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Hui and E'Dawn's Dating History Revealed | Triple H Fun Agency | E! Asia

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How many girls have Hui and E'Dawn dated? HyunA, quizzes the PENTAGON boys about their love life and E'Dawn reveals a shocking secret!!! 😲 Check out their adorable baby photos! All episodes of Triple H Fun Agency are now available on E! ZONE: Malaysia: E! Zone, Astro Go Singapore: E! Zone, StarHub Go, [Channel 450] Get personal with #HyunA, #Hui and #EDawn in #TripleHFunAgency, Saturdays, only on E! ⠀ #Malaysia: 11:30PM on E!, Astro [Channel 712] ⠀ #Singapore: 10:30PM on E!, StarHub [Channel 441], Singtel TV [Channel 328] ⠀ #Philippines: 10:30PM on E!, SkyCable [Channel 57], Cignal TV [Channel 61], Cable Link [Channel 33] ⠀ #HongKong: 10:30PM on E!, nowTV [Channel 506] ⠀ #Taiwan: 10:30PM on E!, Kbro [Channel 235], MOD [Channel 147], bbTV [Channel 203], 4gTV [Channel 104], TWT [Channel 408], NTC [Channel 56], TBC [Channel 215] ⠀ #Indonesia: 9:30PM on E!, on Transvision [Channel 310], Topas TV [Channel 283], ORANGE TV [Channel 503], Indovision [Channel 242], MAX3 [Channel 304], First Media [Channel 70], Big TV [Channel 236] ⠀ #Thailand: 9:30PM on E!, True Vision [Channel 350] ⠀ #TripleH #KimHyunA #HyunA #PENTAGON #Hui #LeeHoetaek #leehwitaek #Edawn #KimHyojong #huidawn SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1YW41SP About Triple H Fun Agency High energy and upbeat, Triple H Fun Agency gives fans an in-depth look at Triple H—a new co-ed K-pop unit consisting of HyunA, and her Cube Entertainment label mates Hui and E'Dawn of boy band PENTAGON. Triple H Fun Agency will show HyunA coming into her own as an artist after over a decade in the music industry, and the process of her Triple H debut with E’Dawn and Hui, from the beginning to the end of their debut. Connect with E! Asia: Like us on Facebook: @Eentertainmentas Follow us on Twitter: @Eonlineasia | @E_Philippines Follow us on Instagram: @Eonlineasia | @E_Philippines About E! Entertainment: E! is on the Pulse of Pop Culture, bringing fans the very best original content including reality series, scripted programming, exclusive specials, breaking entertainment news, streaming events and more. Passionate viewers can’t get enough of our Pop Culture hits including "Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “Fashion Police,” "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" and “Mariah’s World” And with new original programming on the way, fans have even more to love. Hui and E'Dawn's Dating History Revealed | Triple H Fun Agency | E! Asia https://youtu.be/j6qiN-7phqQ
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Text Comments (1915)
Frog Eyeliner (1 month ago)
E’Dawn is cute!! Appreciate your mans looks Hyuna😂👏❤️
Queen Chae (2 months ago)
Después empezó a salir con HyunA ;)
Valentina Moreno barco (2 months ago)
Alguien me puede decir que dicen spanish solo entendí de soy virgen :v 7u7
Army Thần Thánh (2 months ago)
Hui's face was like: Boy, let's see how long can you act? OMG my poor Hui.
Yoongi Forever (3 months ago)
Hui is so fcking cute i love him 😂
Cemile Shiraliyeva (3 months ago)
oh this is so funny ahahah
chuu dollu (5 months ago)
watching this before we knew they were dating and after seems so different
mellow (5 months ago)
all men do is lie
complex pumas (6 months ago)
Weird flex but ok
The Random Entertain Isi (6 months ago)
That reaction I'm still a Virgin 😂😂😂😂😂😂 still the best can't get enough of it.
fakingdeep (6 months ago)
In 0:43 Hyuna flirtatiously says to E’dawn “Hui is so cute. He made my heart flutter. Can you do that?” That’s probably why E’dawn decided to say “I’m a virgin” to make her blush BECAUSE THEY MOST LIKELY WERE FUCKING during that time
Rick Johnson (6 months ago)
E-Dawn: I'm a virgin. Hyuna: HUH?? Like you weren't busting my guts last night foh boy.
Que alguien lo subtitule al español por favooooor
die rote Wand (6 months ago)
Newtro (7 months ago)
hmmm... teas... tea everywhere
Maja Lauber (7 months ago)
Edawn: I’m a virgin Hyuna: I think the fuck not
Luna love (7 months ago)
E'DAWN : "I mean I have never dated before" HUI : "Right? You shocked me" *LOW KEY LOOKS AT HYUNA SHKKSLJJKL HE EXPOSED THEM LONG AGO!!
Gabriela Calcáneo (9 months ago)
And after this they had wild sex.
phoenixhawk10 (9 months ago)
lmao right after E'dawn say's he's never dated before, Hui looks at Hyuna hahaha
Natalie Chau (9 months ago)
Is this a joke? But. But. But......
Zara Anuar (9 months ago)
Haha Hui face when he say "Right?" and looked at Hyuna then "You shocked me" 😂😂😂
Queena Filla (9 months ago)
When you come to this video after you find out they been dating for 5 years and just give out a sigh,damn,smh and start singing why the fuck you lying. You damn well know you aint no virgin.
K (9 months ago)
kayla. naomi (9 months ago)
Everyone talking about edawn and hyuna and I'm just like.....hui wya tho
moonchild. (9 months ago)
Now this video has a sense 😂
M Y (9 months ago)
excuse me HAHHAAH
Patricia (9 months ago)
CAUGHT IN A LIE I fully support their relationship tho❤❤ hope they're get through this together!
nm makanda (9 months ago)
some of you say you can date your bf/gf for too long and you may not have done sex but after watching retro future fancams, im not really sure about that. maybe he was really virgin at that time but now, i dont think so lol.
Omfg we all believed that E'Dawn was some innocent child of God all me lie 😂😂😂
Emily (9 months ago)
lmao that boy was LYING ABOUT BEING A VIRGIN
첼미 (9 months ago)
hyuna’s face HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Kihara Francis (9 months ago)
☻ blatantly lie on camera twice
Maurice Dominguez (9 months ago)
You can tell they’re dating cos he’s looking at her with so much love 😭❤️
suh lyss (9 months ago)
imagine just stretching the heart of HYUNAA YES HYUNA before you even debut !??? thats like thunder god d energy
Mictlantecuhtli (9 months ago)
How one video has become legendary in few hours. DAM SON!
Stephanie Pacheco (9 months ago)
Hyuna와 E'dawn 데이트는 스캔들이 아닙니다. 사람들이하는 일은 평범한 일입니다. 그냥 행복하게 해주세요. 왜 사람들은 그렇게 망상에 빠져야합니까? 그들은 너무 바보 같아서 인간이되어 행복해야합니다.
it's me Niza (9 months ago)
I lov how edawn glared to hyuna..what a romantic guy😅
Sora Ware (9 months ago)
"I'm a virgin" Hyuna: Nigga you at my ass last night. 😂
peachychanwoo (9 months ago)
i think we know they're ALL dating
Nicola Lee (9 months ago)
Hui said “right? You shocked me” while looking at Hyuna, thinking “uhh your gf is right next to you though”
ugh why (9 months ago)
E'dawn: I'm a virgin. HyunA: What? E'dawn: I mean I've never dated anyone before. Hui: Riiight... you shocked me. *side eyes HyunA* I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE HUI
Baekhunnie Byun (9 months ago)
The way edawn answer you can see that they have something
Loan Loan (9 months ago)
Pls, full ep
Anvita (9 months ago)
Little did we know e'dawn is the luckiest man on earth
Love Yeol (9 months ago)
Hui is so handsome 😱 I couldn't think of anything else really 😂 PS: Couldn't see Hyuna or E'Dawn😋
arasi rungassamy (9 months ago)
Wait we were dumb,he said he never dated BEFORE ,that means he was dating at that moment otherwise it would just have been ,I have never DATED
Oh shit that virgin
fairy jimin (9 months ago)
Now that we know Hyuna and Hyojong have been dating for two years we know why she was so shocked to find out that he’s still a virgin
abarbies (9 months ago)
0.13 the way he looks at her -///- so sweet guy
Xx Ftz Xx (9 months ago)
Was he complaining 😂😭😭
Alejandra Pena (9 months ago)
Fake news
simona (9 months ago)
ya boi (9 months ago)
Weren't they dating around this time? ㅋㅋㅋ
Macaroni and Cheese (9 months ago)
My sister and I used to joke around about Hyuna's reaction to edawn saying he hasn't dated anyone but now I know why lol😂😂
pretty princess jin (9 months ago)
ppl he might have meant he didn’t date anybody before hyuna. just chill
Marlin (9 months ago)
Are you sure edwin? ;)
김채은 (9 months ago)
A Jar of Jams (9 months ago)
ChanyeolsSebootyCRAC K (9 months ago)
yes they are :)
banana kappa (9 months ago)
blackpink is better (9 months ago)
When tf did triple h had a reality show on E I'm confused
asolabest (9 months ago)
It's all clear now wow
Rachel Reblin (9 months ago)
Aham, bem virgem sim ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Blackpink ot4 BTS ot7 (9 months ago)
You are a liar😂
María A. (9 months ago)
That was a lie!!!!😌❣
JuneTravels (9 months ago)
Did anyone also noticed the way Hui looked at Hyuna when Edawn sain ive never dated before? Haha he said really? You shocked me then peeks at hyuna. Boii he knowss and like y u lyin
morgyn freeman (9 months ago)
JuneTravels I did
Mary (9 months ago)
Edawn kinda remind me with hyunseung sometimes, i mean his face ? 🤔
abarbies (9 months ago)
yeah for me actually almost the time , his hair, his face remind me of Hyunseung in Trouble Maker -NOW era
Charlene Ocampo (9 months ago)
E'Dawn: I haven't dated before. 7 months later "E'Dawn and Hyuna have been in a relationship for 2 years." TBH, I'm glad that people are so supportive of them and sad that they had to hide it if they were really happy with each other. Also, what is up with the Pentagon members relationships popping up left, right, and center? What happened that 2 of them went on dates and 1 confirmed a relationship one on top of the other?
Nora Beckwith (9 months ago)
they want the pussy
julia moniz (9 months ago)
Legends only 💛 I will always support you guys!! Congratulations 💖
nylahyung (9 months ago)
poor e’dawn
GDKD14 (9 months ago)
1:00 yeah right E'Dawn, you almost had us there, but we know you've had some lip & hip xD!
renjun's tooth (9 months ago)
i'm rewatching this and just like o h s h i t
Two Eyes (9 months ago)
Gotta say, I thought this was gonna be some dramatic tea spilling, but it was so much better than that.
tenzin choedon (9 months ago)
So happy for this ship
Luna Mooncat (9 months ago)
When Hyuna said she wasn't cute anymore and E'dawn told her that she still was 😍
C mamo
This video is uploadet in 2017 lol How she/he now
cheonjae yeoja (9 months ago)
Watching this after the dating scandal makes it weird, how do they act like that. 😂
은재 (9 months ago)
Multi Fandom (9 months ago)
E dawn saying Hyuna that she is his first girlfriend.LOL.
Pink Sora (9 months ago)
This video is so much funnier now
The feeeeeeels
asuka07 (9 months ago)
This suddenly becomes 1000% funnier
uuliniaa a (9 months ago)
Yall he said that to her face when they dated for 1 year at that timing i think. I think we know why she laughed and was embarrassed.
paolapineiro1 (9 months ago)
Vigin virgin JA JA
mi co (9 months ago)
the three of them lied hahahaha
Chloe (9 months ago)
props to hui, the third wheeler of the century
Milk taeh (9 months ago)
Hyuna be like.. "Excuse me i don't want to play with them" HAHAHAHA I AM ABOUT TO DIE😂😂
maddie (9 months ago)
Tessïa Emard (9 months ago)
Boy You were Lying😂 « I’ve never dated before »
Lalitha Sri (9 months ago)
and this suddenly pops up in my recommendations after their relationship was confirmed... . . . still love em tho!!
sabrinabatrisyia (9 months ago)
i shipped themm 💕❤👌
AyaAAAk chancla (9 months ago)
EDawn:"Im a virgin" *looks at hyuna then at him *Are you sure about that
gene (9 months ago)
i love how hui’s eyes are always like 👀
ryan_cx4 (9 months ago)
Y’all. Hyuna knows the truth 😂
falling star (9 months ago)
hahah lol so funny and cute
Savage Noona (9 months ago)
I think i understand how Hui must've felt.
Lorena Anguiano (9 months ago)
Y'all here talking about hyuna and e'dawn, but can we take a moment to realize hui third wheeling😂😂

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