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How to improve your English writing skills? - Free English lesson

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✅ https://youtu.be/puNo0sxC3VI 👉 Check the latest Video - American Idioms I love to use the most? How to improve your English writing skills? - Free English lesson I will share easy and quick tips that will improve writing in formal and academic settings. • Avoid using contractions – Do not use contractions while constructing your sentences, esp. if you are writing a business email or formal letters i.e. words like don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, isn’t, haven’t should be avoided. • Avoid there are/ there is – It will make your sentence more lengthy and boring to read. e.g There are many problems in her class (incorrect) Her class is facing many problems. (Correct) There is an exhibition at the hotel. (Incorrect) The hotel is holding an exhibition. (Correct) • Avoid using unnecessary words in your sentences like very; really, a lot instead use better vocabulary. It will definitely not change the meaning of your sentence but will make it sound interesting. Students think literature is very hard. Students think literature is difficult. • Make use of strong verbs – It will make your sentence sound more appropriate and concrete. He gave assistance to my friend. (weak verb) My friend assisted him. (Strong verb)
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English Unplugged - New English Lesson Series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeaP-vXhB1A&list=PL4BuO6UgthvhBSnlvoMe_A-Bo4gveK9IZ
prathibha Mp (1 month ago)
Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons thank you mam
Acharya Jagdish (4 months ago)
Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons so can you please give to your mobile numbers
Acharya Jagdish (4 months ago)
Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons hi but I will be learning an English. From you
Sajib Miha (9 hours ago)
This is fully copy video.😂😂
Anjali Agarwal (2 days ago)
Forced English tone
Sushant Saundade (6 days ago)
Very nice I think you should make next video on summary writing
JPS LAB (7 days ago)
Copied from Emma's video
Shiju 221 (10 days ago)
in the 3rd tip 1st example can we use duff instead of difficult.
Den Cat (11 days ago)
Sentence should be ‘speak english’ not ‘ talk english’ , also there is no tail on a capital T. Otherwise this article is excellent .
VINOD RAM BHAGAT (12 days ago)
Best English Education
mehul mishra (13 days ago)
Your face reaction made me irritate and infact angry..
Uddeshya UD (15 days ago)
Your voice is amazing
Faizul Haq (15 days ago)
A good teaching skills yoU have
polash dihingia (17 days ago)
"But she tried hard to sound more like a australian? British?? American? Anglo indian?" Could you please cut short the above quoted sentence, trash?
Amit Raito (18 days ago)
ma'am,i got you what u were teachin in this video though my question is different,im kind of lousy in english there is lot of thoughts in my mind but i can't write them down in a paper.how am i supposed to improve my english writing??
anna aye mi san (21 days ago)
Is it useful in writing essays?Can u answer?plzzzzz
Anil Koli (24 days ago)
Yar thoda hindi bhi use kar lete
Shilpa Parmar (26 days ago)
Thank you to teach us
music All (28 days ago)
Plz give me your number
Sithrathan 2233 (1 month ago)
WE WERE INCREDIBLE (1 month ago)
It's your natural way to communicate 😂😂😂 we are Indians we can understand in Indian acent also.
salman ahmad (1 month ago)
shubham kumar (1 month ago)
Behen faaaaa faaaaa karne se english tone nahin aati😂😂
ashwini kumar (1 month ago)
this is not answer of question
Enlightenment (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU98PJIZ0JfIj_msDROdMU85wdV72ihks If you cannot write well, you cannot think well. If you cannot think well, others will do your thinking for you. Oscar Wilde.
Sadia Shabbir (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot mam
alexander the great (1 month ago)
Abe randi bolna sikh
Nycbeat B (1 month ago)
I discovered this video via Secret Smart Scripter - there's many good videos there that may help you
Walter Bishop (1 month ago)
I found this video via Secret smart scripter - there's lots good videos there that should help out
Sohan Rana (1 month ago)
Sometimes u say 'nut' it is not
FunStudio (1 month ago)
i watched only advertisements🤣
Santhosh WWIL (1 month ago)
toda ap patli hoti to bahut sexi dikhti or hot v
Bhat Faizu (1 month ago)
Wow Gr8 👍
Nilesh Poria (1 month ago)
Take my
Nilesh Poria (1 month ago)
How are u
Nilesh Poria (1 month ago)
Disha Sanghvi (1 month ago)
Good English 😇😇😇😇😇
Hasheim King (1 month ago)
my writing is very poor but how to smart and neet handwriting ?
Lakhindhar Taye (1 month ago)
Awesome lecture
Gaurav soni (1 month ago)
are maidam ji zara hindi me samjhaya karo ki kese english sudhare agreji me kya samjh me ayega
Laissez Faire (1 month ago)
Laissez Faire (1 month ago)
I think you are a Indian but maybe you don't like India's culture.Don't forgot how to speak a Indian.
Mustafa malik Malik (1 month ago)
But how
Mustafa malik Malik (1 month ago)
Me join u r group
Sky ways Design (1 month ago)
wao,....very nice ..i am inspire
Akash Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Hi, I have seen your videos on YouTube and they are quite good. I would like you to get connected to our site EduBow, where you can explore your skills and share your idea with students and help them with their projects, online tuition, homework and assignments. Looking forward to your response. Register free now at https://bit.ly/2QLaMsH
bhupinder sehgal (1 month ago)
IS VICHEA (1 month ago)
Mark Kroif (1 month ago)
here's a few ideas for how to learn to write better Decide precisely why you wish to learn Decide which process works for you best. (I read about these and more on Secret smart scripter site )
Gyanmanjari Sahoo (2 months ago)
Grey Xooo (2 months ago)
Shkilllll 😂 instead of skill
Yash Mahayavanshi (2 months ago)
Her arms is strong than strong verb
Venkat Reddy (2 months ago)
why these girls are acting well.... so much of irritation while watching...please avoid girls mentors...prefer boys
krishna keshri (2 months ago)
the paji (2 months ago)
your tone is not natural....Be natural....be yourself............Disliking video
Al _ice (2 months ago)
Very helpful
Tom Garcia (2 months ago)
Jesus, those arms...
ali zafar (2 months ago)
Sir muja writing skills ko kasa improve Karna hoga
Arun Kumar (2 months ago)
Ur way of talking is not so much guddd
Iresha Perera (2 months ago)
Thanks teacher
DiPisa XeTtRi (2 months ago)
Mansi Zimbre (2 months ago)
I advice u to use your real tone sweeti
Garv Asnani (2 months ago)
0:05 I thought she said TRASH 😂 !!
1103 Musik Berlin (2 months ago)
amazing video
Ajay Lohana (2 months ago)
Stop coping from Learn english with emma
Bishan Negi (2 months ago)
She is making us fool...
shyam pandey (2 months ago)
Awesome 👌👌👌 But you were using slangs.
Sujal Sharma (2 months ago)
HOW to improve english spking
EnglishTeacher (2 months ago)
Good video. Nice hand writing .. https://e3instituteslm.blogspot.com/2018/09/english-training-gateway-ezhilarasan.html
Suraj Kumar (2 months ago)
I do not like your voice
Tech guru anything (2 months ago)
Your sound is so funny 😆😆😆😆
bing liang (2 months ago)
copying EMMA's lecture is not fun.
VIVEK RAWAT (2 months ago)
Bhag bhosdi k jyada muh tedha kr k mat bol sidha english bol
Showrov Mahmud (2 months ago)
Girl, improve yours first.
raman sharma (2 months ago)
what your mob no
faisal saleem (2 months ago)
love you teacher
Jahangir Kebir (2 months ago)
Ashu Singh (2 months ago)
Ajay Kumar Srivastava (2 months ago)
Don't try to cling your thoughts .
Saiful Islam (3 months ago)
Youth melody (3 months ago)
looking beautiful
Gingtr Cjlvrbj (3 months ago)
What is your name
Jhie Gallanato (3 months ago)
but you still saying contractions lol
Dubs of Thugistan (3 months ago)
She's looking so scary while speaking English
Ila Roy (3 months ago)
is here anyone who is perfect in english grammar...interested to talk with him to improve mine..if yes plz give me your mail or whp no
God Of Thunder (3 months ago)
Good lesson
Yash Vardhan (3 months ago)
Best video
eleni goh (3 months ago)
Amy jufbfriebo)frhui
Rahul Kumar (3 months ago)
Rahul kumar
WIN THEIN (3 months ago)
Hi let's talk, This lesson is very useful and helpful for those who are learning in writhing just like me. I would like to ask a question that what's the difficult part of writing in English? I would be grateful if someone who may provide this information and that will be the best if the information is reliable. Thank you.
Ryan Bastien-sylva (3 months ago)
Not at all
Tech Tips Nepal (3 months ago)
Kaya majak hai ye....puri video main English main baath karrahio...itni samaj hoti to tera video kaya kaam
santosh kumar (3 months ago)
MixHD (3 months ago)
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LALIT KUMAR (3 months ago)
Contraction means pumping yar
Ritu Mehta (3 months ago)
I am leaving this vedio just bcz of her tone
Sanjit Mahara (3 months ago)
Thank you
Ryan Bastien-sylva (3 months ago)
She has not copied anything. I have identify the two videos all of them explain well
joy adhika (3 months ago)
well copied
Dev samarpita (3 months ago)
But rather than is useful lesson for leaner Do focused her vocabulary only...it’s really 👍🏻 nice
Danny Oesten (3 months ago)
Amazing video. I have learned a lot. https://www.essaycyber.com/our-services.html
Shazia Tabinda (3 months ago)

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