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Does Height Matter (Would Girls Date Shorter Guys) [ASIAN BOSS]

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Text Comments (4834)
Aaron K (1 day ago)
I’m Korean and I’m 190cm which is 6’2
niranzan pande (2 days ago)
i personally think height from 5'11 to 6'3 is a best height a man can ever be and even so imho 6'1 is most ideal height
cody l'orhoost (3 days ago)
that guy looks like 5.8 or 5.9 not 5.11 and most of these girls are liars
Mikey Dee (4 days ago)
5'6 Asian male here. Used to be insecure about my height. But everything changed after I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. My life feels complete. He is the truth, way and life. Peace :)
Suzanne Reilman (4 days ago)
...been happily married for just over 20 yrs now but at about 5'1 1/2" or 156cm it's never been a problem...my gorgeous husband is 6'5"/196 cm so if anything, we have sometimes looked a bit comical to the untrained eye..:)! I've always said, he is the first man I've come across big enough to look ME in the eyes...:)!
H U H (5 days ago)
I’m above average for a gal , 5’7 but I always see the shortest gals being way too picky with height .... it always depends on the guy, I also don’t demand 6 feet or over 🙄
Andriy. Trila (6 days ago)
Girls, what are the perfekt height for a man?
Bagus Pribadi (10 days ago)
Just be confident brooo Height and looks doesn mtter
jack larkson (11 days ago)
thank god this video was not made in america,otherwise someone had to convert the whole video,thank you australia and any country which stays metric.
Trevor J (12 days ago)
Girls say these things but honestly doesn’t matter like they care more about how you converse with them.
Truth set u free (12 days ago)
Come to south Asia you people's will be taller if you are even 5ft
MegaSmilee1 (12 days ago)
I can't really have an opinion, most of the men here are really short ;-;
Rombo Kamgo (12 days ago)
All of the girls in the interview are taller thn me😂😂
Alpha Monsieur (15 days ago)
1:57 screw you skinny giraffe! Who would even look at your ugly ass!
Funny Geeks (15 days ago)
Thank you for converting to freedom units, it made the sizes much easier to understand.
Ajs Randomly Videos (15 days ago)
Im fcking 5'4 😭😭💔
Hendrik van de Wallen (16 days ago)
Youre the asian michael jackson
sean (17 days ago)
Is not about height, is about status! Lie to her, pretend you're a doctor and trust me you will bang her little ass! P.s Tips for 5'5 and less.
jay xcx (17 days ago)
185 cm Wtff even I don’t see u as 180 cm u look short
Abu Bilal Hamza (18 days ago)
Everyone in the Comment section is just lying to themselves, not believing those women are as tall as they are saying 😂😂
dhunley1 (21 days ago)
Women don't care if you're short... They care if you have money.
Joseph Caiña (21 days ago)
I am 5'3 and the girl I like is 5'1 but does not want to date me, but the girl who wanted to date me is 5'7 I accepted it and we ended up in a relationship which is kinda funny though. This could be an opportunity for my future child to be taller than me and my Girlfriend right now(My future Wife).
PLUM GAMER hd (21 days ago)
Only thing that matters is CASH
Barcilina Das (21 days ago)
that girl with the pixie haircut is lile Emma watson 😍
Duncane Donuts (21 days ago)
Ask american girls and their answers will blow your away!! Delusional!!
Ronaque Rahman (21 days ago)
So people are always shorter than their mother, according to certain broads.
MrStealYourChair (22 days ago)
Im 16 and 6’6 so guess im lucky 😁
MrStealYourChair (6 days ago)
+David Edo Haha
David Edo (6 days ago)
+MrStealYourChair OMG i wish i had your tall to dunk in basketball xD.
MrStealYourChair (6 days ago)
Funny thing too is that around 2 years ago i was really short, i was about 5 ft 6 when i was like 14 so i grew alot in a short period of time when i hit puberty
MrStealYourChair (6 days ago)
+David Edo Ill take that as a compliment xD
David Edo (6 days ago)
+MrStealYourChair you are monster,im in asian and im just 6.1 ,im 19 years old.
In which city is this?
Sunrizee (23 days ago)
*_The Interviewer is not 1,80m. Stop lying dude you are 1,75-1,76m at Best. We clearly see that when a woman that doesnt lie about her height for once, like the redhead saying she‘s 1,74m and you are maximum 2 cm taller than her. Hahaha I guess even the Interviewers are insecure about their Height and lie.... sad._*
Felgrandneos (24 days ago)
Where are these girls at I'm 6'2 and love tall girls lol girls where I live are 4'11-5'3
Mr L (24 days ago)
I'm cool with it....but no fatties either.
Nika Obolashvili (25 days ago)
My brother is 5'9 and his swede girlfriend is 6 feet. They seem to have a happy relationship. But, as for me, I would never date a girl who's taller than me
Mark Colabella (26 days ago)
I'm 5'-6" and 46, yeah, confidence level has been a big challenge for me in different departments. Amazing how a few little inches in height and confidence can play a big role in what outcome your life will be, whether its finding a woman, who your friends are going to be, what kind of job you're going to have or making personal decisions in every aspect of life, confidence can help a little but it's not going to stop rejection or discrimination from happening on the other side, its just part of this game we are all in called the game of life. There are a few good things that come out of being short.
fel (28 days ago)
Since i m already not tall (1m59 yay...) i'd say that my partner should be at least my height, bc it's not difficult. But actually i'd always dated really tall guys (they were all over 1m80 lol). Actually I never really questioned myself about the eventual height of a partner, but well if he was like 1m50 it sure would be a bit strange, whether it's a boy or a girl but if i really like the person it would be fine and i wouldn't mind it so much with time 😊
Brian Sterling (28 days ago)
Geez, I’m 6’6” (1.98m) ... Are these Aussie gals who are so tall? Man, I need to move there!
Ravi Prabhakar (30 days ago)
For women the taller the man he would be more protective and strong but they don't know who is Jason stathon
Claudio Andrei (1 month ago)
What? A country where people use the metric system? And it s in a video. Bois, we re evolving
Rodgie Christian Cruz (1 month ago)
5'6" here. Never really had any problems with my height because, I live in asia. Most women are shorter than me here. I date a 4'11" girl lol. If I ever move to some western country with an average height of like 5'9" for men and I happen to be single, I'd probably have bone lengthening surgery. It is proven that being taller give you better chances in dating, employment, respect, etc.
Day Dreamer (1 month ago)
Height matters !! A decent and tall one is enough. It used for breeding purposes and has a lot advantages.
Day Dreamer (1 month ago)
Height matters !! A decent and tall one is enough. It used for breeding purposes and has a lot advantages.
Day Dreamer (1 month ago)
Height matters !! A decent and tall one is enough. It used for breeding purposes and has a lot advantages.
Sachin Vishal (1 month ago)
Girl like Indian guy
Mugiwara Luffy (1 month ago)
The name of this city in the video please
Elizabeth Schrader (1 month ago)
Woah the tall girls have the exact opposite opinion from me, I’ve always thought “I’m really tall so I can’t be too picky” but they’re like ESPECIALLY picky about it lolol
liiliiil (1 month ago)
at 1:15 look in the back c that couple i wont be be his height
hardsgonnafall (1 month ago)
It honestly seems like the girls answers are going to be dependent on their friends/social circles values and opinions. If they have that real superficial and ultra judgmental friend group then they probably won’t date a shorter guy. If they have more down to earth or open minded friends then they probably won’t care.
Christian Espina (1 month ago)
What if someone date like height of yao ming haha.
Diptasom Das (1 month ago)
pankaj chandwani (1 month ago)
Stop wasting your time it's about Per$onality
yukio shirazawa (1 month ago)
That's why 'ideal' doesn't happen! 😂😂 never sets an 'ideal' blah.. blah myself.
avalon NewWay (1 month ago)
In islam female must obey any man. Feminism ruined society.
Jeff Sessions (1 month ago)
It's very painful for me to watch as 173cm..tears runing from eyes ..
Navin B (1 month ago)
me 5'7 or 5'8 dated girl of 5'11-6ft ^^ she didnt care at all apart from her parents, they made it a big concern coz if we get married, their kids will be short -_-
Nishaaj Man (1 month ago)
I love girls that are taller,younger,and thicker body than me.
Jordan Abraham (1 month ago)
A lot of these heights are inaccurate
JRT (1 month ago)
these women are so tall, personally i'm 165cm which is so short. Someone i have a crush on is around 162-163 that make me lose my confident when approaching her. I should have been taller..
DarthVader (1 month ago)
Also did you guys just notice almost everyone who said they had preferences for only tall guys also said they had been attracted to short guys in the past. It just goes on to show that attraction isn't set in stone although women have unrealistic standards initially
geogjeonghajima lucas (1 month ago)
There’s so many tall girls there omg this is what I need I feel like an outcast being surrounded by short girls
Adam Bořivoj (2 months ago)
WTF? The first 2 women are about the same height, right? And still one of them says I'm 180 and the other 164? Was she wearing 10 cm heels?
john chan (2 months ago)
By the way there were a lot of European ladies marry to shorten Chinese men and Chinese men are much taller nowadays.Just Google tallest national women volleyball team,the answer is China,with average high of 189 cm.
Bored person (2 months ago)
Would Asian girls date foreigners
sten beetlex (2 months ago)
Most royal blood lines are short people....
U.S.A (2 months ago)
Ha ha ha I am 6 foot 2 just kidding I am 5 foot 9 and 13
Sherlock Holmes (2 months ago)
I'm 6.3. sometimes I wish I was a little shorter, believe it or not, it's not that fun to almost always tower over everyone.
pavan vamsi (2 months ago)
Kei? Where did you get the wig?
Amar Mondal55 (2 months ago)
average asian people shorter than western people...
Enias K. (2 months ago)
i am 5.10
Reacttoprobing (2 months ago)
Actually this is the first video where the women are actually pretty easy on short guys. But it could be cause they're not American. Cause the ones I have seen before these, the women were effin brutal to the point that 1 girl said anything under 6ft is sad and disappointing and should be ashamed. Another girl said the shortest she will ever go for a guy is 6' 7". So yeah Non-American girls seem way more lenient about height than American girls
Michał Krynicki (2 months ago)
why do i wach this i dont even care
TideFan Yankee (2 months ago)
OK, let's talk about the "Great Equalizer".....money. If a guy is short, fat, bald with hair on his back he can get beautiful women IF....he has a big bank account. What's the old saying??? He's over 6 ft when he stands on his wallet. You only have to look up the Wives of Billionaires to see what I'm saying is true. Because if any of those guys was a manager at a fast food restaurant, those women wouldn't give them the time of day.
TideFan Yankee (2 months ago)
What if he's short, but a multi-Millionaire who can part his hair with his tongue and his nickname is "tripod"?????
Mysterious Stranger (2 months ago)
Does length matter????
Haroon Ahmed (2 months ago)
16 y/o, 6'1
Anupam kumar Anu (2 months ago)
Short guys watching it
Vondr Albra (2 months ago)
2:43 173cm and 178cm. One of them is lying.
piyush joshi (2 months ago)
They are speaking less and laughing and giggling more...whats wrong with them 😂😑😅
Maverick The NAGA (2 months ago)
If you are rich than everything is fine with girls..no matter how ugly or short you are
Rollie55 (2 months ago)
There's nothing wrong with any person having a specific preference, as long as they don't hate on other people for their preferences. I.E: Men not wanting a tall girl, or a fat one.
SaR D (2 months ago)
You look like a cyborg
डॉलरPERIOD (2 months ago)
and I'm small or maybe average af just 194cm and 17 I need to grow up to 6'6 atleast
y (2 months ago)
All these hurt men in the comments. Yes, it’s shallow but it’s biologically ingrained in women to feel this way since men did traditionally take on the role of the ‘protector’. And let’s just rmb all the men who won’t date women taller than them cuz of their fragile masculinity.
Jesus MLG (2 months ago)
I don't mind dating a slightly taller girl but they all want tall guys so what choice do we have left? Die alone or keep trying?
jeo jackson (2 months ago)
fat girls and short guys pretty much got the wrong end of the stick..
jeo jackson (2 months ago)
Oh yes they can. Just the right amount of damage to the pituitary gland and walla!
Jesus MLG (2 months ago)
fat girls can lose weight. short boys can't grow taller due to genetics.
Jrh007 (2 months ago)
It really is a double standard. Men don't complain about the height of a woman, but women want tall men. Keep in mind, women, that in this world only about 20% of the men in this world are over 6' tall. You are most likely competing for the same guy if he is single. Change your superficial standards. What does height even matter? It doesn't have anything to do with how that person acts or treats you. I'm 5'10, which is taller than most women, but if there were a taller man around, would you go to him even if I were better looking? A guy being taller doesn't make you any safer or secure.
Jesus MLG (2 months ago)
women will never change. God made them that way.
Dranzer Jetli (2 months ago)
Men shouldn't date girls who weight more than them
Tantiwa Hopak (2 months ago)
4:43 does this girl know what height really means? She looks shorter than the host and the host isn't even 5' 11". I think they are measuring their height with a very defective instrument.
Tantiwa Hopak (2 months ago)
The interviewer is definitely not 5' 11". No way
parikshit Verma (2 months ago)
Im 5'9 at 16 so im staying virgin rest of my life
CachePack (2 months ago)
i'm 100cm, but i go to thong phang clinic, & now is 1000km, oh my ghost...😯😯😯
Nobody Man (2 months ago)
I'm 173cm or 5 foot 8. But I was smart and bought elevator shoes. Now at the nightclubs, i'm 180cm tall. The look on the females face when I take her back to my cbd apartment and take off my shoes and she realised she wasted her whole night is priceless.
Kevin O’Pry (2 months ago)
I’m 6’8 and I have never dated or been asked out besides the fact people ask me the same question about my height my life sucks
newguy (2 months ago)
I already knew the answer before I watched this video. But still Australian girls are more lenient about height than most Chinese girls. Most Chinese girls are not even 167cm but they all dream of getting a boyfriend of 178cm+. With this standard I think Australian girls would only date guys that are 184cm+.
lelouch vi Britannia (2 months ago)
Thank God I am 5'10
DasCODE (2 months ago)
it matters
badey shah (2 months ago)
usa girls are so cute and innocent.......love from india....long live usa.....
Xvibes67 _________ (2 months ago)
From personal experience, height isn't always a factor for women when dating. My mate is roughly 5', and has no trouble getting girlfriends. Whereas I'm around 6'10, reasonably attractive, and have never even been in a relationship. What I'm saying may sound dumb, or may sound uneducated. But it's just my 2 cents. Feel free to add to what I've said. Cheers.
Xvibes67 _________ (2 months ago)
Jesus MLG Alright mate. Can't argue with that logic.
Jesus MLG (2 months ago)
Ananda Bagus Gekah (2 months ago)
does it count as body shaming? hahaha, i dont know but i'm concerned on why "body shaming" is often related to the over or under weight people but not for the short people. The fact is it's easier to lose or gain weight rather than add some inches on your body
Lilo (2 months ago)
If the guy is shorter and doesn't have an inferiority complex it is fine :p I'd date Peter Dinklage..
Naim (2 months ago)
Hello there, I want to know if Mobotallor Secrets, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this grow taller system.
unstoppable` (2 months ago)
2:20 girl and the interviewer couples height should be like this
unstoppable` (2 months ago)
thosa girls are tall they do have perfect height like 5'9 in india a average height of a girl is 5'3-5'4😝
nelson CastroVasquez (2 months ago)
Manlets, when will they ever learn...

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