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Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies

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What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Medical Center, takes a look at how mental illness is depicted in pop culture and tells us how accurate they really are. Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/68415 Special thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu! https://youtube.com/thepsychshow Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/asis https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! To see behind-the-scenes & more, follow us on Instagram @buzzfeedvideo http://bit.ly/2JRRkKU Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: https://goo.gl/gQKF8m
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Text Comments (2184)
Emily Florie (2 minutes ago)
i see Cumberbatch I click
Jae (14 minutes ago)
I love this !!
Lucy Towey (29 minutes ago)
You lost me at Rain Man.
Catherine Rolls (39 minutes ago)
wish you did adhd maybe next time!
Blue Bird (39 minutes ago)
He was really brilliant at explaining this in an unbiased way
olivia sedura (1 hour ago)
Was really hoping he’d review Girl interrupted!! 😪😭 and maybe Harley from suicide squad lol!😭😭
Oana (1 hour ago)
So actually psychopaths are supposed to be these really cool, detached, succesful people? Huh. I mean, I wouldn’t mind being friends with someone like that. Sounds kinda inspiring tbh. If they friend me back it means there’s something that they find worthwhile in my person and presence which, hey, I’ll take it as a compliment 😂
little_bisexuwhale (1 hour ago)
you sound so professional and well spoken about topics of mental illness. I’d sign u up to be my therapist if ever xD
Me (2 hours ago)
I am Sam?
LittleWarWolf (2 hours ago)
I wish they included Depression and Borderline..
k la (2 hours ago)
Shane does a video about sociopaths and it’s successful so naturally buzzfeed makes one too.
Cumfrey Jones (2 hours ago)
My brother is bipolar and I have often seen him escalate incredibly quickly when manic and switch between extremes in emotion in seconds.
madman2u (2 hours ago)
11:00 Thought it was my phone...
khaylakookie (3 hours ago)
I wonder what he would have said about the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Dea Robles (3 hours ago)
I'm a simple girl. I see Sherlock, I click.
He blinks a lot.
Echoaniac Echo (3 hours ago)
Thanks for the video! Been wanting to look for movies that represents my mental illness so that I can share to people on how my mental illness is. It's easier than explaining it repeatedly.
Reilly (3 hours ago)
Would recommend using the Netflix series maniac next time😍
Riley Grace (3 hours ago)
Split is a harmful representation of DID. Split is a harmful representation of DID. Split is a harmful representation of DID. Split is a harmful representation of DID. Split is a harmful representation of DID.
Cobra.mp4 (3 hours ago)
Probably one of the very few videos I enjoy from buzzfeed.
Amy Zhang (3 hours ago)
*sees Sherlock* *clicks*
Gailene Kaurila (4 hours ago)
Pretty sad “Shutter Island” isn’t on this list
zoe Bowman (4 hours ago)
Wow way to steal Wired’s videos...
Izzy S (4 hours ago)
i saw Benedict and i clicked
Emily Ogden (4 hours ago)
Hello please read my sophomore research paper this is all I did and it turns out that I properly diagnosed a character that was later diagnosed in the show with what I thought!
Dria The HorseGirl (5 hours ago)
ι тαρρє∂ σи тнє νι∂єσ в¢ σf ѕнєяℓσ¢к
Ginger Ale (5 hours ago)
Can we talk how beautiful he is?
Dead And a Half (5 hours ago)
I can't believe that I'm watching buzzfeed I only came here for Sherlock
Rebecca Divoky (6 hours ago)
Only clicked cause i saw sherlock 😂
nao sarang (6 hours ago)
I love your review but I have a question I know Psychopath and sociopaths are different but in my class I learned that Anti social personality Disorder is different from psychopathy like not everyone with anti social is a psychopath and not every psychopath is antisocial personality disorder. Also I am not sure if there is a sociopath test to give someone a sociopath diagnosis? I just really trying to understand.
Greta M. (7 hours ago)
I’ve always said BBC Sherlock was just on the spectrum, not a psycho.
Alexis Harper (7 hours ago)
As someone with bipolar disorder, that schizophrenia one from Beautiful Mind was really relatable to me. One thing that I’ll always remember is a time that I was in the hallways at school and was going through a brutal manic episode and was confused as hell at everything, and was hearing voices as well as people that were in the halls and couldn’t figure out what was real and what wasn’t, and had no clue what people thought of me other than everyone thought I was shooting meth at school. It felt like everyone was judging me, staring at me, talking about me, but it was hard to know weather I was hearing/seeing things and paranoid or if it was real. It’s pretty terrifying. I also relate a bit to that manic one from Silver Linings. Focus, running around everywhere, getting angry fast over nothing, etc.
Omg Lol (7 hours ago)
They only did this video bc of Shane’s series😂
Rachel Ybarra (7 hours ago)
*sees Sherlock in thumbnail* click. Who needs sleep anyways?
Ambi Cahira (8 hours ago)
When I'm manic (hypomanic) I think everything is fun or funny and life is a party basically, but my brain is racing so much that if I start cleaning for example I never finish anything I started and things might end up in the wrong place and I might end up tearing out the contents of all drawers in the name of "sorting out". I have ADD too so it's a factor but I'm writing this in case someone undiagnosed might go through "happy mania" and not being aware that it might be mania. I got accidentally diagnosed (ie I didnt specifically ask for it at the time) because I described it as feeling like woody woodpecker and someone recognized it and could start the process for me. For me though I have more lows than highs so if you are undiagnosed and don't know much about bipolar - it is quite individual how it affects you. There are triggers too; some gets more swings from bad sleep, change of seasons, stress, hormonal cycle, or long period of poor diet (described by my fellow friend) so if you feel a bit out of control you can try to look for patterns in your life.
Robert Fields (8 hours ago)
I really really enjoyed this video. Great to debunk myths and bring some much-needed clarity.
Maris Jules (8 hours ago)
Split sucks.
Lexxus Lace (8 hours ago)
I wish you guys had done the accountant
Matthew Lightwood (8 hours ago)
I actually know someone with DID, and I don't pry about their trauma but all of the alters are awesome
Potato (9 hours ago)
Stealing content as alwaayyyyyyys ...shane has changed this platform❤️
KAIBI (9 hours ago)
Can we have a part 2 of this? There are other mental illnesses that weren't mentioned like Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, OCD, etc. I have BPD but in movies they tend to make us look like the crazy ex-bf/gf which is not entirely true.
Kawaii Punch (9 hours ago)
*inspired by Shane’s viral YouTube series* You forgot to put that buzzfeed 😑
Chanel Number2 (9 hours ago)
I have a hard time interacting with ppl and get anxiety when I’m around a lot of ppl or when I have to communicate with someone I actually like being alone and don’t like to socialize I like my solitude I was bullied my whole life so I kinda coped with things by isolating myself from ppl I try to make friends but I feel like I have to fake smile and act like im a happy person so they can like me
Ruthie Allgood (9 hours ago)
you should’ve done ian from shameless!! he has bipolar disorder
Liya Must (9 hours ago)
I thought that said sociopaths and i was like what??? This what we doing now??💀
Myo Sandy (10 hours ago)
Exactly what Dr Mike did. "Real Doctor Review Doctors In Movies" or sth
Yoonmin 12 (10 hours ago)
A beautiful mind is like my favorite movie 😭 great movie! Also quality content buzzfeed
Hamiltrash Winchester (10 hours ago)
Ripped off Technique Critique by Wired much?
Aleah Cookie (10 hours ago)
gahsgshsv he shouldve reacted to JD from heathers!
Lana Ha (10 hours ago)
Who is Shane???
Sam Davis (10 hours ago)
Why use a camera angle that lets us see the border of your background? Just makes it seem much less professional and it was distracting every time you switched to that camera.
boi bai (10 hours ago)
inconclusion; sherlock is autistic
Maddam Alora (10 hours ago)
I know someone with DID. They have never acted dangerous towards other. They are more self destructive. It is very sad.
Glittah Peach (10 hours ago)
AP Psych hard thO lmao
den den (11 hours ago)
Again with the benedict cumberbatch click bait
Mahsumi Yumi Rhe (11 hours ago)
So what is the difference between aspherger and sociopath?
joebbles ! (11 hours ago)
shut up abt shane he didn’t create psychopathy he’s just getting views and money! anyway this video is really interesting .
burntpotato995_6 6 (11 hours ago)
My personalitys take turns on the jobs they are best at but we work together as one cause we are one
Ricky Rubio (12 hours ago)
"Iron Man 3 is one of my favorites" Whelp opinion disregarded
tsukigalleta (12 hours ago)
Movies' representation of these stuff definitely affect people's opinion, and it's sad
Charlotte Edmond (12 hours ago)
They should have had peers from the hungar games mocking jay when he was going crazy
Eryn Shipley (12 hours ago)
im so glad they talked about tony stark. ii wish they could have talked about PTSD, too
SocialDisease (12 hours ago)
Gender dysphoria for part 2?Probably not
Becka Bang (12 hours ago)
The baby in the bathtub really triggered me and I wish there was a warning before
stella jaramillo (12 hours ago)
yall throwin shade?
Danielle Clayborn (12 hours ago)
You should do this with tv shows!
Gali katz (13 hours ago)
What about Girl interrupted??? AMAZING representation of typical Borderline Personality Disorder, I’m glad I’ve grew up with this movie beside me since a month before I got diagnosed with BPD myself, it just gets more and more relatable as I grow up. It’s on spot.
Perfumaphilia (13 hours ago)
I would have loved to hear your take on Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets. His character has OCD, but he also behaves in a very antisocial/sociopathic way. The problem I have is that the movie only seems to acknowledge the OCD, so it portrays OCD suffers as sociopaths, when obviously they're not.
Laura Sutinen (13 hours ago)
This was amazing! There are many films that are generally well-made but rely on a stigmatised depiction of mental health (take Psycho, even Shutter Island). That's why good films with fair depictions of mental illness are so intensely important. To get a certified professional to assess a few is actually such an invaluable act. More of this please!
Jasmyn Wagoner (13 hours ago)
yo this was my favorite buzzfeed video. and the part with sherlock was great.
Freshly Cracked (13 hours ago)
when i see sherlock, i click
Bread (13 hours ago)
I should be on there for "Real Mental Wreck Reviews Mental Illness In Movies"
Hiryna Nasarian (13 hours ago)
"Gone Girl" is one of the best movies ever, I Really Love It
OhMyFuck Christ (13 hours ago)
What about depersonlization? ):
Dorks (13 hours ago)
I’m a simple person, I see Sherlock I click.
Anonymous Nonsense (13 hours ago)
Trying to jump on the sociopath band wagon... can't come up with original content...
Alysia Mer David-Wasser (13 hours ago)
C'mon. You gotta do better than, *"I haven't watched this yet.."* I haven't either, cos not a big fan of horror, but *i'm ALSO not making videos.* Also, ALSO, i read a *SYNOPSIS! In "SPLIT",* he's not vlogging for himself, he's vlogging for *his therapist!* WOW!!! That was so frustrating, i'm glad that you're not my therapist! Tony's anxiety didn't fix itself. *He fixated his anxiety* on the character of, "The Mandarin". For all the ways to *treat anxiety,* aversion therapy, is sometimes recommended. Tony conquered his fears by *FACING THEM.* When you mentioned the dog not barking as a sign/ *coping mechanism, you seemed to imply that a mentally ill mind can self-actualize,* which then leads me to wonder about how real "mental illness" is.( *Not, Scientology-levels of "this isn't real",* but you get the idea.) my point is not to dissuade anyone from seeking help. my point is simply to say: If learning "coping skills" like a dog not barking *alerting you* that you're mind is "tricking you", but *YOU* can be taught that *YOU* can untrick your *mentally Ill MIND* through the use of a *"mental Health PROFESSIONAL,* then, REALLY: How ill *Is Your MIND?* i've met exactly ZERO *mental Health PROFESSIONALS* who've said: "I don't charge for my services." i encourage *ppl to think long & hard* before you let a psychologist, *psychiatrist, a church, a Scientologist, or Tarot card reader* come between you & your money. *IF YOU HAVE FEELINGS OF SELF-HARM OR THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE, PLEASE CALL THE NAT'L SUICIDE HOTLINE @ 1-800-273-TALK(8255). THEY WILL TALK WITH YOU.* Although *i may feel* jaded by the industry, it's important to talk w/ someone, clergy, ANYONE. You're too valuable to lose & you Are LOVED. 💝💗💞
London Mueller (13 hours ago)
In Split one of the personalities is isn’t talking to the other ones when she said “explain that mother f*ckers” she was talking to the critics that say the disorder isn’t real. Because she is the only one that needs incline when none of the other personalities did. So it couldn’t be made up. That’s what her clip was about.
Ratchet4647 (14 hours ago)
Damn it! I just realized this is buzzfeed!
Kate Thomas (14 hours ago)
Just a quick note. We ARE Autistic it's not something we Have. Thanks
cold grandpa (14 hours ago)
ok now have him sit down and react to the entirety of season 3 of skam
Xavier (14 hours ago)
And yet, psychopaths tend to be very social people..xD
Lúcio (14 hours ago)
Weinstein company have good movies. Sad that Harvey Weinstein is such a creep
silly goose (14 hours ago)
Isn't it cool when Shane Dawson and Doctor Mike give you your video ideas
July Myers (14 hours ago)
yesssss autistic Sherlock!! I always thought he had more asd symptoms than being a psychopath or sociopath :)
Tóth Fanni (14 hours ago)
Do one with tv shows! Like Mr robot, Bojack Horseman, Shameless etc
TheG33k (14 hours ago)
I'm a high functioning sociopath. I don't care if you belive me or not.
Xavier (14 hours ago)
Yet, you seek the attention of strangers, my guess is you care about validation of your situation which also likely means your closer to a low functioning type.
Desimere (14 hours ago)
I would like to see a video like this about tv shows such as black box and atypical.
Desimere (14 hours ago)
Uu, and Frank Underwood
stop wasting time (14 hours ago)
I would love to see a part two. At the end, he says that murderers in movies aren't realistic. In 1989's Heathers, JD tricks his girlfriend Veronica into murdering three people, and he attempts to blow up a school full of people. I wonder, what's wrong with him? Is he just another unrealistic murderer or is he a good representation?
niki clay (15 hours ago)
I think shane broke youtube
niki clay (15 hours ago)
Shane has officially changed youtube forever
NuttyRockChick (15 hours ago)
curious about your opinion on as good as gets?
Emma Pate (15 hours ago)
Really enjoyed this video!
Zerina Udvincic (15 hours ago)
1. Stolen idea from shane dawson. 2. Anybody can be licenced psychiatrist thanks to internet and hes example of this. Basic knowledge and no real school at least thats how he seems af
O. liveil (15 hours ago)
Autistic Sherlock is best headcanon/canon
Banging toes (15 hours ago)
As a student who is currently doing majors in Psychology. I approve of this video 👍 btw beautiful mind is one of my favourites.
Cortney Drouhard (15 hours ago)
Sherlock Holmes has always been Autistic, and the only arguments otherwise rely on heavy ableism and misperceptions of autistic people.
Kirti Manger (15 hours ago)
Please do this again but with Atypical :)
piolo1023 (15 hours ago)
Of course buzzfeed would make this video
Abby Marie (15 hours ago)
I get pretty upset when movies or shows do not depict bipolar 2. I found its much more common as I’ve gotten older and it is vastly different from the typical bipolar disorder that focuses around hypermania and aggression and impulse. Bipolar 2 is just surges of depression and sadness and it’s so so so hard to explain to people as the only depiction of being bipolar is being manic, violent, irrational and kind of scary.

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