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The Arabic Language: Its Amazing History and Features

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This video is all about the Arabic language, from its early origins on the Arabian peninsula, to its current status as the 5th most spoken language on Earth. I also examine a number of features of Arabic and analyze numerous examples. Special thanks to Murjana Shabaneh and Mohammad Abd Al Qadr for the audio samples and feedback! Support Langfocus on Patreon http://patreon.com/langfocus My current Patrons include these fantastic people: Brandon Gonzalez, Виктор Павлов, Mark Thesing, Jiajun "Jeremy" Liu, иктор Павлов, Guillermo Jimenez, Sidney Frattini Junior, Bennett Seacrist, Ruben Sanchez, Michael Cuomo, Eric Garland, Brian Michalowski, Sebastian Langshaw, Vadim Sobolev, FRANCISCO, Mohammed A. Abahussain, Fred, UlasYesil, JL Bumgarner, Rob Hoskins, Thomas A. McCloud, Ian Smith, Maurice Chow, Matthew Cockburn, Raymond Thomas, Simon Blanchet, Ryan Marquardt, Sky Vied, Romain Paulus, Panot, Erik Edelmann, Bennet, James Zavaleta, Ulrike Baumann, Ian Martyn, Justin Faist, Jeff Miller, Stephen Lawson, Howard Stratton, George Greene, Panthea Madjidi, Nicholas Gentry, Sergios Tsakatikas, Bruno Filippi, Sergio Tsakatikas, Qarion, Pedro Flores, Raymond Thomas, Marco Antonio Barcellos Junior, David Beitler, Rick Gerritzen, Sailcat, Mark Kemp, Éric Martin, Leo Barudi, Piotr Chmielowski, Suzanne Jacobs, Johann Goergen, Darren Rennels, Caio Fernandes, Iddo Berger, Peter Nikitin, Brent Werner, Fiona de Visser, Carl Saloga, Edward Wilson, Kevin Law, David Lecount, Joshua Philgarlic, for their generous Patreon support. Music: You're free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Ibn Al-Noor by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100706 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ "Raw Deal" by Gunnar Olsen. "In Case You Forgot" by Otis McDonald. Drum beat from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVvWgpBHNL0
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Text Comments (10179)
نعيم عبد (16 minutes ago)
اللغة الفصحى افضل لانها مفهومة من كل العرب
Abdullah Almadani (49 minutes ago)
The modern is better. The classic Arabic is so confusing even for me as an Arabian. But in the studies witch related to religion the classic Arabic is so so so important, because if we want to prove anything We must mention a proof of a religious.
Rob Yenney (3 hours ago)
So amazing!! Nice to see this. Thanks!!
Zombie (6 hours ago)
والله زين 😕
omar Yasser (8 hours ago)
i am egyptian my first language is arabic but i love the english more it is easier
My time (9 hours ago)
5:41 WTF
WELEED ALgaheny (20 hours ago)
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اللغه العربيه سهله جداً
confuzler (23 hours ago)
To answer your question, Standard Arabic is the root, dialects are the branches and therefore learning a branch without the root does not make a lot of sense imo. Arabic is an extremely sophisticated, expressive language, it is very hard to translate Arabic to any other language and most of the times impossible unless some of the meaning is sacrificed and lost. for example, in English you can say: "Max wrote a book" and it means exactly what it means. In Arabic you can write "Max wrote a book" and "Max a book wrote" and "a book Max wrote" and "Wrote a book Max" and "Wrote Max a book"... each of them will be perfectly correct as standard Arabic, but each one of them means something more than just the sum of the words. Arabic is called also the language of conveying, because you can convey feelings and expressions in efficiently packed sentences impossible in other languages. In pre-Islamic Arabian peninsula, tribes used to congregate every year and compete in poetry that they have composed during the year, the best of the best poems are then put in contrast and hang on the walls of the Kaaba (the Cubic building at the heart of Mecca)... Poetry was so important for Arabs that a well crafted poem could start a generation war... or end it, because in Arabic, words are truly sharper than swords.
Mr. Abood (1 day ago)
Iam from syria.and i like that we have the first language.. And ya there is a Arabic that is in books..quran..and some of t.v chanels.. The arabic we talk every day it's like slang words👍🏼👌🏼
Wk.cleaning (1 day ago)
احسنت ولاكن هناك ما يجب تصحيحه والانتباه من هذا الخطء العربية لم تستمد من النبطية لان الانباط هم بالاصل عرب وان اللغة العربية من القدم تتعدى الزمن الذي اشار اليه بكثير وان العرب لا توجد لهم مخطوطات قديمة لان الحفظ هو ماكنوا يعتمدون عليه. وان العرب كانوا موجودين منذ الانبياء الساميين بشهادة العهد القديم كما احب ان يكون التوضيح على الية استخدام الجذور بشكل اوسع مثلا ك ت ب ليست فقط مكتب او يكتب بل مكاتبة و مكتبة و كتاب و كاتب و كتب و مكاتيب و كتبه و كتاب وكتاب وكتوب وكتيب والخ انا اعرف انك بذلت جهد رائع ولاكن الجذور اكثر مما شرحت بكثير لو كانت لك حلقة ثانية لتوضيح البلاغة في الجذور
Mohamed Abdukadir (1 day ago)
This man is really a great teacher
Jessica Roady (1 day ago)
Correction for the last Arabic sentence at 14:33 - you wrote: أنا أقرأ كتا ا باا which, read out loud, sounds like "ana aqra' kitaaa baaa" with a quadrupled long a. It should say: أنا أقرأ كتاباً which is "ana aqra' kitaaban." Correction for translation of 'yawm as-sabt' at 15:40: it should say 'day of Saturday.'
Rai BRB (1 day ago)
Why am i watching this im arabic
Hamid Shahin (1 day ago)
Thank you for this great video My advice to those who want to learn Arabic is to learn the classical language so that all Arabic lap speakers can understand you and not just a particular country
ابو محمد (1 day ago)
i think the best form is the dialect arabic becaus it will give you the advantag of understanding and communicat with almost all arabic speakers and it will show that you put an effort to learn arabic , to all learners i wish you best .
Sic Lusifer (1 day ago)
Adnan Salman (1 day ago)
Excellent work. I just cannot believe a non Arabic speaker would be so knowledgeable with such detailed information and moreover can explain them so easily yet in depth to the general public. Salute you!
Technical Giboss (2 days ago)
How much languages you know?????
Alireza Bayati (2 days ago)
Arabic is an ocean it don't have a bottom
Chebli Tg (2 days ago)
Kelo ayre ya 3arsat
JAlberto Mata (2 days ago)
AnaMasdri Habibi sabalhel salomaleico maselhir Chakram Marhaba Ana Farham Mechi Salam Bockram 😊 (I Have 2weeks in Egypt)
poro poro (2 days ago)
I think arabic sounds scary. The letters are really beautiful though, in my opinion. Interesting video, as always.
son GOKU (2 days ago)
modern standard Arabic
mansour ali (2 days ago)
I am from Libya and I can understand all the dialects of the Arab countries and speak most dialects such as Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Jordan .It is not difficult for me. And the tone is better that I hear the Sudanese because it is fun
Jacob Sebek (2 days ago)
Where are you from?
ISeeFurther (3 days ago)
The answer depends on what is the purpose of your learning Arabic. If you're, say, someone who is going to spend a few years in a single Arabic country (for work or otherwise) and is not really that interested in reading/writing in Arabic and would just want to communicate with local people, then just learning the local dialect is enough. You can start learning MSA if you become interested later, but in your mind the local dialect you started with will always be your reference specially if you learned it extensively before jumping to MSA and this might end up giving your MSA a "local tint" so to speak, which is OK but something to keep in mind. If you're someone who is planning to/interested in visiting more than one Arabic country with differing dialects (say Morocco, Lebanon and Oman) then obviously it makes more sense to study MSA as a base and adapt to local dialects as necessary based on how long you're planning to stay. If you're learning Arabic out of cultural or academic interest, then definitely learn MSA as dialects have many varieties and are non-standardized in most times. As a side note: some dialects are more well-known among Arabs than others. For example, Egyptian (Cairene specifically) and Levantine (Mostly Syrian, but also Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian are similar too) are mostly well understood by a lot of people due to Egypt being the centre of media production (drama, movies, songs) of the Arab world, and more recently Syria and the Levant region in general entered the market too. Something to keep in mind.
Amr Shalakani (3 days ago)
An native speaker here. Learn the Modern Standard Arabic. However, if you want to learn a dialect, learn the Egyptian one, it's understood by everybody easily.
كثير مما ذكر غير صحيح ولا ادري من اين استقا وستنبط هذة المعلومات
FranchuFranchu (3 days ago)
Fun fact: Since the Arabs occupied Spain, it is possible to use VSO in Spanish. e.g. Dice tu madre/mamá que no vayas [V: Dice] [S: tu madre] [O: 'que no vayas'] Your mother tells you not to go
Abdalla Bin (3 days ago)
Am a somali and i know arabic well (the fusha one)
I_ShrOoOfy (4 days ago)
I think learning standard arabic is better than learning the dilects because any arabic person can understand you but you should learn the standard arabic by communication first because its grammers will seem very hard for someone dont know how to speak arabic language
Anno Esmail (4 days ago)
فيديو رائع جدا افضل لغير العرب تعلم الفصحى لانه سوف يتكلم مع كل متحدثي اللغة العربية كما انه حتى بالعامية نراعي التصريف لانه من اصل الكلام لذا العامية لاتختلف سوى في بعض المصطلحات وطريقة اللفظ وخاصة عند اهل العراق واليمن والجزيرة العربية وليبيا شكرا لك تبقى العربية اللغة الاروع في العالم
If I learned to cancel the classical Arabic all Arabs understand you no need to learn hybrids
Fatima Radman (4 days ago)
My motherlanguage is Arabic ,and I say that your vidio is very true well done!
Aboubakar Ibrahim (4 days ago)
danke danke danke danke ✍👍
i thought that « exit » is خروج
mustapha marzak (5 days ago)
You are awesome
Mawar Aysha (5 days ago)
I can read all arabic words but im not understand the meaning. I think arabic language is so complicated like when we want to call a person. It has 3 section which is feel madhi...feel mudhari'....nd feel amr. That was so different to compare with my country words (MALAYSIA). But actually i can understand just a certain words of arabic.
Nazik Adam (5 days ago)
Madina books are PERFECT for learning Quranic Arabic. Also it has no copyrights, you can download books and their english keys (lesson notes) from Authors website!)
The most fascinating and spellbinding thing about Arabic to me is the triconsonantal root system. No other language, even among the other Semitic languages, is so literally radical, in the sense that for the vast majority of words the linguistic root of the word is relatively transparent and offers a clue to its meaning. Truly a beautiful effect in literary and etymological terms to be able to see and hear the historic roots of the language you're reading or speaking.
قاسم سماره (5 days ago)
تقرير جميل
Mahmoud Mahrous (6 days ago)
As an Arab, I recommend the Formal Arabic in order to enjoy the amazing art, science, wisdom and over all the Quran and Sunna in deep, the dialect can come latter
Waleed Libya (6 days ago)
يقول quran was written.. الترجمة : انزل القرآن..
Siavash Rastaghi (6 days ago)
A persian wrote grammar for Arabs- it a fact
Diversity is Life DIL (6 days ago)
السلام عليكم أخوتي، أنا عربي الأصل يسعدني جداً حبكم للغة العربية الساحرة. بالنسبة لمن يتعلم اللغة العربية يسعدني أن أقدم لك نصيحة بأن تتعلم اللغة العربية الفصحة، لماذا؟ هناك تنوع في اللهجات العربية و أيضاً دول كثيرة تتحدث العربية، لذلك من الأسهل لك أن تتعلم اللغة العربية الفصحة التي يفهمها جميع العرب من جميع اللهجات سواء من المغرب العربي أو من المشرق العربي. هنا تكون تعلمت لغة ٤٠٠ مليون شخص. إذا سافرت إلى أي بلد من بلدان الدول العربية ستتحدث بكل سهولة و طلاقة باللغة الفصحة حيث يفهمها الجميع بدون تردد. أتمنى للجميع الاستمتاع باللغة العربية. شكراً لكم. 😊
Kevin Hull (6 days ago)
I am learning Arabic, and have been started with Modern Standard, on the grounds it is understood by everyone, and I was uncertain about which dialect to focus on. (A Twitter follower recommended Egyptian, and another Twitter follower knows the Jordanian dialect.)
Asterix Jean (6 days ago)
If you learn Al fus'ha, everybody will understand You
the method you're following to learn Arabic seems very complicated to me. Maybe, everybody should learn a language the way its native speakers do.
سعيد طعمة (6 days ago)
As a Arabic person I suggest to learn the ( Syrian dialect) because it's the most dialect near from the modern standar arabic but not exactly, and its sounds is very clear
Natalie Wood (7 days ago)
Wow. Arabic is a rich language! And this is a quality video 👏👏👏
Faheem Ahmed (7 days ago)
Farah jawazneh (7 days ago)
I'm good in English but wanna to get the original American Accent, and I'll teach you Arabic l Who can help me?
ahmed fayyad (8 days ago)
Masha'allah you explain it in good way ,anyway if you want to learn Al-Amiyah learn Egyptian dialect all Arabs will understand you
AHMED SALMAN (8 days ago)
فيديو جميل و ثري بالمعلومات عن اللغة العربية . المثير من العرب لا يعرفون هذه المعلومات عن لغتهم . اللغة الفصحى مهمة للذي يريد العمل في في مجال تجاري او رسمي فهي اللغة التي تكتب بها العقود و و كذلك الكتب الرسمية . اما من يريد فقط التواصل مع اصحاب اللغة فيجب عليه تعلم احدى اللهجات المحكية في المنطقة العربية .
Asura Pain (8 days ago)
Arabic is amazing.
Asker Temir (8 days ago)
As I am non Arabic but I speak arabic well so my advice is to learn Al fusha Modern Standard Arabic so that you can understand all arabic speakers. Thank you a lot.
Froxizzle (8 days ago)
5:42 that is creepy yo
polong99 (8 days ago)
I got D for Arabic.. Hahaha
Ibrahim Mohsen (8 days ago)
Great deep condensed explanation for Arabic. You are really genius. From experience, I suggest for those are willing to communicate with people they better concentrate on dialects more. Just need very little offecial forms just to understand offecial talks as example road signs and shop banners. Keep it up. Well done.
5:42 Allah posessed him
Abraham Jordan (9 days ago)
Arabic is so heard to understand
Kidnapp Player (9 days ago)
We called it النحو و الصرف.
Yearing Novel (9 days ago)
انا اعرف احكي سوري وعربية ولغة عربية😂😂😂
Arıkan Çağ (9 days ago)
Arabların amq en büyük ve en yüce ırk TÜRK ırkıdır.
ضرار الخضر (9 days ago)
Iraq is an Arabic country and Arabic in in Iraq isn't just the native language but also the only language. how do you consider it as a semi Arabic country??????????
Langfocus (9 days ago)
Two things: 1) According to article 4 of the Iraqi constitution, Arabic and Kurdish are the two official languages of Iraq. That’s not my opinion, that’s in the Iraqi constitution. 2) I don’t make the maps.
Sammy IB (9 days ago)
all the respect to you very good knowledge God bless you.
Dustin Ducote (9 days ago)
اللغه الاعظم والاجمل خطيا وسمعيا
Youcef8830 (10 days ago)
Arabic is also co-official in Algeria.
Yousseg Loumane (10 days ago)
اللغة العربية الفصحى أفضل!!
Android Dz (10 days ago)
اتكلم 3لغات العربية احسنهم
Megan Thompson (10 days ago)
take a shot every time he says “Quran”
كانت ومازالت وستبقى اللغة العربية من اعظم واصعب واجمل اللغات على الاطلاق وكيف لا وهي لغة كتاب الله "القرآن الكريم" #انا_عربي 💙✋ Was and still remains the Arabic language and the hardest and most beautiful of the great at all, how does the language of the book "the Koran" Was and still remains the Arabic language and the hardest and most beautiful of the great at all, how does the language of the book "the Koran" # I Arabic
xD1230h yuines (10 days ago)
Hi i'm from morroco i speak Arabic العربية Frensh le francais English english Spanish spaniola
s s (5 days ago)
ماشاء الله الله يوفقك
طبعا بالفصحى تفهم كل اللهجات
Ataa Allah AlKhawam (11 days ago)
MSA obviously.
Tantawan SU. (11 days ago)
Damn the language is even based on religion
MrAnymeansnecessary (11 days ago)
I would say Palestinian (call it greater Syrian-Jordan), but specifically that which has galvanized in the last 70 or so years. I've heard from many different Arabs (second speakers too) that Palestinians are always very easy to understand.As well that it is similar to Fusha.
Arabian Guy (11 days ago)
Man you know so much
Ahmed Qasim (11 days ago)
Arabic great language from somalia ❤❤
Zak (11 days ago)
As a somali person i can safely say no one in Somalia speaks arabic as a native language and almost no one knows it
ibrahim dündar (11 days ago)
Fehimtu fasih kelamu arab. Ene Türk
ibrahim dündar (11 days ago)
İm from Turkey and i love Arabs. Because Hz.Muhammed (sav) from arab and They are sahabi soons
Physics Meonnx (23 hours ago)
Peygamberler en kötü sapık kavimlere gönderilmiştir.
poro poro (2 days ago)
Saudis are shit though
Abdu Bekar (12 days ago)
arabic is official in morocco it is not co official
ameur nourdin (12 days ago)
official language of morocco also arabic
ameur nourdin (12 days ago)
haha well i'm amazigh too but i better to use official arabic then amazigh ! its more important than amazigh here
Langfocus (12 days ago)
Yes, it is. But not only Arabic. Amazigh is also official now.
Phoenix 1978 (12 days ago)
MSA I recommend then dialect will be caught easily
NockeyNoo (12 days ago)
indonesian muslim here, i understood nothing about arabic language, but i can read arabic~
MpSniperM1911 (12 days ago)
africaRBG (13 days ago)
It's exactly as you said, Langfocus. If you want to communicate with people, focus on a dialect. If you want to focus on reading and watching arabic news, learn MSA. However, a serious student of arabic should dabble in both.
sam7748 (13 days ago)
Arabic grammar comes from the Qu'ran.
Mixed Masala (14 days ago)
Arabic is also language of Heaven
Manar Manora (14 days ago)
This sounds tooooooo hard
Nad Bel (14 days ago)
Modern standard Arabic
The Arabic is almost to be a brilliant language, also it has many specific rules etc; but culturally it's not easy to get, and it seems that the language is trying to be hidden by common sight.
Davide Gavazzi (14 days ago)
I want study algerian arabic....
XxGhimar237xX GMH (14 days ago)
If you’re wondering which dialect to learn, I advise you to learn Lebanese because the emphatic consonants like ص ض ط ظ Aren’t pronounced as thick as other dialects I’m Syrian, I can speak, read and write Arabic I can also speak many dialects
XxGhimar237xX GMH (13 days ago)
brian bouf i can speak syrian, Lebanese, egyptian, iraqi and the gulf dialect And keep in mind every city has a dialect For example people from the Syrian coast speak differently than people in Damascus or aleppo
brian bouf (13 days ago)
Can you do Algerian accent then?
w4k1- 70wn (14 days ago)
To all people who wants to learn this beautiful language...it's not easy..just don't give up ..it's vocabulary is very vast that you might get confused..but it's a beautiful language..the Qur'an is the best Arabic and it's a work of art from Allah..
The Megabit (14 days ago)
As an arabic speaker I think you should learn the dialects of whoever you are going to communicate with.
zerpashmal (14 days ago)
Im still waiting for your Pashto video.If you can master that difficult language Pashto,you are a genious.
zerpashmal (14 days ago)
You are excellent .I must say I speak Arabic fluently though not an Arab and am a post graduate in Arabic. You have explained it very well,i am impressed. Modern standard is the best but to know either Gulf or Egyptian or Levant dialect is good.Even better is to know Quranic Arabic .

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