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Ultimate Masters Spoilers: New Masterpieces! BEST Reprints Ever for Magic: The Gathering!

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Text Comments (339)
TheManaSource (7 days ago)
Obviously I don’t want it to cost as much as it does, but like other Masters sets, those who do open it will lower singles prices. Again, I am NOT happy about the price, but even if you don’t buy any sealed product, this will make cards more accessible as singles :)
unknowncharacter14 (3 days ago)
Sorry guys I broke the 69th upvote :(
Joel Hornbeck (6 days ago)
I disagree. The extremely bloated price tag is likely to have little to no effect on the market. I'm disappointed that you're not being more critical here.
Spear Breaker (6 days ago)
+Medium Rare Musicians right? If it was affordable, maybe it would cause a ding in the pricing but at $10+ per pack (and you know that LGS are going to probably going to sell them for a lil bit more..) WotC keeps talking about how they created these sets in order to promote eternal formats and give newer players the ability to get access to these cards but when they make it so expensive, it just makes Standard look like a "better" format to stick to..
Medium Rare Musicians (6 days ago)
Bit disappointed in you Wedge. We'll see these prices on the high demand items dip and the slingshot back up. The cost is too high to make a dent.
Spear Breaker (6 days ago)
We have seen it with every master set... it comes out, maybe does a small dent on the price, and prices go back up. These master sets will continue to do nothing for the market or make them "More accessible" to player as long as they keep charging over for the packs and for the boxes.. I stopped buying "Master" sets after Eternal Masters. If it was like even like $6-7 for the MSRP per pack... maybe it would be worthwhile but at 13.99 a pack (basically), maybe it would be worth getting but as long as it's 3 times the price. Not worth and most of us will skip this set
Gregory Jeannotte (17 hours ago)
Consumers have all the power when it comes to overpriced items like this. Choose common sense and don't spend a dime on stuff like this. Show Hasbro that we aren't mindless idiots who will buy anything they sell at any arbitrarily chosen pricetag they want to put on it. Let common sense prevail or they will continue to raise prices because we will still buy. This is why they are charging what they are and raking in millions.
CannoliCrusaderTV (1 day ago)
I think the sealed boxes will increase in value. I will pickup a few.
Robin Alexander (1 day ago)
Looks awful !
Alex Vignolo (2 days ago)
Good cards, terrible prices. Eat me Wotc.
Samuel A. (2 days ago)
I play Tasigur EDH and I love the new artwork. My playing friends don't like it. All this being said if and IF I buy a box and got a Tasigur Topper, I'd hate myself.
Danzspdref (2 days ago)
Well here was ~14 minutes wasted. Nothing new from what WoTC already released as information.
Joshua Isaacs (2 days ago)
I will not be buying a box! I will be playing diablo or pokemon evee on my switch.
Yam ! (3 days ago)
I realy love your content an these reprints, but this product is just a complete rip off. You can also see trough the Box-Toper when ur using light - its just a giant scam! I hope nobody is wasting his hard earned money for this product!
Joe Phil (4 days ago)
Geez :0
Krokar (4 days ago)
I could care less about any of the master pieces, I'd rather alter my own. Wish they wouldn't have done them to increase card pack prices again. I can barely afford a commander deck once a year and my few pauper decks.
Demon Of taxes (4 days ago)
Stop hating dragons and Jund. Or I will jund you sobjard you will sell your collection and become an average everyday 9 to5 job working bad wife having terrible child conceiving no life.
Jhook (4 days ago)
Through the Breach artwork is phenominal
Robert Rubin (4 days ago)
As far as Masters sets go, this one is looking spicy.
Razzel Blast (4 days ago)
Is A box worth it???? Or just buy the singles
John Galt (4 days ago)
Sorry, they hype for the Box Topper is ridiculous.  They should have made them full art with a separate card with all the abilities for reference.  These add a little more art - so what.  When you first saw a Masterpiece it was impressive.  These - eh.
Ignamus85 (4 days ago)
maybe instead of spending all the money you did on these, you should have gotten health insurance
MrSlyxx (5 days ago)
I just want that mana vault so bad.
Darth Jester (5 days ago)
The Tarmogoyf artwork is crap as is the Tasigur. I wouldn't consider extended border cards as masterpieces. WOTC did a better job with the Zendikar Expeditions, Kaladesh Inventions and the Amon Khet Invocations. These extended artwork cards seems like WOTC is trying to do minimal effort.
Hype (5 days ago)
Increasing the supply through a $14 pack isn't going to help in the long run. They have explicitly also stated that the product is limited run. Be excited about the reprints sure dude but holy hell this is not going to help the situation. This is not for players of the game, this is for kids who grew up, have a job and will hate every fuckin second of paying for this gouged out bs.
Kris Vachet (5 days ago)
Is there a guaranteed foil in each pack? I thought I read that somewhere but haven't heard anyone talk about it
Bob Dole (5 days ago)
I wonder you could make the time to create this video while you were busy exploring Wizards intestines so hard
Zach Goodman (5 days ago)
They arnt called masterpieces and their was no price set for individual pack price
Sromotny Kobziarz (5 days ago)
Why removing Rebecca Guay art? Contract problems?
Jim Fitzpatrick (5 days ago)
Here's the thing though. About 16-17 money rares have been revealed. Mythics are mythics - they won't be the bulk of your box/value. What if the rest of the rares are jank? Still excited for this set? I think they are giving us a week to go crazy and preorder before they reveal that this is exactly the case - 34 crap rares. I'm skeptical. Very skeptical.
If I open a balefire at least it’ll be going in one of my EDH decks, Ur-Dragon.
Hello, we are Wizards of the Cost, and that product isn’t for you. No one cares about you. Go eat your pot noodles, peasant.
Meh...whatever (5 days ago)
Yeah this title doesnt scream paid advertisement at all.....
Andrew Gradert (5 days ago)
Not even remotely. Price point is too high for this product to be remotely good. Who cares about the box toppers they are not worth the exceptional price boost.
The Bone Daddy (5 days ago)
waiting for wizards to stop sealing in boosters and start sealing in pringles snack packs.
Headshotz931 (5 days ago)
Sorry Wedge, can't get hyped when it's so damn expensive. I have a big magic budget and I can't afford this....terrible decision by WotC.
Abob Bob (5 days ago)
This video ist just silly, the argument that a new set of sought after cards would make singles cheaper has been debunked with Modern Master and MM17. Anyone that opens a box like that and sells the singles will get its money back in by handing the higher price down to the buyer of the single card. The only way those cards would lower the price is if less people would buy them, which is exactally what I am doing and I can only encourage everyone not buy this garbage set. As far as this video goes it is not thought through and seems like a WotC advertisement, sorry but this has no credibility.
David Reiter (6 days ago)
No, it is a cash grab, but considering you don’t work for your money, but take donations from people, I am not surprised you think this will be a good set.
Pherean Agan (6 days ago)
Wow, this guy needs to see some beautiful artwork because what he considers "beautiful" is just plain boring. Like real boring
lazerbeam134 (6 days ago)
I would like to have the new art Balefire Dragon personally. I would put it in my Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck lol
Knight Bane (6 days ago)
Reanamste should have been uncommon
Jay Franky (6 days ago)
Best box art ever
Nate Holt (6 days ago)
Why would I buy tarpit now when it will be reprinted and be so much cheaper than $15 in about 40days. Lol
R L (6 days ago)
Why would you tell people to go out and get copies of creeping tarpit? You just said it yourself that it's getting a reprint so just wait a month or so after UMA is released. The price will most likely be lower then when more copies are out there.
Collection Connected (6 days ago)
They are 14 bucks a pack
Charles Duncan (6 days ago)
how can you be on board with this? how much is hasbro paying you for this? what a joke...
Maximilian DeMarco (6 days ago)
More concerned with Commons and Uncommons honestly to see if it’s worth buying a box.
ForsakenAA (6 days ago)
What segue... talking about how the man lands are gonna come down in price with the upcoming reprints, right into buy Creeping Tar Pit right now! You guys better go buy them up like Wedge says, so you can get hosed after Ultimate Masters drops. Way to go Wedge.
Shadow Gengar (6 days ago)
Please use your heads and don’t buy Creeping Tar Pit just yet. Your guys’ favorite magic youtuber is promoting a card with will be reprinted in the masters set and its value will drop from 15 dollars, especially since it will be a masterpiece. Why didn’t you tell your subs that Wedge? You wanted your friends at tcg player to make their money back before they card value drops?
Harry (6 days ago)
Those box toppers look so good, but I know they aren't worth the price :( I'm so conflicted.
George Barbari (6 days ago)
I absolutely love the new art for Urborg. Lots of quality reprints here. The price is a little high but that said, the cards they included here are definitely a lot of requested favorites. I hope I can save the money for a box in time, that is my only concern.
Lexington73300 (6 days ago)
You could buy a lot for $300 wedge...like a month's worth of health insurance or maybe a gym membership....
Matthew Westmoreland (6 days ago)
Manlands and not fetch lands be like
DreadSheep (6 days ago)
Why the lands masterpieces?! It's like no matter how long Wizards makes content, they still have to troll sometimes...
Maybe with how much this could cost you, you can maybe get a HEALTH INSURANCE!
Bravant Adam (6 days ago)
Mkm already down to 260€ ~ would be 300$??
MoJo (6 days ago)
UBT packs are searchable. Just use bright LED light. Just killed the secondary market on unopened UBT packs.
AbnormallyNormal // (6 days ago)
Hmm... this or 5 copies of smash and some cash left over..... rough choice
MoJo (6 days ago)
Why are you saying the WRONG pack price ???!!!! Pack Price is $14. All your math is off.
AbnormallyNormal // (6 days ago)
WotC really expects people to pay more then 300 bucks for a box of cards with sub par stock that they still refuse to address
FluffyFractalshard (6 days ago)
Wotc is greedier than ever! wake up people! dont throw your money at them or they'll continue to do this to us!
Kattywagon29 (6 days ago)
The Guilds of Ravnica Mythic box had 8 guaranteed planeswalkers in them that when sold as singles more than paid for the $250 pricetag. The Ultimate Masters set is nearly $350 and one "masterpiece" per box and it could be Balefire dragon. WOTC is not getting my money!
Orien Louttit (6 days ago)
In Canada packs will be $20 to $25 each. Boxes will be around $499. Glad lgs's can't get stock from wizards anymore so the distribution companies can make a mint! (sarcasm)
Gudba Gubbel (6 days ago)
Ermahgerd... BEST overpriced cashgrab set with curling foils EVER!!!!
I think the large amount of money ad playability in the set makes it viable, but the cost is too much for the average player. I also feel the lands balance that costs quite a bit. Overall I think I’ll buy a few packs, never a box, and buy a few topper cards that are cheaper like the witness or the finks.
Graham James (6 days ago)
TCG player low going for 290 isnt as bad
Genesis Rush (6 days ago)
Quitting MTG as a result. FORCE OF WILL is the new best game.
Dave Slater (6 days ago)
Still no Raven Guild Master, tear
Silver Swag (6 days ago)
You complained multiple times that a mythic takes a masterpiece slot. Did you miss the memo that ALL MYTHICS are Box Toppers?
Joel B (6 days ago)
If uncommons are all amazing, then I'm going to consider it....
Benjamin Barbaro (6 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that the masterpieces aren’t really extensions of the art but they just take the art and resize it to the border?
Jacob Olson (6 days ago)
Honestly to me, this video is a nice breath of fresh air after the several days of negativity I’ve been hearing regarding this set. I love a lot of the masterpieces and new arts in the set, and hoping to grab some of the cards for Commander as singles the moment I see the price go down a bit.
Andrew Luciow (6 days ago)
I couldn't even get through the video, you are clearly out of touch with the everyday player. The cost is ridiculous which you barely discuss and is by no means a non partisan review.
Grey Horizon (6 days ago)
Money: The Gathering.
chad (6 days ago)
When you open a masterpiece that 5 dollars or one of the crappy lands, rip it into confetti and mail it back to wizards with a letter telling how shitty their decisions to make that particular card a masterpiece. I’m gonna do it!
Christoph Gould (6 days ago)
Mister1978 (6 days ago)
Fuck WotC and their money grubbing cash grab products. This set will not make cards cheaper or more accessible for the average player. You know damn well asshole resellers will buy up as much of this as they can and put it on ebay for $400-$500. It's quite clear Wotc doesn't give two shits about the players and only cares about the bottom line.
Thuran (7 days ago)
The box art is also obviously dig through time ;)
Captain Hindsight (7 days ago)
The shilling source
Dev odden (7 days ago)
I can't see how you support this product...... It's a obvious cash grab. 11 days only to figure out if you want to buy it????? Ridiculous! Lets not care about the price, but how obviously close it is to the holidays and how "sudden" the announcement is to actual release this very predatory.
Daemon Quadros (7 days ago)
You're seriously complaining about opening 15 dollar cards?? You still get a foil and uncommons in your pack, asking all your rares to be 30 dollars is a little silly. Masterpieces always have 'duds' too, doesn't mean commander players aren't gonna go nuts over a cool lord of extinction. Seemed a lot more negative than usual, and not about the right stuff imo.
Cris Antigua (7 days ago)
You are a puppet
立董 (7 days ago)
I really want these cards, but the packs cost too much to justify buying them.
Alexander Campagna (7 days ago)
Love the cards but hate the msrp
skaven969 (7 days ago)
Original eldrazi annihilate effect was the most overpowered. That's why battle for zendikar and shadows over innestrad were crap, the eldrazi didnt get stronger
Justin D. (7 days ago)
Hey wedge, you said in the video vengevine is sitting at around 20 dollars? Um, it's sitting at $40ish...
Azninja (7 days ago)
i like to buy 3 packs per set to get new random singles to hopefully use in EDH but recent sets along with the chase rares/mythics but recent sets have been all reprints of cards i alrdy have :( might have to skip this set if all the commons/uncommons are all reprints again
x1PMac1x (7 days ago)
I just play MtG Arena, so... real cards are a thing of the past to me. It has been a pretty good simulation of how not having a secondary market that supports ridiculously expensive and older formats can make Magic fun again. Commander without all the older stuff would be fun as well, but they won't do that since they made Brawl. Oh well, no big deal. MtG has needed a reset, and the decision not to make anymore Masters sets seems fine to me. The newer generation of players moving forward are going to reap the rewards of choosing to leave the past behind and find a better way to play such a great game. Annihilator? Really?
James Doble (7 days ago)
I thought ten dollars was too much a pack now this! lol my xmas money is already spent, so i will not be getting any of this.
MarioandCA (7 days ago)
Ultimate Masters, more like Ultimate Cash Grab.
Mox Avenger (7 days ago)
Thanks for another excellent video. So far this set has a large number of the most needed reprints. There are a lot of cards that I need, but have not been able to afford, so hopefully this will bring a lot of these cards down in price for the singles.
Stonehenge925 (7 days ago)
Are we sure there isn't a masterpiece in a case? Or will your foil mythic have a boarder?
Dylan Messenheimer (7 days ago)
So which Deathcore album was the art for Tarmagoyf lifted from?
Jay Franky (6 days ago)
Burn the forest from whichatua
MrJwak67 (7 days ago)
considering i was about to get a playset of bitterblossom i guess i'll hold off, glad that they're reprinting it.
The Best Jarjar Binks (7 days ago)
I'd be happy if theres a path to exiles promos
Troy Jeffrey (7 days ago)
I've still got 2 unopened Masters 25 boxes. I want to buy a bunch of Ultimate Masters boxes, but with the MSRP I'm finding it hard to justify. Like my M25 boxes, I'm not planning on resale value. I just want to crack the packs 20-30 years from now and draft some awesome decks with my playgroup. Is that going to be possible with Ultimate Masters?
Christian Heesch (7 days ago)
Epic Fail !
Arman Shad (7 days ago)
I don't understand the inclusion of those lands They are hot trash
Jes ter (7 days ago)
Yo wedge you vote?
Benjamin Garner (7 days ago)
its so fkn garbage
Monliego (7 days ago)
Am I the only one missing Dark Confidant here? :'( where's Bob?
justin van (7 days ago)
This might be the first set I buy in over 5 years
John Yedinak (7 days ago)
So excited for this set, I'm actually hoping for that balefire dragon for my edh deck or possibly the karn for tron either way I feel I'll win the day
rustblade7 (7 days ago)
I dislike the price for sure. Who is this marketed towards?
drew tuthill (7 days ago)
Won't spend any money until they fix card stock issues.
Edward Critical (6 days ago)
And the foiling

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