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Top 5 Seed Catalogs for 2011 to Grow Vegetables & Herbs in your Home Garden

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you all the seed catalogs he received in the mail this year. He will briefly share his opinions on each of the seed catalogs, and then give his "top 5 seed catalogs" for 2011. The time is now to order your seed catalogs and order your seeds from Spring 2011!
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Robbie Bennett (9 months ago)
wow u are so good at this. love it.
Brenda Snyder (1 year ago)
Very important company that was missed is http://seedsavers.org
The Bearded Believer (2 years ago)
What is your view on Burpee??
Mihku Paul (3 years ago)
Johnny's Seeds also has culture information, and often lists common pests and diseases to watch out for with each type of veg or fruit.  And they sell excellent tools and other supplies for the organic gardener.
Mihku Paul (3 years ago)
Is Baker Creek Seed offering organic seed? Yay! Fedco is up here in Maine, and I shop there. Shout out to Fedco! Fedco also has seasonal sales, one is Spring where you can go to the warehouse and get vernalized artichokes (hard to grow in Maine) and loads of bramble fruits and fruit trees. This year they had a 2 for 1 apple tree sale and I got a fameuse and another uncommon type. I also use Gardens Alive, but it is unfortunate that a big box seed co. bought it. Often problems with customer service with these large companies. In Maine we also have Johnny's Seeds (mostly organic) and Pine Tree Garden Seed, which also sells plant dyes and supplies for soap making and other homestead gear.
Sea Gar (4 years ago)
Do you have to use "organic seeds" to make the garden organic.  Are the  non organic seeds treated with chemicals?
fritter51 (5 years ago)
Check out Raintree also.
LilyBranco (5 years ago)
Southern exposure seed company ,it is a very good company .
DigitalPraise7 (5 years ago)
There are a lot of seed companies sprouting up..LOL! Love the pun.
Nathan Fajkus (5 years ago)
No mention of Burpee's? They have it all man! Heirlooms, rare/exclusives, organics....They definitely should have made the list...
Rhaevin80 (5 years ago)
I just ordered my first seeds for my first garden from Victory Seeds. Any thoughts on them?
Lee Ann Steinmetz (5 years ago)
Baker Creek is great. I really wanted to go to Petaluma for the food fair last year. It was a bummer
Don Johnson (5 years ago)
Hi John. As a market gardener for the last 40 years or so I'm pretty much in total agreement with you. Most all of my seeds come from Fedco, good assortment and great prices. Fill in the blanks and try new stuff from Baker Creek, Territorial and for me, Nichols as they're local, have good prices and some unique varieties. I also support a lot of small companies like Uprising Organics, Adaptive Seeds, Sand Hill, and other small local "mom and pop" size newer companies growing unusual seeds
Gaby Mirsky (5 years ago)
Are Hybrid plants bad?
NubianQueen04 (6 years ago)
Are you offering the tree collards yet?
The Royal Gourmet (6 years ago)
John, excellent video as usual. Thank you for sharing!
Matt (6 years ago)
This is a great idea for a video and I went ahead and requested 4 of the 5 top catalogs you suggested! Sadly the winter months are starting in new england, but ill be sprouting alfalfa all winter and plan on window/CFL gardening as much as possible! Thanks for all the great information John. Your videos are long and informative and I just keep coming back to you for guidance. You are reaching so many people and helping this world, thanks man.
Info Eye (6 years ago)
John, someone told me that the Vietnamese "HA" plant you have is a light flavored mint they use to chop up into salads or use as a wrap for fresh spring rolls. She told me she did not know the english or latin name for HA.
MrSonatafragger (6 years ago)
What catalogs would you recommend for farming?
WallyB4WJ (6 years ago)
Thanks for your helpful reply, John! I sort-of noticed you were hi-lighting the seed companies that offer rare, exotic, and heirloom varieties - but didn't think about it until I read your answer. I like to cook and grow my own herbs & vegetables, but many of them are common varieties and I guess that's what Burpee focuses on (although they offer some heirlooms). I'll be honest, John: You've inspired me to try growing some rare and exotics and incorporate them into my cooking. Thanks, Sir!
There are SO many seed companies. In the video above, I show my top 5 favorites. Burpee didnt make it. That being said, I do purchase burpee seeds and use them sometimes. I want to encourage people to grow rare / exotic / heirloom varieties that only select companies may offer.
Brenda Snyder (1 year ago)
I just watched this and I wish you would update this video and mention seedsavers.org they as good if not better than Baker Creek. I love all your video's and hard work spreading the word on food independence.
WallyB4WJ (6 years ago)
Hi John - sorry I'm so late to the party, but thanks for your great videos! They help make everything easy to understand and less intimidating! Your "top seed catalogs" video didn't include Burpee seeds (unless I just missed it). Is there any reason for that? Is Burpee a seed company you would recommend? Or would you recommend staying with the 5 top ones you mentioned? Thanks! -Mickey.
bobibehrens (6 years ago)
I just bought some sweet corn that is labeled organic but yet it is a hybrid. Interesting, Baker Creek says it's getting harder every year to get non-GMO corn. Many heirloom test positive, even from remote farms.
wcm68tn (6 years ago)
Good video. I have ordered from FEDCO seeds in the past and was very pleased with product and service. They are now my first choice for seeds. They are also a cooperative that is 40% employee owned, so that usually translates into a knowledgeable staff with excellent customer service.
flutingaround (6 years ago)
I think it is important to mention that gardeners should consider local seed companies as well. I'm in Denver and there are two farms close to me that specialize in varieties that do well in my climate (and that are organic or heirloom).
Pepsicarwash (6 years ago)
Have you tried Burpee?
PrepperNoob (7 years ago)
GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for narrowing it down for us, i didnt have to shop around online for hours. thank you!
drumbago (7 years ago)
so funny to see the bed movers behind you at 18:17.
DAGAGBowen (7 years ago)
Are there any companies that sell Katuk through mail order? Just a side note - I love this channel, and you inspired me to start my entire (first) garden from seeds purchased from Baker Creek. It's definitely a learning experience, and my 17 month old daughter really enjoys getting down in the dirt with me.
Shannon Sparks (7 years ago)
Wow, thanks for all the great info! I usually just buy from Baker Creek because they are located about half an hour away from me, but I'm definitely going to have to check out Johnny's for their micro-greens.
ASFx2600 (7 years ago)
@growingyourgreens Seeds of change seems to be a lot more expensive than other places too. I did get a few seed packets from them last year, and the packets contained a pretty small amount of seeds.
Warren L (7 years ago)
Another one to check out is Abundant Life Seeds.
Thanks so much for this Vid & all of your Vids. I am a beginning gardener & I am needing all the info I can get. I have enjoyed spending an hour or so each night, watching your past vids. Love the field trips. You are an awesome wealth of info. Keep doing what you do!!
Thanks so much for this Vid & all of your Vids. I am a beginning gardener & I am needing all the info I can get. I have enjoyed spending an hour or so each night, watching your past vids. Love the field trips. You are an awesome wealth of info. Keep doing what you do!!
Zero Carb Queen (7 years ago)
Humans not being able to reproduce is a good thing, John. Too many people mucking up the planet as it is. I choose not to have kids. I'm not fond of them one bit. ;) Thanks for the catalog recs! I am moving to Prescott, AZ in September and plan on having a large garden there so this vid came at a good time. Love your vids!
Glenn W M Smith (8 years ago)
The Baker Creek...stays on my nightstand....., is the bomb though.....as far as magazine layout, and choice of seeds. Johnny's are my top two, thanks for the review...... I have new go to,,,,,
Laurie Karn (8 years ago)
@growingyourgreens That is soo crazy about Seeds of Change...I just can't believe it!!! I look forward your episode on Seed Savers. Thanks
1ChevyGuy375 (8 years ago)
I like looking threw those catalogs too John. A sign that spring Is not to far away. I already planned my garden layout, although something always changes before the actual planting lol
Yeshayhwh Ben Yisrael (8 years ago)
@HerbalArtist The reason I asked is because I am a Hebrew Yisraelite, and I should obey the advice of YHWH, my Power: Leviticus 19:19 KJV Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee. For that reason I wanted to know what was the difference between organic and hybrid seed. Peace and blessings to you. Thanks.
RVFreeDa (8 years ago)
Thank you John! Great information. I make good use of the old catalogs. First I cut out the pictures of the /vegetables & flowers and then glue them onto an old tool box where I now keep my seeds. It looks so colorful!
Ronnie & Minh (8 years ago)
Great Video. Thanks!
Georgiahomestead (8 years ago)
Great episode, I am in Canada and do have the opertunity to buy US seads which I have begun doing this year. Some of your favorites are among mine. You might like to check out a Canadian catalogue from West Coast Seeds. It is a catalogue and a learning tool all in one, showing how many things are grown and such. thnx
flyingemu27 (8 years ago)
THANK YOU, JOHN! I ordered what I could. I can't wait to read them!
yardsnacker (8 years ago)
When you consider all the coal tar dyes used and chlorine in making that Baker Creek catalog, it makes sense to get catalogs that are compostable!
Im not a big fan of Seeds of Change. They got BOUGHT out by M&M Mars YES!- the candy bar company).... and since then, I believe they are going down hill, since they are corporate owned. On Seed Savers, I didnt have their "catalog' vs "Yearbook", so they were not mentioned. They will actually get their OWN episode, as its so important. Its on the "list"..
Laurie Karn (8 years ago)
Seed Savers Exchange?? Seeds of Change?? Definitely missed a couple of big ones!
marchbabymimi (8 years ago)
LOVE Baker Creek Seeds! My favorite :)
mysciencenow (8 years ago)
@growingyourgreens there are tons of wild paw paw trees around here but ive only seen one fruit actually ripen....and i didnt know what it was at the time so i just through it into the bushes
redherring (8 years ago)
John, Territorial Seed catalog may not be glossy but I've been able to shred it once I'm through ordering my seeds and use it as a mulch/soil conditioner in my garden. I wish all garden catalogues were as environmentally conscious.
Rachna888 (8 years ago)
I got some seeds for sprouting can I store them in my fridge?
Yeshayhwh Ben Yisrael (8 years ago)
@growingyourgreens Thanks.
buy most of my seeds from johnnys seeds
Hoovesandpaws61 (8 years ago)
Thanks John. This was a hugh help.
Organic Seeds were produced in a way that conforms to the National Organic Program, basically without the use of most synthetic chemicals/etc. The problem is not all seeds are organic, and if you only grow "organic" then you are massivly reducing diversity. Hybrids are varieties resulting from natural or artificial pollination between genetically distinct parents. Open-pollinated seeds come from relatively stable varieties resulting from pollination between genetically similar parents
Bountiful Gardens, they call it Egyptian Spinach Greens, Specialty, Corchorus olitorius, Molokheiya.
Yes, Paw Paw does require a male/female to pollinate. I do have a total of 4 plants, so I have a strong possibility of having a male and female. Im not a big fan of Seeds of Change. They got BOUGHT out by M&M Mars.. and since then, I believe they are going down hill, since they are corporate owned. On Seed Savers, I didnt have their "catalog' vs "Yearbook", so they were not mentioned. They will actually get their OWN episode, as its so important. Its on the "list"..
crosspecans (8 years ago)
baker is out of free catalogs..i can buy one for 5 bucks tho. fedco wants an order to get a catalog. looks like youre getting some new neighbors behind ya. thanks for the catalog suggestions.
Yeshayhwh Ben Yisrael (8 years ago)
What is the difference between organic and hybrid seeds?
TrailerParkTrish (8 years ago)
Thanks! Already have several of those, but will go order Bountiful Garden immediately!

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