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Big Bant Beatdown | Guilds of Ravnica Standard Deck [Magic Arena]

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🎨 Thumbnail Art: https://scryfall.com/card/rix/158/hadanas-climb-winged-temple-of-orazca 📝 Decklist: https://mtgarena.pro/decks/le-bant-pile/ ✔️ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/ProfessorNoxLive ✔️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coL_noxious ✔️ Discord: https://discord.gg/Mme2Tw4 ✔️ Tip Jar: https://streamelements.com/professornoxlive/tip Thumbnail card images are likely from Scryfall.com © Most background music composed by Adrian von Ziegler. #mtg #arena #deck #guide #bant
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Noxious (7 days ago)
I really love how Ravnica opened up deckbuilding avenues for all sorts of weird inclusions; there are multiple midrange packages to choose from, and a ton of utility to draw from. Next up I think I'll work on a Path of Mettle Boros build.
ShadowZealot7 (7 days ago)
I'd love to see some kind of lands deck with a simic core that Mills lands into graveyard and plays them back with world shaper, Mending of Dominaria, crucible of world's, and/or Muldrotha. Scapeshift, Wayward Swordtooth, Guild Summit, and Tatyova seem like cool cards for value. I'd try to build it but I only recently got into Standard from EDH so I'm not great at building 60 card decks.
MASTERHAENIR (7 days ago)
@Noxious Do a Dino Red/Green, it's very fun =)
Firelord300156 (7 days ago)
@Andrea Parolini I think it is fairly obvious that playing ward on shalai is strong. The problem is that ward is pure trash in pretty much every other situation, that being said I haven't tried it myself.
Black Fox Gaming (7 days ago)
Path of Mettle doesn't really have a home, since it's flip side is average at best and Boros is too busy trying to pull of Mentor triggers. Personally, I'd want to see your take on the Goblin Frenzy. Experimental Frenzy, Skirk Prospectors, Siege Gang Commanders, all that lovely mono-red midrange.
Andrea Parolini (7 days ago)
I was wondering if Shalai + Curator’s Ward could be a good combination or it’s just not worth it 😊
sheepblack69 (14 hours ago)
How is Nox having two full art teferis ? I thought those where given 1 of if you were a beta tester o.o
Lawrence Waites (19 hours ago)
I like the immortal sun over tefiri also there could be room for tocatli honor guard in the main here too
Erick Herrera (1 day ago)
15:33, murder on the shalai. How does this work? I tried to use a conclave tribunal on a hexproof creature at a draft this past Saturday and i was told this wasn't possible.
Kelton Hicks (1 day ago)
Erick Herrera shalai isnt hexproof, she gives other creatures hexproof and the player hexproof.
Lucky Looch (1 day ago)
I love playing aggro control. Especially when I can play a 1 mana 3/2 flyer.
Aleksandrgrc (5 days ago)
Wait till transhumanism. Kinda around the corner. All you mer people are the same.
Jeffrey Nation (5 days ago)
you suck bro
raiynen (5 days ago)
23:40 Render Silent WUU (3)  Instant  Counter target spell. Its controller can't cast spells this turn.
MazinKeima (6 days ago)
I'm still new to magic, can someone tell me why he choose to kill a 2/2 instead of 4/3 at 10:21 ?
Tinu75 (3 days ago)
No reason, he probably forgot about first strike since he was winning the game anyway.
hoping for a simic lands theme, for god sake bant has the best landfall cards (like Tatyova)
Isaiah Crumpton (6 days ago)
Noxious, I was wondering if you could play a pirate deck. Using blue, red and black. I have been trying to make a deck for it and was not sure what I needed to add in , do you think you could possibly make one in your next video.
JE Moody (6 days ago)
Noxious dropping knowledge in this stream. Nice!
Jacqueline Moss (6 days ago)
Keep talking it’s fun to listen to
Kenzo Darera (6 days ago)
Make something between Knights and that 2U enchantment from IXL that adds a creature type you chosen. Or something with Satir Enchantmer ( I don’t remember how exactly it called ). Please.
SmashPortal (6 days ago)
Gameplay @ 3:54
John Tate (6 days ago)
This makes me so happy, ive had a list similar to this but a little cheaper for a while now because I love hadanas climb
MortalFluff (6 days ago)
47:15 Nox really won me over right there. That was an honest response. Most of us probably agreed too. And then he proceeded to tell the guy it was immature and told him to grow up. I know it's a small moment, but despite the raw vulgarity of the response, it's something needed to be said. Good for you Nox.
Larsen Garrison (6 days ago)
That along with his very mature answer to the person asking about whether being trans should be considered a disease were pretty great, yeah. Nox actually making the effort to either respond in a meaningful way or explain why he isn't is pretty great.
Miguel Maravilla (6 days ago)
i completely agree. most people would let that comment slip unattended, as if it was a reasonable thing to say, but i'm glad Nox made it clear that that kind of thinking is actually immature and unreasonable.
cross25011990 (6 days ago)
hey noxious. i really enjoy your videos and i am a big fan. could you please make a land destruction deck? or did you allready do one? :)
Benjamin Meeus (6 days ago)
UGMadness favorite deck ever! Think I found my favo archetype now that I think of it.
nim fix (6 days ago)
best part with bant angels, you can toss a Curator's Ward/Dive Down on Shalai, just counter the bordwipes and they scoop most of the time
Adam Głogowski (6 days ago)
How to get more daily quests?
Semiazas_TV (6 days ago)
@Noxious You where talking about Madness, absolutely loved that too... still have my madness deck to this day :') Wild Mongrel, Circular logic, Daze etc.... and for the late game Upheavel when there not dead yet :D
Donnavan Bruce (6 days ago)
Watching this video from 35:40 after getting my first speeding ticket in a car on my phone and my education will be haulted by my ticket was an interesting ironic philosophy plot twist
Piar0 (7 days ago)
Does anybody know how did Nox manage to have the Teferi special art twice ? I thought we could just have one per account
silentguy123 (7 days ago)
Afaik there was a short time in the beginning when you could craft more full art versions. It's just that you got one per account for free
Lau Ferry (7 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are not Flipitty flop You are on a two turn clock. :)
giuhipzgi (7 days ago)
maybe cut teferi and carnage, go more into knights with some Conclave Cavalier...or stick with those and go a bit more greenish with lanowars and pet collectors?
I believe you got yourself a lil confused here nox. Tempo is nothing more than aggro-control with a fancy name, same as zoo for board-control. You're using tempo losely as iniciative, in which case I argue you can just say "he/she got the iniciative" Saying that certain control deck is playing the tempo game just means they got on board with the beatdown plan. saying that an aggro deck is playing the tempo game means that he is holding back since his position isn't so great, hence he needs to control temporarly otherwise he will lose in a short term
+Noxious That's what I mean. You're using tempo as who has the initiative, as who has the largest amount momentum behind him (in your example the guy that draws a bunch, clears the board and then takes a turn clearly has more momentum) but you could as well say that he's winning, y'know? Aggro-control decks are designed in a way that enables them to swiftly take hold of the initiative, thus the term tempo got associated with initiative since the tempo deck always seems to have it. Tempo is not a thing to be denied or gained, it's simply the strategy of switching between an aggro gameplan and a control one, say for example you drop a delver (efficent 1-drop) and then you counter all things they play forever (aggro turns intro control). We call it tempo because it has a temporary gameplan, sometimes aggro and sometimes control.
Noxious (6 days ago)
You mean momentum? You can generate tempo with a Control deck by getting a crazy turn with insane draw/board clear/stabilization and jamming a Nexus of Fate. We often call Aggro-Control decks Tempo decks because they generate fast threats and _deny you Tempo_, so they're the only ones who have it.
eazy jka (7 days ago)
Suggestion for the Deck: How would Leonin Warleader work out? I love that card as a standalone midrange tool, did you consider that one?
Spencer Beard (7 days ago)
So, Elves have multiple balls huh?
waloacme (7 days ago)
Your'e an alright magic streamer and thanks for your content, but Legend is on another level, no offense.
waloacme (6 days ago)
+Noxious Honestly man, I don't know how you manage to do that. Your multitasking abilities are ridiculous. In any case, you put out lots of videos constantly so thanks again for the content.
Noxious (6 days ago)
Thanks? He's definitely more cautious and takes more time to think about his options and focuses a lot more on the _game_ .It's harder than you think to read all of chat/talk about a variety of topics _while_ playing optimally.
Slytherin Umbreon (7 days ago)
Expansion/Explosion and Find/Finality shuffled the strengths of the guilds around from where they'd normally be, kind of making in theme versions. So i kinda think they'd continue something like that into the next set a bit. Gives me some hope for Simic. Not much, but some.
mchlup (7 days ago)
Could someone explain where some of the deck names come from? For example "Big Bant"?
feihCehT (6 days ago)
+Earthy Potatoes For clarification, Bant and the allied color "shards" actually come from Shards of Alara. Like Bant or Grixis. Tarkir was enemy color trios or "wedges"; like Abzan or Sultai.
Earthy Potatoes (6 days ago)
+mchlup no problem friend.
mchlup (6 days ago)
+Earthy Potatoes Thank you for the explaination. It helped a lot.
Earthy Potatoes (7 days ago)
He just made up the big part so it wasn't called a Bant (insert archetype here) deck, and names like, Dimir, Bant, Golgari, and Jeskai come from the colors the deck includes, Bant specifically being the colors he uses in this deck, White, Green, and Blue, and the name Bant comes from a certain magic set, I think it was in the tarkir block. Dimir however, is Blue and Black, notice this lacks a third color, that's because the two color combination names come from Ravnica, and include any possible combination of two of the five colors in mtg, the names come from the ravnican guilds associated with the colors decks with that name use, and the three color names come from planes in tarkir associated with the three colors they use or something like that.
Duane Fouche (7 days ago)
Personally from the next set I would love to see some cheap untap effect, preferably in green. I loved Kiora's follower when it was in standard.
OMGclueless (7 days ago)
Valduk + Blue is gross too. Curator's Ward is insane on Valduk, and Arcane Flight is really good. You can pair it with Cold-Water Snapper as an alternate win-con and a body for your enchantments.
What about Tatyova in the deck? I really like that card. Makes me feel so nurtured and smooth.
Wendin (7 days ago)
Multani is good. But I happen to have drafted 3 blessed light last time i faced him in draft :)
MATTHEW STAATS (7 days ago)
Tefferi is in the deck Goodbye.
Kashif Farees (7 days ago)
I've been playing around with just selesnya midrange after I saw the lists from Grand Prix New Jersey that were running on Serra's wings. Hadana's climb and Teferi seem like great tertiary threats for when your opponent has an answer to keyword-tron, but I don't have the wildcards to add the blue dual lands just yet.
Marc Gomes (7 days ago)
I like Hadanas Climb but the Terferi felt win more.
dsword10097 (7 days ago)
People asking if he could talk less, when the interactive and teaching parts are the best... SMH
Jabberwock LD (7 days ago)
Bant "money"
thesamuraiman (7 days ago)
This honestly sounds pretty fun
Ash Lilium (7 days ago)
I really feel like Teferi is out of place in this deck, and that bothers me. I am under the impression that he was smashed there because he is generally strong and not because he serves the deck well. The problem is that I suck at deck building, so I'd like to ask you guys' and noxious' to help me figure out which card could be as or more powerful in the deck while being more relevant to it.
Ash Lilium (6 days ago)
+Noxious might actually be really cool! Thanks man!
Noxious (6 days ago)
Conclave Cavalier?
Hobbes95 (6 days ago)
eclipse Teferi is mainly broken in control decks because of his untap ability. Aside from that he‘s only a card advatage generator.
Ash Lilium (6 days ago)
+eclipse I'm just brainstorming for alternatives, so while your response is actually correct, it is not what I asked for...
Ash Lilium (7 days ago)
Should it be a Planeswalker? I feel like an enchantment would be cool as well. Maybe path of discovery? The thing is we have to extract value out of the blue lands so ideally it should cost at least 1 blue
Jin Freeks (7 days ago)
I drafted two dom drafts on mtga and the drafts were just horrid... You say valduk is kinda niche and hard to build, i feel like valduk was my only choice on both drafts. Every card was just so bad, even for rare picking, the first one i ended up making rakdos valduk but i was kinda late in realising that was my only option and was somewhat light on enchants and equips for that. night shade ended up rounding up that deck somewhat. the second one i really didn't want to make a valduk deck, and it just ended up being so bad... the only card i got out of that draft was a wizard's retort i only picked for my mono blue... i'm a f2p miserable existence who's trying to build up a collection by drafting, but the two times i drafted dom were so bad i think i'll wait until dom draft is over... i know dom has nice cards, they just didn't come in neither times i drafted. I'm poor and have to save up to play it, so i think i'm not taking my chances a third time :/
Jin Freeks (6 days ago)
Just... This time i got to see some more interesting rares and uncommons. There was an adeliz, but she was on the third pack and i was too deep on the golgari colours
Jin Freeks (6 days ago)
+Larsen Garrison yeah.. the guilds. Draft went fine, dom was so much more grindy, i tried it again today and got two slimefoots, which got me to 5 wins... The 3 mana, 5kicker dude that gives 10 life came in clutch a lot with some recursion to get him back from the grave later in the game
Larsen Garrison (6 days ago)
You could try some draft sims for free. Dom is a more complicated set to draft than most these days, so the practice might really help, especially if you're a newer player.
Dan Wilson (7 days ago)
Well for Azorius cards. Meddling Mage could really use a reprint. Wall of Denial would be kinda insane to see. Unlikely to see them in Ravnica though. Curious to see what Planeswalkers we get in Allegiance though.
Joseph Sulaiman (7 days ago)
yeah, mage would be a bit crazy in standard
Anaverageguy41 (7 days ago)
Is Abzan knights a viable build? With the new Green/white midrange stuff and the black/white early game plus ykmow history of Benalia
KaiserTheDarkWolf (7 days ago)
So we are going to play hello kitty island right? XD
brodeeo (7 days ago)
Hey man im also from canada and just here to comment that I played against you before I every watch your videos. Then a week later after getting just shreked on I realized your a you tuber lol
BlinkandDie (7 days ago)
Nox I have a story for you about Hadana's Climb. My opening hand was very land heavy, so I mulliganed to 6. That hand had 0 lands. Mulligan to 5, had Hadana - it single handedly won me the game.
BlinkandDie (7 days ago)
Just like you said, Hadana flips and suddenly the opponent is on a two turn clock
Jaxson Bateman (7 days ago)
As a 2 week player that runs Helm of the Host in the majority of my decks (I prefer midrange leaning towards control, so it fits right in and provides massive value if allowed to stick around - which in the 2 week bronze meta it usually does), it works very well with creatures that have good abilities, be it an ETB (Chupacabra as you said, or Meteor Golem) or something like an upkeep ability. On that note, it's amazing on Tendershoot Dryad. Not only do you get more and more and more saprolings each turn cycle, but they get bigger and bigger buffs. If they don't stop you getting a duplicate Tendershoot it's very hard to recover, as you're always able to put the Helm on the token copy at a later point.
lawrence Hoffman (7 days ago)
Love your comments about cars and driving, people take it for granted and its the most dangerous thing they do! I always find it hilarious how people fear all types of things but not being in a car.
BlinkandDie (7 days ago)
At 45:54 why didn't you pump the lifelink minion?
Jonathan Perigo (7 days ago)
I wish my computer could stream this. I've been playing magic for 15 years and play at a fairly high competitive level.
Jonathan Perigo (7 days ago)
+Punxsu that's a lot of awesome information, I might just start streaming this then. My channel is Son_of_agni if you're interested. I like to play a good mix of jank and meta decks.
Punxsu (7 days ago)
I mean you don't need that much power for a cardgame to be streamed. You can just stream it on 540p with 1200 bitrate. Won't look amazing, but enough to follow the plays and will take nearly to no CPU. If you have a Nvidia card you can even use GPU rendering (even with an old Nvidia card) which would use even less CPU. With the right twitch extension viewers can always hover over the cards to read them so unsharp text is not a big thing. I've seen worse streams, but when the gameplay it self has value to it or if the streamer is entertaining viewers don't rly care that much about resoluvtions. Most ppl watch it on their second screen windowed anyway. And in money: You can stream MTGA with a PC that costs you around 400€. It's more about your upload than raw CPU or GPU power. You can fix a lot with the right OBS settings.
Jonathan Perigo (7 days ago)
+MaxV0ltage hahaha no joke. I crei multiple times
MaxV0ltage (7 days ago)
MTG paper player not being able to afford a computer that can stream? I am not surprised. :)
Eddie Lee (7 days ago)
Hey, Noxious. I was wondering if you considered Skyrider Patrol for this deck.
Moises Mela (7 days ago)
Did you just include Teferi? Ooohhhh the Shaaameee...
naantjez (7 days ago)
what the fuck... i didnt know about supreme verdict.. that shit aint right man
Roy (7 days ago)
I view tempo in the same terms as tempo is viewed in chess. If we look at a 2 player game as a dance between aggression and defense (I attack, you defend, you attack, I defend), someone who gained tempo gained a turn to be the aggressor without any repercussions (I attack, you can't defend, and I attack again on my turn). This is why the mono blue deck is called a tempo deck. You keep affording yourself the means of aggressive play with very little to no repercussions. This is how you gain tempo in chess. You simultaneously remove a defender and also threaten a critical square or critical piece with one move. You gained a tempo and your opponent has to spend an extra turn responding to your play before he can resume his plans.
Roy (7 days ago)
For further examples of non blue decks generating tempo. Red burn decks generate tempo when they accumulate enough face damage that they have lethal in one or two turns. Now you generated tempo and your opponent has to respond to even the tiniest spells, trading inefficiently to stay alive. For green, you just put several large things on the board that block everything your opponent controls. Now he can't attack for fear of losing. Bam. Tempo. White, overwhelm the board with tokens or a lot of creatures that keep getting bigger every attack phase. Opponent can't attack again and must spend turns defending. Tempo. Black, probably some combination of board control, evasion, and graveyard interaction. Anyway, I think it's pretty clear how to get tempo without being blue necessarily.
Roy (7 days ago)
+Noxious no, I completely agree with you. Tempo can be generated by any archetype. You just need to know what tempo is when it happens to realize it.
Noxious (6 days ago)
Absolutely; I grew up playing chess! Funny you'd mention that. My point wasn't that Monoblue doesn't generate tempo, it's that every deck aims to create that tempo. Aggro, Control, Combo and Midrange are all archetypes that exist, and they can all generate tempo in their own way. Mono-blue is both Aggro _and_ Control, and its tempo is generated through its control tools which serve to protect the small, aggressive creatures. Most Aggro-Control decks are the ones people call "Tempo", even though they don't have a monopoly on it. Midrange decks typically generate very low tempo in one fell swoop, but their tempo emerges from the stacking of threat upon threat upon threat. Does this clarify anything? It's just a terminology thing. I've had crazy tempo turns with UW Teferi where I'll just Draw a card, untap things, draw four more cards, wipe the board, then take an extra turn. I guess we can call it "momentum" if it serves to differentiate itself from what usually think of as tempo.
MineRoyale Yay (7 days ago)
I want to see Mardu midrange, with the card advantage of sword point diplomacy and risk factor, the deafening clarion plan, and larger creatures, maybe some dinos, and angels. I feel it also has super powerful flexibiltiy in the side board, switching into a control deck that is nothing to scoff at.
mindless monk (7 days ago)
Mardu mastery
Nobdythere (7 days ago)
Put helm on tendershoot Dryad. Beat them with saprolings.
Sean Lundy (7 days ago)
Is there a referral system built in at all to get packs when getting started? I just downloaded MTG arena to get it going
Tyrone Brown (7 days ago)
Try the code: “PlayRavnica” in the redeem codes section from the magic arena shop, it gives you 3 free ravinica packs, and usually one of them contains a mythic card. It is a public code that wizards of the coast gave out for everyone to use
Kickypoo (7 days ago)
Gameplay @ 3:50 oh boy did he explain in this one
monovone (7 days ago)
Красава, дядь
Matt Michael (7 days ago)
Was thinking about making a deck like this today lol. Specifically Knight of Autumn with Climb for the immediate flip.
Evan The Living Meme (7 days ago)
Is there a name for green, blue, and black
Evan The Living Meme (7 days ago)
omg nvm I completely forgot. Sultai
Eric Ancuta (7 days ago)
Merfolk modern is an aggro-control.
LP Bisbey (7 days ago)
less talk more drinking water
Evan The Living Meme (7 days ago)
Do you have a mono-blue tempo deck? If not I would love to see that.
isaac (7 days ago)
@nox you mean 2 93 93s didnt make the cut? 🤣🤣🤣
GFL Lauwers (7 days ago)
How do you have 2 alt art teferi's?
Bazagi Derp (7 days ago)
You could craft them for a short while.
Ramy Salem (7 days ago)
EU ready to sleep ? NAHHHH, Noxious vid first LETS GO.
Humandavid1 (7 days ago)
Love Hadana's Climb.
Xx_swag_ Dinkster_xX (7 days ago)
Love buff decks
Matteo di iorio (7 days ago)
I m The first!!!!! This deck its great! Hadana’s climb.... i always fall in love with this card
Skuiggly (7 days ago)
noxious! the man the myth the legend the best

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