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Park Seo Joon talks about his dating history and current dating status

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Annika Park (3 months ago)
Oppa, I'm here. You can hiire me.. For free. I'll do all the house chores just for you. 😂😂😂 But seriously, he can do it easily. He is such a hardworking guy. Saw him in youns kitchen and I admired him most in that show. I love him even more now because of youns kitchen. Saranghaeyo, seo joonssii. ❤❤❤
mymydelilah (7 months ago)
Geraldine Lim (9 months ago)
Why celebrity always feel lonely? They can go travel and enjoy themselves .
Pepperoniblythe (9 months ago)
Don't they hire househelp in Korea? He is so rich, he can hire a dozen if he wants to. 🤔
dvdgalutube (10 months ago)
Never understand when guys said they feel lonely when they realize there are pile of undone house chores... what does that mean?? LOL hire a cleaning lady! Also never understand people who like to live with their parents in their adulthood if the reasons are for food and free of house work... isn’t that weird? Parents are people too. It’s not easy to bring children up and so they deserve to travel and have a good retirement lives. Again, hire a cleaning lady and be a real grown up...
Janimaye Caymo (10 months ago)
Can i just apply to be his house cleaner? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Min ZHEN (10 months ago)
Dating, when one is very young, like in school or college, even Uni, is very different from dating when you are exposed to the Society. I doubt he will be one who dates like theres no tomorrow. He is mature now, and will date only if he is serious. Stay single for now, PSJ, and focus on your career for now. You will meet the right person when the time is right. Fighting!!!
Arianne Azarcon (1 year ago)
What is the song being played at the end? Tysm
Flying High (10 months ago)
It's a OST from *Descendents of the sun* titled_ *Talk love* .
Brenda Mas (10 months ago)
With his money he should pay a cleaner but I think he is a lovely man cannot see his friend Hyungsik doing all that / I know I would 😂😂😂😢💔☘️💚
Cocochaneta Coco (1 year ago)
Arianne Azarcon talk love by kwill
Heechul _Girl (1 year ago)
The information on your video is soo old. He is back living with his parents since last year 😬
Aytan Mammadli (9 months ago)
Living with parents? ??? Really?
doaa adel (1 year ago)
he was fed up with house work anyway, no more laundry I'm living with my parents :D cute
Phi chul (1 year ago)
thanks for the video, but may i know the source? :) thanks
Ham Xiong (1 year ago)
Such a hard worker, I'm not in that part of my life yet but I still question what I'm doing XD I won't complain about doing housework again now. Fighting Park Seo Joon (just don't over work)!
Lucy P (1 year ago)
I've been in love with him for a very long time but I'm honestly stunned. The dishes and laundry aren't done, so that's why he wants a girlfriend? 🤔 Might just be me, but that definitely knocked him a few spots of the list.
Pepperoniblythe (9 months ago)
he needs a househelp, not a grilfriend... hehe
Merita Gidarjati (11 months ago)
You should see him in Youn's Kitchen. He is diligent and very good at house work such as washing dishes and cooking.
Exol Forlife (1 year ago)
single life as in living alone, he has no roommates or his parents dont live with him. its a translation from Korean so the meaning isnt always the same
Lucy P (1 year ago)
ruikim16 I can see that, maybe the translation was just off, I suppose. He's really such a handsome and well spoken man, I would really prefer him to be the latter.
ruikim16 (1 year ago)
Lucero Perez i think not. He didn't say that he wants her girlfriend to do it for him. It's just that, when asked what he feels on being single, he is having thoughts that even if there are benefits of being single and alone, there are times you get lonely doing things by yourself. And you seem to feel empty at some point.

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