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Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of Red Velvet

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Check out : Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of Red Velvet. Subscribe to Korean-Ent for free: https://goo.gl/UB2PUj ---------------★★★★★---------------- Other Videos you might like: 9 Kpop stars with inappropriate ' hands manners' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuveJHTu1qU&t=110s Unexpected incidents with bra that Kpop idols had to face up on stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymDLpggITZs&t=23s The idols who are famous for their fast transformation of expressions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6SK314oAcU 5 K-Pop Goddess with their body flaws are really visible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqM6pQtXYi4 If you talk bad about any of these 5 people, the entire Korea will hate you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYvl3aSmDFU&t=43s Source]:https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/heres-dating-history-member-red-velvet/ I DO NOT own any photo/video & audio in this video No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------- Follow me : Google + :google.com Chanel Youtube: https://goo.gl/zuS3HF Subscribe: https://goo.gl/UB2PUj ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------
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Text Comments (483)
Korean ENT (6 months ago)
These giant maknae cannot be bullied because of their outstanding height https://youtu.be/RmMu1zZz4w0
light laytue (1 day ago)
i ship irene and jin. just sharin'
seulrene trash (27 days ago)
y’all know what’s real right? red velvet x red velvet deal with it heteros we all know that they're lesbians ✋🏻😔👊🏻❣️💝💗💖💘
Karik Darang (1 month ago)
New to Kpop (Came from "We are married") Expected and was waiting for Joy's part... (Sigh* Sung jae)
Jonathan Summer (1 month ago)
seulgi is so popular among celebrities
Bj User (1 month ago)
Seulgi hate guys with double eyelids..Proof she is natural.
SeSe (2 months ago)
I only came here for Irene lol
taenge rene (6 days ago)
Sok tau
Savage Joy (2 months ago)
Irene doesn’t have a boyfriend before. And I think it’s not Irene on the thumbnail. But Irene has now one, and it is Seulgi and Wendy. Yes, she has two. LOL
Tita Constantino (2 months ago)
Seulrene lang mga ulol
Tita Constantino (2 months ago)
Lol irene hates menț
aDorKable Girl (2 months ago)
We all know Seulgi And Irene are dating. no need for "Dating rumors" and stuffs like that because they already gay for each other and they are dating. . . . .. . . lmao. im sorry. Im just a solid seulrene shipper
Your Name (2 months ago)
They're strong and independent women. They don't need a man at all.
exolreveluv smtown (2 months ago)
Wendy dating with kyungsoo of exo
aDorKable Girl (2 months ago)
OMFG shipp
c. (2 months ago)
“Irene wants someone who has a lot in common w her” OH DOING LAUNDRY IS MY FAVORITE HOBBY NOW
Ne Ha (2 months ago)
Yeri is me 😁👍🤣🤣😋
EXO_&_BTS_IZ*ONE_ RV (2 months ago)
What about the rumors of Seulgi & Jimin?
EXO_&_BTS_IZ*ONE_ RV (2 months ago)
Abg Cute (3 months ago)
So that means Irene must've at least given a handjob back in her karaoke days.naughty Irene!
Kallo ???? (3 months ago)
Why is YG so strict over dating?😭
mert turan (3 months ago)
bunlarda az fena değiller var ya
But actually the things they said can be lies... So we actually don't know about who they would date or had dated? Idk
lalisamanoban (4 months ago)
with the age they have and the beautiful they are i really don't think that they never dated anyone. i just think they can't tell otherwise. we all know why...
cc02 (4 months ago)
i wonder when the day will come when one of our girls actually starts dating a guy publicly. like confirmed by SM and all that. but i cant imagine it cause in my head all boys are trash and arent worthy of any of the girls. i want them to be happy and openly show their love for whoever they want. but kpop stans are CRAZY. like its unbelievable that hyuna and e.dawn had to apologize to their fans for dating eachother. yo we dont own their lives. they can love and be with whoever the hell they want to be. whether it be another idol, an actor, a model, a regular person. they are people too. seulgi was just rumored to be dating with jimin bc they have a lot of the same items and she was given hate for that. like wtf? "oh shes looking at my oppa. she cant do that. lets hate on her and make her suffer" wtf? do yalls have no respect. i thought yalls want your idols to be happy? if they've found someone that makes them happy on a diff level why does it matter? cause you cant be that close to them? jealous? grow tf up. they already sacrificed so much to follow their dreams. they follow so many goddamn rules from their agencies. now they feel like they feel guilty for falling for someone bc they know the fans will be unhappy and will hate on that person? wow. no respect. i might be taking this outta context and blowing things outta proportion... wait no. im not doing any of things. those crazy, delulu, possesive fans are. im just stating facts and sticking up for these idols happiness. yalls people have matching items all the fricken time. hating on seulgi just bc she coincidentally owns the same thing as jimin? im speechless. and if they really are couple items? good for them! but yalls scared them and have to hide it just like how hyuna and e.dawn hid their relationship for 2 years. im done. this one small(big) comment will only be seen by like 2 people so why tf am i trying so hard to make a message? wendy is dating irene. seulgi is owned by joy yeri has her million unnies. done.
Steven Yeung (4 months ago)
Guys Irene's 28, I think shes independent and mature enough to date people, Sames goes for other members
Cathe - 21 (4 months ago)
Is the thumbnail Seulgi? I never saw her in a kiss scene :O
Riana Krista Mandia (5 months ago)
I am dating Seulgi.! 😍😍😍
Kpop Weirdo (5 months ago)
Irene is anti men
Christian Timoteo (5 months ago)
Well irene’s getting older. She’s turning 27 this year
Cec (5 months ago)
Irene: While she hasn't been confirmed to dating anyone, a lot of people speculated she dated someone in high school when she mentioned the "tough goobyes." Also, one of Irene's sasaengs said she had a boyfriend post debut but nobody knew for sure if this was true, seeing as she was never seen with anyone. Seulgi: Since she's been training since she was fourteen, Seulgi hasn't really had the time to date anyone. She's confirmed she's never dated, and idols rarely confirm things because they get hate if they confirm something that's not true. Wendy: The toy lie detector is not accurate... Wendy said she had a boyfriend who she was friends with since she was a child. Joy: Like I said, if an idol confirms something, it's almost always accurate. So she's probably on the same boat with Seulgi Yeri: No known dating experience, but its possible she's seen or is seeing someone.
bambam scared of bee (5 months ago)
Renia Unbothered (5 months ago)
When Sungjae was singing to Joy in we got married and she started crying, I cried because it was so 😭😭
Trisha Leguiab Gamer (5 months ago)
who's here waiting for Joy's dating history to have Sungjae in it ... waaaaa I can't move onnn...bbyu😞😞
AllGsoo (5 months ago)
Same :(
oh enjung (5 months ago)
Dating or not. Let them be. Its their privacy, we gotta respect. Im not blaming anyone who ship them with other artist. But sometimes, i feel like those ships are crossing the lines. Even though there was a rumour about them, there's still no clarification from SM. And rumour stays as rumour. Just like how people find evidence between ship A or ship B. So there's not really a plus point on rumoured dating ship. Thats my opinion.
Olaflover 25 (5 months ago)
2:02 Wendy, That sounds a lot like Irene...😆 (Well the she isn’t exactly known for smiling but she sure seems happy to be with Wendy)
Yeri's Avocado (5 months ago)
Who's exovelvet heere?
Arnie Keyser (6 months ago)
Itz a rumor so dont beleive them dat quick Btw i hate dating rumorz involving red velvet dem special 2 meh
Gracy Zz (6 months ago)
2:36 This line is kinda savage lmao 😂 (No hate intended)
Laila Iduhmane (2 months ago)
Gracy Zz 😂😂😂😂😂
ArMy_Of KniGhTs (6 months ago)
i love the background music
Sella Tarigan (6 months ago)
What i know is that Seulgi rumored with Jimin BTS, right? #seulmin
JeonJungkook Park (6 months ago)
Leave my Jimin Alone from here 😤
Sneha Choudhury (1 month ago)
Oh yes Seulgi belongs to Irene... I can literally see Irene glaring at all them btsvelvet shippers
*puss destroyer* (6 months ago)
I just really hate your channel.... it’s bad
Kevin Sinar Muhammad (6 months ago)
And there is someone who said get information from her/his uncle who is SM Staff, n he said most rv members are dating
Kevin Sinar Muhammad (5 months ago)
hyper dude yes and he said too that Irene is SM RV's favorite member, thats why SM wont let RV flop n Irene not supposed to be debut with RV, but other group.
ccugasss (5 months ago)
really??? waww
Army fan 4life! (6 months ago)
Jimin and seulgi are dating now
i say the truth (5 months ago)
Army fan 4life! No
No they don't
weareoneEXO_NCT_NU'EST (6 months ago)
Actually about the TAEYONG and Yeri rumors, fans just made it up. the reasons are so hilarious. Stop making issues ppol 😂✋🏼
That Picture from Karaoke is not Irene. Irene is not that type of girl. And her uniform is blue in highschool
Reveluvs if Red Velvet are dating pls don't freak out. We don't own RV so we should Respect their privacy.
But Wendy has dated. That lie detector is only a toy and not reliable of course
Griever (6 months ago)
Ok it was me, I admit it
Alia Bardansyah (6 months ago)
And now Irene is gay to seulgi thannk youuu
JeonJungkook Park (6 months ago)
I HATE drugs I HATE seulmin!!!!
Wendy Fire (6 months ago)
Wendy's ideal type is suga she said "a man who never really cared about her that much and suga is like a father to BTS she also said that who had like veins also a strong man"
Joney Ngan (6 months ago)
Artist1974CH (6 months ago)
It is pretty bad that Kpop idols are not allowed not to date. No company should control anyone's personal life for any reasons what-so-ever! The rule is pretty stupid and fascistic.
Erik! (1 day ago)
+littlexkittenx cough hyuna cough
littlexkittenx (3 months ago)
Some random guy on the Internet so you think that’s ok? These girls are grown woman, they should date. How would you feel if you weren’t allowed to date anyone because of fear from fans. Kpop rules are insane. Who cares if some kids get jealous if their idols date. They’ll get over it
*-Yunaa-* (4 months ago)
Artist1974CH it can destroy their career. You don’t need to worry. Soon enough when their group disbands (and that’s pretty sad I might cry for days just like how 2ne1 disbands😭) they can have all the freedom they want.
Artist1974CH no, it prevent them from Knetizen, we all know how crazy those Knetizen can get and it might ruin their career.
Miya Hey (6 months ago)
Uhm you guys r soo wrong Red Velvet is gay and Revluvs especially me appreciate it
ana julia (6 months ago)
theyre lesbians harold
Regine Aringo (6 months ago)
velvetsonyeondan family (6 months ago)
They did have a dating rumor but nothing was confirmed that they are dating. :)
p e a c h y (6 months ago)
It's not true lmao. Y'all need to leave shit alone
JeonJungkook Park (6 months ago)
Regine Aringo No How do you know bich.....
Seulgi In Neverland (6 months ago)
Regine Aringo no hahaha ..
MsGoddessOf 2012 (6 months ago)
where is seulmin?😢😂
케이팝dalgomee (6 months ago)
And seulgi dated jimin
park Da (3 months ago)
케이팝dalgomee no honey....
케이팝dalgomee (6 months ago)
I think Irene dated bts jin and joy dated bts taehyung
PaperPudding (6 months ago)
PaperPudding (6 months ago)
Sneha Choudhury (1 month ago)
HEY WHAT ABOUT WANDA? I'm sure Irene, Seulgi and Wendy are in a threesome relationship 😏
FOREVER chaeYOUNG (3 months ago)
Kpop Weirdo (5 months ago)
Idk but I ship JOYRENE and SEULGRI
sai swift (5 months ago)
BlackVelvet0T9 akashaadll Yassss #SeulRene and #JoyRi
padaaa. a (6 months ago)
Am i the only one thinks that wendy's ideal boy/man is rap monster/kim namjoon? HAHAHA PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS TOO SERIOUS 😂😂😂
seulrene trash (27 days ago)
she’s gay
Hermimigildo Cadusale (2 months ago)
Same lmao
BigDipper (6 months ago)
I don’t know if its just me but it’s kinda sad to hear that Seulgi(and the other members) never dated. Maybe they’re laying. but to be 24 years old and never dated someone is bit sad/lonely. All I hope is for the members to be happy and to enjoy life. (btw I’m not saying that u have to date to be happy)
neon glitter (6 months ago)
Gamer Mina (6 months ago)
come one ,irene is the same age as me..i have dated many times before, im sure she does to
PaperPudding (6 months ago)
she's busy with training so maybe not...
Don Juan (6 months ago)
Irene is not virgin anymore lol
Amanda multifandom (6 months ago)
Alguém me explica.....
AK LS (6 months ago)
nooooo irene why my heart uwu T-T
Ara Azucena (6 months ago)
Taeyong and yeri are not dating.
yeeena yooo (6 months ago)
Yayay no idol has ever fckung had a relationship dafuk
yoo jam Sluggie (6 months ago)
The first one is not Irene pls stop using them
yoo jam Sluggie (6 months ago)
As a Reveluv, I wanted them to date someone who's not in their industry like a non-celebrity, I want them to have a private life with their love one :'(
yoo jam Sluggie same
*-Yunaa-* (4 months ago)
yoo jam Sluggie same, they’re humans they need a happy life like all of us. While other people are so selfish they want the idols all to themselves and never think about how unhappy the idol is.
Seulgi In Neverland (6 months ago)
Seulgi said that she believe un destiny ... And she is waiting for the correct man
오한나 (6 months ago)
proud n emotional (6 months ago)
when you realize seulmin is real because HINT: JIMIN HAS MONOLIDS
yoo jam Sluggie (6 months ago)
No Seulgi just probably said that to avoid dating scandal with kyuhyun that time. Stop your delusions
proud n emotional (6 months ago)
proud n emotional (6 months ago)
no wonder they stare at each other 24/7 at award shows
Of course Irene dated someone before 😂😂😂 Why not? She's everything ♥
Sarah Di Costanzo (6 months ago)
poor seulmin shippers
jimin lim (6 months ago)
I think Seulrene is each other's first though
jimin lim (6 months ago)
Its real right?
yoo jam Sluggie (6 months ago)
jimin lim I believed it too
ahyoung (6 months ago)
i widened my eyes when it said “there are no rumors that joy and sungjae are dating” bc i’ve heard literally a looooot
9xprincess (6 months ago)
Its either these idols are so controlled and overworked that they really can't date while trainees and in the early stages of their career or they are simply lying. I believe Joy and Irene but the rest are almost 30 and so many idols say they have NEVER dated..okay.
sharky (6 months ago)
Irene likes a gentleman, and we all know there is only one gentlewan lol And Wendy likes someone who is considerate and like a father-figure and we only one considerate leader and mother-figure, Irene Bae lololol
m m (6 months ago)
Shari Paclipan (6 months ago)
The girl in the first photo with covered mouth looks like pre debut Jessica
K - MR REMOVED Ms. SMR (6 months ago)
iiPy Roblox (6 months ago)
理佐渡邉 (6 months ago)
Just for fun : wendy ideal type is a good manner and smile a lot , nice and caring like a father figure ? Well That's irene. Figure
Binoy Shah (6 months ago)
I just hope that 0.17 is not Irene! 🙈💔 please god have some mercy😭
Chill Down (6 months ago)
Well... I don't care whoever they dating as long as they're not snatching someone boyfriend and happy with them. If they single it's not like they will date me...
dezy boo (6 months ago)
red velvet: *say their ideal types are men* yall:OMGGG LESBIAN QUEENS
seulrene trash (27 days ago)
yes boo,,, we are here 😔💞💖💗💘❣️💝😔💞💗💓💘😔💞💘💘💓❣️💓😔💘💞❣️💝💗💖
Viridus (1 month ago)
Faith Centeno dude Irene SCREAMS GAY too. Girl doesnt even care about men and usually gives a disinterested face, but with girls she's all smiley and shit lol
Faith Centeno (2 months ago)
I don't know about the other members and there's no problem if they are straight or nah BUT WENDY just screams gay and i don't know why. 😂
Viridus (3 months ago)
Bitch ass Wendy has her "oppa" act, and that shits gay af
pepsiandsnapple (6 months ago)
Irene probably dating xiumin. She likes older men and there are rumors they dated during trainee days. They trained together the longest between exo and rv members. Not to mention they share a lot of hobbies, they both love cleaning the house, watch xiumin on idotb, he is a neat freak and so is irene. Not to mention knets have said he is popular among sm girls cause he's very considerate and sweet.
Kpop Weirdo (5 months ago)
pepsiandsnapple Irene is anti men I pretty sure she’s gay for joy or Seulgi
Anoymous (5 months ago)
Irene don't like guys tho.
yoo jam Sluggie (6 months ago)
pepsiandsnapple the delusion lmao ur funny
pepsiandsnapple (6 months ago)
I find exovelvet more believable than btsvelvet Exo did train with red velvet for 4 years and the members threw yeri a birthday party before she was in rv.
seulrene trash (27 days ago)
uwu but come on? red velvet x red velvet
i say the truth (5 months ago)
pepsiandsnapple ikr, btsvelvet is fake, bts has each other
oh enjung (5 months ago)
Tbh for me if red velvet members happened to be dating. They would date someone from SM too/? I mean, we know how close irene and bogum yet they dont have each other's phone numbers. Sm are limiting their contact with non-sm boys i think.
Yoongi's purple ring (6 months ago)
pepsiandsnapple you're right but they could also just be friends??? Idk
Yesha Harrison (6 months ago)
NCT Taeyong and RED VELVET Yeri Dating and Relationship very seem oh my god always look sweet again saw yeri smile taeyong yeah i don't know again like TAERI always how Awesome ☺☺😍 Jungri Bts Jungkook and Red velvet yeri saw dating yeah noo i don't like who like Nct taeyong and mark and Jaehyun and haechan only Dating and relationship i don't know any one or both myself Very to be honest ... guess please married noo
Hyunjin Is my baby (6 months ago)
Shut up bitch or ima report you.
sunseul (6 months ago)
why do armys have to talk about jimin in all the videos involving seulgi? seulgi herself said she is not interested in dating atm and wants to focus on her career godd leave her alone.Jimin is a disgusting pervert who is always looking at seulgi and dahyun.
Viridus (3 months ago)
And Irene gettting touchy by grabbing her members ass aint perverted as well? You gotta chill the fuck out with that-
Sherry Zhuo (4 months ago)
I hate shipping bts and red velvet both the groups get hate
i say the truth (5 months ago)
alice how is her a pervert? okay, lmao so every other guy that stares at a girl is a pervert? yah, go ahead honey
Anoymous (5 months ago)
CHILL THE FUCK OUT you guys Jimin just wants to help and respects everyone, you're the disrespectful one I don't want you hoes telling RV OR BTS to be with who or hurting their feelings.
chimchimmy (5 months ago)
Ok I love jimin but it's true that he stares a lot at dahyun and seulgi it makes me question a lot too😂
Dave XD (6 months ago)
Jimin : Im so sorry but it is FAKE LOVE FAKE LOVE FAKE LOVE
Ragdoll (5 months ago)
Dave XD was this necessary? STOP making armys look bad
The K (6 months ago)
Who the heck is that lucky guy??? 0:17
Rizwan Islam (6 months ago)
Bangvelvet is really happening 😂. Vrene, jungri, seulmin, Wenhope 😂.
RED bunny (6 months ago)
I don't think that pic was Irene cause the school uniform is not even her school unform
QueerVeluv (6 months ago)
Wendy is a perfect gentleman and Irene is nice and caring like a father-figure, considerate, has good manners, and smiles a lot (to Wendy) just saying
Jewel Jabon (6 months ago)
Wendy admitted (on many shows) that she experienced dating tho the lie detector test game said it was a lie.
lil fella (6 months ago)
i think she actually did had experienced in dating maybe the lie detector is wrong cus maybe she's nervous at that time
riot (6 months ago)
The girl in the left side isn't even look like Irene.

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