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How To Play Magic The Gathering

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This is basic "how to" on the card game Magic The Gathering. Hope it is useful to all of you and I hope you enjoy my video. Have fun playing Magic.
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Text Comments (78)
The LemonHead (25 days ago)
I am *confuzzled*
ShadowGames - Plays (2 months ago)
2:43 he says dick instead of deck lol
DJ Fnaf/Purge Remix (2 months ago)
This makes no fucking sence
ArnoldwilliamDow (3 months ago)
Vernie (3 months ago)
That Kingdom Hearts gummi ship music at the start :D
CeleTheRef (4 months ago)
:) Thanks for this useful video. Now I understand how NOT to teach the game.
Rogue Visual Media (4 months ago)
CeleTheRef hey at least you learned something right :)
Spazmatic GAMING (5 months ago)
Try to make it a little more beginner. After watching I am still having a little trouble understanding
Sheila Masters (5 months ago)
Thank you for making the video I understand more of what our son has shared with my husband and I 🤗
Underhay Kids (5 months ago)
i cant hear it very well...
masturdOfTheUniverse (6 months ago)
This is a very confusing video. You guys are hopping all over the place. You spend like 2 minutes on how to shuffle and other stuff and blow by stack and priority.
Open Source Games (6 months ago)
Magic: The Playing Card Game - https://docs.google.com/document/d/15...
P4T21CK'S C4RD5 (6 months ago)
1:45 "In the beginning of a game you will start by shuffling your dicks"
Mitch Connor (7 months ago)
Is your friend poor? Why doesn't he have a cool mat?
Rogue Visual Media (7 months ago)
Mitch Connor not poor just didn’t bring his mat that day
Bush (7 months ago)
so shiny
Jean Marais (7 months ago)
I find this actively bad and advise taking it down.
Rogue Visual Media (7 months ago)
Jean Marais thanks for the advise but I think I’ll leave it up
Jeffrey Fuhr (7 months ago)
Jeffrey Fuhr (7 months ago)
Logan paul (7 months ago)
Logan paul (7 months ago)
Always Sunny In Sun City (7 months ago)
Love the KH music!
I'm a beginner...I'm totally LOST..😣
Sgt Slim (10 months ago)
So fucking complicated man. In the 90's when I played last it was simple and common sense like. Direct damage and necro was my favorite. I'm trying to get back into it but hell one turn lasting over 5 minutes with emblems, and plainswalker and a slew of sorcery and responses really drag the game down.
Benjamin Cesped (10 months ago)
where did you get those boards? i want one
Rogue Visual Media (10 months ago)
Benjamin Cesped almost every cardshop has boards, both cloth and cardboard, worse case check online
TheIronCreeper1 (11 months ago)
Phases, drawing at beginning of turn, pokemon? You GI oh?
TheSquirtleSquad (4 months ago)
Pokémon the game is shit, collecting is fun though
Rogue Visual Media (11 months ago)
TheIronCreeper1 it’s the game that started all that, magic came first then Pokémon then yugioh
John Courtier (11 months ago)
Can someone tell me how to get loyalty for the planeswalker?
Tenno (6 months ago)
John Courtier the bottom right is your loyalty counter and whatever the card says like plus 1 would give you a loyalty counter or minus 7
Destroy Target Artifact (11 months ago)
Hey there! Great videos! We new here, and only giving away magic the gathering boosters and even a Bundle Box on Day 1. Hope you don't mind me leaving this here. https://youtu.be/3eKXGDnX8DM
anthony Ortiz (1 year ago)
This shit is supposed to be fun. WTF!! SMH!!!
jacob shannacappo (1 year ago)
Hanino 64 (1 year ago)
Kingdom hearts music
Raf - Raf Nacinopa (1 year ago)
Hot diggity dog! This game is for the geeks who played.
Matt Male (1 year ago)
The guy in the hat looks like a young Will Farrell.
westonp80 (1 year ago)
Seems like in order to be good at this game, you just need to memorize the million+ rules...
ModernMinded (1 year ago)
At least, you need to memorize the rules interactions specific to your deck.
Patrick Festa (1 year ago)
Can you guys get together and teach MTG 101? Talk about Synergy, and how to recognize it, building decks! ETC.
Patrick Festa (1 year ago)
I feel so NEWBIE. But I'm An old man. I play chess, and this game is harder to learn. Thank you again for this video. Please do more like this.
Patrick Festa (1 year ago)
A little sloppy, and fast, but you are so far the only ones that made an effort to teach a newbie like me how to play this game.
Patrick Festa (1 year ago)
TY for this video
Don Mangrubang (1 year ago)
tech me how to play with intro pack
Don Mangrubang (1 year ago)
hi there, i just pay for magic the gathering intro pack can you tech me by video.
TheSquirtleSquad (4 months ago)
You don’t have to use these specific cards
TheSquirtleSquad (4 months ago)
Don Mangrubang it’s the same thing
WhiteKrow (1 year ago)
Cool video, but I don't like the description you guys use for shuffling. The purpose of shuffling is to "sufficiently randomize your deck," not to vary your tools or increase probabilities or whatever. That might seem like a nitpick, but your description could be interpreted as encouraging "manaweaving," aka shuffling land and nonland cards into your deck at ideal intervals, which is cheating. So again, good video, liked and etc, just try to word things a bit differently.
Jonathan Williams (1 year ago)
Thanks for making a "real" video on how to play vs. the corny mtg version!!
Super Gaming Boy (5 months ago)
super dorky glasses nerd cheat shuffles than looks at bottom of deck thats cheating fucktard!
Angus Brown (1 year ago)
Mastertroll noreplyback go away, this is a helpful tutorial video, not a fashion show
Rogue Visual Media (1 year ago)
Mastertroll noreplyback I get the shuffle and bottom deck insults, but making fun of the visually impaired, that's itself is fucked up, besides learn to have a little fun this video is just for basics not for tournament players
Tom Luna (1 year ago)
Can you have 2 identical mythic rare of the same name and type on the battlefield at the same time? for example 2 Verdurous Gearhulks?
Bill McMurdo (1 year ago)
Rogue Visual Media very very incorrect
Allensito bb (1 year ago)
You can have multiple mythics cards on the battlefield. but you can NOT have 2 legendary creatures or 2 planeswalker cards with the same name on the battlefield
Rogue Visual Media (1 year ago)
No 2 of the same mythic rare cards cannot exist on the same side of the battlefield together, playing a second will destroy the first one and sent it to your graveyard/discard.
DerKangal (1 year ago)
If you made this video for beginners, you should have used more basic cards and only mono colored decks. And only two players. I think this video is too complicated for a beginner, especially at the end, when you explained combos. This is more advanced technique, which shouldnt be in a beginners video. For beginners i can recommend Magic Duels. This is a free to play Magic game, which has good tutorials teaching everything step by step. Duels is not as good as paper Magic but its a good way to learn every magic mechanic and practice without spending any money.
Carlos Barrera (6 months ago)
wich platarform is that "magic duels" game for? pc or mobile?
Samantha Hayes (10 months ago)
Samantha Hayes (10 months ago)
Ugo Hex (11 months ago)
Ugo Hex (11 months ago)
No he gets too into it .....I never even heard of combos ....also I'mma get magic duela
Kid Archaologist (1 year ago)
I wish my brother would stop messing with my tablet I wanted to be Magic The Gathering
TheBrownDog (1 year ago)
I have a question here, if for example I were to play Khalni Garden and I create a Plant creature token. What do I use for the plant creature token? Is there a card for it or is played by a token like a dice. (I'm new to MTG and I was wondering about the summoning things like plant token or a white cat from Ajani)
Robert Lozyniak (1 year ago)
There exist cards to use as tokens. But if you don't have the cards, you can just use dice, as long as everybody knows what the dice are being used to represent. (It's better to use the cards, though, so you can see what's tapped and what isn't.)
Rogue Visual Media (1 year ago)
usually when you buy a pack, it should come with tokens for you to keep in your extra pile for you to summon
B Momper (1 year ago)
Yes very helpful
jim lo (2 years ago)
very helpful glad i found a tutorial of people actually playing against each other thank u
Rogue Visual Media (2 years ago)
No problem
wakofish (2 years ago)
This is so confusing
Matej / Psiloz (7 days ago)
It's actually really not that hard, it's way easier to understand if you can actually learn to play by playing as well. There's MTG Arena now, it's an online client, it's easy to understand when you play there and it even has a tutorial for the basics. And it's free to download, so definitely great for beginners.
GuyOnYouTube (7 months ago)
It's also gray as hell.
ModernMinded (1 year ago)
Understanding Magic easily isn't a thing...
Trif Craft (1 year ago)
Nahh, a little bit hard for starters right of the bat but when you play for a little while youre gonna understand pretty easily.
Keindzjim (1 year ago)
wakofish i agree, magic the gathering is so confusing

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