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John Dolmayan - These Grey Men: Album and Tour

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New project 2014, cover records and touring by John Dolmayan. "Tolkien spoke of a secret fire. I believe that we all have something in us that when roused, enables us to make real the dreams we imagine. Music is the greatest gift man shares with the universe, and the fire to create something musical has been ignited in me. It's been a long time since I've stepped into a recording studio... too long. Join me and These Grey Men from the beginning. Share in the process, and be a part of the inspiration behind this collection of re-imagined cover songs, and live performances to follow!" - John Dolmayan. Click here and make a contribution by Kickstarter: http://goo.gl/9buk7F - This project will only be funded if at least $55,000 is pledged by Fri, Aug 15 2014, 1:36 AM.
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Text Comments (13)
Gabriel Wilcutt (1 year ago)
Very excited to hear this
Daniela Sweetsky (1 year ago)
well shit... i am so late. why am i seeing this all so late
LucarioForm (1 year ago)
Years later, I'm still waiting to get any form of compensation for funding this.
LucarioForm (9 months ago)
Wow, I sounded like a dick a year ago. However I do still want this album to come out ;A; dammit
XCulture99 (4 years ago)
Is there any more news about the new system album yet?
Ben Afallouss (4 years ago)
This is always how i wanted to do covers...
Drumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (4 years ago)
wtf is this.
Melanie Zakel (4 years ago)
He's not asking for hand outs ... He's wanting to make the fans part of this new project
Endezeichen Grimm (4 years ago)
Why the fuck is he asking for hand outs? Doesn't have enough fuckin money?
Jonathan Caban (4 years ago)
Would you consider going to a concert a hand out? No, because your paying for an experience, you get something out of it. Crowdfunding is the same idea. People that want this pay for the experience of it, they get something out of it on top of knowing they were part of what made that happen. Its an experience.
Ana Bernal (4 years ago)
+Endezeichen Grimm Yes, basically, but you can agree that it's a smart way to finance a project, even though this may sound like cheating people or something like that
Endezeichen Grimm (4 years ago)
So basically eliminating financial risk for yourself by getting a handout.
Ana Bernal (4 years ago)
Well, it's not just a question of ask for hands outs, but when you do that kind of "crowdfunding" you can eliminate some risks, you can realize the marketing for the plan (what is very important in John's case), consequently having followers of the project, and even for those who don't have money, it's possible to share the idea, turning the project more possible to get realized. Besides it all, considering that John has a lot of fans, many people can collaborate with something that likes if they want. These are just some reasons for his choice.

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