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T.I. - Live Your Life ft. Rihanna [Official Video]

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T.I. - Live Your Life ft. Rihanna [Official Video] Subscribe:http://bit.ly/YouTubeTIvsTIP The new US or ELSE EP is available on all digital retailers. Download and stream now.! Apple Music/iTunes/Spotify/Pandora/Google Play: http://smarturl.it/Listen2TI Tidal: http://smarturl.it/tUSorELSE Amazon: http://smarturl.it/aUSorELSE Connect with TIP: http://bit.ly/FacebookTi http://bit.ly/TwitterTi http://bit.ly/InstagramTi
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Text Comments (31492)
Jurassic Collector (55 minutes ago)
1:33 I think a lot of us are here for this
Bonnalina Fuzbunny (58 minutes ago)
Copied Numa Numa but still a good song.
Pimp Og (2 hours ago)
New school is so trash
Mee forever (4 hours ago)
Listening to this song just bring so much memories
Top5 Glamour (5 hours ago)
Listening in December 2018?
loco wolfe 1 (8 hours ago)
Dec. 2019 anyone?
Marcos Alves (12 hours ago)
Brasil online 2018
Love this collaboration between Rihanna and TI. Amazing lyrics !
Ehhh h? (1 day ago)
Alicia Longstreet (1 day ago)
Me and my mom both love it is is amazing
A Haunter (1 day ago)
bruhh when this song came out, i downloaded it so fuckin fast on my ipod lmao
Dalia Maldonado (1 day ago)
Roc_Iron (1 day ago)
when rap was good
brisel choogc (1 day ago)
Cause I am a paper chaser, cause I am a big fucking slut I heard both
Madison Billette (1 day ago)
1:33 “because I’m a big fucking slut” or “because I’m a paper chaser”
GamingEnd (1 day ago)
1:34 Cuz im a big fucking slut?
Tayredty (1 day ago)
Wow the full version is way better 🙏✊
The Animated Ninjah (1 day ago)
Cause I’m a big fuckin slut
Likita Oumarou (1 day ago)
2008 le bon vieux temps
Jocelyn Marie (1 day ago)
I wasn't even born when they posted this 12.16.08
Jocelyn Marie (1 day ago)
I remember on my first birthday my mom played this song when she was blowing the balloons for the part and i was sitting on them 😭😭😭😟memories
Boseph (1 day ago)
Numa Numa Oh! Aye aye ayee
Juliana Adams (1 day ago)
The spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid...
Eliete Nega (1 day ago)
😍😍😍linda essa música
Bigstone (1 day ago)
10 years and still watching ... where are the likes for those whop like this song
Bj Mckitty (2 days ago)
2018 still trending ❤️❤️❤️
Romeo Pipeson (2 days ago)
who's still listening to this tune 2018
Gregory Campbell (2 days ago)
Ti the king
Isabella Bautista (2 days ago)
Xoxo. Mercy (2 days ago)
Daddy if you see this(cause ik u love this song) I really miss you and love you I miss you and mommy really bad and wish I could still live with but just remember I do really miss and love you and mommy
Jada Nanez (2 days ago)
Omg memories! Have me tearing up 😣😊
emmanuel katena (2 days ago)
Chris Scott (2 days ago)
"Unhappy with the riches 'cause you're piss poor morally"....💗
Official Chapo (2 days ago)
Over 10 years ago 😯
Andrei Tudorache (2 days ago)
Dan Balan wrote this
Litez Comps (2 days ago)
november 2018
zanoono. xoo (3 days ago)
New yanny or laurel: what do you hear? 1) Cuz i am a paper chaser Or 2) Cuz i am a big f*ckin sl*t I hear the second one lmao
Vanessa Broadus (3 days ago)
Tee James (3 days ago)
TRUTH....2018 AND 2B CONT'D👍👍👍👍👍🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Leya Randell (3 days ago)
and ti its beautiful song thought that counts
Leya Randell (3 days ago)
sounds nice interested to see the words thankyou rihanna and
Teamloh musik (3 days ago)
Rip off of dragosta din tei (numa song)
TheMasterBlack BR ! (3 days ago)
2018 ? 😎🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Sabrina Freitas (3 days ago)
Única br relembrando qwp nhaaa
Live Your Life By Rapper T.I And Live Your Life By Rapp Group The 5th Ward Boyz Peep it Out
Dheymison Maia (3 days ago)
nov 2018 e ainda nao canso de ouvir!!!
Sadmorgana de roman (3 days ago)
November 16 2018.... 10:25 am just live your life 😍 memories memories 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
The Other Side (3 days ago)
*One of those things Rihanna has done so much that makes her indispensable.*
Vera blink blink (3 days ago)
I'm living my living life rocking it girl
Izzy Neda (3 days ago)
This song was my anthem
Andrei Nikolai Alaba (3 days ago)
Still living my life until this moment!
Mega Kawtar (4 days ago)
true music real music
Tamariah Jones (4 days ago)
this my song riahanna and T.I wow they are amazing tbh
FranztCf_ Ytb (4 days ago)
This is my song on 2018
Tasciana Graham (4 days ago)
Here I am. November 15th 2018! 🙌💓
Lil Lante (4 days ago)
Name of the song which the beat starts at the end of this song
12dewf34erggg (4 days ago)
Dragostea din tei - O-Zone
José Pedro (4 days ago)
The best songs of my childhood.....i learn live with this music in 2009
jonas smith (4 days ago)
jonas smith (4 days ago)
Tom cruse TRy to stop the MAN ... scored earth .. WELL COYOTE bitches YOU are out of LUCK #EXTERAMANTIONS
jonas smith (4 days ago)
3:34 that what i do when i scilate with MEN ...
jonas smith (4 days ago)
not a teen any more
ann waithira (4 days ago)
Nov 2018
Liz Nanaeto (4 days ago)
when real rap make sciens
Yasin Mugahed (4 days ago)
Wayne Wilberforce (4 days ago)
now move away from gayor frayz and gays
Magic Stars (4 days ago)
still lv this and bounce around like a teenager lol
Still watching in 2018
Faith Wakesho (4 days ago)
november 2018 whose with me give me like
dragz202 (5 days ago)
funatricks DONT fool the 💀
Incoming call (5 days ago)
Damn nice...it really hits
lnya vera (5 days ago)
15/11/18 and I'm here😘😘
Evans Kariuki (5 days ago)
This and other TI songs made high school dope.
0Jmpc_ 64 (5 days ago)
Naeem Shahzad (5 days ago)
🥰Rihanna 🥰
My life with pets s (5 days ago)
Who Else Likes The Songs From 2000 - 2015? I Know I'm Not The Only One Right?
Ismael.khalel Rihanna (5 days ago)
Badboynam thats my fans account to riri any one know me🙂🙏
Cesar Souza (5 days ago)
The Real Maman Dahier (5 days ago)
Flora Styles (5 days ago)
Anyone listened to the numa numa part??
dollarbody6969 (5 days ago)
I feel like I'm growing up again..this is legit in Nov /2018
Nadir abdel illah (5 days ago)
This song still a fucking motivation to me 2018
Amadu Masawudu (5 days ago)
Am here because of rihanna
death1stalker (6 days ago)
This song is underrated and this woman fine ass Hell
Tadeo Nkonya (6 days ago)
November 2018 sounds like it were released yesterday...
Chad Saengalam (6 days ago)
I brought back from the hood, all u did was take away 😪
Francis Sambula (6 days ago)
Live mi life BELIZEAN 501
Swish_191 (6 days ago)
1:33 she says imma big fucking slut
Delia Sparkles (6 days ago)
Dragostea din Tei, bging ❤️❤️❤️
Numa numa hey
Naomie Senatus (6 days ago)
I never catch the story..
Ruby-Mae Vale (6 days ago)
Song Issa Jam😂😂
Sylvester Essien (6 days ago)
Today hip pop is just noise making ...Dis is real hip pop song..
Maggie Namz (6 days ago)
I know am late for this but can I jst say that T.I rapped the hell outa this man this is the best I have heard him rap esp the Second verse👏👏👏👏👏
Thabo BigMan Zozi (6 days ago)
Abul Khair (7 days ago)
Dude is handsome
Damon Nash (7 days ago)
listen to when rihanna says “cause i’m a paper chaser” but in your head think of her saying “cause i’m a big fuckin slut.” it’ll sound like that’s what she said
Marvin Coley (7 days ago)
Banging banging
Kimberly Sue (7 days ago)
“The swagger of a college kid” This came out my senior year of college...all the nostalgia!
Joyce Williams (7 days ago)
when Libra n Pieces hook up it's a hit!!
Nicholas Bateman (7 days ago)
Nicholas Lee Bateman 282787728
Paula Raynny (7 days ago)
Adoro essas musicas curto muinto. Tao de parabens

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