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Automatic PFD Manual Inflation

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How to manually (orally) inflate a Mustang Survival MD3184 automatic (Hydrostatic - HIT) Personal Flotation Device. I started wondering about this after automatically inflating my PFD by jumping into a pool at a US Sailing Safety at Sea Seminar. Once I packed it back up how to get at the inflation tube was no longer obvious. I believe oral inflation is a requirement for ORR races such as Marion to Bermuda. More info about this video here: http://savvysalt.com/blog/automatic-pfd-manual-inflation/ Filmed with GoPro HERO4 Silver and Sony Alpha A5100. Audio recorded with Tascam DR-05 audio recorder and JK MIC-J 044 Lavalier Mic. More filmmaking information here: http://savvysalt.com/blog/film-making-for-under-1000/
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Gary McNabb (1 year ago)
Can't believe the manufacturer does not offer this type of video. It answered all my questions as I prepare for an outing on salt water. Thankfully, the one thing they stressed in the Navy was preparation and practice. Nice job sir
Architeuthis Dux (3 months ago)
Damn you'd be dead before you inflate this jacket manually
SavvySalt (3 months ago)
That's why I made this video; you certainly would if you didn't know where to find the manual inflation tube and how to get access to it!
Earl Schultz (4 months ago)
Thanks so much for sowing up how to inflate this device!
Teny Huang (4 months ago)
we have free life jacket and we are finding test, if you are willing to test it , we can offer to you for free,please om me if you are interested
Mr. Thomas Maslar (6 months ago)
My Chinese eyson is better than this pos
Marc Houde (10 months ago)
Excellent video at demonstrating why not to buy this brand PFD. Thank you.
Sam Hilliard (1 month ago)
Marc Houde *
SavvySalt (10 months ago)
I wouldn't say that. I still recommend this PFD when sailors ask me what safety gear they should get for offshore. I'm pleased that they designed those tabs for opening the jacket the way they did for access to the manual inflation straw if the CO2 cartridge fails. All I've ever had the chance to evaluate offshore is mustang survival and spinlock. A lot of people like the spinlock deckvest and I can see why; they are comfortable. And I love that they come with everything you actually need for offshore built in. But when all hands is called heeled over 40 degrees at night I'm clipped in on deck helping before the spinlock wearers turn on the cabin lights to sort out their leg holes.
AZ0960440 (1 year ago)
Are you not at risk for double inflation once the HIT is immersed? Or is this a PSA in case the HIT fails?
SavvySalt (1 year ago)
This PSA is in case the HIT and manual CO2 inflation string fail. If the CO2 canister failed to break open or corroded and leaked. You are right that inflating it manually puts you at risk for double inflation. Unfortunately if you remove the CO2 trigger/inflator it leaves a big hole and the PFD will not inflate.
Jason Abell (1 year ago)
why not just buy one thats easier to use
flowing tripod27 (1 year ago)
or you could pull the lower cord and it will inflate
flowing tripod27 (1 year ago)
ah makes more sense
SavvySalt (1 year ago)
By manually I mean without the C02 cartridge not merely without the hydrostatic immersion trigger
Peter Rottenhoffer (2 years ago)
:D ur funny, thx

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