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Here is a Review and On Foot of the Jordan 11 Low Cool Grey releasing April 28th! Will you be copping? Help me reach 500,000 subscribers! Click here to subscribe! ► https://goo.gl/uuWFPl *Turn On Post Notifications For A SHOUT OUT* Last Video: https://youtu.be/8AICh87Z4jM Watch More Videos!!! Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0T-cXdHwRdedjvOoMdiKF1Vudsp97No4 Pranks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0T-cXdHwRdfOkEdHSczOKSuZyb7m9wby Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0T-cXdHwRddza-F7h5_w6WvaFQ40zFdr&disable_polymer=true Popular Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0T-cXdHwRdcXvnoVrqK0lr05hAccdcHw Latest Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0T-cXdHwRdff88_PXl_TXoL6K4T3Y_W1 ► Follow Me on Instagram! http://instagram.com/mikethecompass ► Follow Me on Twiiter! https://twitter.com/mikethecompass ► Follow Me on Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/add/mikethecompass ► Follow Me on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/mikethecompass
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Text Comments (242)
cedricchinable (1 month ago)
Only problem with the lows is heel slip
Caleb Molina (3 months ago)
Y’all tripping the lows look way better than the highs
oYuh Jayy (4 months ago)
Puro South (5 months ago)
Yeah, not feeling them.
FFL j (5 months ago)
I honestly kinda hate the lows but the barons the blue and these are pretty dope I'm bout to cop these
Elijah Dela Cruz (5 months ago)
Personally, I love 11 lows. I just find them easier to rock, but that’s just me.
Lil Backflip (6 months ago)
yeet (6 months ago)
These or the olive 13s?
Gary B (6 months ago)
I got em.
RIP Spongebob (6 months ago)
Just copped to day 👍🏼
Nigel Thomas (7 months ago)
Funny they sold out lol
Reagan Nzenza (7 months ago)
Name of Music at 3:00???
I NEED MONEY (7 months ago)
Got em coming in the mail
MVRDA MONXY (7 months ago)
Something aint right about that shoe and i like the shade grey.
Monica Lamb Miller (7 months ago)
I got mines on Monday, and I love them
Ashber (7 months ago)
Lauren lauren (7 months ago)
Got these today I love them 🔥 I have a few Jordan's in hi but the lows just seem more comfy to walk in ? 🙃
Amanda Jervis (7 months ago)
Wtf lows look girly?? never heard that before I think guys look stupid in high tops with shorts on
HecticTrey (4 months ago)
Amanda Jervis yeah😂😂 lows look good with shorts and pants
John Leon (7 months ago)
Had Carolina 0NeS bACC N 2001 when I Wuzz in the 👌
Zak Saiti (7 months ago)
What can you wear with these? Tf a whole lotta shit ..
Dante Luna-deAlva (7 months ago)
I just got em there fire idc
Raw Loke (7 months ago)
I just copped! They fire in black jeans!
Anthony Higashi (7 months ago)
Honestly they look a lot less girly if you loosen the laces a bit. Just my opinion
Rodney Tatum (7 months ago)
I got em💪🏾
Pito Sav (7 months ago)
Where you get them jeans frm ?
dt chevy 73 (7 months ago)
ETS MINOR (7 months ago)
Hey bro can you cause sole separation if you put sole shields constantly
ETS MINOR (7 months ago)
Or have you ever used sole shields
kia. foreiigner (7 months ago)
Who loves the emerald/Easter? 11s
Kyle Elliott (3 months ago)
kia. foreiigner I love ‘em. Slept on hard
noms explicit (7 months ago)
Aurah (7 months ago)
Somany Waves (7 months ago)
I’m copping the air Jordan 11 Xl
andrwsia (7 months ago)
These were sitting in StonesTown in SF, I spotted them and immediately copped. I wasn’t feeling them too much but when I saw them in person, they were looking pretty fire. I still don’t know how people are sleeping on them 😴
DaiiBabyyy (7 months ago)
Not a fan of low but I’m coping them🔥🔥
Timmy (7 months ago)
Nope ugly color
truthseeker89 for life (7 months ago)
I got the bred 11 lows and these don't really like 11 lows either but always wanted the cool grey 11s so I said why not
Fr3shkiickz23 (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/E61JGzub8aA cool video make sure you subscribe to my channel and I do the same I sub to your channel thank you hot shoes 🔥🔥🔥
G U A P Z (7 months ago)
I copped these they fire af
Huey Freeman (6 months ago)
same 🤘🏾
NO (7 months ago)
GSF_ Guap same
Ta'Nya Salter (7 months ago)
Going to get them today 🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️😁
Anthony Rossobillo (7 months ago)
agreed 100% that they look better with jeans then shorts!
camari (7 months ago)
dont know if i should cop these or gamble at a chance of coping the katrina 3's
camari (7 months ago)
fuck the shoes that hypland tee is flames they finna take over for the 19' & 20
JC12 (7 months ago)
A minute long intro for a sub 4 min video.....
Mast3r Race (7 months ago)
Not copping anymore GR unless it's fire like Bred 4's, Concord 11's, and other such shoes that I need for my collection. Otherwise nah, limited and premium releases only. Not for the 'hype' but for the resale value. I only wear 5% of the shoes I own the rest are investments. All the money sitting in those shoes would have been blown one way or the other, now it can be turned back into cash whenever. That's what people don't understand about DS shoe collectors.
Re Up (7 months ago)
I 👀 ya, I buy what I like and may potentially wear, just so happens that some have resell for double(or around that).
Mast3r Race (7 months ago)
It's like investing in gold
Bloody Dior (7 months ago)
They gonna sit they fuxking ugly asf lol get them Low’s the fuck outta here
Bloody Dior (7 months ago)
I ain’t coping no jays this year they all trash tbh lol 2018 a L
Mysterious ways (7 months ago)
Is that Blake beat ?
michael clark (7 months ago)
That's a huge fuckin shoe
jjballer14 (7 months ago)
What is the name of that music track that was playing at 2:55 to 3:40
Ashley Hylock (7 months ago)
They are doing a raffle were I am from. I am so hoping I can get my hands on these for me and my boyfriend. Pray for me guys I love them.
Jamal Brown (7 months ago)
Ill cop soon as they drop the price 🤙🏾💯
Glo 777 (7 months ago)
Bro keep making this fire original content
Readin Medrano (7 months ago)
I live in South Florida lows are the way to go.
Der Hässliche (7 months ago)
Where did you get the pants
McLovin Got The Sauce (7 months ago)
Lmaooo why tf u choking them shits my nigga
The Finesse Kid (7 months ago)
Sheesh 🔥👀
Campaign Wayne5oo (7 months ago)
Mike you going after the shadow 10s
Silent but Deadly (7 months ago)
Man these shoes gone sell out period . No 11 lows cool grey gone sit ever
Diego (7 months ago)
I feather get the low top instead of those new high tops with that high patent leather bullshit
Alex Maldonado (8 months ago)
Ima tell you for the last time, stop talking to kianna 👌🏼
Will Ford (8 months ago)
I'm on them!
OG Puffa (8 months ago)
Im just gonna cop the shadow 10s
Michael Nichols (8 months ago)
Fire intro 🔥🔥 and then straight to buisiness
Eric Snow (8 months ago)
Jordan are played out boy.....buy a car put Jordan rims on them 23 😎
s0le4real TV (8 months ago)
Yo Mike, that intro is sick af! Shout out Little Tokyo! Great vid as always brother!
Junior Dominguez (8 months ago)
EIB (8 months ago)
Why not drop these in regular form and put that prom night crap as a low jordan brand screws up again
twilson8192 (8 months ago)
Fire def copping
ill mamoa (8 months ago)
definitely want the OG Cool Grey's back but I'm copping these
Evillution (8 months ago)
Id rather cop the kawhi 1s then these just saying
I T (8 months ago)
I hate 11 lows but you’re right on feet looks a lot better on my cop
cameron brand (8 months ago)
i will be copping
Franco Cerella (8 months ago)
Those are fresh,looking forward to these. Keep up the good work mike
Luis Alvarez (8 months ago)
Dumb bitch
Luis Alvarez (8 months ago)
And if you want some I'll Holla at you in sneaker con Chicago
Luis Alvarez (8 months ago)
You a mutt bitch
Luis Alvarez (8 months ago)
A sneaker life you're a bitch half breed
gee dee (8 months ago)
It probably feels super awkward trying not to crease 11’s.. I can see why people don’t wear them. I can’t help but to wear them. MJ did some unimaginable things in these kicks. Unleash the soul of the sole.
Eric Zavaleta (8 months ago)
i love Jordan brand
Josh (8 months ago)
Pls sneaker gods help me take the W on these 🙏🔥
Edwin Vinales (8 months ago)
Who ready for da Concord 11 baby
Isaiah Bonin (8 months ago)
Jeter 11 lows wait for the hype
Sarcasm_ (8 months ago)
I hate lows in general with Jordan’s but cool greys my favorite shoes gotta cop
TrIpE _09 (8 months ago)
They are hard to tie. I'm old school like that. But I still wear them.
essskirt (8 months ago)
Took him 2 months to finally make it.
Alanessa Hubbard (8 months ago)
Will be
Milton Baptiste (8 months ago)
11 lows are my favorite low tops = must cop. ✌️
Jaime Rivera (8 months ago)
gonna cop shadows, no money to spend on these anyway I hate those soles and how they yellow! Navy gum lows are the best
Toxic Male 27 (8 months ago)
Very clean shoe
peewee3030 (8 months ago)
It's gray, u can wear anything wit it. U dudes cant color coordinate worth a damn
peewee3030 (8 months ago)
Passing on em
The Rob Showw (8 months ago)
I’m not really a fan of the lows either I passed on the Easter 11s but I’m copping these because I like the color way & I couldn’t get the cool grey highs when they released
Tweedy Bird Tone (8 months ago)
Them air max 90s in the background was the gem of this video 3:29
BK4rmQC (8 months ago)
That beat at the beginning thooo !!!
Warren Shum (8 months ago)
Dope, will cop
al b (8 months ago)
Look dope on foot, not a fan of 11 lows, but that new upper sauce these up... still undecided if I cop or not. Bless up.
Troy DeYoung (8 months ago)
You always been a real one Mike; you're the guy that got me into sneakers and what it means to be apart of sneaker culture!
Kamil Bednarz (8 months ago)
ehhh i'll pass
Kedar Wilkins (8 months ago)
yo is that philly
KicksByTae (8 months ago)
Muhammad Mukhshaf (8 months ago)
I’m definitely copping these 🔥🔥🔥joints on the first day, if these are a raffle (I doubt there is or will be) or sell out before I get them on the first day, ima get salty and lose it, I took a L on the shadows, don’t know why they do early raffles. Will these sell out? I need a specific answer.
Muhammad Mukhshaf (8 months ago)
FreshNess IK but I low key want the shadows I seriously can’t pick
FreshNess (8 months ago)
Muhammad Mukhshaf get the game royal on stock they falling
Muhammad Mukhshaf (8 months ago)
Samuel Hayes I’m thinking of getting shadows on StockX or the game royal 1s on goat, because I need 1s. But thanks for answering my question.
Samuel Hayes (8 months ago)
Muhammad Mukhshaf most likely but definitely wouldn’t pass on these cop the first day imo

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