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Growing Sweet Potatoes - Gardening Tutorial

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http://www.veseys.com Heidi from Vesey's Seeds shows how to plant sweet potatoes from cuttings. Your FREE subscription to the Vesey's family of gardening catalogues https://www.veseys.com/ca/en/catalogue Chance to win a free greenhouse http://bit.ly/1a7TL1S Subscribe to Veseys channel here! http://bit.ly/Y8gyVS Like Veseys on Facebook http://fb.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/veseysseeds/ Follow Veseys on Instagram http://instagram.com/veseysseeds Please Like, Subscribe and Comment :) Happy Gardening!
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Text Comments (37)
Luke Jones (5 days ago)
Can you grow them up a pole? I'm playing with the idea of training them up sunflowers.
Gregory Fortner (1 year ago)
Would the plastic usage work on other pataoes?
Chris Michael (1 year ago)
Gregory Fortner not recommended. The reason for using it here is sweet potatoes like to grow in very warm soil. Regular potatoes prefer cool.
debbie chang (1 year ago)
How do the plants get water?
Leo E. Barbe (1 year ago)
Sweet potatoe is not a potatoe, maybe that's the big difference with the regular potatoes
Publius el-Sadat (1 year ago)
She's too pretty, it's a distraction.
Rich Morgenstein (2 years ago)
lol sweet potato's and normal potato's are not even in the same family of plants. One is a marigold and other is a tuber plant family........ I would hope they don't grow the same way lol.
Steve Holder (2 years ago)
Rich Morgenstein
DaveO (3 years ago)
Love your videos, they are very informative.
Koch 40 (3 years ago)
What's in her mouth?
v6d6 (3 years ago)
Try to put it in the soil directly and it will grows root in a week.
yuji matsumoto (3 years ago)
Fred Double You (3 years ago)
What's better, on a mound or flat. I live in eastern Oklahoma and always been told a mound.
Elton Hurtis (4 years ago)
I think you're excellent...love watching your videos...very informative and simple to understand. 
YManCyberDude (4 years ago)
Someone should take a look at that uptalk thing ya got there . . .
D Graf (4 years ago)
I'm going to try the black plastic way it keeps weeds down and warms the soil... I'll put a soak-er hose under the plastic.
chipsnodgrass (2 years ago)
+D Graf You don't need a soaker hose....just make a groove with a shovel handle all the way down the length of the plastic and pour water in it. It will soak in around the plants and the heat generated from the sunlight hitting the plastic will create warm, humid conditions in the soil. Perfect for sweet potatoes!
Channarith Mok (4 years ago)
any one know where to find that black plastic that cover the soil? and what does we call that plastic? 
Backyard Garden (2 years ago)
Plastic mulch. It is sold on Amazon or Home Depot.
Tom Carbon (4 years ago)
thank you
Voca T (4 years ago)
I am so sorry your soil looks so dead
8 bit synth (4 years ago)
Thats perfect soil for sweet potatoes. 
pierre roy (5 years ago)
JEvais vous commander des semences m (boutures ) de sweet potatoes
baileyslip (5 years ago)
I don't see why you would put sunscreen on your sweet potatoes!!!
SolidGoldShows (5 years ago)
slips or draws?
Wounded Ego (5 years ago)
Thanks for clear presentation.
Mmleify (5 years ago)
great video. i used this to help me learn how to plant the slips I grew :)
DJMovit (5 years ago)
So the top half is a vine but the potatoes grow downward? Can you tie up the vine portion on a trellis type system?
eric toole (6 years ago)
Sweet Potatoes need very little nitrogen, but quite a bit of phosphate and potash. Both of those elements support root development, and a sweet potato is a root. We use 5-10-15 at planting and side dress about 3 weeks later with a mixture of 13-52-0 and 0-0 60, equalized to 8-39-15
eric toole (6 years ago)
Don't have to wait to put the cuttings out. They will root if you simply throw them on the ground. We start our plants ourselves. In about 4 weeks, we will take the draws (plants for those that don't know) and set them out at 8" apart. We use Beauregard. We can cut the vines with a coulter in 5-6 weeks and set out more potatoes. Yes, they do tolerate some drought conditions, but experience shows that it better to go 'bare ground'. We only grow 40-50 acres a year.
flatpicker1234 (6 years ago)
How do the plants get water through the plastic ?
guyver schmidt (6 years ago)
i think its better if you wear jacket under the sun, , ,
birdhunter1936 (6 years ago)
Today, it's over 100-degrees and no rain for several weeks. Can sweet potatoes tolerate excessive heat and drought? Our first interest was ornamental, but now I'm leaning toward growing potatoes for food, and SWEET POTATO PIES. Really enjoyed your video, thanks.
The Impatient Gardner (6 years ago)
Very nice graphics you put in your video! That takes alot of work and it is appreciated. thanks R
Cozzmos (6 years ago)
Thanks... I'll try it.
sundogforlove (6 years ago)
Did you put sunscreen on? Do you have any videos of how to put down the plastic and how the sweet potatoes look when mature? Thanks
madinventor13 (6 years ago)
great vid, I tried to grow a single plant last year, but it was all vine and nothing happend beneath the soil.

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