikarp NOOOOOOO
Mystery Person (14 days ago)
Jacksepticeye is Emo now. Have I been away from YouTube this long?
NateDaGreat YT (14 days ago)
13:17 this is how Japanese people communicate.
Arabėlla Kvelbërj (14 days ago)
Annie the Queer (14 days ago)
Mikayla Becerra (15 days ago)
That “toothpaste” was in fact glue 😂
M4TTH3W (15 days ago)
Did anyone else get an af immediately after Jack said "thank you bannana man, you saved our business?'
Carys Mcloughlin (15 days ago)
Gwenasi means sorry in japanise this is for the graphite ad after the proposal with the piece of paper
AlexaArtz (15 days ago)
Jack went emo with his hair 😂
nightmare ุ (15 days ago)
i wish pussy noodle was on this
BATCATRUNNER 976845 (16 days ago)
I like your hair! Cute!
Joseph DeFlorio (16 days ago)
Minid 141 (16 days ago)
Japinice jack
Graphite donations????????

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