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Ukraine Dating Event Attracts 200+ Single Kiev Women

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In the capital city of Ukraine, 200+ single Kiev women gathered to meet a few dozen eligible bachelors from around the world. Often stereotyped as mail order brides , Kiev women have participated in international dating events like this for many decades, always searching for valuable men they cannot find in their own country. Ukraine dating has become quite the tourist attraction, drawing men from around the globe to cities like Kiev, Kharkov, Kherson, and Nikolaev. Far from the mail order brides these women are negatively portrayed to be, many are proven career women, actively searching for a valuable husband at Ukraine dating events.
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Magma Phi (25 days ago)
All I see is a lot of moneyhungry Hoe.s..
Tony A (1 month ago)
Ukranian women seem attractive to me in their unique appearance and that they supposedly want to find a match and love, not be gold diggers and feminists like American women. These bar scenes and Big city living is what disgusts me as we have that over here in US in the form of clubs where low grade and feminist women love to hang out. It's where men go for pump and dump. Same with women. So I don't see why women love to hang out in those kinds of places. This is why I'm hoping I can find a woman who lives in a smaller city or town or closer to Russian border?
Tony, We hold our events in clubs because the headcount for our gatherings require large venues. Often these clubs are the largest venues available. Luckily, the only women you'll meet at our events are pre-qualified members, looking to meet single men. thanks for watching and have a great day!
Corey Morrell (2 months ago)
It’s a scam. Money taken at every turn. Taxis, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels. All in a conspiracy to take money from desperate men.
Corey, Unfortunately, scams as described in your comment exist everywhere in the world. We provide countless hours of free content each year, assisting men in identifying the red flags of these dishonest practices, and luckily this helps men stop the scam before it starts. Take a look at some of our videos about these topics for expert insights into how to protect yourself when dating anywhere in the world. Thanks for watching, Corey! Have a great weekend.
beldengi (4 months ago)
Men, here is a new suggestion. Book a flight to Odessa or Kherson in the European summer then travel to any one of a number of holiday spots on the Black Sea (such as Zheleni Port). There are thousands of Ukrainians relaxing at the beach including single ladies. At night the place comes alive with dozens of night spots and bars where one can dance and chat into the early hours of the morning. The women are gorgeously attired. Typically you can rent an apartment close to the beach and bars for $10/night.
That sounds like a great itinerary - Beldengi!
beldengi (5 months ago)
Men you are going to spend a fortune by the time you are done and it is likely that you will end up emptyhanded. Letters translated at $10 both ways, multiple trips, agency fees, interpreters, gifts and all the while the women are there to have a good time ( in spite of the protestations of the agency). A better way is to take a trip to Ukraine or Russia on your own and seek out a local agency run by locals. Avoid these American owned agencies if you want to save thousands of dollars. And make sure you learn some Russian first.
Many great tips, Beldengi - as always. But, it's worth noting that men are not required to write letters, send gifts, or even use a translator if they understand Russian as you suggest. We encourage men to travel just as you do, but travel wisely. Traveling with our team allows men to utilize the combined decades of knowledge of our leaders. Being able to apply their own experiences to your courtship brings a value that traveling alone just cannot. Thanks for the insights, have an amazing day!
BlastFrag1 (6 months ago)
Oops, screwed up tying my comment. Are the women as hot and friendly as the video suggests? I was is California recently and many of the Asian girls there were gorgeous, friendly, smart and charming.
The women you'll meet aboard our tours are pre-qualified to be marriage minded and actively searching for a serious relationship. This leads to men encountering open minded, enthusiastic, approachable single women, circumstances that many cannot find in their own home town.
BlastFrag1 (6 months ago)
re the women as hot and friendly as the video suggests?
Alex Shulz (7 months ago)
Dude at 0:11 pricesless. His face says it all. This is the very best thing that happnd to him. He is not with us, he is somehwere out there. :))
Ray is a great guest to have on our tours. He is from the UK. You can learn more about his experiences here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFFWMU1kQTY
anonymous one (8 months ago)
I like Ukrainian women but I am black. ..don't see any African Americans here. Will I be accepted? Are interracial relationships in Ukrainian forbidden or taboo?
B Ware (8 months ago)
You don't need this dating shit agents..., it's bullshit and they rub your money., just go with a few friends and make fun., girls enough.., too many. Safe your money... book private flights - just hire apartment in centre city = cheap.
B Ware, It appears you're trying to convey the theory that men do not need our services to meet women abroad, which is true. But if men are interested in meeting only pre-qualified women who are interested in lasting love, marriage and family, it would make sense for them to utilize our services that have proven successful for over 20 years. Have a great day!
impero1936 (9 months ago)
Americans and English man...very smart ..... Hahahaahahahaha
askel douglas (1 year ago)
i am looking for my soul..mate call me 07871973748 woman only.
j karov (1 year ago)
Gentlement, don't be taken in by this, they want nothing but your money
Alvin Leong (2 months ago)
All women want money :)
horsty 1962 (6 months ago)
I´m married with a woman from Kiev, after you found the way to their heart you will never again want another woman! They are different of course so first try to understand where the difference is and you won´t be disappointed!!
Minato Noir黒 (8 months ago)
mega0876 agreed
mega0876 (9 months ago)
Not different from American women. They want everything after a divorce
J Karov, Congratulations on your wealth. Interesting that you landed upon this video, given it does not coincide with your stated life goals or philosophy. It's great that you can be open-minded enough to enjoy our videos. Have a great day and we wish you many continued successes!

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