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Re-Style - Keep The Vibes Alive (Korsakoff Remix) Preview

441 ratings | 48740 views
Release date 11-01-2012 - Vocals by: Nikkita Bradette - More info: www.djkorsakoff.com
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (34)
Sciron (3 years ago)
Love motha fucka hardcore !
c0ldw1nd (3 years ago)
Haggis Basher (5 years ago)
Kitty Koene (5 years ago)
Love this, love the party's, o god i love this life!
Giovannii kramer (6 years ago)
Americanidiot63 (6 years ago)
Prox-Tube machts möglich
SkitFrenix (7 years ago)
Dutch rules again
Erick Sanchez (7 years ago)
!! Respect !!
V-Bass BG (7 years ago)
7 ppl havn't understood anything in life
InjectorsMusic (7 years ago)
Nikkita ♥!
Marc M. (7 years ago)
The original had much more power and emotion that is only a feeble remix.
TerminationBliss13 (7 years ago)
I love this one.. ohhhh yes I do! Korakoffffff <3
Noize Jumperz (7 years ago)
korsakoff <3 *_*
Jabbermuse (7 years ago)
Just can't wait to see you at MoH in March !!!!!!!! <3
AVR Radicals (7 years ago)
its so fucking amazing pls play it at 28.1.12 at endart germany :D
Richie Rich (7 years ago)
really amazing preview, good work, really good work, see you on the next hardcore event!
Chris Redfield (7 years ago)
Queen of Hardcore! Nuff said. :)
Ronnie Feuerhern (7 years ago)
Lovley track, but To short.
roger verhees (7 years ago)
@theFlojo1987 I came here because the track was hot and I jizzed. Also I found this video because of the fact that i am subscribed to this channel. Derp
st fu (7 years ago)
Dj Exxon (7 years ago)
goed melodie ik vind alleen die kick tegen vallen > de kick van let it bump was echt snoeihard!
Gu4rdConcept (7 years ago)
Really Nice Lindsay :D
Aaron Kamenecky (7 years ago)
The Queen of Hardcore
Butchino K. (7 years ago)
Absolut AWESOME !!!
Alexander Sandberg (7 years ago)
one person could not keep the vibes alive...
DrugMonk3y (7 years ago)
Thumb this up if you don't care who got you to this video, its awesome either way.
DJWilburC (7 years ago)
niceee! :D
blastingyoursenses (7 years ago)
Great stuff!
TheCortexone (7 years ago)
awesome sound
excelent !!!!
XiXSAiiNTXiX (7 years ago)
@OfficialKorsakoff would you be willing to give me a few tips on becoming a dj?
MyronGiesen1 (7 years ago)
Verknaller (7 years ago)
Boom Boom!

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