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How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation (Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video).

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An effort to eliminate "death by PowerPoint." If you liked the video, please consider liking us on Facebook. http://facebook.com/WienotFilms Learn how to give amazing presentations using PowerPoint or whatever your tool of choice in this fun, engaging, and concise animated whiteboard video by Wienot Films. Presentations can make or break you. Make your Power Point great and see the difference it makes in your professional life. Keep it simple. Remember Story. Avoid long lists of bullets. Use pictures to support your story. Watch for all the fun action. Guy Kawasaki likes this video. You should too! How to give a great PowerPoint presentation. An animated whiteboard explanatory video (aka explainer video) presentation on how to effectively present with Power Point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i68a6M5FFBc ---------- Wienot Films (http://wienotfilms.com) is an Austin-based production company that creates fun, refreshingly simple, yet amazingly effective animated whiteboard explainer videos that turn complex ideas into concise, easy-to-understand stories that help change hearts and minds and spur action. You might also hear their videos referred to as explanatory videos, doodle videos, pitch videos, scribe videos, startup videos, etc. Whatever you call them, they're simple, fun, and tell your story! Learn more at http://wienotfilms.com Wienot Films // Follow Your Passion. Tell Your Story. Live Your Dreams. Why Not? -------- (Note: Special thanks to Julian Jordan for the official Spanish translation, which is now available under captions.) Script for Powerful Presentations: Simply Stated By Marc Strong Around the world every day, thousands if not millions of people give presentations. Some are great, and have a powerful impact on their audiences. Others...well, let's just say they're works in progress. This is Powerful Presentations: Simply Stated Meet Jim, an aspiring professional trying to make it in the world. Jim used to give presentations like just about everyone else he knew. PowerPoint was his tool of choice. He'd use it like an outline, with a header followed by bullet after bullet, and sometimes even sub-bullets! When he wanted to be fancy, he'd add what usually turned out to be an ineffective chart or sometimes a table. And when Jim wanted to really spice things up, he'd add...yep...clip art. Unfortunately, Jim's approach would often confuse and bore people. This was a problem because he had important things to say. And because it was dimming his prospects for success. Fortunately, Jim learned a better way and didn't stay in the dark for long. Perhaps most importantly, he now focuses on the story he wants to tell. In doing so, he tries to follow a simple structure, with a clear beginning, middle, and end that links together his various points and builds to his conclusion. When formulating his story, Jim uses a simple pad of paper or sicky notes. Staying low tech at this stage helps him think more creatively and stay outside the box. He then considers what tools will help him best tell his story. Jim sometimes opts to use a whiteboard, flip charts, handouts, or even no props at all. When it makes sense for him to use PowerPoint, he tries to remember the adage that sometimes "less is more." He doesn't dumb down his presentations, but he does try to limit each slide to one key idea. Or, depending on the content, he sometimes builds an idea incrementally so it's easy to follow. He looks for visual ways to tell his story, with minimal text, photos, and clear charts and graphs. Quote: "All the so-called "Secrets of success" will not work unless you do. -Unknown" Sometimes he'll use quotes, but he tries to remember that people can't read his slides and truly listen at the same time. Jim still uses plenty of text to help him remember what he wants to say, but he hides it in his notes that only he sees (show view notes screen). Jim's new approach takes more time, energy, and rehearsal, but it's been well worth the effort. His audiences are now much more engaged and better understand and remember his presentations. And, as if that weren't enough...(congrats on the promotion)...his pocketbook doesn't mind either. (Pause) This has been Powerful Presentations: Simply Stated. Created by Marc Strong Wienotfilms.com SPECIAL THANKS GARR REYNOLDS NANCY DUARTE
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Text Comments (267)
Joshua Skywalker (2 years ago)
Nice one. simplicity is there yet so attractive and effective. Great!
this is so good
ChanChan (2 years ago)
Could you please tell me the software that helps you make this video ? so awesome and wonderful ^^ Thank you very much!!!
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
This video was made a while ago. We used a whiteboard, a camera, and some basic editing software for this one. Hope that helps. Good luck!
Ciel Jacquem (2 years ago)
*Can anyone write an essay for me?*
Madonna Conaghan (2 years ago)
*Where can I order an essay?*
WolfBoy (2 years ago)
good job Jim lol :)
P Raeburn (2 years ago)
okay, you convinced me to use this cool animation presentation, now - how the heck do I do it???
PhoenixBolt Studios (2 years ago)
Your videos are just awesome!!! no words! i usually never like/comment/subscribe a channel but, done all the 3 to this video...awesome way of speaking and presenting..Thanks!!
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
Thank you very much!
TheMajorGamer (2 years ago)
Thanks for the advice! Liked and subbed
Muhammad Hassan (2 years ago)
How to make a presentation video ( white Board ) which you made ?
General Keith15 (2 years ago)
My classmate made a presentation about byzantine architecture... it was all copy paste from wikipedia and he just read the entire presentation to top it all of he gave us a copy of his presentation to study instead of making a summary of his 50 slide presentation don't be like him
General Keith15 (2 years ago)
My classmate made a presentation about byzantine architecture... it was all copy paste from wikipedia and he just read the entire presentation to top it all of he gave us a copy of his presentation to study instead of making a summary of his 50 slide presentation don't be like him
Ana Carolina Goulart (2 years ago)
Hey guys, thanks for the subtitles. It makes it educational EFL material. Good job! p.s.: something happened to the contractions, though. Would it be able to be fixed, please?
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
Thanks for letting us know! :)
Ana Carolina Goulart (2 years ago)
Great! Thank you.
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
Thanks Ana. I think we fixed it now. Not sure happened.
David Woodside (2 years ago)
The best thing is that this is a presentation about how to present well. And you follow your own advice!
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
Thanks David!
Fathima Rifa (2 years ago)
i was so late in finding your channel your vids are superb
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
Thank you. We're so glad you like them!
EXFUZiON (2 years ago)
Someone help me, I have a report on Top 10 schools in china. Tips?
1234LMAO12345 (2 years ago)
thank you so muhc, i love sexy time
Danny Isaev (2 years ago)
very nice!
Rao Daniyal (2 years ago)
A wizard never share his secrets, but how did you make this video?
Bromoteknada (2 years ago)
I followed your instructions and now I'm the president of the US!Thanks!
Phoenixian Dave (2 years ago)
uhm hi Donald Trump
Peter Bergmann (2 years ago)
Check This Out (2 years ago)
Nice video. 💖 Eventually you wanna look at my channel as well.
LiLy BaLLet QuEEn (2 years ago)
Thank you this video was very very helpful
huffle punk (2 years ago)
what about if we KNOW how to give a proper presentation, but crippling anxiety prevents us from doing that
Wienot Films (1 year ago)
We understand the feeling. Our best advice is to practice, practice, practice. Being prepared usually helps reduce nerves. Good luck!
Tacos (2 years ago)
a scientific study about the brain was that you should write an essay before you do your presentation or anything important an essay about your inner deep thoughts or what you are going to do if you do good or bad. They did this study on a few highschool students before their SATS and on average people that wrote their inner deep thoughts got better grades then those who didn't want to write anything before their exams.
Presentable U (2 years ago)
This seems to be a frustrating topic for many. I saw this quote and from over 100+ speaking engagements, this seems very true: "The Best way to overcome stage fright, is to know what you are talking about". Hope this helps :)
huffle punk (2 years ago)
haha yes I just did. I had it as my picture for years and I kept getting comments such as yours. lol
Hello There (2 years ago)
+falpal forever And that's why you changed it
Game (2 years ago)
What's Tha app
Artemis 405 (2 years ago)
Sharing this one for my students. This is 'EXACTLY' what I always wanted to tell them. Thx, 'Unknown Jim'. :)
Swapnil S (2 years ago)
I like your presentation. could you please tell me in which software u made it.
Swapnil S (2 years ago)
+Wienot Films Thanks. Sir I am a teacher. I want to make such videos. Which software should I use. Now I use powerpoint
Wienot Films (2 years ago)
+Swapnil Kharde Final Cut Pro 7.
Benjamin Hill (2 years ago)
this is not helpfull give up your dreams
R2Z (2 years ago)
Mr_Maniacz (2 years ago)
this presentation sucked
Dex Montecillo (2 years ago)
Would like to know the background music used in this vid. What is it?
Amr Ahmed (3 years ago)
Can I ask what software did you use to make this video ?!
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Amr Ahmed It's been a while, but I think we probably used Final Cut Pro 7 for that video.
Deb Johnson (3 years ago)
I hate to say it, but I run away from these types of Ads. Most last way too long before they get to the point and tell you the magic message or the price. If I do watch the whole thing, I'm afraid I pay too much attention to the drawing and miss the point of the AD. Sorry, maybe its because I am soo visual in my learning style.
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Deb Johnson P.S. One other thing, this particular video isn't actually an ad. We created it to help do our little part to eliminate the plague known as "death by PowerPoint." :)
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Deb Johnson Thanks for watching and for taking the time to comment. Unfortunately we can't please everyone. That said, we do our best to get to the main "so what/why should I care" right away. We like to start with a high level view in the beginning and then dive into the details as the video progresses. Thanks again and best wishes!
Jesse Neufield (3 years ago)
I have a project for you. How do we connect?
Jesse Neufield (3 years ago)
Yes thank you!
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Jesse Neufield Great chatting with you. I hope we'll have a chance to work together soon!
Julie vb (3 years ago)
Hello! I'm a student, so this video is very interesting to me . Next week, I have to give a presentation in school. I will definitely use the tips that were mentioned in the video. Everything is well explained! My English is not so good, but thanks to the whiteboard animation, I understood the whole video. Thanks for your effort! Kind regards Julie
Mark Woods (3 years ago)
This is a great philosophy. Thanks so much sharing it.
Robbie Manship (2 years ago)
+Mark Woods omg Mark me too!
AADHXVI (3 years ago)
Thank you :) really helpful. I have a presentation TOMORROW. I've practiced and I'm now ready. 😀
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+EliteGamer4Life Good luck! Let us know how it goes...
Nikita Savalgi (3 years ago)
how u made it??/
Sometimes good presentation need music background too. :)
Aya Djeridi (3 years ago)
wht was the site pliiiz !!!! awesome vid btw
EXTRA (3 years ago)
your video is amazing! straight to the point! great handwriting and drawing btw :D
Task Heroes (3 years ago)
sub me and i sub you
500 Startups (3 years ago)
real interesting great tell me to a greater extent can you give more illustration? what should be the #1 take away from this vids?
Poofy Galactic (3 years ago)
Thank you soooo much!!! I got an A because of this vid!!! THANK YOU!!!
you need to have much more subscribers....... you helped me a lot i got good grades THANKS :D
Zinc Λnims (3 years ago)
:-D +Wienot Films
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Zinc Curxon Thanks! :) 
Zinc Λnims (3 years ago)
+Wienot Films +subscribed you!
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Suraj Kashyap We agree...please spread the word! :)
exploreyourweb (3 years ago)
Thank you for posting. Very informative. :)
VIRCH (3 years ago)
Ummmm that was some hilarious stuff. And it amused me jolly. Long live me!
EGAH (3 years ago)
Nice vid man...
Yeakub Bhuiyan (3 years ago)
thanks a lot. it is very simple and helpful. i think you deserve a very big big thank. I honestly love it.
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Yeakub Bhuiyan Thank you very much. So glad you like it!
Besma .B (3 years ago)
Awesome,it is very simple and helpful; a BIG THANK YOU, I realy love it. I just have a question, how can I make a successfull presentation like this one, if there is only scientiste audience ???? and how can I chose my story?? Waiting your advices thank you !!
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Besma .B Good luck, we're rooting for you! Please let us know how it goes!
Besma .B (3 years ago)
Thank you very much, really  you have inspired me about a very cool idea, that I will realise it soon. My best wishes for your continuation.  +Wienot Films
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
+Besma .B Think of a story that illustrates your point. A good story has a hero and a challenge that must be overcome. It also has a resolution at the end. Even if the story isn't about a person, think about something that could be the focus of your explanation. Good luck!
SalesMasteryMag (3 years ago)
This vid had many nice tips. Thank you for sharing.
PocketDNATV (3 years ago)
Great way of getting the message across; like the "story: concept too !
The House of Jokes (3 years ago)
Your video looks totally terrific. I will come again to watch some more of them real soon.
Kent Bredahl (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this great mini course - the input is so true but still so ignored.
The White Demon (3 years ago)
How to make successfull PP: 1. Make boring tittle that noone cares about 2. Make sure to put in these animations to spend more time making it 3. Put a lot of pictures so they cant see text and you can say whatever you want 4. Make fake broken PP so you will have more time making it 5. Make it to make teacher happy. Others don't care anyway.
s j (3 years ago)
haha so true...
Olya Dendyaeva (3 years ago)
Hi, i really liked an idea of your video. Did you shoot your real drawing on a simple board or its kind of plug in? I will be very thankful for your respond. Cheers
_4our2w0 (3 years ago)
Very helpful.
Enamul Jim (3 years ago)
I have a presentation on my favorite tv show. I also need to make PowerPoint slides for my presentation. How will I do it? Any advice? Btw I dont watch TV that much so don't actually have any favorite tv show. I usually watch sports but that is not allowed. :/
The Urbane Cranes (3 years ago)
Check out our channel if you are interested in Retro Themed Spoof News. We cover the 1950's through the 1990's of American History.
Crimson Mane (3 years ago)
Does anyone know how the soundtrack starting at 0:15 is called ? Could anyone share, please ?
Puja Nithyananda (3 years ago)
Lovely, your video!
So Random (3 years ago)
I have to present this week in-front of class ...............IM DEAD MEAT
So Random (3 years ago)
+Esteban Valenzuela It went fine I guess. It was pretty easy, the only thing i had to do was read the in formations on my presentation. I'm sooo happy I got 100%!! (even though I missed pronounced almost every word)
Esteban Valenzuela (3 years ago)
How did it go?
MrUmbreon1994 (3 years ago)
This is awesome :) a question though, I am doing a business and marketing course, and I have to give a presentation about an opportunity I chose, I chose franchising out for my dream cafe I want to run, what should I do, a story through powerpoint a pivot animation (stick figure animation program) or a play of sorts? Which one do you think would be best for this? 
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
The most important thing to begin with is your story. If you have a great story to tell, there are many ways to tell it. The method you choose will depend on your audience and what you want them to feel. Feel free to contact us via our website if you want to know more.
Geefe Alba (3 years ago)
wow! this is great! it's so funny and helpful.very entertaining.
mohamed gharafi (3 years ago)
Love it, thanks  i liked the idea of "Less is more" that's very deep man !
JoyGamer (3 years ago)
Okee well I think this helped me a lot instead of doing these things tomorrow I got onto the object right away to finish it :) Thanks a lot!
Théo B (3 years ago)
What is the name of the song please ? And where can I find it ? Very nice.
What a great idea! Presentation is not only about telling people what we think, but also how to attract audience attention in the same time. I agree with you that Presentation should have story which made it's unique and "less is more" when you put your design into slides. Just in case if you need clean, professional looks design on digital presentation media, such as powerpoint, prezi, or flash. You can check my video on Youtube. :)
Raafi Cyberguardians (3 years ago)
Very good info i like it so much.,....
Yash Agarwal (3 years ago)
Great video...effective and concise Sometimes less IS more ;) 
Naaz shaik (3 years ago)
nice..liked it
Joshua (3 years ago)
Great, thanks man!
Chanraksmey Veal (4 years ago)
Excuse me! How do you make this animation video? What program do you use? Can you give me some link of the tutorial? Thank before hand.
Cassandra York (4 years ago)
I liked this video, thanks for posting it!
Joy Spriggs (4 years ago)
Very good info and it CRACKED ME UP!!! My kids thought I lost my mind for a minute...
Wienot Films (3 years ago)
Thanks Joy. Glad you liked it and got a good laugh. :)
Loved your stuff cheers David
Dillon Richard (4 years ago)
hey i like this video
Julie Wendell (4 years ago)
I really like this video and would love to show it at a Girl Scout event I have next weekend. We're teaching girls marketing and sales skills to enhance their cookie sale. We don't have internet at our venue. Could I get a copy of the video emailed to me? Or can I access it offline? Thanks!
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Julie, the video would be too large to email. You can either use a tool that will "rip" YouTube videos, or you can go to our Vimeo channel and download the video there, which will probably give you a better quality video than if you rip it. You might need to sign in to download it, but it's free to sign up. https://vimeo.com/23138239 Good luck with the Girl Scout event!
SgtSterling4 (4 years ago)
This was informative, thank you! (Also, that handwriting looks so much like mine :D)
robert t (4 years ago)
This is the best video I have seen from a week or so!  I used to get almost 3-4 dreams in a day and some where really fearsome and some inspirational! I did not know what to do! but , i did one good one which is tracked all my dreams using "dreamed" mobile app by lokesh and then after a month , I showed to a expert and he helped me to transform my life. I have more focus now and more passion in life and less fear!
888Paulk (4 years ago)
Very nice and to the point!
Paul Wunder (4 years ago)
But what do you do when you have been given a topic that is boring as fuck, and you HAVE TO present something about it... I cannot see an easy answer to that at all, close eyes and push through?
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
+Paul Wunder Perhaps you can find some interesting stories about the region or about the wine that comes from that region. If you can give them a reason to care, it might make the boring stuff less boring. Good luck Paul!
Paul Wunder (4 years ago)
+Wienot Films I think a metaphor would be really great, but when you have to present things like grape varieties, production methods, wine comunities in a specific region, then how the heck would you use any metaphor? I am really going down on this...
Paul Wunder (4 years ago)
+Wienot Films Well, the topic is Franken (in germany) as a wine region, and its suppoused to be 20 to 30 minutes... Any suggestions???
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Try teaching the topic as a metaphor. Metaphors and stories are almost always more fun than the topic itself. Good luck!
KaterinaTalantliva (4 years ago)
thanks! that was helpful! i ll give it to my teen students)
PugPlaysMinecraft (4 years ago)
I've been trying to figure out how to do a path way story on a power point, so that when you click right or left, it would go to that slide. Please could you try and find out for me? Thanks so much
Monique Rosewarne (4 years ago)
Hi there, I did check out your webpage. Watched a few of your videos. But, I'd like to ask, where you find music for your videos?
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Hi Monique, is there a video in particular you're talking about? We get music from different sources. Our favorite source is a composer who customizes it to our videos, such as the ones we did for Mobi. . 
fiona baker (4 years ago)
Thanks , very easy to understand , just how I like it , well done :)
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Thanks Fiona. Glad you liked it! :)
Adam Bowles (4 years ago)
Perfectly Put!
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
+Adam Bowles Thanks for sharing it. Best wishes!
Musing Of A Man (4 years ago)
+Wienot Films Not at all, shared on my Facebook page.
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Thanks Adam!
PookySharif (4 years ago)
Yeah, let's all dumb ourselves down to TED talk level.
Lan Anh Nguyen (4 years ago)
Awesome. Many thanks!
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Thanks Lan oi!
XXGlACEONPLAYSXX (4 years ago)
so boring
Cell N Trade (4 years ago)
Wonderful :) love it. Thanks
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Thanks Trad Cell. Glad you like it.
bhutanlhayul (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Harold Denuna (4 years ago)
This is Awesome. Thanks!
Mysha Wenzel (4 years ago)
Technically I think that it should be "Practice Perfect makes Perfect"
Wienot Films (1 year ago)
Probably no such thing as perfect for us humans. But hopefully practice makes great. Thanks for commenting.
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Because we're humans, technically "perfect" isn't possible. ;-) Thanks for watching...
Clemence Ls (4 years ago)
Simple, sharp and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing! For more presentation design tips, check out http://pptpop.com/ and let me know what you think.
Anna Chyshcheva (4 years ago)
I love this video:) It is so true...to make a presentation is not enough, you have to present it in a special way. Make your slides eye-catching with these templates: http://www.smiletemplates.com/free/powerpoint-templates/0.html
Karl Skotte (4 years ago)
 Nice Video
Themike wacshow (4 years ago)
Thanks, but i find your presentation simple mediocre. I think you need to get more modern and human now a days!
nikonistu (4 years ago)
What is the progarm to make a presentation like this???
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
+242BeautyBahama We use Final Cut Studio. For this video it was Final Cut Pro 7. Now we use mostly Motion, mixed with Final Cut Pro. Hope that helps!
242BeautyBahama (4 years ago)
+Wienot Films hi, which editing software? Good job btw. 
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
We used a whiteboard, a marker, a hand, a camera, and editing software. :) I know there are automated ways to make these, but I'm not familiar with the software. We prefer to stay hand-crafted.
Jude Muchiri (4 years ago)
I have loved the teaching. How do I download the video?
physics prince (4 years ago)
FLV down loader is the best.
Freddy's (4 years ago)
Keepvid dot com
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
There are many programs to rip YouTube videos. I'd just Google it.
Tomy Hensa (4 years ago)
Cool video!
Wienot Films (4 years ago)
Thanks Tomy!

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