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Memphis Woman Gets Arrested For Beating A Mother WITH HER BABY SLEEPING NEXT TO HER!!!

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Smart Grace (18 days ago)
Fuck that women why would to a mom with a helpless baby
Peter Matson (2 years ago)
Black bitch
Flo (2 years ago)
Seems like the West Memphis police finally arrested the right person.
ABRAHAM & ISAAC (2 years ago)
The courts will give that "queen" probation so she can breed the next generation of destruction. keep the cops and courts employed for years to come..
S. Chris T. (2 years ago)
Smh, more "Foolbook" nonsense from the modern day Niggress.You ignorant ass heifers continue to give yourself a "black eye", and then wonder why your always irrational behavior creates a bad reputation, that sticks like Velcro, Memphis is full of these types of fools...
The Melancholic Tigah (2 years ago)
.....Who Is Still F*ckin,Reproducin,procreatin With The Western Black Woman!? WHO!!! (double facepalm) If I were to put my penis in these walkin/talkin cum dumpin blenders....MAN I"D KICK MY OWN ASS!!!
Justin Thomas (2 years ago)
I'm just here to see if this is White people's fault.
Zion StormWolf (2 years ago)
smh beastly women

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