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GIRL THINKS SHES A WOLF! Comment your spirit animal & Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf DIGITALNEX: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wUQzr_KOZXcNpOTdyYQXA Watch more Reacting / Reaction videos http://bit.ly/sssniperwolfreacts Hi I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Follow me: Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf SSSniperWolf https://www.youtube.com/SSSniperWolf
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Text Comments (14437)
SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
hiii guys I was looking for a thumbnail for this video and I came across this one....lol who remembers this? u a real og
Yelhsa Violet (1 day ago)
SSSniperWolf that was the first cosplay I seen from you I started watching your channel on that video
Summer Corsini (4 days ago)
SSSniperWolf lol
kylin (10 days ago)
Your ears are big like wolf ears im not hating i thing having big ears are. Beautiful
Alex Black (17 days ago)
SSSniperWolf i love youuu
Devrie Erbe (18 days ago)
i actually have a friend who is a furry but she chill. she not like these ppl. or should i say animals? idk.... oof.................................................
Laila Elliott (1 hour ago)
I’m a wolf
EW GIRL (2 hours ago)
*f. urrry*
AvaBean (2 hours ago)
they are called furries
Honkerflyer69 (2 hours ago)
My son: I have something to say... Me: I know you gaei My son: no I'm a furry Me: go starve at gulag u stupid furry.
Honkerflyer69 (2 hours ago)
Furries can starve in gulag and the world can be saved blyat
Capt cat anisyru6 (3 hours ago)
but love your vids
Capt cat anisyru6 (3 hours ago)
8:49 You are a disgrace to my half side of being a native american
Chime Dema (5 hours ago)
*I feel like if I was a animal I would be a arctic wolf because my blood just heats up soooooooo much that people think I’m crazy!*
cat on mars (6 hours ago)
Omg I live in Buffalo dats my city 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Malayjia Fuller (8 hours ago)
I saw this before and yeah soooooooooooo.😂
Andrew Potts (9 hours ago)
There's many types of furrys. I'm a furry and I'm the type of furry that only has a big intrest in animals like wolves. I do have a fursona. A fursona is you as your spirit animal or your faviroute animal. Not all furries have a fursuite. I'm a furry and I don't have a fursuite. I'm not hating cause I'm a fan I'm just letting you know a bit about furries.
nathan dix (9 hours ago)
im a wolf
Annabell Rich (10 hours ago)
My spirit animal is a cat but not just any cat, all types of cats are, I love them all, and the animal I am vampire cat but the type of cat changes day by day but I'm human as well lol
Laialy Herbawi (10 hours ago)
You know I used to think I was a wolf but... I am that's the tea
Nova Gang (13 hours ago)
Yey hi sausage I love videos whit you
Athena Watts (6 hours ago)
That's not Sausage, that's DigitalNex
Wolfworkz_Studios (13 hours ago)
The only animal anyone is is the type where you cant control urself. For gosh sake my dogs are less wild then these ppl.
JACKIE FLOWER (13 hours ago)
Technically humans are also animals so they probably are WILD ANIMALS
OnlySesil 1718 (13 hours ago)
I love wolves, I would like to be one, I (honestly) act like a canine half the time XD
Cindy Markle (13 hours ago)
Ima furry.. 😳 Not a furry, with a suit. I like to DRAW furrys. Add animal ears and tails to girl and boy anime people I draw. Im 9.😅
XxBaby KatyxX (13 hours ago)
The furries have become too advanced
Chelsie Rose (14 hours ago)
Just for your guys' information furries don't believe they are actually their fursona... They really just enjoy socializing with people that are interested in cartoon animals practically and enjoy sharing artwork
Corgit o (14 hours ago)
These people are called therians I think, they are not furrys lmao
Taika Uskali (14 hours ago)
One of my best friends is a furry and everyone is super cool with it.
Alli Schoffstall (14 hours ago)
Summer Frane (15 hours ago)
The transformers rise
*_VvVvViIIiInNnNeEEee_* Lmao
Lilhedgehog 857 (19 hours ago)
stop disrespecting my culture
Lilhedgehog 857 (19 hours ago)
no furies don't think they are animals we just like anthropomorphic cartoon animals.
Cody Cleary (19 hours ago)
I were a suit for fun and its stupid.
Asumi Chan (22 hours ago)
Furrys dont think they are animals btw
Next is I think sssniperwolf is mom
tangnam limbu (23 hours ago)
I'm an alpha female wolf
tangnam limbu (23 hours ago)
I can growl
tangnam limbu (23 hours ago)
I'm blue wolf 🐺🐺🐺
simsi1001 __ (1 day ago)
Shaman king was the shit
Jingelpup (1 day ago)
Are you making fun of us.?
I am a furry... slightly offended but will stay subscribed because u a Gucci YouTuber
XxgachalaysxX (1 day ago)
Where my nekos at 💗
I’m a furry, I believe I’m NOT an animal. I’m a human. I am very anti social when being in a suit it gets rid of the anti social side of me.
HOLLIE MORRIS (1 day ago)
Lol 😂 hahaha
BlueSteel Wolf (1 day ago)
I want one of those realistic wolf costumes. *then I’ll really be a wolf*
Nathan LeCroy (1 day ago)
Gamers unite
snowdrop_ 08 (1 day ago)
Me as a furry\ ITS NOT A PHASE MOM! You know what be cool if sssniperwolf would be a furry for a day
FuzzyBunny101 (1 day ago)
me: "hey mom I have something important to tell you...." mom: "honey we already know your bisexual" me: "mom......that'd not it...........I am part fox" mom: "belive what you want dear just dont hurt anyone :3" me: oops.........ive already offended dad does that count??" mom: "hmmm maybe" dad: "IT DOES COUNT!! MEH FEELINGS ARE HURT!!!!!" me and mom: "what have we created? .w."
Bad.days. Suck (1 day ago)
Furry suits cost A LOT of money, u have no idea😂
Vivian Hof (1 day ago)
on all levels except physical, I am a wolf. WOF!
Surabhi Bachhav (1 day ago)
Wait so does the Chuck-E-Cheese dude actually think he's a mouse? …….my life is a lie.
XxAlmaPlaysxX (1 day ago)
Well... you know what they said! *You can be anything you want to be!*
Kai The Gacha Wolf (1 day ago)
These people are called otherkins
Bre'Aunna Taylor (1 day ago)
Whenever they started howling my dog started barking lol😂
Vitriexen _ (1 day ago)
It is for fun. We don’t believe were animals my god
Nerdy Girl (1 day ago)
They aren’t Furries
Mya Artis (1 day ago)
They identify as animals i identify as bisexual
amelia loves wolfs (1 day ago)
amelia loves wolfs (1 day ago)
People say I should have been born devil
PHIL PURLEE (1 day ago)
I is an axolotl
Cats for life (1 day ago)
This was posted on my birthday
LifeWithEmily132 (1 day ago)
Mom"What u look at when u see me that's not who I am" Lia " this is not my final form" Me *HE HAS TO EVOLVE*
Leila Nixie Rose (1 day ago)
Im a furry, making my fursuit and i am a human... I DONT THINK IM A ANIMAL! None of my friemds are furries. And a persona is not me, its a representation of me, a fursona is also a representation of me but as a animal, *if i were an animal (that could talk and walk) i would be my fox/cat anthro names SeaStorm, she is pinkmwith blue and white splodges, because if i were a coulour thats what i would be* and one of the main reasons i like fursuiters is becuse they are so cute!
XGAMERSAUSAGEX Villa (2 days ago)
On all levels except physical i am a duolingo *DO UR LESSONS
XGAMERSAUSAGEX Villa (2 days ago)
I am a.... Duolingo
born copyright (2 days ago)
You don't see me walking around town in a freaking paper dog suit
Yumeko Curihaki :P (2 days ago)
SSSniper: My Mother Actually bought it for me Idk a Guest I Think: Wait What If He’s Reacting To this And Like OH MY WOLF HEART! *Howls* Me: Oml I’m so dead 😂
Jazmine Ortega (2 days ago)
Thare just just s s I can't say it dum
Digital Dex (2 days ago)
All these guys r pussies they remind me of worms
Anna Henley (2 days ago)
We are called THERIANS we are not furries
Mrs. Nugget gaming (2 days ago)
im a dog and I know what breeds but im not guna say but i know i am human in this life I know i am a dog because i am my dogs older sis..... I died when i was two years old from cancer in that life
Alex Kristoff (2 days ago)
this is y furries exist.
wolf Armysis (2 days ago)
i am watching this on an ASUS laptop
God Of Flanes (2 days ago)
HeyItzMePat ! (2 days ago)
XxDark Fox24xX (3 days ago)
Chill Thanos (3 days ago)
All of the SSSniperwolf fans, all of us need to wear the horse mask and invade the furry culture for fun
Mrs. Nugget gaming (2 days ago)
Janietoogood (3 days ago)
therians are NOT furries
Minightwolfy 7210 (3 days ago)
I would like to have a pet wolf, one of my cousins i know haves a snow wolf.
Kk (3 days ago)
Hold up, am I the only one who's realized that their only choosing the cool animals, like wolves and leopards?
Ray Connolly (3 days ago)
these people would be right. humans are a species of animal
Maggie Kilgallon (3 days ago)
my dad says my great grandfather was born with a tail a literal tail
OmgLittleWolf (2 days ago)
Mya Serong (3 days ago)
Michelle Williams (4 days ago)
2019 we can be what we want!😂
Lashon Russel (4 days ago)
I would punch it with all my power
Lashon Russel (4 days ago)
If i saw that paper suit
Furries- They wear full body suits Neko's- Only wear ears and tail. They also think they are half animal not fully animal
XxgachalaysxX (1 day ago)
Im neko
Silly Lilly Cat (4 days ago)
I am a furry and I do believe that I am more animal than I am human...and it makes me kinda sad that my favorite YouTuber makeing fun of us..
Justin Paris (4 days ago)
This video is stupid
Isabella Kuhry (4 days ago)
2019 im a cat. 2020 im netella
Kristi Saifi (4 days ago)
I'm a fluffy black and red female alpha wolf with wings
Isabella Kuhry (4 days ago)
My friend thinks shes a cat... I think she is
KawaiiFox (4 days ago)
Do I count as a furry 🤔
Shadow K-Pop (4 days ago)
Melinna Rivera (4 days ago)
🎶"Persona, who the hell am i, i just wanna go i just wanna fly, i just wanna give you all the voices till i die, give you all the shoulders when you cry. Persona!"🎶 Like and Comment if you know this song! Armys ik yall are here💜
Epic Samurai (4 days ago)
Daughter: dad I have to tell you something what I kept for days.... Dad: it’s okay we’re know that your pregnant Daughter: WHAT No!!! I’m a wolf dad!!!!
Powerful Kangaroo (5 days ago)
I know some Furries and what I have to say is they know their animals it’s an animal called humans who like animals
Maria Luiz (5 days ago)
My friend also thinks she is a wolf
Vivian Vasquez (5 days ago)
I'm a furry but not that intense 😂
Sarah Davis (5 days ago)
i don't see these peopole walking bear foot in the wild climing trees caching animals juping in rivers in the wild and haveing 14 reptiler and 2 cat and liveing in a apartmeet going thro a davers and my berth day is coming up and probly i will not have a berth day and i mit have to lose some uv my reptiler .
Anna Moskona (5 days ago)
Furry 101: furries do not beleive they are animals. they just like anthro-animals. and they do not need a suit to be a furry. people who beleive they are animals are just weirdos.
Cozmic Jellybean (5 days ago)
5:33 ldk if they were ears to
Lane morrison (6 days ago)
I'm ten years old and as hairy as my dad
Erica Bacon (6 days ago)
Me: watching video Also me: *crys* Me: stops crying *before this video I was think about the thought of me, thinking I'm 47% human and 53% cat.*
Elles ducky birb cat. (6 days ago)
I wish I was a cat. I should be a cat 🤔
Shakira Wasson (6 days ago)
my spirit animal is a wolf

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