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How To Build A Men's CAPSULE WARDROBE | Part 1 of 6 - The Fundamentals

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Paul Nagaoka’s Instagram Account http://bit.ly/PaulNagaokasInstagram This 6 part series is a sequel to my Men’s Style Guide, where I introduced the 6 key rules that every man should follow in order to achieve timeless style. Using that as a base, I will bring you through, step by step, everything you need to know about building a perfect men’s capsule wardrobe. It’s a one stop shop for timeless men’s fashion and men’s style guide. A capsule wardrobe follows the concept of minimalism, in which many people do not know how to go about. Every episode will target a particular aspect of a typical men’s outfit. By the end of the series, you will be able to maximise your minimised capsule wardrobe. In this episode, I lay out the fundamentals to what an ideal capsule wardrobe should look like. What exactly is a capsule wardrobe? How many article of men’s clothing should be in my capsule wardrobe? All these questions will be thoroughly answered with visual examples. Don’t forget our golden rule, which is that ‘men’s style transcends men’s fashion trends’. Also, do leave me some feedback in the comments section and tell me what you would like to see next! Men’s Style Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwZH8IXfsiE Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8nC-RnETd0 Produced by: Lynette Seng https://www.facebook.com/lynette.seng
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Text Comments (34)
Baboucarr Njie (2 years ago)
Upload more videos bro, you're a hidden youtube star. You will do really well if you boost your productivity. Keep on it! @paul
Baboucarr Njie (1 year ago)
Paul Nagaoka Goodluck on it brother, best of luck😉
Paul Nagaoka (2 years ago)
Thanks Bro. I'm trying to carve out some time to get some more content out there.
Tresfres (20 days ago)
Why is this guy so angry?
Ryan Foell (3 months ago)
@alpha M
Tainted Life (8 months ago)
I like this idea but I do not want to look so plain. That doesn't suit my personality.
Sahar Khursheed (1 year ago)
I know this is a men's channel but can you please make a video for women's timeless basic pieces because I think i can trust you.
Kaleb Smith (1 year ago)
Trying too hard to be Alpha M. Just be yourself man...
Terry (1 year ago)
dont give this guy crap for copying aaron marino. when your starting new you cannot help but be abit liek the people that you want to become, thats until you get more experience and learn to become yourself
Paul Nagaoka (1 year ago)
Ter bro, you are spot on. Thanks for sticking up for me. 👊
ZeR0 (1 year ago)
I hope you improved your audio since then
Michael Nell (1 year ago)
So, what if I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but I don't want to learn about it from Jean-Ralphio?
Paul Nagaoka (1 year ago)
Michael Nell unfortunately you are going to have to suffer through it because the content is awesome. first ever video series. I was trying to find my hosting style. think I got it now.
Matthew Kraig (1 year ago)
Are you inspired at all by Alpha M. in terms of video style?
Live Life (1 year ago)
thank you bro 😁
Thomas Elsmore (1 year ago)
Thanks for making these, I had been creating a capsule wardrobe and just needed a little push and these videos really helped. I had most of the items but just needed a few additions and reminders. Literally went out and bought a lovely nappa leather jacket and grey/black/white t shirts because of your video.
jakal13 (1 year ago)
Mh... more a guide to a boy's capsule wardrobe. Might be good, but not what I've been searching for.
jim cameron (1 year ago)
sandals, jeans, Hawaiian shirt. it's all in the sunglasses.
Sean John (1 year ago)
i like this video alot
LexusDriver1 (2 years ago)
I have problems with my style! Your guide is very helpful but can you please recommend me what kind of clothing I need to buy at first! Thanks.
Rohan Prasad (2 years ago)
Brother You're Good but please do not imitate others(aaron marino), the viewers here will have their focus on that rather than your content!
Louis K. (1 year ago)
Rohan Prasad ikr
Emperor Dongki (2 years ago)
could i buy timbs?
Emperor Dongki (2 years ago)
okay bruuuhhh tttttttttttttthhhaankkkkss big help!!!!!!
Paul Nagaoka (2 years ago)
I would say the black is your go to pair. I actually thing the classic timberlands are sweet but they are just difficult to make work. so maybe have a few looks figured out in advance that you know work with them and only wear them with those outfits.
Emperor Dongki (2 years ago)
but the wheats are they okay? or nah? but thanks for the help keep it up bruh!!
Paul Nagaoka (2 years ago)
timberlands? you can but you are going to have to build out of a totally different colors. if your looking for a sweet pair of high tops I just got an awesome pair that I highly recommend.
Paul Nagaoka (2 years ago)
ah. blacks great.
Pratinjay Sharma (2 years ago)
alpha m. perfect!!!
Morel Williams (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting! The energy seems a bit forced, but the info looks promising.
Myrslokstok (1 year ago)
Morel Williams Yes but it gets better towards the end. It is good but he would need to work more on makeing it personal and genuinly his own expression. It will probably get better by time.
Diego González (2 years ago)
WOOW!! 7 years of international modeling?? i wanna see your book my style ninja, must be awesome! :P
Paul Nagaoka (2 years ago)
Hahaha! Its not bad. international model that modeled for 7 years. coming on 8 geez! But a pro like you has a whole different level I'm sure.

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