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10 Items Guys Wear That Women Find SUPER SEXY!

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Text Comments (1168)
fred jasper (5 days ago)
You forgot fuzzy animal slippers
Treisiess (6 days ago)
Maybe a little played out, but this pretty much sums up my feelings on the loose tie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc
Jack Hemsley (6 days ago)
Zordan Ssmith (12 days ago)
I absolutely agree with Alpha about the loose tie style. That really sucks. Loose tie looks really bad.
Zack Hoyt (21 days ago)
Wait... the sky is blue?!
Muhammad Abdul.Ghani (22 days ago)
Thank you very much bro! You are my friend!
Adrian Thomas (23 days ago)
Massive fan I want to join you and create a British channel, British alpha, consider it give me an email [email protected]
John Casas (30 days ago)
Alpha .. I’m sure Tani is a wonderful brief.. but I like the fun and playful MeUndies... couples undies are a sexy way to share an intimate event.. like New Year’s Eve..
Aniket Ardekar (1 month ago)
Please make video in muscle gaining
Ryan Ojacastro (1 month ago)
I really love your leather jacket. Where can I have one Alpha?😂
whatachola (1 month ago)
The secrets to the shirt are sleeve busting triceps
Alex Serret (1 month ago)
please name the jacket that you had on black leather where is it from
Rocky Velasco (1 month ago)
This just proves women don’t know what they want
Rich Cancro (2 months ago)
Oxi Clean should of hired this guy after Billy Mays died
arvin bhim (2 months ago)
If you're over 6ft, never wear khakis or long pants rolled at the ankles. It's ridiculous. Works better for short guys
Mario Luis (2 months ago)
RedRedMCmusic (2 months ago)
29 years old starting to grow up and change my style and I thank this man for helping me find a good platform.
Peter Chou (2 months ago)
Workout, take good care of your body. She will beg to blow you.
Goku Son (2 months ago)
Do you guys like synthetic leather?
Boi singhn (3 months ago)
rip fat bois
Mohak Londhe (3 months ago)
Khakis is Indian traditional dress material.
Mohak Londhe (3 months ago)
Buy Manny underwear not Tammy
yohanes seda (3 months ago)
How about black man ???
mohd azlan Awang (3 months ago)
Man 'accessories' such as ?ring/bracelet/chain necklace/earrings etc. are used nowadays. Can you make a video on 10 accessories man should or should not use. Thanks Alpha.
The Intro XD cracked me up
You Sunk My Fishy (3 months ago)
My girlfriend gave me one rule when we got together - no elbow patches. Lol!
deadpool 177 awesome (3 months ago)
He talks like just one of the guys
Angel Rojas (3 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! that Scotty Kilmer intro made my day
Joke Not Found (3 months ago)
Does somebody know which leather jacket he wears and where i can buy it? It looks so nice and clean
Jay Honrada (3 months ago)
What brand is that flannel from?
Agent Smith (3 months ago)
İf you got to the comments before you watched the Video: Women don't know what they want! They say they this and that but in the end they got something completely opposite, and also they lie about it too, cause they have a lot fear that society would think negative of them, and also they can shit test you cause there are many women who want men who style them like the MAN want and they find it extremely sexy on a man, cause women are often insecure and they want men who are confident about things they wear, it's not always what you wear but how confident you are about it, but confindence is also not everything, your face structure is also *VERY İMPORTANT* , women would give you blue pilled answers on that so don't even ask a woman, do exactly the opposite: shit on their opinions about what they want, they get turned on by it cause 1. They like alpha guys and 2.they don't know what they want, women want to be lead by men, so my Message to all men search for women whi are, a little bit dumber a little bit less life experienced than you and a little bit insecure than you, and a little bit more childish than you, cause women always want to marry up, therefore you got your androgen testosterone who will let you marry her you monkey! that's the way it is, don't fight it, everybody do it look around, most of happy marriages look like this, the unhappy ones are the ones where the women lead the man, but the idiotic thing is this dominant woman don't know what she wants and the marriage are unhappy and doomed...
Jaze Hummingbird (3 months ago)
hell yeah! leather jackets is my thing
DonknDave (4 months ago)
Nothing about a good fitting pair of jeans? Seriously, they check our butts out all the time. The fitted tee and jeans sound like peanut butter and jelly. Great combo. Alas, nada.
Vincent Doan Nguyen (4 months ago)
Based on my experience, I learn one thing:" never trust a sale man "and this guy is the one
ShadowPBPBC (4 months ago)
TITLE FIX: " HOW TO BE GAY AND PICK UP HOMOSEXUAL MEN CLOTHES TO WEAR " an earing in your left ear means your gay, an earning in both ears means your fingercuffed gay. taking the D from both ends there pretty boi, you sure do fit the part of a 'catcher' GAP shirt is the grand slam of proof.
Jan Slavotínek (4 months ago)
OMG I want to have those undies ... but I am from fu**** old continent ... Shipping will cost probably more then the items them self ... the same goes for the other products you promote Alpha. I would love to get them but ... not my market unfortunately :( So what I can do is try to find similar products locally ... That will cost me time. Pitty
ANIL S NAIR (4 months ago)
Wear dress for your comfortable and for your confidence. Women just need rich guy and sex.
Wise Owels (4 months ago)
This guy wants to look like he’s in a photo shoot.. dude linen is one of the best summer looks if you are on the Mediterranean sipping pichecco or just chilling out eating good food and people watching. What’s wrong with you?
Ethan Rakell (4 months ago)
I would have punted the flannel n Khakis n kept the linen shirt and loose tie. Flannel screams country .
Firefoxx Paradise (4 months ago)
Any other girls watching him?
Jericho kicks Rock's ass (4 months ago)
Heyyy that's Ryan Gosling wearing glasses....
Miss Tanith Cain (4 months ago)
Haha I am a female and parfer to wear men's as he calls them boxer briefs. Dam female underwear never long enough in the leg.
Steven Guzman (4 months ago)
I have a burgundy leather jacket from the 80's. Does that look good even if it's not black?
Rakif Ahmed (4 months ago)
Don't you mean "10 things that OLD guy's wear that women think that are Super Sexy!"
obaida laila (4 months ago)
4:44 bruhh😂😂😂
ThePowerOfAngel (4 months ago)
So supernatural did everything right
Hugh Jazz (4 months ago)
I got some Tani underwear and a guy tried to stick a finger in my ass once I put them on. Weird
Derek Studley (4 months ago)
Sexy is subjective
Nick Loden (5 months ago)
Cathy Baumbusch (5 months ago)
Hell yeah the Henley and the jacket!
lilgucci rolex (5 months ago)
Linin 😂😂 my real name is Lin 😂 everyone in my school call me linin
CallMeFrank (5 months ago)
You look scary in leather
Jamie Ryall (5 months ago)
Why all the emphasis on what women like me to wear? You would need a warehouse to store the clothes women think are sexy. I wear what I like.
Elisha White (5 months ago)
I am a female and I love this channel! " Alpha is the G.O.A.T!
Eber Amezcua (5 months ago)
Did anyone else recognize Giedo Van Der Garde in no.16? lmao
Leri0th (5 months ago)
Whats that henley your wearing? Where is the best place to buy them - they seem quite hard to find, especially short sleeve versions.
YourBoi Stephen (5 months ago)
Were did u get ur leather jacket Alpha?
A. K. (5 months ago)
What does one do if there s no triceps??😂😂
B Lecza21 (6 months ago)
Tani.... Sounds like subliminal messaging for Tiege Hanley
sdot bro (6 months ago)
Lol many people don't know your intro is a scotty kilmer intro. You must be a car superman alpha
madbear3512 (6 months ago)
I love Linen shirts. No not really I could give a shit less
Betim Mustafa (6 months ago)
Man how we guys be dumb those things that this guy keep repeating. Don't be dumb!😊
Pinellopy (6 months ago)
Wearing hoodies
Espen Sollied (6 months ago)
In norway, i cant remember seeing anyone without boxerbriefs, its the standard, i really cant rember anyone wearing anything else
Irene (6 months ago)
No rolled up trousers please, that's just wrong unless you're paddling at the seaside. But a nice black leather jacket, yes. I even said to my good man last night I like him wearing his, which he doesn't do often enough. And don't worry about your body shape, if your woman is into you she'll be happy. My man is tall and slim but strong and muscular. He has the best arse I've ever seen and is one of those gifted creatures who looks better with his clothes OFF. Lights on for us ;-)
67spankadelik (6 months ago)
A name like Tani for men's underwear is a huge marketing mistake. Sounds like panty. That alone is why I'll never own any.
Nez Ram (6 months ago)
Banana is what pros eat before running decent distance. Goto fuel.
Deon Casey (6 months ago)
Yo that leather jacket 🔥
Anna Belle (6 months ago)
women like rough hands, dirty and chipped nails and ideally some scars. if you wear filthy cloth and reek of sweat it improves the impression that you work hard for your money. In a woman´s mind.. If you work hard for money you will work even harder for her
Kyo Slovakia (6 months ago)
Elbow patches look disgusting. If any woman finds that attractive, they are mentally ill. Second, PULL YOUR TIES UP ! Great advice.
Frat Joc (7 months ago)
Damn, I find them sexy too on guys, wulf! ..it's not just for ladies only.
Warren Chambers (7 months ago)
ciupilika (7 months ago)
i dont understand boxers, it makes me feel like a helicopter
harrydean bentzel (7 months ago)
Every guy needs a pair of western boots. Most masculine shoe ever. Who cares if chicks don't dig it
Gerard Stevenson (7 months ago)
I'm taking heed to this. I didn't know about Henleys but I;m on them now. Boxer briefs are more comfortable than boxers!
Kathy Somers (7 months ago)
I like a soft pink T on men
Adam M (7 months ago)
Cologne no make list? I guess that's too obvious.
Logan Asif (7 months ago)
History of underwear😆😆 wt the hell
Logan Asif (7 months ago)
Today underwear add
De Fowl (7 months ago)
I dont like elbow shirt and thw last one and some of the others ok
SRT8Driver (7 months ago)
oh according to Cosmo liberal-rag-mag, oh! well that's totally different...oh sure!!! GENTLEMEN: just do the POLAR opposite to what those clueless cosmo-assholes say and you'll be just fine!! and elbow pads??? the fck is this 1973??? that shit looked stupid in any decade much less today!!!
Kosey Smith (7 months ago)
Please tell me #9 is a joke lmfao
do bla (8 months ago)
Oh really how do you know your a man
embwee (8 months ago)
dude's given fashion advice with a bacon collar t-shirt?!
Marie DeLozier (8 months ago)
Don't cut it..
Marie DeLozier (8 months ago)
Unless you got muscles no better than a banana...then ya gotta be a good singer/musician and hope you can attract groupies...sigh... Your deadnutz rite on the brief/boxers...try them organic cotton Duluth brand; ooh-la-la!! Do I EVER admire my man struttin' his stuff in them things..so comfortable they're like bein' nekkid but they keep the nutz contained... Definitely approve of henleys..x-nay on white linen shirtz!!
steve turpin (8 months ago)
All...soooo true1
RPG 808 (8 months ago)
Now, if you purchase a pair of tani underwear and you workout/train you are going to want to protect the fine material with the BEST compression wear on the market and that is VIRUS INTERNATIONAL. Online only. They manufacture some of the best compression wear and athletic performance attire on the market. They are made of jade, coal, and coffee to keep you both warm and cool. Sorry alpha m. but I couldnt resist a little plug there. Check them out. Great for ANY sport.
Zheeph (8 months ago)
Aaron dude, I don't know if this is the video I watched in which you advised the white shirt (I watch a bit too many of your videos) but the other day I went to work with a simple fit-to-the-body white shirt with three buttons free at the top and holy cow did that earn me a ton of attention. I went back to the store and bought three more! They were talking about me until the day after dude, goddamn!
Ed Green (8 months ago)
Great list. This is the kind of stuff guys need to hear (not just this list, the other videos too) - subscribed!
Lil Molda (8 months ago)
Anything other than boxer briefs don't have the necessary support to be confident in your movements. Just my opinion
Uncle Ruckus (8 months ago)
Boxer briefs are disgusting and look retarded in my opinion. Just go with normal boxers man.
Jamaican Egyptian (8 months ago)
I get more Hanes for my money. 9 in a pack ? Can't beat that shit...
Mîles Iero (8 months ago)
Men think it's hot to.😉 Lol
Elizabeth Becker (8 months ago)
My hubby linked me to your channel and have made it through a few videos right now. From a female perspective your points are extremely valid. Many men do sometimes need help picking out jeans. Men are not square and even wrong size pockets on jeans from a cheap retailer make a good butt look flat and unattractive. I think #1 is just always being groomed and cleaned. Make the essentials look good. She wants you in that flannel shirt because she wont bring a coat and you will need to put your warm flannel with your SUBTLE cologne on her and we'll see that undershirt. Also, the Henley's 100% agree. Just bought three this past season for my over 6 ft tall hubby. Mmmm.
gabrielle wells (8 months ago)
turtle shell yes
Rebecca de Jong (8 months ago)
So true forearms are life
Broadway (8 months ago)
Please take me to a wedding lmao dieing
Default Skin (8 months ago)
4:39 my fav rapper❤️😍
the yanks (8 months ago)
Never wear a cheesy fake leather jacket. Man up and get real leather. Everyone will know ur wearing a cheap plastic tarp..

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