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vines for when you're lonely and forget who you are

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quoteable vines you can show to those friends who don't understand your vine references *sorry for the 1d vids, i stan Dedicated to my vegetarian, vine deficient friend, Shauna :)
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kayla (1 year ago)
hi my name is trey i have a basketball game tomorrowwwwww
Wafflesgang Lovesr3x (3 days ago)
I got shoo game tomorrow
savage or nothing (9 days ago)
You 2
Trinity ! (27 days ago)
Did he win?
grace medhin (1 month ago)
Seashell Studios :3 (1 month ago)
I thought his name was drake
Almighty Gos (8 hours ago)
Why did zach get in trouble? What exactly did he do
Tori Smith (9 hours ago)
9:52 song?
0:03 run forest run
mello marsh (12 hours ago)
this is it chief.
Anonymous (13 hours ago)
Yes she is a *B I C T H* 🤦🏼‍♂️
•Moonlight • (1 day ago)
6:08 Mexico in a nutshell
I love you 😘
The Goddess of War (2 days ago)
Its the perfect texture *Running slips* Oooops
YOCΔSCO (2 days ago)
2:04 😂😂
Kayla McCarthy (2 days ago)
My names Kayla toooo
Qwensa (2 days ago)
Headshotplays STAR (3 days ago)
11:59 best part
tang lengsreng (3 days ago)
0:25 what girls act when it comes to their favorite food
Eliza Casanova (3 days ago)
tomara que a julia seja muito feliz c a escolha dela
David Vasquez (3 days ago)
James Charles 4:14
That One Artist Birb (3 days ago)
I’m fr terrified that one day my old vines will be recovered from the depths of hell. *_hoverboard dance party still scares me_*
Azul de la Fuente (3 days ago)
"Ay mi chicle" Press F to pay respect
mochie cosplay (3 days ago)
one thing- *OOPS*
Puddin Pop (3 days ago)
I dont get it what did Zac did?
Madeline Chapman (3 days ago)
10:48 one of my favourites 😂😂
ellie (4 days ago)
I wonder how many ppl know the title is a 1d refrence
Emma Saporito (4 days ago)
10:23 is so funny to me lol
Cool kid Slime (4 days ago)
The hey darrion one at 3:55 has me DEAD
Cyrill Dela Cruz (4 days ago)
Lexi Carolyn (4 days ago)
mi chicle
Luke and Kyle Videos (4 days ago)
what the *fuck* *RICHARD*
Samantha Tolibas (4 days ago)
Why are you running?
Hermione Malfoy (4 days ago)
"can i get a waffle?"
Halo (5 days ago)
3:30 lmao I fucking love that song
Alivia Bartee (5 days ago)
you got eggsma
Kamille Fenwick (5 days ago)
10:27 he looks like a potato
outrage gamer (5 days ago)
"Say heyyyy vine" Kid: Heyyy vine Other kid: "Fuck vine bitch"
Graclyn Wheel (5 days ago)
2:41 Girl 1- my sister Girl 2- me
ocerco93 (5 days ago)
i forgot the song they are singing 8:35 please someone
jungkook jeon (5 days ago)
10:16 😭😭😭😂😂
•ro se• (5 days ago)
1:24 made my day ;)
Tameem (6 days ago)
5:59 when my dad comes home after I got my report card
Bella Estrada (6 days ago)
For when your lonely and forget who you are? Hmm sounds familia-ONE DIRECTION
Gabbi Durham (6 days ago)
2:21 he makes TikToks now
Genocide (7 days ago)
4:39 how to waste 250 dollars 😂😂😂
5:00 GoLd 😌😎
Precious Daniels (7 days ago)
that death drop though🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hydra_21 (8 days ago)
11:53 in backed right now and when she said the police is there I jumped too for one reason
Bruna Bittencourt (9 days ago)
Tomara que a Júlia seja muito feliz com a escolha dela.
Julz Zuniga (9 days ago)
7:57. “U messing with my truck”
Julz Zuniga (9 days ago)
Holy f it’s that n from bugs life 😂
ti_on_chu 08 (9 days ago)
I go to school with the chipotle kid his name is Roy and I used to be his friend but he started hanging out with avery
Ivy Pereyda (9 days ago)
7:10 omg I grew up with Elmo. *SHES KILLING MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND*
Ivy Pereyda (9 days ago)
lawterstefan94 (9 days ago)
10:16 you’re welcome
3:32 The dogs just like "Wtf is up with this hooman."
serenity ferguson (9 days ago)
oof bless that larry vine
narcisscystic acne (10 days ago)
11:05 is that Damian? that gay guy in 'mean gorls'
charissecoal (10 days ago)
Earbuds not necessary
Ari ok (10 days ago)
I wanna bbeeee aaa cowwwwbooyyyy bbbbaaabbbbyyyy
Joe Tlawmte (11 days ago)
Yes! She is a bitch...B.I.C.T.H!🤣
Yuliana Mendez (11 days ago)
1:42 ed sheeran
D Koehler (11 days ago)
LOL that girl is like elmo sucks :)
Captain Levi (12 days ago)
9:44 is the best for me.
Ananda Mclemore (12 days ago)
dopesniper 996 (12 days ago)
Nevin Cardamone (12 days ago)
9:00 is that you coach baker?
Red Hof (12 days ago)
What song was that on 1:17-1:18?
Jasmerline Liriano (12 days ago)
interviewer : you are beyoncè Beyoncè : thank you 😌
bkrbrjf jrvruehfru (12 days ago)
Prickly Pickle (13 days ago)
That fish!!!!
Chris Hendricks (13 days ago)
10:16 wut??😂
Chris Hendricks (13 days ago)
5:40 wt about it?
Darealchance ! (13 days ago)
8:32 what's that song in the background
Ashley Rae (13 days ago)
What’s the little boys name
what about vines that have never been to oovoo javer?
Hannah Hudson (13 days ago)
iM a gIRaFfE 😂😂teh he hee
GLITTER_JAID (13 days ago)
Uh muh gah chipohleh chipohleh is muh life (0:24)
Louie Jay (14 days ago)
Yes...she is a b*tch.. *BICTH*
shade (14 days ago)
Little Black Dress (14 days ago)
3:17 larry
Screwed up mess (14 days ago)
Thats was some great collection of vines
Giovanni Barreto (14 days ago)
My poop is coming!!!!
R B (14 days ago)
i feel bad for the girl who got hit by the bag
Gacha Lover (15 days ago)
0:14 Billie Ellish As a Child 😂
Be You (15 days ago)
I just realized today that my Birthday is the Day I was Born... 😅😅😅🔊🔊🔊 Duh !!!
2:31 *_when my dogs don't get their treat for fighting and they flip the heck out_*
Joey beanbags (16 days ago)
Wtf Richard 🤣
Aye Babyy13 (16 days ago)
6:22 “SHUTUP!” “Yes.”
Aye Babyy13 (16 days ago)
“WESKEISHA omfg she fucking dead!”
Aye Babyy13 (16 days ago)
“Chipotle my liiiaaafeee!”
Jerrica Evans (16 days ago)
I don’t think the one when the grandma fell in the table at 2: 39 is funny.
Fagatron Luke (16 days ago)
Okay I watching this in class, but I forgot my earbuds so I have the volume turned down all the way. I love how I don't need the volume to know these vines. I just know.
Daxty234 Big burgers (17 days ago)
Why did the boy get in trouble for doing that with his legs
Yanel Silva (17 days ago)
0:52 his laugh makes me laugh🤣
Jessel Fabian (17 days ago)
3:17 FuCk yEah #larryasfuq
Jessel Fabian (17 days ago)
Also the video title. If I could fly, i'd be comung right back HOME to you
Ariana Marban (18 days ago)
3:30 wait is that Bernardo Flores I’ve seen that vine a thousand times but I think it him 🤔
Leah (18 days ago)
Nah bc 9:00 has me CRYINGGG LMFAOOO
meinNameist 24 (18 days ago)
Whay arr you running 😂
Olivia Nowakowska (18 days ago)
10:03 i'm dead
MC Rivas (18 days ago)
Whos the queen at 4:26??anybody kno??lmk!!
Xanthe Sastro (18 days ago)
Tyler The Creator.♡
Daniela Ibarra (19 days ago)
2:02 is my all time favorite 😂😂
Tyler Lancaster (19 days ago)
9:50 what song is that? Sounds so familiar
cherrylove34 (18 days ago)
Misterwives - reflections
Kaidenz Ataraxy (19 days ago)
That little girl was beating that Elmo ass!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

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