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Hollywood Undead Live 7/11/09 Pt. 5 "This Love, This Hate"

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hollywood undead "This Love, This Hate" on 7/11/09 in madison wisconsin at the barrymore theater
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Ethan Dodd (17 days ago)
My ears just got raped, but yet his voice was still amazing over the bad quality. Sad I was only a little kid when Swan songs was released because its my favourite album of theirs.
Jesus 310P (2 months ago)
This reminds me the good times :,)
Xavier Lewandowski (6 months ago)
This be great if there wasn't so much distortion.
Full Master Link (9 months ago)
Does someone happen to know where this was
szsmix (9 months ago)
This was their last tour and Funny says to Deuce before it starts. "Okay we're giving you this next song, Have some fun Kid"
chiara krtak (1 year ago)
This is truly beautiful <3
little pet kingdome (1 year ago)
I miss Deuce sooo much in Hollywood Undead. I love all the songs he was in. He has good songs on his own but these were the good days😳
Rageioz (1 year ago)
When deuce says astray I die inside
you don't know me (1 year ago)
Это был один-единственный один выполнения этого трека на лайв
Elena Cvetkovska (1 year ago)
"Got each other's back" how fake, they backstabbed him
The Kowbow (1 year ago)
Honestly it sucks that deuce got kicked but this song shows that he is a way better singer than all of them. Deuce was the main reason I loved this band.
TheTrueSonofSparda (1 year ago)
Deuce uses a lot of backtrack in other performances but this performance was great there's no backtrack for him and you can actually hear his voice and the emotions he's feeling from him knowing this is his last performance with Hollywood Undead
Elizabeth Rose (1 year ago)
What kills me is they all seem in good moods with each other on stage, sure it could be acting but I really wonder if the split was a misunderstanding that snowballed into a whole bunch of bullshit lol.
Crooked Man (1 year ago)
The feels.
fruitdealer007 (2 years ago)
he isnt lip syncing this, he barely hits a tone, when it was lip synced, it should sound "perfect"
Bad_Moon (2 years ago)
Hearing the crowd sing along at 3:25 gave me the chills
TheTrueSonofSparda (2 years ago)
Is this the only time they played this song live?
Khajiit Kharjo (1 year ago)
They did just 2 times.
ShaunNufcD1992 (2 years ago)
they did more times
Marc Bou Saleh (2 years ago)
i was asking myself the same thing apparently yes
Marc Bou Saleh (2 years ago)
difference between druce and danny: deuce sometimes lip sync danny doesnt no hate for deuce though
Watties -__^ (1 year ago)
Danny literally re-recorded Swan Songs to lipsync it lmao
Relytxz HD (1 year ago)
Deuce never actually lip synced with HU.
fruitdealer007 (2 years ago)
danny uses backtracking tho, just like deuce
Marc Bou Saleh (2 years ago)
+Av SeR deuce always does!
Raa7 (2 years ago)
he used backtrack didnt u know that ?
MeNSPLID (2 years ago)
i miss this song <3
Lastrevio (2 years ago)
I'll sing you one last song and then I'm gone... This is actually what happened.
alex waco (2 years ago)
it's like only deuce and Danny are the only ones who can sing the same as u hear em on the music videos
Silent Moab (1 year ago)
alex waco for real, when hear me now came out i though it was deuce
Oğuz Öztürk (2 years ago)
This was Deuce's last show...
Sammy Fighter (2 years ago)
Is your camera a toaster?
Phazed Official (3 years ago)
this really makes me wish HU and Deuce would make up, just let it be in the past, they both make good music and it would be so killer to see both of them out on a tour together and collaborate on stage
Lastrevio (2 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA IIIII NEED TO FIND A WAY I NEED A MIRACLE couldn't stop not doing it
Payton Socha (3 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA lmao
Jarrett Sugar (3 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA yup
DANtheMANofSIPA (3 years ago)
Yeah, unfortunatly, Deuce and Johnny have a really bad hatred for each other, one I don't think will go away unless a miracle happens. (He needs a miracle!)
melody (3 years ago)
"I'll sing you one last song and then I'm gone" Well shit.....that's ironic.
iLoveCheerios x (1 year ago)
His last performance live was like October 2009 or late September
Elizabeth Rose (1 year ago)
I mean come on if you willing left a band you wouldn't be that damn pissed off and hurt about it. I figure the real story is a little bit of both sides honestly.
MoonTheWolf (2 years ago)
it was the last song he sung on his last tour, He planned to leave but only people who figure it out know it
98izzark (2 years ago)
He didn't know it would be his last song. This wasn't his last performance either.
im not trash u are (2 years ago)
Hucrewwhatwhat71 (3 years ago)
there are no facts about who's better, it all counts on opinions. And MY opinion is fuck deuce. Hollywood Undead better without him. And I'm sure you feel the same but flipped around. Agree to disagree.
Jarrett Sugar (3 years ago)
I would like to see shitty Danny do this
Nick Larson (3 years ago)
Wait did HU leave him out there alone? or wat?? I only see like 2 people on stage
J Mark (3 years ago)
+Nick Larson near the end of the video you can see J3T Charlie Da Kurlz and some one on the keyboards J-dog i guess cause the quality of the video is not that good
Ghosp1312 (3 years ago)
When they don't have to do anything while a song is performed they go backstage, for a trip to the bathroom, to get a drink etc
Nick Larson (3 years ago)
HeyThereI'mSky (3 years ago)
If I were him knowing this would be my last song I would have tears down my cheeks while singing
Ferris 3 tears (3 years ago)
+GemSkie PS3 I blame fuck boy J3T for voting him out of the band because of his personality :(
Ferris 3 tears (3 years ago)
Idk why people think deuce is lip syncing. How about this, go check your damn ears or get a hearing aid and buy some high tech headphones please.
Javier Delgado (3 years ago)
This song is the best of Swan Songs !!
xFutureTrunksx (1 year ago)
*Paradise Lost and This Love This Hate
XUndead Assassin7 (2 years ago)
hell yea it is!!!
Oliver Bratley (3 years ago)
+Geogliff SakraNevimCoSemDat meh I'll settle for that. :p it's easily their beat album
Martin Kubíče (3 years ago)
Whole album*
Oliver Bratley (3 years ago)
+Justin Patterson Young*
Trafalgar Law (3 years ago)
The Truth.feat TheExtremeUndead
Hucrewwhatwhat71 (3 years ago)
so take your ONE and only Duece album and go fuck yourself with it idiot.
Jarrett Sugar (3 years ago)
+Joseph Schultz please fuck off dude I wish I could cut ever finger off from u so u can't type any more
Jarrett Sugar (3 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA yup
mhmoka (3 years ago)
+Joseph Schultz oooo sick burn
Hucrewwhatwhat71 (3 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA Yeah buddy, little late seeing as we already established that about an hour ago.
DANtheMANofSIPA (3 years ago)
Two Deuce albums now.
Watching this video made me really sad, HU wasnt fair to deuce :/
Дэнни лучше
Давайте ещё обосритесь
Elijah _Hlm (3 years ago)
Hollywood Undead's songs are great. But after reading that I feel like Deuce was treated wrongly.
VergeOfVertigo (1 year ago)
Andrew Ricklefs ...Your point?
Andrew Ricklefs (1 year ago)
...And you have a Danny profile pic
pan pot (3 years ago)
Deuce left :( still love this crazy guy...
xFutureTrunksx (1 year ago)
Me too
Deft Penguin (2 years ago)
got kicked out
Hucrewwhatwhat71 (3 years ago)
Fuck Duece' s punk ass. He's a little bitch.
Jarrett Sugar (3 years ago)
+t o u R i s t true
fruitdealer007 (3 years ago)
still better tha hus new techno house music
Hucrewwhatwhat71 (3 years ago)
+Jarrett Sugar there's a good reason they took it down.... cause noone wants to hear that Shit you stupid fuck.
Hucrewwhatwhat71 (3 years ago)
+Jarrett Sugar hah wow, it took him four years to make another album and it was absolute trash. I heard like six songs and I feel like I deserved a fucking golden medal for making it that far in honesty.
Crystal Jay (3 years ago)
Read what really happened between the members... Listening to this is really depressing...
Shepherd Gaming (2 months ago)
If your referring to the hu exposed blog then that's fake
TheTechPoTaToCHIP (3 years ago)
After reading what really happened to Deuce and HU, this performance just got depressing. HU gave Deuce this one opportunity to perform this live right before they kicked him out.
Shepherd Gaming (1 year ago)
TheTechPoTaToCHIP damn. I just realized this is actually the fucking one. he was already kicked out actually but they needed to tour so they did
Hayden Humpherys (2 years ago)
Tracy Lockman "quit telling people that I quit the band that I made!"
bndgaming4ever (2 years ago)
+Tracy Lockman It did, it's just the HU Army that still discusses/argues over it 😂😂
Tracy Lockman (2 years ago)
they didn't kick him out, deuce left. i still like him solo but i want this war between the bands to stop.
iBrowney119 (3 years ago)
This is the most inaccurate comment thread I've ever seen.
Ilinca6 (3 years ago)
a good damn song
Ilinca6 (3 years ago)
+Gametimeplanet lol, am I so popular now ?
Gametimeplanet (3 years ago)
Sup like your vids
Starguy X (3 years ago)
Deuce was so good with Hollywood undead
jamie molenkamp (3 years ago)
didn't know this song is played live
DANtheMANofSIPA (3 years ago)
+jamie molenkamp It was Deuce's last show...
Kenan (4 years ago)
I miss deuce :'(
Starguy X (3 years ago)
Me to
Vaas Monternago (3 years ago)
He made hollywood undead so no deuce is no hollywood undead
Kenan (4 years ago)
Hcc Tendeep (4 years ago)
Ikr, im a fan of danny but what I hate is when people who say stuff like "yeah go danny, fuck deuce I hope he gets fucking tortured" like seriously I know he was kind of acting stupid making songs against hu after he left, but tortured? Too fucking far to want someone to die over music.
Kenan (4 years ago)
Yeah deuce is not lip syncing thats his real voice
Edwin Ramirez (4 years ago)
This is proof that deuce can sing
Aslan Zhaparov (3 years ago)
Deuce not lipsynced, it's called backtrack.
Malfouri (4 years ago)
Was this filmed on a potato
digglythe milkman (2 years ago)
+DANtheMANofSIPA audio wasn't this bad in 2009
DANtheMANofSIPA (3 years ago)
+BAMItsAbbie No, it was filmed in 2009 -__-
ultra-violent ray (3 years ago)
No...it was a banana...dipshit
Soulrunners1Freerun (4 years ago)
Deuce isn't lip syncing
Tomasz Muse (3 years ago)
+Soulrunners1Freerun Thats a wonder! :o
Gerald Short (3 years ago)
+LillyOmega I do actually
Queen Glory (3 years ago)
+Johnny Vincent Not gonna argue just because you don't know how often Deuce hasn't lip synced.
Gerald Short (3 years ago)
+LillyOmega no.
Queen Glory (4 years ago)
He's only not lip synced once with HU.
Skial0910 (4 years ago)
He never lip sync
EH!cast (3 years ago)
+Cus Cus ou I'm so sorry that I make a mistake when I'm from CZ, please don't eat me!
Cus Cus (3 years ago)
+AlikMovies Thing ? .. Lol you idiot.
EH!cast (3 years ago)
:DDDD If you think...
Vladimir Jelezarsky (4 years ago)
Danny A (5 years ago)
Idk why people say that deuce lip syncs........unless you can come up with full proof of that bs, then stop.
Nightcore Lukas (5 years ago)
This sounds fucking awesome :D,finally a video without deuce lip syncing and it's good :D
TotallyNotJosh (5 years ago)
omg is that.... Deuce...Not lip syncing!?!?!? D:
Oliver Abbott (5 years ago)
I see sigh and shes cryimg on my mammas shoilder...who the fuck is sigh
Just a little neko (5 years ago)
He rly never lip synched
Burns C. Montgomery (5 years ago)
No. I could find 1 live video where he really sang "The One". It was not as good as the original but it was good.
KING B (5 years ago)
yes he is! fuck your hearing))
Colby Snell (5 years ago)
Good song
Josh Bostwick (5 years ago)
To bad deuce was lip singing at every concert
David Moran (5 years ago)
RIP HU NINE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!
oOmeloniiOo (5 years ago)
one or their best songs...omg..love to hear this *-* <33
Vert Elli (5 years ago)
God you people must be hard of hearing or something if you think Deuce is better than Danny.
Brady Hawkins (5 years ago)
i assume this is the only time theyve done this song live
george lester (5 years ago)
2:48 - 3:14 is AMAZING!!!!!
ScollKing (5 years ago)
he wasnt lypsinging.. listen to the fan filmed videos of rockam... the pro vids are sabotages
Christopher Moore (5 years ago)
James smith (6 years ago)
Deuce the only hu member to have his own song nine lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia Romero (6 years ago)
im a chick but thanks lol
CHARLYN RODZ (6 years ago)
Give credit to the guy who posted the song lol
CHARLYN RODZ (6 years ago)
Lol! sometimes its all u can afford xD
Akira Ichika (6 years ago)
damn straight, Danny wont be able to rap this ,
Arch Khudoba (6 years ago)
totally agree with you, mate :)
Fuzique (6 years ago)
i would like to hear this song live in romania:)
Olivia Romero (6 years ago)
yea i kno. i had a horrible camera at the time.. but eh
this video sounds like a windstorm
TheEminemfan15 (6 years ago)
so deuce sang a full song alone a few of you just said you wanna hear danny do it so why danny and not one of two members who started the band
Batman131 (6 years ago)
haha I don't know, maybe that would happen, or maybe not, but I think we'll never know, but still, for me, it would be cool to hear that...
Batman131 (6 years ago)
aww yeah!!
Vusak (6 years ago)
Letting Danny sing this would be like raping this beautiful song.
rebecca guardado (6 years ago)
I LOVE DANNY! btw this was once my favorite song lol..its been so long
ThadCastle4life (6 years ago)
For that one god damn song.
Batman131 (6 years ago)
I know that most people watching this might hate Danny, but I'm thinking that it would be interesting to hear Danny singing this song, even if this one is kinda more from Deuce, still, it sucks that there isn't an HD live version of this song... And sadly, it won't exist :( PS: this is my favorite song from Swan Songs! ♫
Anty Holm (6 years ago)
ofc theres no VEVO version of this beautiful song, wanna know why? theres no swaering and thereby no censoring.
ColumnedCentaur (6 years ago)
Together we stand, divided we fall. Thats what came to mind when i read this.
Mario Velichkov (6 years ago)
you know thats playback right?!
HUsolidier (6 years ago)
Actually, Deuce is doing pretty good solo and so is HU. I still wish they were together again though.
Chezzylp (6 years ago)
2:18 fail ? =D
Vusak (6 years ago)
@TheFIRESTARX You clearly based your comment on one interview with J3T and Da Kurlzz talking shit about Deuce.
Josue Samaniego (6 years ago)
I miss these days:/
HUsolidier (6 years ago)
@dethshalo99 I don't tihnk so because even though it's HU's song, Deuce wrote the song with a little help from Jimmy Yuma
FeelTheH8 (6 years ago)
People say he sucks live, when on the contrary, Deuce was the only one who had talent without autotune!
Forget your Vanity (6 years ago)
Forget your Vanity (6 years ago)
i wanna see danny sing this sobg live
TheFIRESTARX (6 years ago)
@dhammerindy HU seems perfectly fine with out him. if not better. Deuce dident like being appart of HU and they dident like him being there cuz he wan an egomaniac. he wanted to have his personal assistant with him on tours wtf is wrong with him none of the others did. + Danny doesent lip sync 95% of the time :b
Joshua Osborn (6 years ago)
@dhammerindy But Hollywood Undead Grew sick of him, would you rather they quit making music? Because thats what wouldve happened, well anyways that what the video interviews said.
XxDeAtHxXbLoOdRaId (7 years ago)
3:50 ow my ears...
El Chapo Jr (7 years ago)
Deuce is awesome live, and his dancing is the shit too! His character live is very entertaining, i love his new stuff and 9lives, Deuce will go far in life :)
HUsolidier (7 years ago)
@RoCro535 Yeah, this "war" is retarted
HUsolidier (7 years ago)
@RoCro535 y can't the fans just get along? Y is this war necessary. And theres alot of people who make HU fans seemed the worst cause they spam deuce's websites and go to videos about deuce just to hate. Most of them r bullies.

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