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"Magic to Do" (Pippin) COVER by Spirit Young Performers Company

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SUBSCRIBE for more young talent. Follow Spirit YPC: Instagram: http://bit.ly/1ZaTHWd Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1PTjKk4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1IULkMr Website: http://www.spiritypc.co.uk "Magic to Do" is composed by Stephen Schwartz. Cast: LITTLE GIRL - Hannah Hutchins HOSTS - Louisa Mouhoun, Jordan Abey QUINTUPLETS - Danella Sloman, Chloe Hawthorn, Grace Fox, Emily White, Emilia Berberausaite HOOP GIRLS - Erin Abrahams, Nina Schreiber DANCERS - Isabelle Embleton, Lilliana Carr, Rosie Coyle, Layla Rose Boyce MIME ARTISTS - Josh Shadbolt, Anna Gibbs, Alex Stuckley, Zoe Fair ACROBATS - Ellie Botterill, Rosie Marks, Georgia Laco, Coco Green CLOWNS - Cassie LeFerv, Ella Lethbridge, Amelia Shipton, Lily Green, Ayela Marcuson TIGHTROPE WALKERS - Avi Holden, Sophie Alibert, Talia Hart MAGICIAN - Alex Shadbolt LION & TAMER - Hannah Redfern, Natasha Raphael BALLERINA - Lillian Abey SHOW GIRLS - Ellie Bindman, Eleanor Scarlett Tutt, Amy Hardman. Choreographed by Chloe James. DOP George Fox. Produced by Spirit Young Performers Company.
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