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Men's Fashion 2015 Lookbook | Casual Summer Outfits | Street Style |

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This video is my first lookbook about outfits instagram ulisesworld snapchat ulisesworld facebook ulisesworld
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Text Comments (13)
Mp Newhart (2 years ago)
Where do you get those long bead neckless you have ?
Tushar Verma (3 years ago)
U r a legend, love yaa broda. Keep uploading more videos.
Evans Pap (3 years ago)
Awesome outfits and nice edit and locations
UlisesWorld (3 years ago)
+EVANS PAP Thanks a lot bro...
Only1 Me (3 years ago)
Nick Mistry (3 years ago)
Sick hair bro what are the measurements for the sides back and front
UlisesWorld (3 years ago)
Hey you can see how long my hair on my last hair style tutorial how to make waves...
Mika Gomes (3 years ago)
Does shampoo makes the difference? if yes what type of it :)
UlisesWorld (3 years ago)
Depends what kind of hair got bro... My hair needs moist and softness... If you got very dry and straight hair I will use conditioner
Martin From (3 years ago)
What is the name of the model of the white Nike shoes you are wearing?
UlisesWorld (3 years ago)
Nike kaishirun bro thanks for watching 👍
MotschMe (3 years ago)
I love your style!
UlisesWorld (3 years ago)
Thanks for watching bro

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