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Competitive Burn | Guilds of Ravnica Standard Gameplay [MTG ARENA]

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Let's continue the run with our Rakdos Burn Deck in Competitive Event Best of 3s! Subscribe for more MTG Arena: http://bit.ly/2PuJoCn Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/rsMerchant Deck List ► https://aetherhub.com/Deck/Public?id=38141 Follow me on Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/merchant Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/coL_Merchant Talk to me on my Discord! ► https://discord.gg/Merchant Subscribe & check back for more daily CCG content, with a new video live every day at 9pm GMT! #merchant #mtg #arena
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Merchant (7 days ago)
2nd video of our run with FMira's Rakdos Burn list, we ended this run 4-2 by the way. Izzet Phoenixes / Drakes is about 60% of games once you get past 1/2 wins so prepare accordingly!
Vael221 (5 days ago)
Been having a lot of fun with this list. Pretty neat that this is already decent without any Rakdos support
Adam Dvořák (5 days ago)
+Exe Calibur I know about Vraska and Ral. But what is living guildpact? It's like leader of all guilds or anything like that?
Exe Calibur (6 days ago)
+Adam Dvořák Vraska for Golgari and Ral for Izzet, Jace is the living guild-pact still. Aside from these I am unaware if any other planeswalker will become a leader or leaders becoming a planeswalker.
Adam Dvořák (6 days ago)
+Exe Calibur Are there another planeswalker guild leaders?
Tasty Snack (7 days ago)
Sick deck! I built your list in paper in order to beat a smug control player at fnm. It worked, and then I accidentally went on to win the whole thing. The deck is good!
Gary C (6 hours ago)
Is there a reason I can not find Sword-point diplomacy in my collections? Even when I show cards that I do not own.
Jim Stickell (15 hours ago)
fpantunes1 (1 day ago)
I can't really express myself towards this deck. I have played around 100games with, and I can't win THE BEST I have done was 4-3 in constructed event, and 2-2 in competitive constructed. I win around 50% of games! I watch all these rakdos burn videos and everyone does amazing, 5-0 runs and stuff, super deck yay ! I build it, I play with it a lot, I play magic for years (!) and the results I have are nothing like the videos that are posted. It's just insane.
MrGrimgate (1 day ago)
When you played Sword-Point Diplomacy you criticized the other player for taking three damage to remove your Shock but that Shock was already in your Graveyard. Your opponent took three to remove Sovereign's Bite, he basically took the damage he would have taken anyway but prevented you from gaining life from it, it was the right move.
abat abat (1 day ago)
jologs amputa
matthew parish (2 days ago)
I'm willing to watch a video of you reading magic lore or just telling the story of magic. You got a nice story telling voice.
Adam Ramistella (2 days ago)
Love the videos..... I am working on a grixis thousand year storm deck. Sword point diplomacy and the bite.... Would you recommend any auto adds?
nicolaus dedes (3 days ago)
90% of my list :D feel good i did something before you :D
Joppe Van Stiphout (5 days ago)
Wouldn't evolving wilds be better than cinder Barrens? Since it filters your deck
IceFice (5 days ago)
How much? That decs?
lazergician (5 days ago)
As a mostly f2p beginner (to arena, not magic) is this deck worth crafting?
D&D Breakfast Club (5 days ago)
I have had great success with this deck so far. Yeah I think it is worth crafting, as it also beats a lot of mono red.
phlyte7 (6 days ago)
When in doubt... Hahahahaha
Gore Obsessed (6 days ago)
was that a hellsing abridged refrence lol
Midnightv (6 days ago)
I've been thinking about Tibalt, heir to rakdos for sometime myself!
Zeff Cosemans (6 days ago)
21:30 why wizards lightning and no lightning strike?
Ian Burns (6 days ago)
I cannot wait for rakdos to come out. Favorite guild hands down
Shinsua (6 days ago)
Of all the guilds, I feel like Azorius or Orzhov would be the easiest for Bolas to sink his claws into Dude tricked a whole plane into believing he was godking
Ian Burns (6 days ago)
I hated The Kaladesh block game mechanic wise
Jakub Fijak (6 days ago)
Grixis pirates with hostage takers, admiral brackett, forerunners and sword-point diplomacy! Let's do this!
Yo Joe (6 days ago)
Loving the Blood Elf background music!!
The HiveMind (7 days ago)
You need to get some merch. I would buy a shirt with 'Magic is easy, draw what you want.' in a heartbeat.
Arbaal The Undefeated (7 days ago)
14:42 A new nickname "Beautiful lil Shock-Monkey"
Krzysztof Olech (7 days ago)
dunno why did u throw away flame of keld for electrostatic field, i prefer playing both. flame III makes fields shoot for 3 dmg in adition to boosting the burn. shock +fields triger on flames III deals 7dmg instead of 3. instead i run 2 lavacoils and no firebrands... well... will be playing*. im a new mtga player and i dont have a lot of cards yet
Tyler Ellis (7 days ago)
To me, Rakdos defines chaotic evil. Gruul and Izzet better fit chaotic neutral.
Kin-Tuck Ng (7 days ago)
Why weren't your double lands tapping when you put them down
Gregory Garrison (6 days ago)
He is also running 4 lands that strictly come into play tapped because we don't have the other half of the color pairs of shock lands yet. So yeah, like Steam vents but a different style of "Come into play untapped."
Kin-Tuck Ng (6 days ago)
+Gregory Garrison ok that's alright then, like steam vents, i thought it didn't tap for no reason
Gregory Garrison (6 days ago)
There are special dual lands that are typically mythic rarity that come in untapped when a condition is met. The ones he is using are called 'Check' Lands (The Red/Black one called Dragonskull Summit) and came out in the current standard during the Ixalan release. It doesn't come into play tapped if there is either a mountain or swamp in play (Which two depends on the colors of the check lands).
William Husse (7 days ago)
Do you think primal amulet would go well in this deck?
mmorkinism (6 days ago)
Too slow.
madison king (7 days ago)
Bruh sword point diplomacy strong af
I just played a few matches of this and I must say, it's pretty fun, the basic "Tactical assault" mono white deck that you start out with is pretty good, I've won all my matches with it so far. I made a couple of changes to the original deck otherwise I played almost the exact deck I started my tutorial with, it was amazing, all the life gain was insane. I think I'll enjoy this arena thing. the only thing I'm sad about is that you can't buy singles, as far as I know, so you can't use the gold you earn to build yourself the perfect deck. you just need to buy the boosters and hope you get what you want.
TheSeth256 (7 days ago)
Wildcards are for crafting the cards you need for your deck,you should have some already by now :) Check in your collection!
H4rrysp94 (7 days ago)
Great content buddy, just out of curiosity why electrostatic field instead of guttersnipe??
Stephen Hardy (6 days ago)
I would imagine it was because it is a better blocker.
Irkhalu (7 days ago)
He mentioned it in the last video. Short version is 2 cmc vs 3 cmc. It fits better into the tempo he wants, and the 4 toughness puts it out of reach of just about all burn in standard.
santiago sola (7 days ago)
Just wanna say you are the best mtga youtuber great taste, funny, praise be merchant.
datore (7 days ago)
Rackdos planeswalker? we can do a multiversal carnival!!!
The R R (7 days ago)
thanks for the uploads! wish i could catch the streams but you usually stream at like 3 am mtn time. HAHA
Kashif Farees (7 days ago)
I think we'll just get some of Ajani's new superfriends as planeswalkers next set, unless it's been confirmed that shit doesn't go down until the third set. *Lore spoiler warning*(incase you care about lore spoilers and haven't paid attention to Hour of Devastation and Dominaria cards): I'm kinda hoping for an Orzhov Gideon, the black coming from the blackblade and the fact that he's in for an edgelord transformation after watching Oketra die and getting penetrated by Bolas and getting betrayed by Liliana after sticking up for her when literally everyone who knows her told him she's bad.
7moonlightshadow7 (5 days ago)
Sadly that won't happen (at least not atm). There will be a total of 5 pro-Bolas Guilds and Wizards said that all of them will have a Planeswalker as a Leader. In this set its the Golgari and the Izzet, which means a color balanced Team would have to include the Orzhov, Gruul and Azorius, however Gideon will not be on Bolas team and with 3 Planeswalkers already coming I don't think they will push for even more in the same Set.
TheKIngOFNOOOBSS (7 days ago)
I have a question about new sets. What will happen, if certain other (the current ones) sets rotate out? Will there be a refund or smth like Wild Modus like in Hearthstone?
SprayFart84 (7 days ago)
In the first video the opponent had 2 knights of benalia. They triggered in the wrong order causing the +1/+1 to come out before the knight. You said that can be changed, how do you do that?
leimad13 (7 days ago)
He showed the options where you can do it. Basically don't let game to auto stack them and you can do it yourself.
Parker Everett (7 days ago)
Planeswalker Rakdos The end justifies the memes
Some Guy (7 days ago)
Kalasesh: the standard legal un set
NPC Mimic (7 days ago)
Feel like jeskai is one of those under the radar decks that really shouldn't be because they are just so versatile they can change their entire archetype in best of 3's which makes it one of the most versatile decks in standard
Tyler Worrell (7 days ago)
All I need are the Diplomacies and I'm there! Thank you for the content! Can't wait to see the next builds.
cxcookie (7 days ago)
You’ve made quite a few rakdos burn deck videos and I love it, it’s one of my favorite decks to watch and play, keep it up!
Merchant (7 days ago)
Yeah it's my favourite Standard Archetype really. Might work some more on my own Izzet Burn soon though.
CaptainLazer85 (7 days ago)
Also, Bolas is more of a chaotic manipulator (IE most of his cards are control card) and Rakdoes is more of a "hit hard and fast" kind of guild.
aliasKalessin (6 days ago)
I like to compare to Rakdos to a funny circus kind of thing... where fun is burning people and circus would be a menagerie of horror's and demons
MrXCrankX (7 days ago)
I hope i never face such a deck:D that's gotta feel bad
Tommy Stav (7 days ago)
jerodast (7 days ago)
GIANT ELITE WOLFMEN oh man those were the days.
mezias00 (7 days ago)
Why do you have so many big quests(500+ gold), i only get one oO
Robert S (7 days ago)
You only get one a day, if you wait two days you'll have two
bradysfire (7 days ago)
I adore this deck Need more
bradysfire (7 days ago)
This the only burn that matters Thanks for getting me addicted to magic again
Merchant (7 days ago)
Don't worry, I play Burn a lot on stream. There'll be more haha.
Prince Memphis (7 days ago)
i laid two of those obsession and watched them burn up
Jan Šinkovec (7 days ago)
Im so torn between creating a Rakdos or an Izzet deck. This seems like so much fun, burn is awesome
Vyggdrasil (7 days ago)
Jan Šinkovec I believe a grixis counterburn build might be possible
Thekisamesamehada (7 days ago)
Tibalt ? pls , seems that i am not the only one that likes Tibalt <3
unknowncharacter14 (6 days ago)
Rakdos Tibalt would be dope!
jerodast (7 days ago)
All this Tybalt talk made me go rewatch https://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/romjul
Olly Thomas (7 days ago)
Around 4:30 you say you can order the triggers on the Benalia cards your opponent is playing. How would he have done that? I'm guessing it's something to do with full control mode?
Olly Thomas (7 days ago)
Nevermind, 13 minutes in and you explain it, cheers! :)
Markor (7 days ago)
About 3:10 : you can cast shock on the knights he was gonna summon so his win condition is to get boardcontrol and hit you with minions before you can burn him. not giving you shock was the right play, no need to just criticise the enemy bcs "take 3 damage instead of 2 face hurr durr" edit: nvm it was discussed 1 minute later
Business Cat Inc. (7 days ago)
I love this deck, I tried it in Constructed events and went 5-3, 7-1 and 7-2 so far.
Vinticore (7 days ago)
I like this deck alot but having way more successes with just doing mono red
Evan The Living Meme (7 days ago)
You know what...they should use Tibalt in the next set...but guess what they make him..wait for it! good!
Evan The Living Meme (7 days ago)
lol what am I thinking
Merchant (7 days ago)
Tibalt is a Tiefling addicted to torture, not sure he can be particularly good, he can be very Rakdosy though!
Pedro G Cominal (7 days ago)
oh... i see
Darkmenon (7 days ago)
I was like ... I watched ... this yesterday ... Oh ... second part Guess I will sleep tomorrow
Win Condition Gaming (7 days ago)
proof that violence is in fact, sometimes the answer.
_Teapot (7 days ago)
This is Truly Epic Gamer Moment
James Wilkinson (7 days ago)
Early burds

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