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Modern Undercut | Cool and Popular Hairstyle | Hair For Men

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Men's hair inspiration 2017 ! In this tutorial we show you how to get a Modern undercut hairstyle ! Haircut & styling Kochi Hi GUYS! We hope you all enjoyed this video! Please let us know what other videos you'd like for us to make. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: ► Haircut by : https://www.instagram.com/kochifaraj/ ► Director : https://www.instagram.com/ccamedifaraj/ ►model : https://www.instagram.com/johnnyedlind/
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Text Comments (1858)
RG 。 (2 days ago)
Um Momento para Amar (6 days ago)
hot hot boy
Amit Abergel (8 days ago)
Shit damn nigga
Noud (12 days ago)
johnnyedlind on insta
Nathaniel Santos (12 days ago)
I want one night stand... Very hot
Jason Prince (12 days ago)
What is his hair color?? I want to have that hair color😭
Kaylee Cook (16 days ago)
What’s this dudes insta
oli ver (17 days ago)
that´s 1 juicy boi
DeltaGhost (18 days ago)
This guy will make you question ur sexuality 😂
Marco Kraemer (21 days ago)
Johnny Edlind 🤗
WingsOfAnarchy (22 days ago)
too bad the video doesn't do much explaining on how to do that hairstyle
Julien Thiebart (27 days ago)
The client is Johnny Edling https://instagram.com/johnnyedlind?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=191elmi2a3ox0
김기현 (29 days ago)
Nathaniel Santos (1 month ago)
I like the guy complexion and body and color hair.. Very hot
Homeless Goomba (1 month ago)
Song is fire
Vitali Ruder (1 month ago)
Whats the name of this haircut?
hombiee (1 month ago)
Was that a fade on the sides or equal lenghts?
Roy Daniël (1 month ago)
Did this guy just called us ugly?
Origami (1 month ago)
Origami (1 month ago)
ぽ ぽ (1 month ago)
いや、は?イケメンすぎるくね?笑笑笑笑 この世のものとは思えないってまさにこれ。 顔、整いすぎて怖い
EDM er (1 month ago)
まじでイケメンだよな ずっとインスタフォローしてるけどほんとタトゥーも最高
True Demon (1 month ago)
jason maki
Brudaaa (1 month ago)
I'm astonished at all the comments made of how people find this guy 'so handsome'. He looks average to me. Nah the comments must be exaggerated for jokes right?
Austin Welch (1 month ago)
That bro has deff used clippers before hahaha
Austin Welch (1 month ago)
Fucking love it
diego silva (1 month ago)
que envidia le tengo yo soy rubio pero ese loco es demasiado fachero pero demasiado
Black White (1 month ago)
Its funny to read the comments section . 1)Some guys are donating their gf's 2)Some fall in love with him 3) Sm turned out be gay Me :I just want to go to a barber.
田中一郎 (1 month ago)
Louison (1 month ago)
Type of hair
R T (1 month ago)
Erick Al Faraz (1 month ago)
What the colour ?
useuj002r (1 month ago)
Please tell me song name
smitha pb (1 month ago)
the way u cut hair damn
B D (1 month ago)
Handsome 99.99% Hair cut skill 00.01% That is all for this video
jd Mendoza (1 month ago)
Male version of Justin Bieber
iPhamous X (1 month ago)
As a fellow attractive guy myself, this guy is on a whole nother level of attractiveness
iPhamous X (1 month ago)
+ebony black lmao girls would always take double glance at me and smile if I look at them
ebony black (1 month ago)
+iPhamous X Or people who are average/ugly but overestimated their looks?
iPhamous X (1 month ago)
+ebony black Only actual good looking people will have the guts to say that. You got it flipped bud
ebony black (1 month ago)
"As a fellow attractive guy myself" LOL Anyone who says that, are likely to be ugly.
Jack Carman (2 months ago)
What does he put in to make soft like In the end
stefano 007 (2 months ago)
I am considered good looking. But this guy Lol man, I feel ugly bro.. 😂
underpants underpants (2 months ago)
um he looks like a tool at the end. just sayin. not a hater not jealous. Just looks like a cheesy LA hipster.
István Hegyesi (2 months ago)
The barber dude looks like Alex Costa
Tony Orange (2 months ago)
Strong gust of wind would sort that shit right out!!
Zhang Jia hua (2 months ago)
He looks like white kanye west when he smiles
Kazuomi Hirahara (2 months ago)
very nice hair style👍
tu sam (2 months ago)
his hair is made out of gold
christian hill (2 months ago)
His IG is JohnnyEdlind
Unseen Voice (2 months ago)
Swedish people are so attractive.
Dexter Morgan (2 months ago)
Such an attractive dude, but turns out he's 5'6", still any takers ladies?
ebony black (1 month ago)
+Dexter Morgan Wtf?? 5'9" is more than enough to be considered attractive. And he has blue eyes so who would look at his height anyway hahaha
Bee Me (2 months ago)
+Dexter Morgan  Yes.His height is short for a man.He still has a girlfriend.That's the main thing, I think.
Dexter Morgan (2 months ago)
True, but it would severely hinder his potential. His real height is 5'9" which is still quite short for most men, but he makes up for that doesn't he
Bee Me (2 months ago)
There's bound to be a few takers, I think. He's still very, very cute.Small size is not a problem for some people
Doc Brightside (3 months ago)
In the words of Curly Bill from Tombstone. "That's the prettiest man I ever saw"
Rhenjhun Medianero (3 months ago)
Real life Ken...😍😍
Mahdi Yusefy (3 months ago)
I want to look at his sexy eyes when he sucking my Di*k💦💦😍
Poop Nation ASMR (3 months ago)
This haircut is actually quite popular in Syria and some other development countries!
Vivi Girl (3 months ago)
Paul Walker Is that you? in heaven
Herobrad (3 months ago)
Is his hair thick or thin can’t tell
saucysven (3 months ago)
he looks like that sexy guy you make in saints row
Stalini Naufahu (3 months ago)
I came here for a new haircut idea, not to have my self-esteem crushed...
Philippe Barbosa (3 months ago)
Why is that dude orange? Lol🍊
Luffy PirateKing (3 months ago)
This man is Poseidon
1 1 (3 months ago)
He would be much better looking with only 50% of the tan that he has now..
Vitalbra MC (3 months ago)
I was not even paying attention to the cut, was it any different? lol
Tzujka (3 months ago)
Am I gay? Hmmmmm.....
The-CoffeeBean (4 months ago)
I want a mans with his haircut and color!
Caressa Clark (4 months ago)
Spent 2 weeks in Stockholm. Two of the best and most badly-behaved weeks of my life☺
Big Dick Clique (2 months ago)
Wait aren't you a bedwench?
Richard P W (4 months ago)
So good
Mojo Risen (4 months ago)
You're a girl lol
levi coombs (4 months ago)
That guy is fucking hot
Cody Farrell (4 months ago)
Bro not even looking at the hair, dude looks like a Swedish Justin beiber
Rodrigo Bemker (4 months ago)
For all who want to know the name of the song: Prefekt - Numb ft. Johnning
Ramiro Sisco-Asencio II (4 months ago)
Funny how everybody is distracted by this guys good looks, and nobody comment on how bad the haircut was. Didn’t see any straight lines anywhere. Not even in the part!
テイク727 (4 months ago)
この曲名解りますか?Do you know the name of this song?
ask_yo_man_bout_me - (4 months ago)
he ain't all that & this is coming from a girl
ask_yo_man_bout_me - (4 months ago)
he ain't all that
ebony black (1 month ago)
Well someone's jealous...
森本ボリス (4 months ago)
why cant my barber do this??
勇次郎範馬 (4 months ago)
What’s this song?
Felipe dos anjos (4 months ago)
Hot boy
Muzzammil Hoosain (4 months ago)
みーこ波乗り (5 months ago)
Who is name?
Irina N (5 months ago)
I dont care if the barber or the blonde one, damnnn
토니퍼거슨 (5 months ago)
잘생겼다 ^ ^ 나도 잘생긴 2002년생
Na young Jeong (5 months ago)
What is the model name
Bee Me (5 months ago)
Na young Jeong He's Johnny Edlind.
Stevejobs sein Daddy (5 months ago)
Handsome son of a snitching bitch
Fatih Nazlı (5 months ago)
https://erkeksactasarimvemodelleri.blogspot.com/ New Hair men models !
ヨッシーヨッシー (5 months ago)
João Silveira (5 months ago)
This guy has 110% chances of stealing your boyfriend.
E. M. B. (5 months ago)
Look like the hair cuts in 1980 till 1986
Heal The World (5 months ago)
Playing life on easy mode i see. What a noob
Mano de Dios (2 days ago)
U did my year xD
WingsOfAnarchy (11 days ago)
best comment ever :D
Mark .Boone (5 months ago)
Shave his head, I'd still eat em alive! Oh.....been doing hair for 10Years, if you need a video to learn how to do this cut, then tear your license up and throw it away. Dude in the Video------"Call Me"
Abdi Kay LP (5 months ago)
What is the name of this guy?
Bee Me (5 months ago)
Abdi Kay LP The model ? He's Johnny Edlind.
WillyWonkasLight (5 months ago)
Are those eyes made of BrightOcular or biological?
Hey You (5 months ago)
Who is he?
Bee Me (5 months ago)
Hey You He's Johnny Edlind.
Ahadul Islam (5 months ago)
Not good Looking
AghashQ (5 months ago)
That lad is so handsome it hurts... And tingles... And his attitude of low-profile-nothing-special-about-me makes him even more appealing. I wish I could just be near him watching him going about his normal daily routine to simply savor everything about him and turbo charge/overcharge my 'beauty batteries' :-) Gosh!
Ruby Ardiles (5 months ago)
Fabio D'Amore (5 months ago)
Was für ein schöner junge . Und schnitt
Nice Try M9 (5 months ago)
i thought i was handsome...
HTC U11 Plus 2 (5 months ago)
Пацан капец сладостный,соски дают поди не раздумывая)
Grzgori Quenutt (5 months ago)
방구석여포킬러 (5 months ago)
얼굴이 존잘이잖아 시발
Sherlyn Lyv (5 months ago)
God what a beautiful man...

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