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Tea Consent

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Copyright ©2015 Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios Non-commercial use: Video must have copyright information displayed below video, with a live link to original. No alteration to the video may be made, other than translation. Commercial use: Contact [email protected] for licensing. Script - Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess ... Animation - Rachel Brian ... VO - Graham Wheeler http://rockstardinosaurpirateprincess.com/2015/03/02/consent-not-actually-that-complicated/ http://www.blueseatstudios.com/
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Text Comments (5155)
Epic Arko (2 hours ago)
1:53 Wanttea
Isaiah Solis (3 hours ago)
I yern to be that enthusiastic about tea
Marconius (13 hours ago)
Also, don't put milk in tea. Unless they're into that. But assume most people aren't into you putting weird shit in their tea.
MOONIE (14 hours ago)
Well Ladies, let me tell you this. You don't have to ask me if I want tea not that you were gonna make it for me anyways
Sketch it D.I.Y (17 hours ago)
Does no one realise he’s literally saying he going to have a wank in the end
Lily does art sometimes (21 hours ago)
Does unconscious=drunk
Beemium (21 hours ago)
n word
Grey (22 hours ago)
The passive aggressiveness behind *"Don't make them drink the tea"* is absolutely k i l l i n g me-
ankit gupta (1 day ago)
Special masala tea https://youtu.be/pPiKvqxj2xk
Jenni McFood (1 day ago)
”on that note I'm going to make myself a cup of tea” 😯
Jenni McFood (1 day ago)
”Unconcious people don't want tea” 😂😂😂😂
TheRedBrother (1 day ago)
But what if there is no tea and I’m offering them coffee instead? Huh?! I NEED ANSWERS MAN THE COFFEE IS GETTING COLD! IT’S IMPORTED TOO!!
Leonassassin3 (1 day ago)
This was very helpful
Go Toads (1 day ago)
If someone is in the middle of enjoying the tea but then suddenly say they no longer want the tea, are we allowed to take the tea cup out of their mouth and pour it on their tits?
some random sloth (1 day ago)
I feel like that thing UNCONSCIOUS PEOPLE DONT WANT TEA is like passive agressive like a freind one time made you drink tea while you were a sleep like literal tea and now your just like unconscious people dont want tea JONATHAN FREAKING ASSHOLE
AllyMIB :3 (1 day ago)
My fren sent me this, this is intresting
emily bryan (1 day ago)
I'm laughing and crying
untalented singer_ (1 day ago)
Kawaii Plushie (2 days ago)
Should also include: If the person you’re giving tea to doesn’t want it and makes it evident over and over that they’re ok without tea, just because you’ve been with the person for however long their lack of wanting tea does not mean you should tell them “But you’re my (whatever friend) so your ok doesn’t matter, we’re friends and i have every right to make you tea!” Basically, if you told your partner you don’t want sex in that moment a great number of times, they have no right to tell you, “But I’m your boyfriend/girlfriend. Consent doesn’t matter because we’re dating, I have every right to touch you this way without asking.”
Little Masked Angel (2 days ago)
A friend of mine tried to make me drink tea... I don’t want tea ever again...💔
MOONIE (14 hours ago)
+Little Masked Angel Oh wow, did he literally try to pour the tea down your throat?
Crepuscular Night (23 hours ago)
​+Little Masked Angel, are you able to stop being friends with him? If you can, and you truly feel this way, you must cut him off because people who do that sort of stuff are not the best to be around. Anything you can do to stop the relationship? You don't have to answer, sorry if you feel I'm prying.
Little Masked Angel (23 hours ago)
Crepuscular Night, sadly yes. But I don’t want to be friends with him.
Crepuscular Night (1 day ago)
Little Masked Angel, are you still friends?
Panda (2 days ago)
If you don’t know how to tell if people want tea, think about it like consent
anna p (2 days ago)
They showed us In our weekly assembly and we where very quite and couldn’t believe what we watched. You think they will never drink tea the same way again
Olli Z (3 days ago)
On that note, I'm gonna have a wank?
mike kelcey (3 days ago)
I used this in an assembly for year 9s and then year 10s and then year 12/13s. I had to change it to "pizza" instead of tea as the kids would have looked at me like I was their grandad. Pizza worked well - I also think it worked for healthy eating as none of them could as much as look at a pizza for weeks. It also allowed me to include "Do you want pizza?" "Yeah, 12" deep pan...love it. I want one now" and "put the pizza down, you may need to finish it off on your own later".
sparkplug T (3 days ago)
Its a crying shame that it's gotten to this point. I'm 25 and I fully understand concent but now a days that seems to be a foran concept. Its simple yes means yes and no means no, no matter who says it. It was pretty simple and most people had enough respect to know the difference
Jeronimo James (3 days ago)
Can you explain with coffee
Mewmewkityfan 123 (3 days ago)
They dont want tea
Nia H (3 days ago)
I don't like tea
Alexa Doodles (3 days ago)
Tea is still good tho...
Maya Harper (3 days ago)
2:45 So...you're going to masturbate?
*/ (3 days ago)
No he is gonna drink tea...
Marc Dommröse (3 days ago)
"And when they drink a tea and then pass out don't make them drink the tea while unconcious..." Wait... These are all sex references right? I mean... what the fuck did i just imagine???
original character (3 days ago)
God I feel like this is directed to a fucking alien. I can't stop laughing at this
original character (3 days ago)
W h e e z e
Alexis Arias (3 days ago)
I saw this at school
gjaddajg (3 days ago)
Feminism is cancer and #metoo is a witch hunt.
Alison Arenberg (4 days ago)
I watched this in sex ed and my whole class was laughing so hard
Siemianowicee (4 days ago)
The Tea Film Fortnum & Mason - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qScWdIOjV3k
Panda (4 days ago)
*Unconscious people don’t want tea*
David Ramirez (4 days ago)
I love the ending, if tea is like sex, then making tea for yourself... Oh god
Madison Green (4 days ago)
And that's the tea
Poor Shishter (4 days ago)
Um when he said he was gonna make his own tea did he mean....
Mystic Moth (4 days ago)
Don't give drunk people tea
Coffee Beans (4 days ago)
anyone want tea?
The FallenKing (4 days ago)
What if goats can't say if they want some tea??? (It's a joke you close-minded, uncultured people)
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
No one... said anything.
grlvworld (5 days ago)
Simple Perfect
Bella Rayne (5 days ago)
Can I use this? I want to sell embroidered pillows, etc.
Stone Pillsbury (5 days ago)
Wait so would buying tea be prostitution?
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
Oh my... No stop my bRAIn.
Kuledude 0 (5 days ago)
They been playing this all around our high school
Josh Dun (5 days ago)
anyine here from illymations?
Chin Channel (5 days ago)
You forgot the option where they take a sip and then say “I don’t like this, you raped me”
Burtasaurus Rex (20 hours ago)
+Chin Channel Imagine this is a video about sharing toys. The video explains that you need to ask for and receive permission before playing with someones toy. Saying "yeah well what if someone says I can play with their toy then tells the teacher I stole it from them". That's different. Then you're dealing with a liar. You're dealing with someone who either doesn't know right from wrong, or who does know, but doesn't care. The video isnt about that situation.
Burtasaurus Rex (20 hours ago)
+Chin Channel I do get that. Hence the last part of my comment be careful who you make tea for. There are bad people out there. This video isn't about the shitty liars. This is about the people who need to know how consent works. The point of the video is about people who are actually raped, not about the scumbags who lie about it. That's a different discussion entirely
Chin Channel (1 day ago)
Burtasaurus Rex no your not understanding that you do stop but they still say you raped them because they randomly decided that they don’t like it so they accuse you of rape and your life becomes a wreck even though you had full consent
Burtasaurus Rex (4 days ago)
That's completely different. If at any point someone takes a sip and says "I dont want any more tea" you stop. If they happily and willingly drank the whole cup and a day later say "I didn't want that tea, but they forced me to drink it" they are a bad person. It can be very tempting to make tea for attractive people, but always remember to be careful who you make tea for.
Fun dip Chip (5 days ago)
Chin Channel to damn true
Nelli_doodles (5 days ago)
I tea
Chloe Allen (5 days ago)
*if they don't want tea.* *dont make tea.*
Awais Hafeez (5 days ago)
At the end when he says "I'm going to make myself a cup of tea" makes me believe he is going to do more than that...
Silver Frog Rabbit (5 days ago)
And don't go through the process of making them tea without asking because they may feel pressured to drink the tea after you've gone through the trouble of making it.
A.P. Wells (5 days ago)
+JRMCNEA I understand where you are coming from and it's actually a valid point yes in many instances the person saying "I don't know" when asked if they want some tea is being coy simply saying it to be playful and hard to get and I can admit even I am guilty of that BUT I think we can both agree that there is a very bold line between coyness and the obvious fact that the person might not want your tea and is scared to say no because they don't want to hurt your feelings and in that situation make it clear that it doesn't matter to you whether they drink your tea or not or perhaps ask them if they would prefer a different kind of tea or less tea or maybe they just want some cookies and biscuits instead
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
+A.P. Wells Someone acting uncomfortably is no different than a person acting anxiously. You are demanding the person assume what those tow mean rather than the person giving consent clarify it. And to your analogy. Why would I add vagueness to it by saying "I don't know"? Am I looking to be persuaded? And I wondering what It will cost me? And Why would someone be so pushy about it when persuasion would be more effective? You don't sell something by saying "Just buy the freakin thing!". You persuade them by showing them that they might like the tea. But Like I said before. People like to pretend like one group that offers tea is not seen as an opportunity to gain something more than tea by the person who had it is offered to. "I might want to drink your tea. But I know you will sweeten the deal. Because you want me to drink your tea. And is willing to break out the cookies and maybe some biscuits If I hold out a little longer." In this well known atmosphere. It is on the person offered the tea to be very clear. Because although I am offering you tea. Being a stable human being I REALLY want you to enjoy my tea. Because If word gets out that I suck at making tea no one will want to drink my tea. But again one group is held to account for less than 10% of the group who has their tea sought out. A lo of people pass on the best tea in their lives because they think the person sucks at tea making just because of how they look. Or think they don't have enough cookies or Biscuits to sweeten the deal so you don't just feel like a thirsty tea drinker. But now 90% of people offering tea has to listen to someone talk about 4% of the population shoving tea down someone's throat. I just want you to drink and enjoy my tea. And If you like it enough, I might try to make it for you when you get thirsty. but some crazy people think they are too good for you to offer them tea. And infer that you are looking to pour tea down their throats because they think their taste buds are the best in the world. And no matter what you do. Have the nerve to offer your tea to someone or persuade them that your tea is good, or even offer and eagerly hand it over when the person seems less adverse to it as others. People will treat it like you held them down and poured it down their throat.
A.P. Wells (5 days ago)
+JRMCNEA Not necessarily if someone acts uncomfortable or acts as though they don't want the tea it isn't right to pressure them into drinking tea I mean come on if someone comes up to you and says "You want some tea" and you say "Uhhh I don't know" and they say "Just drink the tea I made you this tea and you aren't drinking the tea just drink the freaking tea you want this tea" in terms of sex and consent that manipulation which is a form of abuse
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
If you give into the "pressure" you wanted tea.
Thibault Fernandez (5 days ago)
I love this video because in the original context which talks about sex and/or rape, you can easily replace the word 'tea' with 'sex' and it gives the same lesson and effect. Amazing work!
JRMCNEA (4 days ago)
+Ayah13 What I mean by state of mind is you are mad at the world, your boyfriend/girlfriend so you lash out by doing things you think will upset them. Or just young, dumb, hot and ready like lil Caesar's pizza. Drinking a bunch of people's tea. Feeling liberated at the time. But now that you have cooled off, and are in a better mind space. Every person who came along and offered you tea, or in some cases you rushed them and forcibly drank the tea in their hands. victimized you. and even implying that you played even a part in it is victim blaming. i was just reading this open letter to ex lovers a woman wrote. Where she blamed the men who she slept with for sleeping with her while she was going through some things that made her willing to sleep with them. Looking back at her life and decisions she made. THEY should have turned her away. And THEY should have taken her mental and emotional well being; that SHE was throwing to the wind, into account. She literally said it was their responsibility to stop her from doing what she was doing... To the other thing. Guilt by association. Not all Nazi party members wanted to kill all the Jews. It doesn't matter what YOU as an individual in an organization thinks, if the organization is carrying out plots and plans that contradict your views. "Being a toxic feminist and being a feminist are not the same thing" but they are. They are in the same group. There is no "toxic feminist organization" and a "Feminist organization. There is one group with multiple organizations. And more times than not "Toxic feminists" find their ways to the top of them. And virtue signal and purity test out the moderates. There was already a war between the two groups. And Feminism adopted the radical doctrine and moved forward with it. The women fighting for women to be added to the draft lost. The women fighting to have women treated equally to men lost. Today we have organizations claiming equality is cutting men down at the knees so they are the same height as women. As if feet and toes are just some arbitrary social construct made by men to keep women down. Feminism pushed to lock seats in STEM programs for women when there were not enough women interested in the slots. Feminist are pushing to maintain archaic family court structures while claiming those archaic structures are a tool of the patriarchy. Feminists are pushing for men to be fined and arrested for having their legs too open on public transportation in NYC. Feminists are pushing to insure that a drunk man and a drunk woman having sex means a man raped an intoxicated woman. Feminists are pushing to stop men from taking about their issues in a free and open way not dictated by them. They are now losing a lot of these fights because more and more women realize if you hurt them men in my life in these ways, you hurt me. But there are still women who want to sustain the label feminists. And give cover to the rabid toxic feminists who rape little boys but claim they were raped because they decided to dink some tea for a role in a movie they weren't good enough to act in.Sexual assault has been reduced to buyer's resource. And rape has been reduced to I said yes. But i didn't really mean it.
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
+JRMCNEA Not all feminists. I'm a feminist, and I don't think like that. Being a toxic feminist and being a feminist are not the same thing. Also, what do you mean by 'state of mind'?
JRMCNEA (4 days ago)
+Ayah13 None of those have ever been up for debate. The issue is people are trying to turn someone's consent into rape. "I consented because-" should be the end of that discussion. As Being forced threatened or coerced is not consent. Being lied to is not coercion threat or force. Being "tricked" as an adult is not coercion threat or force. Your state of mind while you consent is not threat coercion or force. Sure they are all underhanded. But until we are willing to make underhanded acts on BOTH sides crimes. People need to stop trying to conflate offering tea but calling it coffee rape. You knew what it was. Playing the idiot should not default you to victim. Telling you the lie you want to hear is not rape. Also accepting a bribe is equally a crime as offering a bribe. And who are you to say someone can't trade services. Just because Tea is involved. Hell our society is based on men trading resources and protection for tea.And Feminists are fighting very hard to make sure men are required to pay those resources for past tea with a ring.
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
+JRMCNEA Maybe, but forcing someone to have tea still isn't good. Or threatening them, or bribing them, or anything. Like the video said, you aren't entitled to their drinking of your tea.
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
except for the fact that people want to pretend like someone offering you a cup of tea with a smile is liken to them pouring it down your throat. "What if you feel Pressured?". "I was forced to drink tea because I "Gave in" to my partner's request because I constantly made demands of them. Im such a victim!" "EVERYONE NEEDS TO LEARN WHAT CONSENT ot TEA REALLY is!"(When they mean nothing like consent). Buyers remorse = rape victim. Maybe someone should make a video about not giving your consent when you actually don't want to. Being open to and regretting it later does not make you a victim. Not wanting to but doing it instead does not make you a rape victim. Feeling dumb after giving consent does not make you a rape victim. Someone taking you by force, or actually coercing you into it makes you a rape victim. And no. If you don't I will break up with you is not coercion. You life/well being does not depend on them being in a relationship with you. And they aren't owed you a relationship.
crackhead (5 days ago)
Anzaia (6 days ago)
Also, if they say they want green tea, but you make some black tea, don't expect them to drink that either.
Vulcaan Vex (3 hours ago)
Green tea and ham :th
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
Or better if you ask for green tea and they give you black tea, don't say you were violated after you blindly gobble it up. A lot of tea is about pushing limits and playfulness. If you end up with a thunb in your um- Tea, don't claim you were violated. Be more careful next time. But whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Protect those tea holes chaps!
Alkaios von Habsburg (6 days ago)
And for Gods sake, don't tell people you'll hate them if they dont want your tea. If you not wanting a cup of tea is enough for them to stop trusting you, you shouldn't even be in a position where they're offering you tea.
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
This is horrible advise. Tell them that. That way they know you are not someone you want tea from to begin with. But as an aside. Don't pretend like "just have a sip" is the same as "They're all gonna laugh at you!".
Glenys Currie (6 days ago)
LOL! 69K likes but remember whether its tea or sex consent is everything
Gacha Productions (6 days ago)
We watched this in sex ed class... i don’t remember why
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
My friend told me about how his school watched this. And how one of the teachers was... ahem... very clearly interested in sharing a cup of tea with some students. So then every time the students saw this, they'd yell "We do not want the tea!" Idk that made me laugh.
Caramel the Huskgi (6 days ago)
I like tea. Oh wait. This is about sexual stuff. Nevermind...
Caramel the Huskgi (3 days ago)
+JRMCNEA I want REAL tea!!! ;-;
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
Don't be shy. You don't have to be ashamed about liking- *Clears throat "Tea".
Autochron (6 days ago)
Great video, but I have a question. What if you feel like your particular brand of tea is so awful, so rank, so disgusting, that for most people, even thinking about it would make them want to throw up? And what if you believe this to be true, and decide you're just never going to talk about tea with anyone, but as time goes by and your tea continues to mature you get more and more depressed, and the thought of never even talking about tea with anyone, let alone serving it to anyone, gets more and more painful, but nobody ever mentions it and nobody ever mentions it and nobody ever mentions it, and so eventually you bargain with yourself and you say "I will likely end up ending my own existence if I don't, so I'm just gonna indirectly mention my tea to someone in order to get a sense of what the thought of my tea makes them feel", and so you ask, and they're like "ew gross" and look like they're gonna throw up, and you feel like you've done the most horrible thing in the world? What do you do then? ...Asking for a friend.
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
+Autochron :D
Autochron (4 days ago)
+Ayah13 Lol, point taken. I'm working on convincing myself it's not my fault. It's tough, there's a lot of messaging to overcome. But one thing I will NEVER EVER do is blame someone else for not wanting tea. :) Thanks for making sure.
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
+Autochron Not that, either. It's no one's fault. (Also just making sure haha.)
Autochron (4 days ago)
+Ayah13 Why would I ever do that? Of course I wouldn't. It would be my fault for offering in the first place.
Ayah13 (4 days ago)
+Autochron Just... don't fault people for not wanting tea, okay?
"I'm gonna go make myself a cup of tea" me everynight man😭😭
Okay okay okay now what if they want the tea, drink the tea, and decide it was disgusting?
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
Also don't expect ever person you offer tea to be a tea connoisseur. Some people might just have a little dry throat. Sometimes less is more than enough.
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
try adding a little honey, or not putting so many ingredients in your tea. Refine your tea. Not everyone likes their tea laced with cocaine. Save that for special occasions.
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
+Feorde Boy lol Oral tea.
Feorde Boy (5 days ago)
Dont be offended and try making them a different kind of tea.. *like oral*
Koushiic Durai (6 days ago)
Wow! Just one word! " Wow " credits to you for making such an amazing video on a very necessary topic for humanity...!
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
necessary for humanity? In what way?
Silver Scars (6 days ago)
Louder for the people in the back!
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
Don't say yes unless you actually mean it!
M DiBella (6 days ago)
Who tf puts milk in tea? 1:36
Crepuscular Night (1 day ago)
M DiBella, unless its green tea, I usually add a little milk.
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
If a little milk don't end up in your tea, you're doing it wrong...
AlmightyJello (5 days ago)
People who want milk tea..?
JRMCNEA (6 days ago)
@Themaan Doing something reluctantly is giving consent. Because human beings don't have a reluctand sign over their heads that flash. If you agree to something you agree. Maybe somoene should make a video about not agreeing to tea if you don't actually "fully consent" as if consent is a concept of a feeling rather than an agreement to partake. Consent is not a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It is you agreeing to do something or have something done to you. The level of enthusiasm for the thing you consent to is irrelevant. Of course I am talking about consent give when there is no overt coercion or force. And No I do not see you wanting what I have to offer you as coercion or force. Because just as I am not entitled to you drinking my tea, You are not entitled to what I am offering for my tea. Some people need to stop acting like them not getting everything they want from a person is that person trying to manipulate them. If you want to drink the tea, drink the tea. If you don't want to, don't. Stop claiming you were tricked coerced or overpowered into drinking the tea, because the person offering the tea had the pony you've always wanted. You are not entitled to that pony. And you are allowed to do whatever you want to TRY to get it legally. But you are not entitled to the pony with the tea. and you sure as hell arenot entitled to the pony without the tea. Make sure if you are going to drink tea for something in return the agreement is that you will get it for the tea. Don't act like someone offering you tea in return for something is them tricking you.
Oliver Hammes (6 days ago)
But you forgot to mention that its now your fault when they drink the tea and claim you shoved the tea down their throat.
Burtasaurus Rex (4 days ago)
False claims are not the point of the video love. If at any point someone takes a sip and says "I dont want any more tea" you stop. If they happily and willingly drank the whole cup and a day later say "I didn't want that tea, but they forced me to drink it" they are a bad person. It can be very tempting to make tea for attractive people, but always remember to be careful who you make tea for.
Luminous Dark (6 days ago)
Sooo... he jerked off at the end, because he "made himself a cup of tea"?
JRMCNEA (5 days ago)
Nah. That just meant he was a little thirsty.
Owneador1337 (6 days ago)
2:43 "And of that note, I'm going to *rub my dick till I cum hard as fuck."*
R O (6 days ago)
I laughed way to hard at this in class. Also hi blonde girl scrolling through the comments
GrimAard (6 days ago)
My teacher played this in biology class.
wait, so you are gonna masturbate after the vid?
Cinderheart meow (7 days ago)
Da bloody ace (7 days ago)
My teacher put this on instead of the clean we all died
MF64 (7 days ago)
swear words lol
ashieash46 (7 days ago)
Here from illimation....
The Edge Walker (7 days ago)
And there we go the creeps in the comments making weird/disqusting fantasies ^-^;
Zulu Romeo (7 days ago)
This video casts Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted in a very new light...
L. A.nimations (7 days ago)
“Unconscious people don’t want tea”
Micheal McLaurin (7 days ago)
Love it, it's scary how easy the concept of consent is to grasp but people still either disregard or still don't get it. I wish I knew about this video as well when it came to my first partner I ever had. He was very abusive and forceful when it came to sex even though I told him no and told him I wanted to take it slow. At times I would start shouting rape, he lived in a college dorm where we would hang out, to get him to stop imposing himself onto me against my will. We broke up years ago thankfully and haven't heard from him since.
Feorde Boy (7 days ago)
Yea sex is cool, but have you tried tea?
Claire Davis (7 days ago)
jevil jevil (7 days ago)
And on that note im going to make myself a cup of tea *(insert lenny face here)*
jevil jevil (7 days ago)
Abigail B (7 days ago)
so if he's making himself tea........
theformulaforboredom (7 days ago)
69 thousandth like. Yes. '69' thousandth. lol
Yum Box (7 days ago)
That’s the tea sis
Quinn Videsben (7 days ago)
And tHAT's the Tea
*Unconscious people don’t want tea*
Grappy Day (7 days ago)
What if you spill the tea?
Terrance Groves (7 days ago)
What if you make them tea and they drink it but someone else made them tea and they spent all the time drinking their tea and your tea ends up getting cold? 🤔This is confusing.
lullabyneanderthal (7 days ago)
This is amazing.
sara plazinic (8 days ago)
Spooky Boi (8 days ago)
he's gonna watch some tea-making videos while he makes his own tea, too
cramps (8 days ago)
This is so good
abbie (8 days ago)
I think everyone should see this video. Everyone.
Yuvan-Théo Dumas (8 days ago)
2:43 nice
Charlotte McCluskey (8 days ago)
*And that's the tea sis*

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