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Decoding Female Body Language

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It's time to put an end to second guessing and learn the flirt signals and body language to look out for when someone is interested. Have you ever felt like someone was sending you signs that they were attracted to you, but you weren’t positive? Maybe it seemed like they were interested, but you weren't sure? At least 60% of our overall communication is done through body language and nonverbal communication; so, it is definitely time to start leaning into those flirt signals and practice reading body language! In this video, I am going to teach you how to decode and interpret the body language of the females in your life, from your partner to your boss to your friend. Want more details? https://www.scienceofpeople.com/2013/06/female-body-language/ ****** If you’re ready to level up your charisma, check out our flagship course, People School: http://bit.ly/2yUf0WR People School is a 12 step video based training program designed to increase your interpersonal intelligence. People School focuses on the four core competencies of Business PQ: • Empower Leaders and Managers • Leverage Science-Backed Communication Tools • Activate Effective Teamwork and Collaboration • Improve Client Relations & Sales Join the waitlist for People School here 👉 http://bit.ly/2yUf0WR ****** Vanessa Van Edwards is Lead Investigator at Science of People — where she unlocks the formulas and patterns behind human behavior for hundreds of thousands of students in over 200 countries. She is the national bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People, available in 14 languages around the world. Her work has been featured on CNN, NPR, BBC, Fast Company and dozens more. Can’t get enough of Science of People? Check out our Praiseworthy Performance audio guide 👉 https://www.scienceofpeople.com/start/ ****** Did you enjoy the video? If so, give it a like above! Subscribe to our channel for more human behavior hacks and communication strategies 👉 https://youtube.com/c/Vanessa-Van-Edwards P.S. Make sure to keep up with us by clicking the bell!
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Vanessa Van Edwards (2 months ago)
Have you ever missed or misinterpreted the flirting signals a girl was trying to send your way? Did you end up approaching them? How did it go? For more tips and tricks on how to read body language and have a memorable conversation, visit our website: https://www.scienceofpeople.com/
Casa Delrin (1 month ago)
So men. Don't approeach from behind nor from the front? only form the side o tap shoulder?
Manfish (1 day ago)
Damn I highkey friendzoned myself she invited me over at midnight and would touch her neck and kept putting on chapstick. But I didnt even attempt to make a move smh. We just cuddled...
AlpineMind (18 days ago)
3 signals? I'm still questioning if a girl likes me after hitting 3 times.
Troy Homenchuk (28 days ago)
Men just spread out to claim territory? I mean, fine, if that's what a man is doing. Or a woman for that matter. But such definitive conviction on the motives? This from someone with no male anatomy. Besides which if you've ever tried to balance yourself while seated, you know you go wide with your posture. Just because some people, women included, use their bodies to signal power or strength or whatever, does not mean this is the exclusive motivation behind one's posture and to talk as though you've sorted out human behavior thusly to such an extent seems unrealistic and limiting.
isiah s (1 month ago)
How to look goofy part 16
May May (1 month ago)
I'm disappointed. My hips, they're not how a woman's hips should be shaped.
Cy2squared (1 month ago)
Vanessa's the kind of open, honest woman i wish i'd have married.
Casa Delrin (1 month ago)
We are all human ;) haha
cristina lexy (1 month ago)
1stKimozabi (2 months ago)
I'm probably missing something (or 3 things :) ), but if openess is the main sign of attractiveness to a guy, then why is the advice for women to tilt their heads and play with their hair and then look away - instead of just themselves going over and just talking to the guy?
wendeln92 (2 months ago)
I found the part(s) when they are talking about what men find attractive about women - while some of the gestures are pretty much accurate, the actual physical attractiveness of women, or which women men finds attractive is something many women just don't get. I have been in many situation where women are talking about how attractive a certain woman is and I just didn't see it, yet the one they thought was not attractive, or rather plain, I found very attractive and it didn't have anything to do with hair flipping, looking submissive, how she did her hair or make up or clothes, etc.. It had more to do with an apparent sweet disposition, and evidence of being a kind hearted person....but then I woke up and remembered most of that is usually part of an act.
Quantum The Rose (2 months ago)
Have you explored when it is not good to be attractive to men? For instance I feel that the host is showing dominance signals that make the power type that I am as a male, feel comfortable, like she is motherly. Attractive signals can be confusing to a man who is not at a wise level or grade in respect for women. Often men wrongly blame women for their signals of attraction when things go wrong, but if women send Earth Mother signals a man is more easily able to respect her, it happens naturally. By the way I love your show.
ewere oyeze (3 months ago)
I will stop plucking my eyebrow but start switching my hips more.
Nigga Therapy (24 days ago)
How's that been working out for you? Cute dress sis
Tusarakanta Naik (3 months ago)
So, can a woman show all these signals like making long eye contact, showing wrist, exposing neck and still reject you when you approach??
Tusarakanta Naik (3 months ago)
+Jimmie Wilson why would she do such a thing
Jimmie Wilson (3 months ago)
Tusarakanta Naik absolutely!
Owl me (3 months ago)
Umm... I'm gay I don't have an attraction to women
jayme penner (3 months ago)
Tips on making it feel like the first time every time
first6digits (4 months ago)
Guess the interviewer didn’t get the memo on women wearing ties...
patrick alexis (4 months ago)
Bahamas 2018
Ricardo Martínez (4 months ago)
She's so cute!
scott sanger (4 months ago)
why do women think men need to ' compromise ' and learn their covert communication??? Why not just walk up to a man and introduce yourself............hidiing behind covert methods makes you no less responsible......................another woman telling women what men want............do you see the CONFLICT.
icecreamforcrowhurst (4 months ago)
I'm sure the hedge fund guys must see a lot of this behavior
Keke Love (4 months ago)
The eyebrows part threw me....
ldoubleg2006 (4 months ago)
Show me a boob and I'll take you home..simple.
FujiSei Yan (5 months ago)
Hi Vanessa. Would like to know whether should men approach the lady from the front or back. At 4.28 min of the video, it was mentioned not to approach from the back. However, towards the end of the video, it was mentioned to approach from the back.
Laurence Bryant (5 months ago)
There is a woman i have flirted with etc the last time i saw her when i looked at her as i walked past her. She turned her Head away but not her body i also noticed her listening to me talking to a male friend and the woman she was talking to later smiled at me. Am i still in with a chance?
Gol Maal (5 months ago)
It releases pheromones
J P (5 months ago)
Total waste of time. Learn algebra, it will help you more and it is a lot easier to understand.
Lisa Wang (5 months ago)
It's not actually that hard but it's cool to actually know what I'm doing! Nice video :D
shashank bajpai (5 months ago)
Hello mam which book read for body language
OurUnit (5 months ago)
Go approach the man , Jesus.........
Gynan Morph (5 months ago)
Women flirt with women too
Kinga Gorski (5 months ago)
"Look how much estrogen I have" lol!
icecreamforcrowhurst (4 months ago)
Pithy yes but fundamentally true. One could even go a step further to summarize the whole charade as "Hey, let's exchange bodily fluids"
Robert Crowther (6 months ago)
Yes just like cats adorable Nasty moody unpredictable.. never know.what they.are thinking what does a woman.want.said.a old riddle her own.way I.found this.out with.all the women.i.have.known and like.a fool.i.gave them it.but.it.was worth.every.penny
Steven Iavarone (6 months ago)
Reading faces helps identify materialistic shallow people.
rebeldann ! (6 months ago)
Maybe the spreading of the arms is territorial but there is a reason we spread our legs. Because of our junk!!! Only women wouldnt understand this.
Clyde Kimsey (6 months ago)
How do I know her come hither look is aimed MY way?
steven padilla (6 months ago)
I was bad at reading women before the metoo movement. Mgtow now. I’ll be sure to remember this in south america
mjt11860 (6 months ago)
SINGLE PRODUCERS, is that another way of saying single mothers?
Bix Yany (7 months ago)
Jay A (7 months ago)
Dont approach from the front? wait what???????
Jan Chudak (7 months ago)
Is that why boogaloos attach nylon wigs to the peppercorns - for the shiny "hair" effect?
Deon King Foster (7 months ago)
I realize that some ladies do not realize there body language, some of them are naturally flirtatious.
Rosannasfriend (7 months ago)
I'm just here so I can know the signals I've been giving men unintentionally, and what signals I should be giving.
Oshanik (7 months ago)
Its easier for me to understand calculus than women
sylcole Pine (7 months ago)
This is totally bullshit! Not my intention to flirt when I flick my hair.
moncorp1 Inc (7 months ago)
About that eyebrow thing. Ladies, the current painted on nonsense going on with eyebrows is not only ridiculous, but often scary. Stop it.
Reeyad Ali (7 months ago)
Can a girl and a guy just be best friends ?
Amani ndoroma (7 months ago)
She is good😀😀😀
Th N (7 months ago)
Why not approach a flirty woman from the front?
1010bisous (7 months ago)
eyebrow plucking is for framing our lovely faces....we do not need to be submissive to attract a man Men like confident women!
lindsey607 (7 months ago)
Vanessa puts the beaut in beautiful.
Jim Argenio (7 months ago)
so ...dont throw her over my shoulder,,,,and take her home,,,,,no
Conner Stern (7 months ago)
she is dope
Conner Stern (7 months ago)
the host needs a coke line. shes not nice to the younger guest. she needs a replacement
RedHotChileno (8 months ago)
Really? What about just asking: -Want to have sex? Thats all you need to do...
Heiner Bühler (8 months ago)
JoeyBoy Mccurdy (8 months ago)
wow this is very educating, to lean about FEMALES
BurglaaR Tv (8 months ago)
Nobody would reply but here we go ... The other day as I was at the register the girl working there kept throwing her hair behind her shoulder or ear - was she interested? I found it odd plus women don't even find me appealing and she would be about a 7-8/10
BurglaaR Tv (8 months ago)
women initiate. They signal men first to approach them.
Dominicanbulk (8 months ago)
She forgot if a girl queefs in front of you then she likes you.
Saumitra Pal Choudhori (8 months ago)
What about putting hair behind ear and showing that wrist as you said being submissive is that aslo kind of attraction to find when you are talking to a friend and she knows I like her
Robert Chavez (8 months ago)
I'm glad I'm not single anymore. You women are too complicated why don't you just tell a man you like him instead of doing all this b*******
D Bisson (8 months ago)
Robert Crowther (8 months ago)
Women are like cats you.will never understand them I have been trying to please both for years
metallica10028 (9 months ago)
This bitch is srxy
Andrew Tice (9 months ago)
I need a decoder ring
JewDd* 89 (9 months ago)
It’s so important to understand the way we tick regardless gender. So often we subconsciously sense intent or have a feeling but being able to spot it literally it’s a great verification. As for those spotting the confusion of men approaching from behind or front she means from behind.
Marvin Julien (9 months ago)
James Moore (9 months ago)
vanessa your videos are the best
Murphsites (10 months ago)
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Matthew Brown (10 months ago)
You are amazing
Kara G (10 months ago)
Not every woman has a round, jawless face
XamoT 5.7 (4 months ago)
Kara G you don't count you have that man jaw...
jake shepherd (10 months ago)
Manuel Ramirez (10 months ago)
You are beautiful Vanessa
Nick Dudesville (10 months ago)
plucking eyebrows makes a woman look more vulnerable??? Is that science? Sounds like a soft or "BS" science to me... like something you made up... like an opinion... no way to prove or disprove.
BurglaaR Tv (8 months ago)
Thin, elevated brows signal timid behavior or insecurity alluring the male to 'save or protect her' Women feminize themselves w/o the conscious knowledge that it is all to attract the opposite gender.
Milos Beltram (10 months ago)
Just have Foxy eyes. Thats all.
John Wolf (10 months ago)
Caveman psychology much easier... Just club each other
icecreamforcrowhurst (4 months ago)
Well it's actually still pretty much 'caveman' behavior, the basic rules haven't changed much. The end result is still the same: alpha caveman wins alpha cavewoman, alpha man wins alpha female.
TheChosenOne (11 months ago)
All I know is that 360p is not a way to get anyone to watch this.
Rhoda Donavan (11 months ago)
YouTube, Is this Intentional Complexionism? -- As noted elsewhere, the "Auto-play" mode generally seems to allow videos to be played As Listed in the line-up shown. Yet, Not when I've watched videos of persons classed as "Black." This time, I watched a vid of V Van Edwards, which would (according to the shown line-up) have meant the following Auto-played Vid Should Have Been A Lisa Nichols one. INSTEAD, THE LINE-UP WAS CHANGED TO SHOW MORE VIDS BY VAN EDWARDS, A PERSON CLASSED AS "WHITE." -- NON-YOUTUBE AFFILIATES, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND HERE... -- ONLY YOUTUBE REPRESENTATIVES ARE ASKED TO HONESTLY RESPOND. THANK YOU.
Felipe jaime (11 months ago)
Just a simple "Hi" plus a smile will make man feel more comfortable going up to a woman and starting a conversation without the need to give 3 hints. Just saying.
Yasoda Gonzalez (11 months ago)
oh... I thought you were a scientist. I was even arguing with my husband about you being a legitimate expert just last night - then you go and say on TV that raising your neck releases pheromones? Did you mean that in animals pheromones are sometimes released from this area? It's widely believed the revealing the neck is a sign of submission/acceptance in mammals because it exposes the jugular vein and vagus nerve and makes you vulnerable... Maybe in some animals this also releases pheromones, but that's not why human males like it. If they even do. TLDR: HUMANS DON'T HAVE PHEROMONES!
Yasoda Gonzalez interesting!
Pradeep Kumar (11 months ago)
What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? Does it work? I hear most people get laid by hot girl with this popular dating manual.
AnAmericanMan (11 months ago)
+Vanessa Van Edwards - the other part of a woman touching her neck is expressing vulnerability to a man, which of course appeases men, and no doubt spikes their testosterone.
Genaro Flores (11 months ago)
Utpal Raj (11 months ago)
Fat Woman is more attractive than slimmer one!!
Pringle Lays (1 year ago)
Lol submissive
chicolofi (1 year ago)
Women would be far more interesting if they simply approached the guy and talked to him
9,999,999,999 views (1 year ago)
imagine doing all of these at once 😂
Fred Flinstoned 😃
melonbobful (1 year ago)
As a guy I can read female body language indicating disinterest. It jut makes me want to talk to them just to annoy them. Haha.
Anthony Nguyen (1 year ago)
In the very last video, she said if you're a man, don't approach in the front?! I actually don't understand what she means?? Please clarify
ros1tony (1 year ago)
Listening to white upidy bitches makes me want to puke.
ParaisoDeLujuria (1 year ago)
Was this interview recorded before your "vow of silence" ?
Greg Anderson (1 year ago)
this is BS
Stace Girl (1 year ago)
I don't want to be submissive to no man. I'm sure there is some man out there who would still be attracted to me.
Poppy Pavot (1 year ago)
Didn‘t she mean ‚‘don‘t approach from behind‘‘ right at the end of the video? It would make more sense than ‚from the front‘
Wayne Brehaut (11 months ago)
Yes, she just misspoke in her haste to finish before timing out.
w h i t e n o i s e (1 year ago)
i dont pluck my brows high i just pluck the stray ones to look clean...but ok...lol...
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
I don’t care how you do it, smoking is disgusting
OGPowerGilianoGill (1 year ago)
oow nowni know.i'll make sure i'll tell all the men the secret. 😁
SHADEDMAN (1 year ago)
I want that book.. I like how she talks about hormones, how it relates with body movements, and characteristics of people..
Precious Gold (1 year ago)
this true story thanks
Vanessa Van Edwards (1 year ago)

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