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Sexy Edible Lingerie Taste Test • Try Guys

209442 ratings | 9706046 views
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Text Comments (12108)
Night Fang 7 (5 hours ago)
“Maybe make them 18” You know everyone who’s watching this is like in their late 30s or are like 12
Squid_Gaming (6 hours ago)
“Where do you want me too- AHHHHHHHH”
Faggot Cringe (13 hours ago)
Eugene is a chaotic kinky switch
Isabelle MacDonald (1 day ago)
This is my favourite video. This is hilarious. I love this
alone alone (2 days ago)
"What's wrong with me" killed me
I Am A Bitch (4 days ago)
I’m watching this with my cousin and when that girl said “This is for all the 15 year old girls commenting on the try guys videos” my cousin low key said “jokes on you, I’m 11.” I hate her so much 😂😂😂
Alexandra Wolfe (4 days ago)
“Vagina Juice” 😂
fluff cat (6 days ago)
1:08 it looks like Eugene got his period.
Michael Harper (7 days ago)
Very sexy fun video. I want to be in Eugene's place and taste the other three Mmmm Ned has a yummy juicy ass. Yasssss
Avery King (7 days ago)
Zach: this isn’t candy! Keith: these aren’t pants Eugene: this looks like a used maxi pad “Oh Eugene” 🤣😂
Maar Rosie (9 days ago)
*_v a g i n a j u I c e_*
Dino Fruit Official (10 days ago)
4:05 funniest moment. Fight me
Meelzdiva (10 days ago)
Looking at Eugene in a thong makes up for looking at the other three guys because Eugene is just THAT atractive
nothing human (11 days ago)
Did Eugene do a scorpion
Joshua Armenta (11 days ago)
That candy bikini looks like it would be pinchy.
Johnny Cox (11 days ago)
Ned has an awesome ass.
Mist Bell (11 days ago)
This is why there’s no girls on try guys
Dissa Ray (12 days ago)
Eugene came out and now is tasting straight boys
bruh of the bruh (13 days ago)
Every like from this is from a 15 year ol- I mean 18 year-old girl
Sabrina Locke (15 days ago)
“Where should I go first?” Eugene: *flips* “AHHHHHH” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jay (15 days ago)
Well, thats enough YouTube for today
Onagh Parker (15 days ago)
"It's like I'm pooping a grocery bag!" I literally died😂😂
Melody Gacha (16 days ago)
The girl with eugene definitely had a crush
Pearl_the_crystal _gem (16 days ago)
So What (17 days ago)
My six year old sister came by and saw Ned’s ass, she’s traumatized
trash couSin (17 days ago)
4:05 relatible
Cora Daurizio (17 days ago)
0:22 I have never herd Eugene talk like that ever!
queen shitue bish (18 days ago)
Sofia Villanueva (18 days ago)
3:09 *Mayyyyyyyyybe*
odd1out fan (18 days ago)
Can i be in one for your vdioe for panties
sheba baynes (18 days ago)
I dont feel sexy anymore😹😹😹😹😹
Hannah Baruth (18 days ago)
Love you guys
merel nemegeer (18 days ago)
I love the fact that this id demonitized
Vanessa Ramos (18 days ago)
I love how everyone’s teeth are stained and Eugene’s teeth are pearly white
Phantom Psycho Games (19 days ago)
4:39 the start of a porn
Unaesthetic Toast (20 days ago)
I feel wrong watching this
Nina (22 days ago)
"ah you hit my dick!"
Nina (22 days ago)
"alright so now I'm gonna f- you up" "wHAt"
Nina (22 days ago)
"are you wearing edible lingerie right now?" "Maaaaaaybe"
Easy as pi (22 days ago)
Keith: It’s gross... it’s gross Eugene
Easy as pi (22 days ago)
Zach: it doesn’t taste like a fruit by the foot Keith: it does taste like pants
Holli Donaghy (22 days ago)
Eugene looks sexy af in that thumbnaillll
Rhyanna Tanalmango (23 days ago)
istg theyre all gay for each other XD
2:40 omg
Braceface Bandit (24 days ago)
1:12 welp it's that time of the month
Sora Lee (25 days ago)
I like to watch this occasionally because I feel so bad for Eugene in this video
Blasia L (26 days ago)
This is one of the videos baby Wes is gonna see when he’s older and kissy think to himself “This was my dad’s profession. WHY”
The FBI , (26 days ago)
This is disgusting for Christ’s sake who wants to see this!!!
GayWitch Bitch (27 days ago)
The one thing that is age restricted
MasterSolo1181 (28 days ago)
How did this vid not get taken down?
Serenity Crosby (28 days ago)
And they wonder why they had to censor the fanfics
Maraschino Baby (28 days ago)
This looks like some weird ass gay porno 😂😭☠️
Annie Wang (29 days ago)
I’m surprised none of them got a boner 😂
Alleah Grey (29 days ago)
Make more of theses vids
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi (29 days ago)
3 years later.... Eugene: *Dances a Coming out Music Video*
Lim Teng (1 month ago)
1:14 "It looks like my di*k is bleeding lol"
Gilbert Afidemenyo (1 month ago)
Why did I go on this video.
Melodi Carpenter (1 month ago)
I love The Try Guys!!! You guys make my day. I could watch your videos over and over again. Keep going strong. I love the messages you put out there.
unknownlight927 (1 month ago)
I remember reading all the comments years ago, mostly about Eugene and Kelsey. Now, after watching Eugene's coming out video, I kind of feel bad for all the people that seriously shipped them.... :) :)
DaggerR6 (1 month ago)
Definitely not *my proudest nut*
aMilo (1 month ago)
Kelsey is hot AF
Amara DiCerbo (1 month ago)
Keith has a nice butt
Xaethegreatest (1 month ago)
“Maybe make them 18” 😂😂
Andrada Nedelcu (1 month ago)
Im gonna meme this
Anvitha M (1 month ago)
That's so gross but damn funny at the same time .... Lol
Amber Kim (1 month ago)
....why did I press on this video.
Shylesh Shylesh (1 month ago)
4:05 oh.. Poor Keith 😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
Halle Carlsen (1 month ago)
oh my god 3:50😂
megan davis (1 month ago)
poor Eugene
megan davis (1 month ago)
which white guy is he tasting
Darlyen Dodds (1 month ago)
II Bubs (1 month ago)
Does this count as a porno
Jade Salmon (1 month ago)
So Eugene is packing
Luca Muscat (1 month ago)
0:01 really!
S•A•G•E (1 month ago)
I cannot stop laughing lmao
S•A•G•E (1 month ago)
I cannot stop laughing lmao
Charizard Rules (1 month ago)
OMg 😮 did I just watch
Cypher (1 month ago)
i did not knew keith was gay
geat ee lee (1 month ago)
What about 11 12 13...................year old??????????????
Lily Leornin (1 month ago)
yep still a lesbian
Miriam Fease (1 month ago)
“What’s your safe wor-“ “ *fAsTeR* ”
Abhi Prabakar (1 month ago)
Ashly literally turned into a tomato lol
Pikachu Lover (1 month ago)
I love how the whole buzzfeed team is so comfortable around each other
Lanoira13 (1 month ago)
Buzzfeed is a strange workplace... lmao
Sophie The husky (1 month ago)
Oh no eugene got his period someone call the mentrual police!
I have no Name (2 months ago)
Let's get strippin and get ready to lickin -Keith 😂
Isopody (2 months ago)
4:36 I,,,, I feel like I'm on the wrong website
dusty bird (2 months ago)
Ned sounds like a crow when he said “A wk!”
Vanathi Arasan (2 months ago)
Is this thing even legal in YouTube!? 😂😂
Shoto Todoroki (2 months ago)
this is tthe most disturbing thing ive ever watched
TigerBaby 101 (2 months ago)
I think kelsey and eugene shoulddate
Destini Haith (27 days ago)
Hahahaha, I don't see this happening any time soon, especially considering recent events 😂😂
A.M Nadine (2 months ago)
3:13 He’s so freakin adorable!
*whispers* Yea Suga (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie. They all pretty thicc
Vik (2 months ago)
"For every 15 year old girl who comments on the try guys video"... Hi I'm THY hither
Kate McClusky (2 months ago)
Brenda Menezes (2 months ago)
ned at 1:56 kkkskskskks
Olivia W (2 months ago)
Eugene blushing was so cute.
Simply Oreo (2 months ago)
Wait Eugene, how do you what babies taste like?!?
ajs (2 months ago)
imagine their kids in 15 years watching this 💀😂😆
it's me vector (2 months ago)
Yes it ed be a smilly face

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