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Drunk Dancing Cowboy DUI Ranger

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Drunk Dancing Cowboy DUI Ranger,, suspect excels in all checks overreaches on dance... step, bump, step, bump,. bump.
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Kait Kat12 (1 day ago)
Our drivers ed teacher put this on for us I have never seen anything more amazing XD
Gunhammer (10 days ago)
Mario Bell (16 days ago)
Kick ball change
Holly Warehouse (2 months ago)
Cool Cop! Sing it backwards DUDE!! And NOW- STEP BUMP BUMPBUMPBUMP5-6-7-8! Add the Barrel Roll😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying🤣
Derp Derp (3 months ago)
Probably not probally
JoeDotPHP (3 months ago)
Obviously quite fake but pure genius haha.
Marcus perez (3 months ago)
Dazmond van't kruis (3 months ago)
How could this get 4 dislikes
Spitzer Marriage (16 days ago)
d l (4 months ago)
it's not real
Sherell E (7 months ago)
The coolest video ever
1whitetyler (8 months ago)
This is from the show Reno 911...
follysjetfil1 (10 months ago)
Poor Patrick

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