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Best Friend Bands Friendhip Bracelets by Alex Toys

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Make friendship bracelets the easy way with color-coded looms. Watch how. Includes all the materials to make 10 wide bracelets in 4 different patterns. Item# 725W Visit us at http://www.alextoys.com/ • Includes 2 looms, 10 colors of floss, seed beads, beading needle and easy instructions. • www.alextoys.com
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Text Comments (47)
Lydia Nannen (1 year ago)
where can I buy this loom at? does anyone know where at?
AlexToysVideos (1 year ago)
Lydia, you can purchase here: https://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/best-friend-bands-2/
Lydia Nannen (1 year ago)
where can you buy this loom at?
Shalinda Nixon (4 years ago)
how do I add the beads in the beginning if I don't want it plain?
Christy Chris (4 years ago)
Ahhh why is I so hard
Iara Olivo de Almeida (4 years ago)
lindo ! beautiful !
Christine Mendoza (5 years ago)
I have that but min is circle :(
Jess Karisha (5 years ago)
i just love alex toys i ordered best friend bands from alex
Zoe Poschmann (5 years ago)
Thx kinda
Anika Arif (6 years ago)
Wow..... I just did it and I accidentally put 20 CM instead of IN. -_-
Andrew Bell (6 years ago)
thats so hard....I'd give up.
CraftyRea 02 (6 years ago)
you can make every bracelet like that?
PokemonNoodles (6 years ago)
Wait but if you add the bead and don't pull it tight will it still be crisp???
Emma Rodri (6 years ago)
i live in viginia i bought it in chesapeak mall bu dont t dont buy it there because when i bought it ,it didnt come with strings it said iteams sold seperatly -_-
arely montalvo (6 years ago)
i love your shows
sara little (6 years ago)
i am from qld if you do know where i can get one will like to know
Tania Rizwan (6 years ago)
can u buy this in qatar? toys r us?
Tania Rizwan (6 years ago)
@RizkaSafara do u live in qatar? I do in Al Khor! are u in Doha?
Brandy (6 years ago)
@jojo40955 how long ? im making my bestfren one for xmas cuz i dont have money
KissyPromise (7 years ago)
@bluebirdies77 i agree
ebae (7 years ago)
i love the ending... AWSOOOOOMEEEE
Wood Pecker (7 years ago)
I made my own using foam since i can't buy this one because i'm from the uk, and i worked out perfectly.
Somewhere Somehow (7 years ago)
these videos are my new addiction
LilacPearls524 (7 years ago)
Ok so if they're all done the same way, what determines the pattern it makes? I made my own cardboard loom and have followed these directions but mine still looks funny. Does anyone know what's wrong or how they get it to work?
AlexToysVideos (7 years ago)
@VenueIV You can use our store locator to find a store near you. At alextoys.com
Jesse Salinas (7 years ago)
I am from virginia if you are in virginia can you tell me where to buy this things
Rosa Duro (7 years ago)
Muito bom, mas onde posso comprar os estojos para fazer as pulseiras?
Anonymous (7 years ago)
i want it. i can not make on of those, its hard the worst part is that i am 13 and i can not make on.I am a bad bracelet make but i can make the hard ines if the hearts
SimmerSab (7 years ago)
I first saw the friendship wheel and then I did more researche and found this. Thank you so much for posting these very clear videos that explain everything in a simple and easy maner. Thanks :)
Ramona Alcantara (7 years ago)
@kazzjazzco i got one at the dollar store.
Magelordnegi (7 years ago)
I got mines for christmas from uncle and auntie
LaurenNP36 (7 years ago)
my mom bought this for me today online. just go to Alextoys.com and search
Selin Korkmaz (8 years ago)
@awsmnes1 where does it say that?
Selin Korkmaz (8 years ago)
where can u buy this?
Katie Mori (8 years ago)
@dirrtybubbles i understand it in fact i made my own
zsylvester1111 (8 years ago)
I have my own kumihimo loom and i made mine, but it turned out like really thin. also i thought that using the loom was really easy
Oli Eats Cookies (8 years ago)
@dirrtybubbles i'm a kid and i dont understand its better to use cardbord!!! p.s sorry about my spellings.
camelazo (8 years ago)
@dirrtybubbles it depends(?) que pregunta tan pendeja!
Huntress Photography (8 years ago)
This makes me want to buy one of these kits. I think I can make this form and try this style of bracelet makeing.
Indira Buike (8 years ago)
hmm... does looms look realy similar to the foam thingiies you use to put your fishing tackle hahaha.. Gonna use does :D
Oana Ungureanu (8 years ago)
If I don't want that yellow border can i do the bracelet the same?/??
verronicaah (8 years ago)
@Pelment yea, it does... :S
Pelment (8 years ago)
so easy? wow )))) it consumes a little time))
MeekFire (8 years ago)
is this very time consuming?
Katty (9 years ago)
this is too complicated

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