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Black Ops 3 - (4/4) | The Online Gamer (4K)

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BAD ROOMIES IS AVAILABLE NOW: http://bit.ly/BadRoomiesVOD Aaron & Becka attempt to get home and play Black Ops 3 early... Directed By | Jason Schnell Written By | Lindsey Reckis Produced By | Eric Pumphrey Eric Pumphrey Lynsey Bartilson Tom Cassell Davan Firinn Shot By | Clark Huff & Marcus Meisler Edited By | Jason Schnell ●► SUB US: http://bit.ly/18EPjFk ● FB - http://on.fb.me/tortugaFB ● TWITCH - http://bit.ly/RTwitch ● TWITTER - http://bit.ly/tortugatwitter ● SITE - http://bit.ly/recklesstortugasite THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE RE-UPLOADED OR USED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM RECKLESS TORTUGA PRODS.
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Text Comments (1156)
Nick Salvatore (18 hours ago)
Miss you guys.
LuckyChappyCOD (9 days ago)
Don’t worry, they’re releasing “new episodes very soon” 😂😂 Well that was the biggest lie of 2015
Pedro Villegas (18 days ago)
anyone october 2018 32
Dadutta (22 days ago)
Is that the girl from grounded for life?
Shawn Bratcher (23 days ago)
Here lies Aaron. "Suck my D-ick!"
cutelyawesome (24 days ago)
so when's the new content coming out?
Blaziken SpeedBoost (21 days ago)
+The Lone Ranger Shit. You were right. Even if it was just a sarcasm answer, they still uploaded on the same day as your sarcasm/true answer was made. Like....Oh snap!
cutelyawesome (21 days ago)
holy shit they finally posted
The Lone Ranger (22 days ago)
Today. lol
Blaziken SpeedBoost (23 days ago)
It's not coming out. They're done.
Bryan Figueroa (23 days ago)
cutelyawesome February 31st
Саmper Nyash (25 days ago)
What happened, where is new series?
Brett Deutsch (25 days ago)
It was fun while it lasted 2008-2015
NDiceSlice (22 days ago)
Look at the new video today!
leroy bot (26 days ago)
flubb831 (26 days ago)
This needs a dvd box set
ed.vandyke (26 days ago)
Wow... still gets mad amounts of comments. Do you know how good that is?
ed.vandyke (26 days ago)
My god I wish you'd come back.
Bliss (22 days ago)
ed.vandyke they’re back ! and online gamer is coming back aswell
erypto (27 days ago)
It was great while it lasted, all things must come to an end. stop complaining and begging people, it's distasteful.
Knotty God (27 days ago)
erypto damn. I was coming here to do just that
ZaidAli (28 days ago)
bo4 nooow or ill tea bag u to death!!!! >:{
XxENVYxX (29 days ago)
We miss you plz come back and make videos again like if you guys agree
Cronical Beast (29 days ago)
Orbital Flamez (29 days ago)
black ops 4 please
Cryptickila (29 days ago)
This was my chilhood 😂😭
Its Fill (30 days ago)
Please do more videos like this.
Arianna Reardon (30 days ago)
guess Eric pumphrey and the gang just quit trying on this acting stuff
Justin Y. (30 days ago)
CreativeMediaPortfolio (30 days ago)
bird Zamora (30 days ago)
x ShockkwaveZ (30 days ago)
I miss this series 💔 All this false hope
Vicente Cravioto (1 month ago)
Need a black ops 4 online gamer vid
Spartan King (1 month ago)
Yall dead?
Arianna Reardon (30 days ago)
they gave up and moved on I believe... the acting stuff is not for the weak!
unknown unknown (1 month ago)
Black Ops 4 is here where are you the online gamer
Infarlock (1 month ago)
Just rewatched everything, EVERYTHING Where the hell are you guys?
IgnatiusV (1 month ago)
"Aaron will return in The Online Gamer" your hilarious
GG Allin99 (1 month ago)
Just commented on their live video on fb.. they said Online Gamer “MIGHT” be back.
CodmasterLE (1 month ago)
2 years ago i came back to you guys thinking you got back to making more online gamer videos and atleast other series and i didnt find anything i come back 2 years later to still find nothing... wtf
halolosers (25 days ago)
I think they all went off to do Hollywood stuff. I know Eric Pumphrey has been acting here and there and is trying to direct I believe. I spoke with him a couple years ago a lot and he wasn't very happy, and wanted to do so much more. And it wouldn't surprise me if Jason and Lindsey decided to just watch their kid/kids.
ExoGhost (28 days ago)
Fucking assholes for not even telling us and just leaving 1 million people blind, confused and worried.
Rosstheboss gaming (1 month ago)
Yea man
CodmasterLE (1 month ago)
Rosstheboss gaming atleast tell us y they stopped but no they leave us in the fucking dark
CodmasterLE (1 month ago)
Rosstheboss gaming ikr like this is bullshit
grown ass man (1 month ago)
please come back
Iateyourfamily (1 month ago)
lol syndicate
Brandon (1 month ago)
Anyone know if they are going to continue the series with the new black ops coming out?
Troy Saumur Flaro (1 month ago)
I doubt it. They don't get enough views to keep going. It's a shame because I really love these guys. It seems they only stick to live streaming now a days
TheDavid771 (1 month ago)
where is you guys cocks?
Ethanf Fietz (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who seriously can’t stand Becka she’s so ducking ugly inside and out 3 years later and I still can’t t stand tht ugly cunt
Alex Almansoori (1 month ago)
She's cute, it's just that she's overweight, still doesn't mean she's ugly. You probably look ten times worse and that attitude isn't helping.
#YahItUp (1 month ago)
“Shortly” its a damn shame they’ve been MIA for 3 years. I need more Online Gamer man
Вжух Magick Cat (1 month ago)
Вжух Magick Cat (1 month ago)
4то блять?
Gleb Sokolov (1 month ago)
Вжух Magick Cat Зачем канал негра смотришь?!
1cyKoolaid (1 month ago)
damn just came back i didn’t know he stopped uploading
Ahmed M (1 month ago)
Me too. Wondering!!
menambreeserquah (1 month ago)
Bro same i wonder what happend to this guy
Lawrence (1 month ago)
please release the next online gamer episode
Hey_Screw OFF_Will_ya (1 month ago)
AKPLAYZ 21 (2 months ago)
Are you going to return in BO4
Johnathan Bullis (2 months ago)
what happened to this group?
Dimitri Butte (1 month ago)
I have no idea but they post on twitter and they stream fortnite and stuff on facebook like a week ago idk
leprechaun Jim (2 months ago)
Does he have another acc or somthing
phenomenalORG (2 months ago)
damn, miss the online gamer so much, would be a fucking blessing to have it continued
Raymond Mercado (2 months ago)
If the bad roomies is available on xbox movies and TV app I will buy the movie please continue your work
Raymond Mercado (2 months ago)
Psycho girlfriend was also awesome
Raymond Mercado (2 months ago)
I even watched your bad roomies movie and I liked it
Raymond Mercado (2 months ago)
I even bought your episodes on xbox live to show my support please dont do your fans like this I subscribe and everything
Raymond Mercado (1 month ago)
Please Continue
carter cameron (2 months ago)
Please come back. Y’all were killing it. Shit was so funny
Саmper Nyash (2 months ago)
Staff Zodo (2 months ago)
best web series ever made
Onurhan Acar (2 months ago)
Seriously bring back online gamer and actually put effort like you did for the older episodes
Infarlock (2 months ago)
Are you guys alive?
Vlad Sereda (2 months ago)
Same question)
TheBlackRager (2 months ago)
Ummmm is bo4 maybe?
TheBlackRager (2 months ago)
Did they quit?
Josiah Flores (2 months ago)
TheBlackRager (2 months ago)
Yo boi Narvy (2 months ago)
ye the members moved on to other things like movie and shit, wish they would too
frank trejo (2 months ago)
so like did they give up ?
Cheat Activated (2 months ago)
Host Hru (2 months ago)
Still waiting Black ops 4:D
toxnkoks (2 months ago)
This stuff was Part of my youth!
Harp (3 months ago)
The Online Gamer-rip
Harp (2 months ago)
I agree
Tundex (2 months ago)
They could do so much with fortnite now
TheFaceNut (3 months ago)
PLEASE!!! What is that font of your online gamer preview name?
ZymlPlix (3 months ago)
Ted is gonna kill himself
Yung Wells (3 months ago)
What happened to them
Roxas (3 months ago)
jimmy perkins idiot, they stream fortnite every day, it's hillarious to see how bad they actually are
jimmy perkins (3 months ago)
Yung Wells your welcome
Yung Wells (3 months ago)
G bud thanks for that insight.
jimmy perkins (3 months ago)
Yung Wells they have a life
MotoSteve (3 months ago)
Yo reckless tortuga you desperately need to do a new series relating to fortnite. Aaron the online gamer with fortnite terminology would be golden
frank trejo (2 months ago)
fuck fortnite play pubg
Reverax (2 months ago)
Look at this, a call of duty fanboy hating on fortnite. All your COD videos are trash, you're a trash player and I honestly don't know why you're uploading. Call of duty is easy as fuck lol. Probably why you hate fortnite, you're too much of a dumb cunt to build 1 wall
Cheat Activated (2 months ago)
MotoSteve that game is trash and for pussies who watch Nickelodeon cartoons all day
Iden Martinez (2 months ago)
Ew noo wtf that would be retarded
Dorian Wayne (3 months ago)
come back please !
Frawsty (3 months ago)
what happend to these guys?
TheBlackRager (2 months ago)
+jimmy perkins lol in trolling
jimmy perkins (2 months ago)
TheBlackRager why? I'm just answering a question..
TheBlackRager (2 months ago)
+jimmy perkins stfu
jimmy perkins (3 months ago)
Frawsty they moved on, they have a life of their own..
robo tube (3 months ago)
You haven't post in years what the heck
carl nigga (3 months ago)
black ops 4 where is it
carl nigga (2 months ago)
+jimmy perkins You're not wrong
jimmy perkins (3 months ago)
carl nigga that game is trash
Nikita Rudskoi (3 months ago)
Black Ops 4 please
SLI (3 months ago)
cod black ops 4 realesed. COME BACK ONLINE GAMERRR PLZ
Seth Addict (3 months ago)
If u guys want to see the Aaron (online gamer name) play BO4 follow their Facebook @reckless tortuga and watch him play or play with him he streamed it today and probably will later as well
trustnojuan (3 months ago)
guys, theres nothing wrong with reckless tortuga. According to their twitter, they're just uploading Fortnite livestreams. Erin and Jason are still active on twitter
Nick Morris (2 months ago)
trustnojuan oh. So they also jumped on the fortnite bandwagon. I'm tired of seeing everyone play fortnite. Cant watch my favorite streamers anymore cuz they only play that annoying br
Seth Addict (3 months ago)
2018 anyone? Miss the squad
ExoGhost (3 months ago)
Seth Addict Yeah. RIP BO4.
Casey Macias (3 months ago)
Seth Addict I do hard core
MR MAINY GAMER (3 months ago)
Bring the online squad back😢
Black ops 4 PLEASE
HypeZ (3 months ago)
Guys go to their Facebook page they are still active they play fortnite.
Dziugas Nzn (3 months ago)
that seems legit
HypeZ (3 months ago)
elijah bray Yeah ik they could of at least told us they moved on to fortnite
HypeZ (3 months ago)
LazyLaus Jason, Eric and Lindsay all stream fortnite but they rotate
Lijah Bray (3 months ago)
Whaa I was just about to say why TF haven't they been active.😂
Lainey Sykes (3 months ago)
eugh i miss watching these 😐its been toooo long
Leo Philmlee (4 months ago)
Three years later and no online gamer..
Lijah Bray (3 months ago)
Hell yeah I've been waiting on it for a while!😔😒
WhiteBoiEntertainment (4 months ago)
yeah wtf happend
onenaru (4 months ago)
Does anyone knows why they stop uploading video
David Z (3 months ago)
playing fortnite ...
1866 Yellowboy (3 months ago)
onenaru their all working on new projects
Gnoah (4 months ago)
I swear to god if they dont return when bo4 comes out...........
Gnoah (3 months ago)
Enriquegg well jeez asshole
zSNAX lastTAP (4 months ago)
LinusMLGTips (4 months ago)
This was such a great series. What a shame. Honestly though since RT disappeared anyways I would have rather them have ended the series on Final Round. That was a really good conclusion. Now all the sudden that great ending was just a dream out of nowhere? What the hell?
BellyButtonLint (4 months ago)
"your support means the world to us" Disappears lmao
ToxicBNFL (4 months ago)
They died with call of duty
Dominican man8096 Monkey (3 months ago)
ExoGhost depends on how you see it
ExoGhost (3 months ago)
Meme D.8096 Monkey He means they died because COD died. It's a joke.
Dominican man8096 Monkey (3 months ago)
ToxicBNFL no they didn’t
lean boiz (4 months ago)
I miss this show so fucking much
Stackz * (4 months ago)
A. M. (4 months ago)
They are not coming back.
MC BRONCO PRIDE (4 months ago)
Why the hell did they not post anymore after promising that it would come back?
Albert Becerra (4 months ago)
Aaron never did returned
SnuggleTHUGGLE (4 months ago)
nxsser (4 months ago)
like if they should make onine gamer`fortnite lololol
Darrell smith (4 months ago)
Miss you guys — I would love to see you. Guys doing new things not necessarily online gamer. Miss psycho girl friend
V1P3R GAMING uk (4 months ago)
Will there be a return
Trent Coxsnops (5 months ago)
I want it back:(
CLEMENT DA DON (5 months ago)
Damn 2018 and people still commenting on this And this vid is like 3 years old, people must really want this series back lol.
A Person (4 months ago)
Yea, we are dying to see it return.
DatKidRobert (5 months ago)
black ops 4 is coming out they better make a new video
JayGlizzy (5 months ago)
Man.. Please reckless tortuga, i been watching yall since i was 12.. Im 19 now haha. I wish yall would bring back this legendary series. Yall dont realize how much yall changed a nigga life back in middle school 😁
DatKidRobert (5 months ago)
JayGlizzy yes bro time flies by so fast i still remember being a freshman in highschool and now i’m a senior
JayGlizzy (5 months ago)
DatKidRobert crazy as hell how fast time flies huh? I cant wait till im 30 and i can show my kids this 😂😂
DatKidRobert (5 months ago)
real shit bro i watched this shit when i was 13 now i’m 18 😂😂
Salman Aljazeeri (5 months ago)
JayGlizzy faccccts
Johnny Mikes (5 months ago)
Time for black ops 4 vids please

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