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Singaporeans guess National Animals of countries.

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Can you even NatGeo? (Boys VS Girls #3) Can you guys guess what is the National Animal of Singapore...or North Korea? Test your knowledge to see if you are a true Singaporean or just an all-rounder smarty pants, like these guys and girls. GAME ON! Like our Facebook page for other nonsense @ www.facebook.com/swervecommunity Subscribe to our channel too @ www.youtube.com/swervecommunitySG Featuring: Shawn, Wendy, Daphne Asher, Caitanya, Justin, Ridzwan, Gwyneth
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Text Comments (63)
MA VLOG (1 month ago)
Pak^>Markhor not Goat check out on youtube
Sophy Sam (2 months ago)
Man am from Cambodia it wild cow
Sophy Sam (2 months ago)
No panda dragon
Dadang Hidayat (2 months ago)
Indonesia:komodo dragon, orangutan, sumatran rhino, java tiger,
Euan Arcilla (3 months ago)
I'm filipino salamat
Froz Blue (23 days ago)
In Indonesia we say "Selamat"
Vichara Chung (5 months ago)
No one can guess Cambodian animals.
Vichara Chung (5 months ago)
The national animal of Indonesia is komodo dragon
Tooba Noor (6 months ago)
Our beautiful wild goat " Markhor
SekiRyuO RedDragonGoD (6 months ago)
north . k ---- unicorn hahaha
YATOGAMI (7 months ago)
Sooo assh*le game. That’s soooo bullsh*t . Rubbish 🤭
Reza Fatah Nugraha (7 months ago)
I know It's hard to guess the national animal of Indonesia because there are so many endemic animals here in Indonesia beside komodo dragon like orangutans, tapir, anoa, peacock, javanese eagle, single-horned rhino etc
Philip Lee (7 months ago)
So stupid...
GamerNationFX (7 months ago)
My nation animal is comodo dragon
twain isles (8 months ago)
it's actually the Philippine eagle
mickey 6 (8 months ago)
Ehh u copied my goat onee! Ehh u copied my panda😂
mickey 6 (8 months ago)
USA is an eagle and russia a bear right?
Klewer TV (10 months ago)
singapore national animal is lion?LOL where is the jungle at?
Zulkarnain Hairolkasmi (6 months ago)
Well singapore used to be a dense forest back then before
Surya Tjandra (6 months ago)
Poor ligtle island. I think singapore national animal is earthworm. Lol
Siew Lan Choi (8 months ago)
Naruto Uzumaki (10 months ago)
The girl at 4:53 and
Naruto Uzumaki (10 months ago)
A fish is the national animal of Indonesia xD that guys answer was so funny
JanKhan 555 (1 year ago)
Love you all from Pakistan 🇵🇰
meme guy (2 months ago)
Do they have internet?
raymund usi (1 year ago)
Philippines? carabao? you siao lah, its Philippine eagle
eileen tan (1 year ago)
i guess north korean animal pig, cuz one of the guys says just follow the size of his leader
Aldrich Aguilo (1 year ago)
the national animal of the Philippines is philippines eagle
Agila Reyes (1 year ago)
Aldrich Aguilo actually its Carabao or Kalabaw (its one thing)
Unsugarcoated Revs (1 year ago)
Philippines -- "Pig, because they eat a lot of pig." Hahahaha well he is not wrong.
subbbztv g30 (3 months ago)
How dare you insult my country we may eat pigs but that s not our national animal our national animal is a carabao
timothy wong (1 year ago)
Funny how so many of them got it wrong for singapore when they live in Singapore. Don't they hear lion city and all the stuff in national day songs. I think more of them got correct for malaysia than singapore traitors
timothy wong (1 year ago)
Not to mention, some of them guessed answers that were already revealed for another country before. Are they dumb
Cong Lin (2 years ago)
Its very singaporean answers
Nora Boo (2 years ago)
singapore siad is a milone
lavar ball (2 years ago)
Dini Nasution (2 years ago)
Aziz Rahman (2 years ago)
Thx for the input by the last girl Rly cant live without it
UniTroniK HD (2 years ago)
ONLY ONE PERSON GOT Philippines ONE,annoyed liao
darren tay (3 years ago)
ROFL China ~ For sure its not a dog!
Jon Sm (3 years ago)
how is this channel different to smartlocal wtf
thekrazycow (3 years ago)
You guys never heard of something called a whiteboard?
Barek Omaba (3 years ago)
This channel is like a copy of buzzfeeds
Rudolf Goh (3 years ago)
You guyz are wrong, China's national animal is Panda/Dragon and Phoenix.
Dirt Skemmerz (10 months ago)
They said it was Giant Panda
Newbieguy 5000 (2 years ago)
+Crist Silverrcrow nah it's , I don't even know my Animals
Crist Silverrcrow (2 years ago)
Pamela Schonour (3 years ago)
Singapore is in Asia. Lions are native to Africa.
YATOGAMI (7 months ago)
Because there is no native singapore.
Schrödinger's Cat (8 months ago)
Sherry Lim Wikipedia clearly states that 'Singha' is derived from the sanskrit word for Lion. Also there have never been any lions in Malaysia, so the original malay language won't have any word for them. Lions thrive only in grasslands of Africa & India. Dense forests of Malaysia aren't a habitat for them.
timothy wong (1 year ago)
UniTroniK HD but we still call it a lion so whatever
UniTroniK HD (2 years ago)
+Gina Chen But It might not be a lion but a tiger ,some people thinks he saw a tiger instead...
4SidedStar (3 years ago)
Should have included Scotland.
Naruto Uzumaki (10 months ago)
4SidedStar Unicorn
Lia Nadia (3 years ago)
For china, i said 'duck' i don't know why...but when the guy said panda,i just realized, yeah because china is the only place that have panda...stupid me
Unsugarcoated Revs (1 year ago)
Why duck? Were you thinking of a Peking duck? :D
Chou Yi Heng (3 years ago)
the girl at 2:13 or 2:14 is super rude :(((
MikeyClifford Ismine (3 years ago)
+Chou YiHeng Ohhh okay I get what your saying now😊
Chou Yi Heng (3 years ago)
+XxAysha_ ibrhmxX well nkt exactly but she questioned the way they name their national animals etc negatively. in a sense, she sounds like shes belittling them although (hopefully) she isnt others are gr8 so 👍👍
MikeyClifford Ismine (3 years ago)
I don't think that's rude....?
Wiratama (3 years ago)
2:33 Uncle Watt

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