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Text Comments (35357)
Lil Mia 3 (3 minutes ago)
2:23 is why im still alive xD
Isabelle Martsen (56 minutes ago)
Jessica Rogers (4 hours ago)
At 12:02 mine paused it was funny
roman lee (9 hours ago)
damn garret looks fucking good 😍
roman lee (9 hours ago)
damn garett looks fuckin goodddd 😍
Orange Apples (16 hours ago)
Life Goal: Fuck the Beast from Beauty and the Beast No joke, he is my favorite guy!~
Ella Maestas (17 hours ago)
jadepatty 01 (20 hours ago)
When Garrett was wearing the overalls it was adorable
Possum Doot (21 hours ago)
I literally hate this look so much, he just needs to be the weirdo he truly is on the inside 😂😂
skeleton_love (21 hours ago)
If I was a guy I would date the fuck out of this adorable lil bean
Boredom _ G (21 hours ago)
13:03 *When your crush doesn’t like you*
Ms. Adams (1 day ago)
7:40 that face 😵 lmao
H3arme3r0ar (1 day ago)
That hair is everything on him
Pjandbolt (1 day ago)
"To the secret mirror" just made me love Garrett even more.
wafette 1779 (1 day ago)
I am shook
ItzMiaVlogs (2 days ago)
mark right was in the video like if your british and you know who that is
Dcrash (2 days ago)
Garret, you are beautiful. Would easily be your baby mama. Or your beard. But you’re already out
Bethany Bracamonte (2 days ago)
stephen salvatore af
Ali ibrahim (2 days ago)
Charice Cheong (2 days ago)
If he’s straight I’m sure there’s a lot of girls who wanted to date Him
ZXItsBeastXz 1011 (2 days ago)
-the confidence” garret: I don’t have that.. NEXT” actually me oml
Leah Rey (2 days ago)
“Shane stop it “ he is so cute :(
I would like Garrett to see how handsome he is
Scarlet Shroud (2 days ago)
From garret watts to a Clone of Justin Beiber that an obsessed fan made
Sunlight the WOOF (2 days ago)
Yes us potter heads just gravitate towards each other
Crystal Derr (3 days ago)
Red toaster08 (3 days ago)
HOW IS ANDREW NOT LAUGHING AT ALL THIS BEFORE HE WAS E.X.P.O.S.E.D!!! btw is that even Andrew,the camera man idk...
Brianna Calfy (3 days ago)
okay but who is shook by garrets secret daddyiness. like honestly hes sexy
Riana Vickers (3 days ago)
He honestly looks like Bart Baker in this video, i'm shook.
Mewpersonthing (3 days ago)
Laura Whitcher (3 days ago)
I love Garett 😂😂
Sutton Family (3 days ago)
Shane is so mean to garret
The woman at the end threw away all your books 😭😢
Garret holding the Stephen king IT is the best thing I’ve seen in a while
Ashley Motto (3 days ago)
Holy shit Garett was HOT af in that outfit!!!
Ellie Quinn (4 days ago)
Garrets new look makes him look like Stefan from Tvd
Susette Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Garret is so hot 😍🥰
xxxDemonRabbitxxx (4 days ago)
I wish they got Tan to do this from queer eye but Garebear still lookin fine!!!
Kyle Sinadjan (4 days ago)
Can garret fuck me?
Ale Echavarria (5 days ago)
I actually love this. He want from cute to cutest 😂😍
Yo Bo (5 days ago)
I can't get over when they're looking for shanes book and garret says "maybe it's in this book" logic😂
Nicolette Forte (5 days ago)
i have two things to say.... 1.he's sooooooo adorable 2. I just found caspar lee's twin
MC Miller (5 days ago)
Shane when he saw garrets was hilarious 😂😂😂
Rick and morty (5 days ago)
A straight gay
Katie-Ann Purvis (5 days ago)
He looks so great like this
Junie Harkrider (5 days ago)
Garrett looks kind of like a young Justin Bieber after the makeover lol
Sam Bernstein (5 days ago)
Imrul Kaiser (5 days ago)
Garret is so hot. 😍
Kyra Khalil (6 days ago)
Shane I love you...you literally kill me with laughter 😍😍
LindaCreations (6 days ago)
omg the ending XD
Gem of Gacha (6 days ago)
urm is it just me or does garret kinda look like Edward from twilight??
Gacha Wolf (6 days ago)
Hayes evereybody + Cost alot of money =Cheto
I'm subscribe to everyone who like and comment this
Sarah Lambert (6 days ago)
Garrett actually looks attractive jk love you guys
Despp desp (6 days ago)
Look at shanes cheek and u could see a drip of sweat😂 2:09
Charlotte _gacha (6 days ago)
4:10 literally scared the crap out of me
star star (6 days ago)
Shane: I want to f*ck the beast Me: I want to f*ck Ariel
Rich McGhee (6 days ago)
You look like Collins key
Anne-Audrey Lariviere (6 days ago)
Never realize Garett have Harry Potter glasses!!! LOVE IT!!!! XD
lovely Slytherin (6 days ago)
Garrett looks a lot better without the beard
Maggie Gasparetto (6 days ago)
I'm a straight woman and I find Garrett sooooo hot. Like I can't even. I'd be on that in a heartbeat !!
that random gurl (6 days ago)
Shane:*asking taco bell to put his ashes in a taco when he dies*
Rainbow Leprechaun (6 days ago)
This video is 15:15 long 15 + 15 = 30 Shane is 30 ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED (This is such a stupid comment)
F u urban,little bishes
Darlyn Rodriguez (7 days ago)
i love how garret dont try to be sexy but he is
Kyley Werney (7 days ago)
At 2:12 something falls off of Shane’s face
Pixle_Fox_BOIII :3 (7 days ago)
OMG Shane actually has a sense of style
Pixle_Fox_BOIII :3 (7 days ago)
Oh that’s nice 🧓🏻
Catherine Campos (7 days ago)
Love the sassy way u talk
15:05 to the end 😂😂
September Taylor (7 days ago)
He looks hott.
Kevin McDermott (7 days ago)
beatrice Johnson (7 days ago)
11:30 Garret looks like Collins Key!!!
Wasamelon Seed (7 days ago)
2:33 the way he said earthy tones and his smile😂
Nikki Walker (8 days ago)
Damn he looks great.
NeeNs (8 days ago)
Jolie English (8 days ago)
I saved this video for the longest time, Shane is like my imaginary bestfriend and I'm kinda in love with Garret. So this video is life ❤❤❤
Maileann Canio (8 days ago)
We what did you do to him
I AM JUNGSHOOK (8 days ago)
Garrett: SoMeOnE gEt mE A sOdA😂
Kiersten 51 (8 days ago)
Why do I like the goofy nerdy Garrett, not this 😂😂
e walsh (8 days ago)
Watching one of Shane videos without hearing Andrew laugh every 2 minutes is weird af
Neerin (8 days ago)
2:51 top left, look at ryland trying not to get in the video ahahahah
J BUILDS (8 days ago)
Shane you inspire me to be a funny person
chickianpox_ pox (8 days ago)
*protecc these precious children*
nicole uribe (8 days ago)
is it wrong that all I see is Ace ventura on Shane's friend??
Lea (9 days ago)
Sandy_Paws 021415 (9 days ago)
Should've gotten Garrett Some Hogwarts robes
Tsuki Diaz (9 days ago)
Elise ghattas (9 days ago)
Keira-Jayne A (9 days ago)
Garret is so cute, adorable -- handsome. He's everything I swear! I just wanna hug him..
Yazo0o7F (9 days ago)
Garrett is the best.!!!! but beard all the way
The new Creator (9 days ago)
hahahah when garret says "some one get me a soda.." sooo cool
livsucks (9 days ago)
*"sipped on my WHAT like necter!?"*
Celina miranda (9 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2018
Laney Sudz (9 days ago)
Shane: SHOOK!!! Garrett: HAHAHAHAHAH oh sorry this guy doesn’t laugh like that hahahaHAHAHAHHAHA Shane: Ew Ew!!
Laney Sudz (9 days ago)
Garrett deserves a great guy, he is so awesome and funny. Annndddd adorable❤️👏🏼
Kate Flanigan (10 days ago)
Cheeto is tooooooo precious
Kate Flanigan (10 days ago)
Garrett is actually hot
Felisha_1408 (10 days ago)
December 2018?
lover (10 days ago)

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